Chinese Rich Second Generation Teen’s Lavish Life Goes Viral

Chinese "Rich Second Generation" Zhang Jiale, surrounded by beautiful girls.

From Sina Weibo:

#Zhang Jiale#

Netizen Reveals Rich Second Generation Zhang Jiale’s Extravagant Life

Recently, a netizen exposed the extravagant life of so-called “real rich second generation” Zhang Jiale. From the pictures we can see a teenager who’s dressed up like a young playboy going in and out all kinds of places and clubs, with all kinds of beautiful girls around. It is rumored that the father of this “teenager” in the picture is Zhang Jun, chairman of Sino-Life Insurance. Very quickly came information pointing out that Zhang Jiale is actually a tomboy, surprising quite a few netizens. What do you think?

From NetEase:

Shenzhen 16-Year-Old Rich Second Generation’s Extravagant Life: Fancy Cars, Beautiful Girls, and Private Jet

Recently a Weibo user with the account name “张家乐” has been dug out [exposed] by netizens on Weibo. The information shows [Zhang Jiale] is from Shenzhen, is about 16 years of age, with a Weibo page full of pictures and posts of an extravagant life.

Zhang Jiale and his jet.

Zhang Jiale, aka King.

Zhang Jiale and two men.

Life of Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale is with a beautiful girl.

Zhang Jiale and fancy brands.

King's birthday party.

Zhou Jiale's Aston Martin.

Zhou Jiale.

Zhou Jiale on stage.

Zhang Jiale is on his jet.

Zhang Jiale and a dozen girls.

Zhang Jiale and two girls.

Zhang Jiale's iPhone.

“This diamond-studded white iPhone, global limited.”

In the jet.

“Safely arrived in Shenzhen, everyone in Shenzhen, I miss you guys…”

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale's life.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale's life.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale's Lamborghini.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale.


Zhang Jiale.

Comments from NetEase:

网易广西南宁市网友 ip:222.216.*.*:

Has connection with central enterprise China Resources?

纯洁无比的我 [网易广东省潮州市网友]:

A 16-year-old diao si is still in high school, only sleeps for 6 hours a day, just to enter a good university so that he can find a good job, uncertain if he’ll be able to afford a house, and may not be able to afford a wife as well. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old rich second generation lives in pleasure every day, drives all kinds of fancy cars and fucks all kinds of beautiful women, and also, doesn’t have to worry about his own future.

网易广西南宁市网友 ip:180.139.*.*: (responding to above)

A rich second generation’s father is definitely more hard-working than a diao si’s father.

网易山西省网友 113.24.*.*: (responding to above)

How many of these rich first generation in China do you think have really relied on their own hard work?

枫子猪 [网易广东省深圳市罗湖区网友]: (responding to above)

The rich first generation made their fortunes relying on breaking law and order, exploiting loopholes in society. But still, they can be considered to have struggled/worked hard. Anyway, in a family, one of them must work his way out, be it legally or not. It’s just in the Heavenly Kingdom, illegally is the majority.

GerardFu [网易山东省东营市网友]: (responding to above)

Nobody cares if you did it legally or not, as long as you can get lots of money. Now the only way for the poor to have their day is to overthrow these people.

新时代的红塔山 [网易山东省济南市网友]: (responding to above)

A bunch of shortsighted people. In 2000, the government demolished my house and gave me a new one. A few days ago I sold it when the price was high and then rented another house. Then I took the money and joined a shredded cake business. Now I have 5 stores. There’s no problem for me to make 50,000 yuan each month. If you want to make money, then you have to go out on your own [be a business-owner], don’t be an employee! This is the basics of eventually becoming rich and successful!

下雨和晴天 [网易山东省青岛市网友]:

Definitely one of the elite rich. Ha ha, always being the center of the spotlight means he’s not just rich.

齐格飞埃斯菲埃斯 [网易河南省郑州市网友]:

Our compatriots don’t hate the rich, what they hate is the unfairness behind the wealth.
Our compatriots don’t hate the officials, what they hate is the privilege behind the officials.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 华东中将:

When someone’s money gets to be more than he can spend, their lives are just like this, wearing sunglasses, driving cars, sailing boats, flying private jets, scoring chicks. It’s just about the same as with the struggling us. We wear glasses [for myopia], drive Altos [a cheap Chinese automobile], ride on boats, look at planes, pick up conversations with girls, have foot baths. There’s not that much difference! Those who agree with me, ding!!! [54,908 upvotes at the time of translation.]

腾讯网友 舞文陶冶:

I reckon this guy will be impotent by the time he reaches 36.

腾讯网友 Tony Lam: (responding to above)

He has money, what illness can’t he be cured from…

腾讯网友 嚸烟.抽寂寞:

As long as it is money his father makes money through normal labor, then his luxury lifestyle is something we can only envy.

腾讯重庆市网友 乖乖的宝贝:

He has money, what does it have to do with us? Who wouldn’t live lavishly if he was rich?

腾讯深圳市网友 林连熙:

People like him are wealthy, but the wealth won’t last beyond three generations.

腾讯网友 一个人的世界:

I believe 90% of the rich people spend their money like this. Normal.

腾讯广西网友 纸观音:

I admit, I once again hate the rich~~~

腾讯东莞市网友 亮子:

I reckon his father is going to get into some trouble!

腾讯网友 小凯‘:

I suddenly feel that my happiness is stronger than his…

Comments from Mop:


Sigh, I’m all in tears. I swear I’ll make my son like you.


Him living his life has what to do with us?


What’s the use of having money if one doesn’t use it to do proper business, to help society, or to do good things for karma? Poverty won’t last beyond three generations, wealth won’t last beyond three generations.


Fuck your mother, a JB publicity stunt, may you die in a car crash.


I’m going to kidnap you.


When I was 16, even my penis was taller than him.


Envied a little bit, but still have to make money the way I can. Hope my son can be a rich second generation.


May he die young!!!


The truly rich never shows off their wealth. Do you know the cost of showing off one’s wealth? It may be your life.


Beautiful girls come for money. Elite rich second generation? Disgusting.


Look at this temperament, all the rich people in China have all climbed out from the fucking gutter, kitschy/unsophisticated from head to toe.


One can show off as long as he has the means.


Don’t wrestle with high society, no matter how much money you have, you can’t compete with the Rothschild family. They are the Sixth Empire, have been rich for hundreds of years, the world trembles if they move a finger. Diao si should look up to them, this kind of nobody is not worth mentioning. Those who don’t know [about the Rothschild Family], go to Baidu.


Seeing these, I truly think China is doomed.


I can’t bear the sight of those who hate the rich, they curse online whenever they see people with a little money recording their lives, clearly sour grapes. You think they’re ugly, why don’t you show us your pictures? When the day has come that you become rich, I think you’ll be just as high-profile/ostentatious as them. What the hell are you cursing about? How come you don’t think, what the most terrifying thing about those rich second generation and official second generation is not that they have inherited their parents’ life-long status and wealth, but have obtained the brains and contacts that come along with the status and wealth. You only see their extravagant flashy lives, but you don’t see that they also learn the experiences from their parents. Even if one day they are reduced to poverty, they can also stage a comeback with what they have left, they are still 100x more powerful than some people who know only to hate the rich and never make any attempt to make progress. Those kind of people are diao si for life.

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  • Alex

    LOL, in a few years we’ll have news of him having a car accident or raping i don’t know who.

    • Aituo

      She’s a girl, she isn’t a, him.

      Although, with the recent raping of a man in Chengdu, maybe you will her raping a guy in the future. Actually, raping a girl in the future.

    • Fab

      A tomboy rapes another girl? haha

    • Chang Liu

      Judging by the number of blingy-hos I think rape risk is low, automobile accident however, thats a different matter.

  • [email protected]

    “Him living his life has what to do with us?” this summed it all up for me.

    Oh and a Tomboy is a girl who has ‘butch’ character, so this young man is actually a girl? Um, no. As frail, dainty, effeminate and Webster-esque as this little tyke is, he is still definitely a boy.

    • SamKnowsAll

      I actually think its a girl, I have a friend who looks just like her (and she is also a girl) Asian girls can make themselves look like guys very easily in some cases, it’s just very rare.

      • SuperHappyCow

        Not from what I saw in asia. It was quite common to see a guy, and quickly realize that it was a girl in “disguise.”

    • Anon

      If it says it’s a girl, it’s a girl. Have you never come face to face with a Chinese person whose gender you honestly couldn’t determine? Usually they turn out to be girls. My reaction to the first photo was that the kid was desperately surrounding himself with women to distract from how flaming he is. But a she makes more sense.

      Also, the photo above the iPhone one… Jesus Christ, those women. The one on the left looks like she’s had plastic surgery to achieve a real life manga-face, while the other one has obviously been drinking Sanlu. Holy shit, please tell me it’s Photoshopped.

      • diverdude7

        u made me go back and look @ girls … g’damn !! wow,,, 2013,, comic books are coming into real Life…

      • Anon

        Apologies, I think I got my formula scandal wrong. If I remember right, Sanlu was melamine, the big-headed baby thing was years earlier.

    • Anon992

      What’s wrong with everyone… foreign and Chinese commenters?! This is obviously a lesbian (not a tomboy). Can’t believe how bad Chinese are at spotting homosexuals. Comments referring to a ‘he’ or ‘him’. Silly.

      • [email protected]

        Hey, probably I’m wrong. No big deal. I didn’t think it was a girl though. No harm done. :)

  • Damn, Alex beat me to it! I was *just* coming here to say that I’ll wager this kid runs over and kills at least one person with his Ferrari by the time he turns 18.

    • BiggJ

      And if he does? Who cares, just pay someone to go to jail for him. lol

      • Dr Sun

        or just buy the jail

        • Hongwu Emperor

          good idea =)

        • the ace of books

          “I bought the airline. It seemed cleaner.”

    • vincent

      It’s a girl not a boy…hence tomboy she’s probably also a lesbian :P

      • chendaddy

        Yeah, I noticed that, too. I didn’t know if that was a mistranslation or everyone was just glancing over that detail. A “tomboy?” Does that mean this guy is a girl?

        • vincent

          Yes indeed it does, heck ‘he’ doesn’t have a very prominent Adam’s Apple and those features look quite feminine, I’m surprised most of the translated comments don’t seem to have caught on to this.

          • Alphy

            How what?? That’s a girl? How come none of the comments mentioned this? There are even post saying how he want his “son” like this, and how this guy will be “impotent”, the news of being the tomboy must have came out much later.

            In “Chinese 很快就有消息指出张家乐其实是假小子的女儿身”, does for sure state, 张家乐 is indeed not a boy but a girl.

          • vincent

            I guess it’s hard for them to tell the difference between a girl and a guy. Tomboys dress to emulate guys, well hipsters maybe, perhaps that added to the confusion.

  • Hoppy1

    Surely he can buy
    me a sofa!

  • mattman_183

    Kinda giving off a Beiber vibe…

    • La Mano Gaucha

      At least Justin Bieber works, even if it’s lip-synching.

      • You got a point, even for the a sore act in this generation.

    • Washington Bullets

      Definitely agree on the Bieber-ness.

  • BiggJ

    Have fun little man. :)

    • SuperHappyCow

      Yeah, what the FUCK is with all the hate? Is everyone here fucking terrible?

      • the ace of books

        It’s the internet. People knee-jerk. Emphasis on jerk.

        • SuperHappyCow


          wait huh?

      • Hongwu Emperor

        Like an friend said before, it’s all about go out, curse the rich people and drinking some hatorade

      • subdee

        Because China is a supposedly egalitarian, communist country? In which the government is the steward of everyone’s wealth? And so most of the first-generation became rich through government connections, literally stealing collective property?

  • Dr Sun

    It’s just terrible to be young and rich, pretending you don’t know it’s your gangster parents laundered money.

    • Of all the rich second generation kids I have met, I have never seen a conscience so inclined to care about how their parents got rich. That is entirely absent from them. After all, why shouldn’t it be? Their parents aren’t going raise them to have virtues and values they themselves don’t have.

      • Mark

        I met one such gentleman. His family got rich because his mum bought 10+ apartments in the early 2000s. Currently, he is studying in the USA for his PHD. In the words of his PHD professor, he was chosen because “You really know the system well and hated it”.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        When someone loses its morality and it’s honor, that’s losing everything.
        I agree with you about that!

  • Kate

    All I see are fake noses, fake eyelashes, and a 10 yr old?

    • lolollololo

      all I see is someone drinking hatorade lol

      • Hongwu Emperor

        LOL i’m laughing right now man! ‘hatorade’…

    • and fake friendship, those guys are there for the money

    • nintendo-nerd

      Jealous, eh?

  • La Mano Gaucha


    I’m glad that I work for a living here and back home, that I have a great wife, good friends, plenty of books, music, and lots of paper with which to produce something of value and publish from time to time. My life is better.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      One has to look inside one oneself to find true happiness!!

      • BiggJ

        That’s what poor people say.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          You don’t know how or what I am, however I can properly decide what brings happiness in my spirit, what about yours?? ^_^

          For me, for example I cannot spark a single bit of envy over that person’s possessions, but I just hope he can use that wealth ‘properly’, and not go out just on parties, wasting money and being vulgar. He also needs to be careful with all of those woman, as ‘gold-diggers’ is something humanity has no shortage of.

          This also hold true for the all other rich/rich wannabe/rich nouveau or poor people wanting to ‘enjoy’ life.

      • Da didi

        Money doesn’t buy happiness, but It can get you a better quality of unhappiness.

    • the ace of books

      It’s great to be satisfied with your life. And could be this kid is satisfied with hers.

      Or could be she’s insecure and trying to front like 90% of all sixteen-year-olds.

    • BiggJ

      Who the fuck are you to judge this kid?

      • La Mano Gaucha

        I don’t get it. Why would such a young, insightful and talented psychologist with prospects abandon his career and move to China?

      • Put your life on the internet=FAIR FUCKING GAME

        • BiggJ

          True enough.

    • Alphy

      But but… the shocking part of the article say that this is NOT a guy but a GIRL!!!!

  • Nilerafter24

    ”Fuck your mother, a JB publicity stunt, may you die in a car crash.”

    Wooooaahhh… A bit harsh there mate.
    What do people expect rich people to do with their money? Buy a 三轮车and throw pink notes in the street?
    The rich live like the rich. Because they’re rich. Simple as that. He could do with a bit of modesty and humility here and there but he’s young and loaded, what do people expect?

    • La Mano Gaucha

      What makes this extremely obnoxious and offensive is that he’s so grossly ostentatious, especially if one considers that he is Chinese. In other words, the little man “born in the purple” should be a heck of a lot more tactful in view that the vast, vast majority of Chinese people his age (or any age, for that matter) are living in conditions that range from squalor to moderate means, nothing more — many of these people suffer, plain and simple, and do not appreciate some little “man” that hasn’t worked a day in his life living so arrogantly courtesy of daddy’s dirty money. Not all filthy rich people flaunt their wealth in such a way that it comes across as a big “fuck you”. It’s entirely understandable that many people in mainland China are or will be upset by this story, as it is disgusting.

      • BiggJ

        The kid is 16 with pretty much what looks like unlimited money. What the fuck would you do in that situation? The only people that are upset are the jealous people.

        • La Mano Gaucha

          I’m far from “jealous”. If I found 100 million dollars in my living room, I would most definitely not spend it in such a stupid, arrogant and ultimately vacuous fashion, even at 16. Hell, by the time I was that age, I was reading Char, Huidobro, early 20th century art manifestos, Spinoza, Calvino, and a hundred other authors, and listening to stuff from Machaut to Zimmermann, and from Johnny Cash to the Velvet Underground, among many other cool things to do. If I had that kind of money at that age, I would have bought myself a quiet place in the countryside but not too far from a major European city and save/invest the rest for my future family and their subsequent families. My parents taught me values, you know…

          • The Hungus

            You sound like a really, really dull pretentious person.
            Nobody’s impressed.

          • La Mano Gaucha

            You sound like a really, really *insecure* person. Nobody’s impressed.

          • BiggJ

            So pretty much if you had a 100 million dollars you would sit in your room and read books all day. If that makes you happy then so be it. If buying all kind of luxury things and having parties makes this kid happy, then so be it. Who are you to say this kid is wrong.

          • La Mano Gaucha

            I suspect that you’re really down on yourself and feeling bad, so you feel compelled to start shit with other people while fawning over a child that has unlimited financial resources and flaunts it on Weibo for all Chinese to see. Unlike you, however, I’m not a psychologist, so maybe you’re right. Either way, I’d hate to be you…

            But to answer your question, I would get a first rate stereo, an excellent listening room, a nice pool, a fine cook, travel and visit friends more often than I currently do, go to more concerts, and buy more clothes, among a few other things of that nature. All in moderation and good taste. I would not create an Internet account to flaunt it, especially if I came from a third-world country (and that’s precisely the reason why this kid sucks, not his wealth or lifestyle per se). And yes, I would read and write because it’s fun. Regarding sex, my wife is AOK! Don’t be late for “class”, BiggJ! LOL!

          • BiggJ

            Wow, you are one hateful guy. You get pissed at girls who show too much cleavage in public too? If they have it, they have the right to show it off. So if I take pictures of my house and new truck and put them on facebook, that would be disgusting? The only difference is I had to drill for oil to get my shit. This kid had to do nothing, so what? He/she is 16 and comes from a rich family. All teenagers do the same exact thing. It’s just on a different level. They post pics of things they have and things they do. So why not hate on everyone who post pictures on the internet? Just because this kids shit is better then most peoples, that makes him bad or disgusting? Haters gonna hate.

          • BiggJ

            I don’t even know why im arguing with someone on the internet. Not my style really. It’s just like the special Olympics….Even if someone wins..they are still retarded. So we are both retards in the end. So right back whatever you like…i’ll just take it like a man. Peace.

          • La Mano Gaucha


          • diverdude7

            win Special Olympics, but still retarded,, LMFAO.. I soooo hope I can remember to use that sometime soon! :-p

          • La Mano Gaucha

            You’re having a pretty irrational meltdown and not really reading posts correctly; you’re reading into them what you want and not what is really being said. I’ll leave it at that, especially since you’re the one that started going off on me instead of having a civil discussion. It’s disappointing that you would do that, in view that just the other day we had a decent exchange and I didn’t even grill you for the comment that you made about “not being able to tell one Chinese man from another because they all look the same” and then justifying it by saying that you did that deliberately to come across “as a racist dick”. Your homophobia and mysoginism are not too cool either, to say the least, but I gave you a break. No more. I know the type of laowai that you are. I actually almost feel bad for you. Again, I would hate to be you. I’m done on this one, so if you want to come back and release your frustrations, knock yourself out.

          • El Puma R.

            Once when I was like 9 I had a scientific calculator and showed it off in math class.. got stolen 30 minutes later. My dad said it happened because I showed off so Imagine if I’d show off all this wealth, I’d probably get kidnapped and murdered, or at least robbed once.

            Happened to a jewish family who lived around my block, they have a kid about my age and all he did was show off all around town…until they went on vacation and got their house looted down to their last
            nail… funniest thing is the thieves did it so smoothly nobody found out until the family came back to see their house completely empty… In fact it was the only house ever robbed in my neighborhood.

            China is 100% safe and liberal for all the rich and absolutely unreliable and oppressive for all the poor, which is the majority… hence all the hate.

            As for me, I own an apartment and a farm and I’m quite happy with my life…and I know I have to keep working, for my family’s sake. but that doesn’t mean I’m going to show my feathers on facebook like a royal peacock. Look at me look at me and all that narcissism will always lead people to hate you.

            And btw, if you play weixin you can see they ALL like to show off, mostly girls… no matter their social or economical status. Look what I ate today, look the cake they bought for me, look at my car, look at me and my iphone… it’s general.. so Chinese people hate ’cause they can’t show off that much.

    • Humility is not on their parenting agenda.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        Niether on the agenda of a great portion of any rich family under heaven…

  • wafflestomp

    So many fake bitches in the photos. They all put up with him for money and gifts for sure.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Typical attitude to some of those who hang alongside rich people LOL.

    • BiggJ

      Well no shit man. You think women hang around him for his manly charm? And do think this kid cares? When he laying in a pile of woman I don’t think he cares how they got there. Not one fucking bit. And neither would I.

      • chendaddy


    • This is something I don’t understand about men. I would never be surrounded by men, beautiful or not, who are put up with me for my money. Ugh, it’s horrible.

      • applek11

        Really? If a really hot guy or someone I really liked and couldn’t have another way, I wouldn’t mind if they’re only attracted to my money

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    Who gives a fuck about this ugly kid?

  • I see everything except the “beautiful” girls….lol!

    • Chang Liu

      No taste in anything including women. Nouveau riche are the same everywhere. Just not this short.


    Isn’t this a girl, the article mentioned tomboy. That would explain the feminine face and very short height. Hopefully it’s a girl, going through life that small as a guy would be tough.

    • heykay15

      i was confused too! so zhang is a woman parading around in men’s clothes? interesting that she’s being raised in such a masculine way?

      • El Puma R.

        It happens a lot considering how much they love boys over girls in China. In Changchun where I used to live there are shitloads of “tomboys” and according to what some of them have told me, they enjoy only female company because they haven’t been raised to have normal feminine behavior, in fact they don’t even fuck their girlfriends… of course ! they’ve been raised as chinese boys :P

  • Chang Liu

    Ofcourse in America this will be made into a reality TV show.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Why isn’t my bf rich like this kid??? -__-

    • Chang Liu

      Your bf is a short and ugly gender indeterminant?

      • Hongwu Emperor

        And rich…
        isn’t money everything that matters nowadays? ‘to get rich is glorious’?? so what’s the problem on his gender or stature?? lol

        • Chang Liu


    • MrT

      because he’s a sad cunt scraping the bottom of the barrel?

      • Gay Azn Boi

        You guys are so mean.

        • MrT

          you take it good thou ;-)

      • mr.wiener


  • don mario

    LOL@ chinese parenting.

  • chineserichasfuckwtf

    Holy shit his name is KING. FUCKING. KING. Baller. i be jelly.

  • Hongwu Emperor

    At least he’s not a ‘my dad is Liu Gang!’ type, as he only wants to have fun and be the playboy around the world.

  • kpopwillneverstop

    Wait, he a girl, right? Because the article mentions tomboy and only a girl can be a tomboy. Even still, I could tell in the first pic that she was a girl (I guess it’s the power of being a girl of being able to distinguish between a guy and a woman dressed as a guy) Ngl, without the glasses, she looks adorable, but I still wouldn’t throw myself over her just because she’s wealthy.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    One must wonder how many blow jobs this lil midget of a shemale tranny gets in a day.

    • the ace of books

      shemale tranny

      whoa whoa whoa now. what dickery is this? I thought it was obvious Jiale was a tomboy. Who cares, anyway? There ain’t no call to be calling anyone these names.

  • Bolo

    Looks like an open invitation to get kidnapped…. and a lot of them do!

  • wes707

    Gotta love Chinese feudalism….

    • Hongwu Emperor

      The commies strike back. I can almost hear the Red Guard inside you shouting ”down with feudalism!! feudal reactionaries!!1!’…

      • wes707

        China is what it always has been: an absolutist, despotic, nepotistic and feudal state.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Don’t get started with that democractic/commie red guard-style stuff to me, as I strongly defend the return of the Emperor and the imperial system.

          • wes707

            You’re a real Chinese taking pride in your civilization’s long history of feudalism! I agree going back to a traditional fiefdom would be better than the CPC. At least it’s more authentic.

  • Washington Bullets

    How ostentatious. I suppose it is human nature somewhat to live in this manner if one is rich in a capitalist society. However they’re from China. I’m not saying that makes it any different, but I dunno.

    I have a feeling that the majority of us hope that if we were ever to be so obscenely wealthy that we would be somewhat more humble and altruistic, but I also suppose that the realization that material needs will never be an issue for someone once they are that wealthy could lead one to live in such a manner. Wouldn’t we all want to live in such a way if there were more than enough to go around? Who wouldn’t want to travel in a luxury car, or fly a private jet, or be surrounded by beautiful women? However to flaunt it would be somewhat crass. If the 1 percent-ers in the US were to flaunt wealth like that out in the middle of the country, there’d be some kind of backlash, I don’t know in what form though. Then again… Justin Bieber…. d*mn, now I’ve depressed myself.

    I think I just want to go hide out under a rock for a while.

    • mr.wiener

      The Chinese value ostentatious displays, but the rich in China are getting fearful of there own and with good reason.
      You remember the Cold war when we were worried about the Russians? We figured we could handle them….just, The asians on the other hand…millions apon millions of them with nothing but their crappy mao suits, puddding bowl haircuts and their righteous wrath were coming to f*ck us up and take our stuff, ’cause we had lots and they had nothing.
      This is how the rich in China must feel now….everyday :)
      I feel better now.

  • Elf Queen

    He(she) is 16? If I wouldnt read this article,I would say 10-11.

    • Jen_in_NY

      Me, too. The women must be laughing their asses off behind his back.

  • BiggJ

    I’m surprised…..there is more hate from the CS comments then the Chinese ones! I know haters are going to hate but come on fellas. This kid does the same shit every other 16 year old does. My little cousin just turned 17 and his facebook page has the same kind of pics as this kid….just on a lower level. He has pics from his birthday party, pics of his second hand car, pics with 3 or 4 girls from his class, pics of his new sunglasses, him playing sports with his friends, him kissing his girl friend. All the kids are the same…..just this kid does it on a higher level. Don’t be hatin on this kid.

    I’m not going to post on my cousins facebok page “I hope you get aids and die in car accident.” just because he’s having alittle fun. It’s not his fault this kids daddy’s rich.

    • the ace of books

      This kid does the same shit every other 16 year old does

      Exactly. It’s just the amount of money with which the kid does it that makes it look tasteless, and look like boasting. But shit, 16-year-olds don’t really have the most subtle of minds.

      Can you imagine Jiale reading those comments about herself? Even if she could do with some lessons in taste – that’s still kind of harsh. :(

  • The Acidic Hasidic

    Holy crap, its like those tiny ice cream balls are the Ice cream of the future!!!!!!!!! this kid must be rich.

    • the ace of books

      Haha, I’m glad someone else noticed those! DIPPIN’ DOTS FUCK YES

  • only the poor have the luxury of knowing true love

    • The Hungus

      I really hope that this comment is a joke.

  • Irvin

    Big deal, so the kid is rich, so what? There were rich kids long before he was born, there will be rich kids long after he dies.

  • No reason for anyone to be jealous of this kid…. he’s never going to have any real friends.

    • Alice S

      It’s good to have money.

  • the ace of books

    NGL, I love that among all the rich shit like cars and “diamonds” and suchlike … are two pictures of Dippin’ Dots.

    (Dudes I fucking love Dipping Dots. It’s like the pop rocks of ice cream.)

    • diverdude7

      yeah,, I wondered wtf that was at first.. I thought it was the modern version of coke or something…

      • BiggJ

        Yeah lol, I thought it was like crack 2.0 or something. lol

        • the ace of books

          Dippin’ Dots are totally crack. They’re costly, small, mostly-white crumbs available on certain street corners and other predetermined locations that make you feel really good as long as you have them, and when you don’t, you want more.

  • Wu

    Didnt anybody catch the first line that says the kid is a tomboy? Unless there was an error in translation, he is she. I think most male teens have Adams Apples…

  • the ace of books

    Also, to comment on Jiale herself – kind of surprised no one picked up on that, and now I’m curious: is she one of the happy few who’s allowed to be gay because she passes so well? I figure the comments would be a bit different if Jiale were dressed any different, or any bit more “feminine”.

    Still eye-rolling at the pictures, though, because 16-year-olds do like to think they’re the cat’s pyjamas.

    • Red Scarf

      Looks like money & power is the king or “queen” in China…..

      I think the article only goes to show that Chinese teenagers will act like American teenagers given the chance. I wonder if these girls know that shes/hes is a girl.

  • diverdude7

    why did they say ‘tomboy’? isn’t a tomboy a girl who likes to act like a boy ? is this kid they are showing a girl ? now that would be pretty cool !
    and wtf is up with this ‘fashion’ of showing human skulls ? some weird death fantasy or sth ? seems odd to me… of course I’m just an old grouch who never knew or cared anything about ‘fashion’.

    • I love China

      To be honest that kid really look like a girl.

  • The bar mitzvah looks to be going very well.

  • willie miller

    “Sigh, I’m all in tears. I swear I’ll make my son like you.” One of the weirdest comments I’ve read in a while (considering the story is about a young girl).

  • Moonlit girl

    That is most definitely a girl. I can’t believe Chinese people couldn’t tell. Honestly her pictures look like those of any young social butterfly, just as a tomboy and with more money.

  • Archie

    Doesn’t the article state that this boy is actually a girl?!

  • Rick in China

    Rich kids spending their parents money and living extravagantly isn’t anything new, nor anything newsworthy. I don’t get why people *care*. Nobody here has some moral high-ground in critiquing this kid, no more than he/she has to critique you. Paris Hilton much?

    Youth don’t have the sense to realize how flaunting what they have impacts their future, and it’s unfortunate, but it’s always been that way and will always continue to be that way.

    Get over it.

    • don mario

      its of interest because it is a relatively new thing in china. they currently see it as a good thing to spoil your kids rotten. its not so much about the youth, as about the parents who see it as a positive – because it is still a new thing…coupled with chinas currently morally low and materially high culture.

  • Alexander

    So he is showing off his rich lifestyle so criminals will know that if they take him they will get a lot of money for him? Nothing like putting a $1,000,000 bounty on your head on the world wide web…. not smart……

  • A Lu

    Shoot him before he makes too much damage

  • DavidisDawei

    Good for you Kid, Party like a Rock Star….
    If you truly are a member of the lucky sperm club, I hope you are making the time and effort to help others and/or give back in some way.

  • Liu yang

    “Wo ba shi…”. Wo ziji shi egghead.

  • mr.wiener

    “Rich” ? I thought this scion of the some wealthy looked like a 10 year old lesbian. Turns out I was incorrect, “she” is in fact [about]16.
    Why do people worship these worthless people [like Paris Hilton in the west] ? Is it a disgusted facination we have? Part of me hopes for an unhappy life for this…..person ,but I’m sure they’ll never be happy with all they have, it is the nature of humans. I just hope I never have to see this wretched creature again

    • I also wonder why people worship these worthless people and I dont have anything positive to say about that. Werent there an article in the past in cS about how a billionaire kid becomes a millionaire and alot of netizen were sympathetic and sad at his demise? Someone really should BJJ wristlock those netizen on their wrist.

  • tawhaki

    it’s official, Chinese girls will even renounce their sexual orientation for money.

    • bert

      I think the world is full of ‘gay for pay’ faggots, not just in China.

    • subdee

      Or they prefer the sixteen year old tomboy (looks like a transguy to me though) over the next sleazy rich guy.

  • tonkotsu

    wow i hate myself lol

  • bert

    It is possible that he is still a nice person. Pictures are only pictures.

  • The Hungus

    her father is the head of a major Sino-Japanese Insurance corporation, not some corrupt politican so all the hate is just a big case of the green-eyed monster.
    We should probably be grateful that the majority of people in China couldn’t tell it was a girl (I could- and I’ll bet a lot of other readers could too) or we’d probably have the sprinkling of homophobia which has graced the chinasmack comments here at the bottom.

    Oh- and those girls who are posing with the kid? Probably loving the fact that they won’t have to suck some cheesy spring roll at the end of the date like with their other clients.

    • La Mano Gaucha

      “…suck some cheesy spring roll…” Ewwww… But what makes you think that they won’t have to eat some cheesy ruby encrusted gash at the end of the date? Just sayin’.

    • the ace of books

      “suck some cheesy spring roll”

      oh jesus fuck my eyes I need bleach now

  • he looked like 10 years old

  • narsfweasels

    Wow, he’s like what, 4’2″?

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