Chinese Road Show Involves Dislocating Child’s Arms, Reactions

One of the shoulder of a little boy is dislocated and twisted in 360 degrees.

From QQ:

Road Show Group Cruelly Demonstrates Dislocating Boy’s Arm

2013 February 14, the fifth day on the first month of the lunar new year, on a square in Fangchenggang City in Guangxi province, two men driving a “caravan” with a “豫”-prefixed license plate [indicating a vehicle from Henan province], along with two children and some animals, presented dangerous “performances” and then collected money selling medicine for bruises and giving out blessed amulets. Pictures are of a man with the assistance of a big boy “ripping a little boy’s arm off”, dislocating both of the little boy’s shoulders and rotating them 360 degrees.

One of the shoulder of a little boy is dislocated and twisted in 360 degrees.

One of the shoulder of a little boy is dislocated and twisted in 360 degrees.

A man is tightly winding a steel bar as thick as a penile around and around a big boy’s neck.

The boy is in pain.

A man is tightly winding a steel bar as thick as a penile around and around a big boy’s neck.

Pictures are of a man tightly winding a steel bar as thick as a pencil around and around the big boy’s neck.

A smoking monkey.

A monkey forced to perform smoking.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯嘉兴市网友 蛇年大吉:

What day and age is it, and something like this still exists? Poor child, look at the second picture!

腾讯贵阳市网友 红梅傲雪:

They also came to my city to perform before. It’s completely scamming money and abusing children. The one who’s shoulder was dislocated is also a small boy. My son was still in elementary school at his age. A child that little should be at school. I hope the relevant government departments will pay attention to this. I suspect that they were abducted homeless children, or stolen [kidnapped] ones. I’ve seen this kind of thing before, where they steal the children, cripple them, and toss them on the streets to beg money for them.

腾讯南宁市网友 谷底葫鼎:

These two children are definitely not the natural children of the group’s leaders. These children are so pitiful.
Hope the government can show a little concern, and give back to these children a normal life.

腾讯网友 燕子:

My heart aches after seeing this. I’ve seen some similar performances last year. Actually the children don’t make much money, all the money is taken by the black-hearted bosses. They are using children’s lives in exchange for money. Last year when the metal bar was wrapped around that boy’s neck, his face choked red, two boys rushed up to remove the metal bar. Afterwards, many people watching became upset. I wonder what the children’s parents would think if they knew their children were being abused like this…

腾讯网友 ゛婉ル 财迷:

If one day I have the ability to put a stop to this, I’d put an end to it completely. This world is too horrible to look at.

腾讯晋中市网友 滚烫小豆浆:

One look and you can tell they’re fucking Henan scum. All they know is torturing people for fun. Road shows like this should’ve been stopped long ago.


Every time there’s a show like this on the street, I dare not watch. I think it’s too cruel!

腾讯网友 奋斗.exe:

They’re relying on their own abilities to make money and feed themselves, not stealing or robbing, so why can’t they do what they do?

腾讯网友 喜欢夜的黑: (responding to above)

How can you not have the slightest bit of sympathy? Don’t you not see, that the children are being forced into this?

腾讯网友 情谊无价: (responding to above)

Since ancient times, the “second floor” [first reply to a post/comment] is always a SB. Do you guys not have your own subjective consciousness? Whatever the editor/writer writes, you just go along with it? If he says they were forced, then they were forced? If he says their arms were ripped off then they were ripped off? Those people are all professionals, and in movies, things are even more ridiculous, yet how come you guys don’t go talking about that every day? Maybe his arm was already able to rotate 360 degrees anyway. Many things can’t be judged just by looking at the surface. Your sympathy is a blind sympathy. A person without his own views and opinions is the one that deserves sympathy [pity], so the fact is that I actually feel sympathy [pity] for you.

腾讯东莞市网友 KING♂khq:

So inhumane, just to make money. I don’t agree with this, I wouldn’t give them my money. Dislocating the child’s shoulder + the monkey smoking.

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  • donscarletti

    “滚烫小豆浆:” (boiling soymilk) says that Henan people are just like this.

    I was in Henan last week, not even Zhengzhou but a smaller city. Actually, it was not so terrible, not so different from smaller cities in the eastern provinces.

  • xiaohouzi

    That poor monkey… forced to smoke those horribly stinky Chinese government made cigarettes.

    • BiggJ

      He looks like he’s having a good time.:) Chinese people do the same thing everyday on their own freewill.Sitting like they are taking a shit, eating an orange and smoking a smoke. This a classic case of “monkey see, monkey do.”…..literally.

      • xiaohouzi

        You’re not wrong. Guess there isn’t a big leap between monkey and man after all.

        • Jay K.

          no no, you got it wrong. there isn’t much of a big leap between monkeys and chinese people. anything otuside of mainland has pretty much developed (except for a few countries here and there)

          • Hongwu Emperor

            One of those non-developed countries is probably the craphole from where YOU came from, racist trash, uderdeveloped garbage…

          • Jay K.

            why you mad bro? I’m just calling it as how I see it and experienced. I did not know San Francisco was underdeveloped area.

          • dim mak

            tell me where you live so i can come kick your ass

          • jeffli

            Manchester…..bring it on little guy! haha!

          • Hongwu Emperor

            easily assuming the counterpart is a ‘little guy’. stinky racist detected.

      • jeffli

        Chinese see Chinese do?

    • A Lu

      I’m pretty sure smoking a cigarette is less harmful then breath insanely polluted air

      • xiaohouzi

        You got that right. But those damned things really stink.(monkeys too, i guess, though not nearly as common) It’s almost impossible to escape the smell in some places.

    • Jeffli

      horribly stinky FAKE (ZhongHua?) Chinese government made cigarettes.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        cigarettes usually stink. legit or fake.
        Besides, the word [more like slang term] for fake stuff is ‘shanzhai’ …

  • mr.wiener

    Seriously, WTF?

    • Isn’t “teh internets” great?

      Did you bring the sunflower seeds?

      • mr.wiener

        No, they were out. Wasabi peas ok with you?

  • lao shu

    They are so civilized in China…

    • Erick

      Western people swallow swords all the time too :)), I thought they’re smart enough to not eat sharp things. Guess not.

      Anyway, I think the boy are used to it, think of it as an Acrobatic performer who’s a little bit more extreme. Certainly not as extreme as *swallowing* swords.

      • Chinkicide

        Chinese extraterrestrials swallow chinese food all the time too :)), I thought they’re smart enough to not to eat feces. Guess not.

        Anyway, I think chinese are just used to it. Swallowing swords is just an acrobatic performance, certainly not as extreme as “eating” chinese “food”.

        • Erick

          Point. Missing it.

          What are you trying to say?
          I simply said these kind of shocking performances are EVERYWHERE in the world, and does not reflect civility of people.

          • dwqdw wdwqdqwd

            These kind of thing happen all the time in Luxembourg.

          • vincent

            Care to substantiate that claim with facts, links, etc?

          • erick

            Not Luxembourg, but still related.
            Apparently sword swallowing is a “sport” with rules XD

            Check the sword swallowing today section.

            They’re giving awards to people with a rather suicidal traits. How civilized.

        • nintendo-nerd

          Judging from your username – Chinkicide
          I guess you are a troll with no life?

          • Dr Sun

            my thoughts exactly.

        • linette lee

          Chinkicide? A faggot hiding behind the computer without a photo talking garbage. Can’t get attention in real life. So sad. A loser wtihout a life.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Something way more extreme is ”eating” the food of the stupid nation from where YOU were born.
          and GTFO here, your stench will probably scare the other people here on CS

      • jeffli

        the boy is clearly highly educated!

    • Zhegezhege

      Don’t forget they have 5000 years of history.

      • jeffli

        and culture too! 5000 years of culture…. Egypt’s pyramids are based on Chinese engineering! Eiffel tower – Chinese! E=mCsquared….. Einstein was chinese. penicillin – Chinese. Its not just play magnets and fireworks you know!

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Well, Egypt’s pyramids are quite awesome and I can truly respect that. same said for the Mayans.
          The modern inventions are totally useless because China made the great wall, the grand canal, forbidden city and other cool stuff.
          we dont need any other stuff you know? :D

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    That’s lame and rustic ! They should consider hiring a few bunches of white/black baboons who couldn’t land on a job position back home and end up on menial English-teaching jobs. As for most Chinese, white/black baboons are rare endangered species, I’m sure they would pay a few RMB to see how furry they are and whether they are able to somersault on their allegedly big appendage. Most importantly, ordinary Chinese would be dying to see if the carpet matches the drape ! haha

    • donscarletti

      Baboons appendages are big for their body size. Also, its turns bright red during mating season, I bet yours doesn’t!

      • mr.wiener

        However I’m certain he could fling poo with the best of them.

        • Brett

          Space before the exclamation point…. Could it be, after all this time? Was it him all along?

          • mr.wiener

            Naah, he hasn’t told us about how many girls he is screwing or how much money he is making.

          • Brett

            Good point. I keep dreaming though…

          • Ruaraidh

            I waited with baited breath when japanCRUSH came online, hoping he’d be back, ranting about how Japanese people piss him off and how he’s fucking all their women. Oh well, maybe one day…

    • xiaohouzi

      I’ll try to ignore this totally racist comment. Again, discrimination is the bastard child of ignorance.

  • linette lee

    Why doesn’t this chinese man dislocate his own shoulders and arms and rip his own neck with steal wire for show?

    I am surprised the audience didn’t stop him and call the police. Why give him money to torture and abuse small kids that are 6 or 7 years old? So disgusting.

    When will people in China learn??? NEVER NEVER NEVER give money to children beggars on the street. Children should not be begging on the street. Should be taken to homeless shelter or some public aid organization instead. Take a photo of the child and put it on the internet maybe the child will get some help or adopted.

    • Linette:

      if you’re shocked at this show, this means it is “good entertainment”.

      This is circus sideshow spectacle, nothing new in China’s glorious history. So let’s not be all righteous on this side of the monitor.

      Next you’ll be outraged at the bearded lady.

      • Barney Rubble

        Maybe she IS the bearded lady.

        • linette lee

          You need spanking.

      • linette lee

        I tell you every time I see children beggars on China streets on internet my blood just boils. How can china as one of the strongest economy in the world have children begging on their streets? They need to post all these photos of children beggars on internet all over the world and shame china. Shame shame shame. Let china lose face.

        When people give money to children beggars they are putting china children in danger of being kidnapped by these underground organization criminals. They kidnap children and mutilate them, place them on the streets to beg for money supporting the organization. Don’t give money and give food to the child or children clothes. These kid beggars need to be taken away immediately to shelters or be adopted. Where ever they are from their family is not capable of providing for the child anyway. Also the kid can’t be going back to the kidnappers by the end of the day.

        China needs to step it up with one child policy making sure all chinese in china can only have one child. Enforce contraceptive methods or use sterilizaton when needed. They need to shrink the population to protect earth. Encourage adoption and follow through with social workers making sure children adopted are in safe homes.

        • linette lee

          I mean don’t give money, only give foods or clothes to these kids begging on the streets.

        • Gaius Baltar

          Differences between HK and the mainland surely. Social workers, I don’t think you can even find those on the mainland yet. And charity/welfare is still very much at a grass roots level, even in the major cities. I do agree with what you write, just when will the change come?

        • I agree that the state of child beggars in China is deplorable just is child abuse. All I mean is let’s not get out of hand of a vaudeville show that we on the internet are watching alongside a bunch of locals.

          That kid by all sensible accounts shouldn’t have his arms split like chicken wings and have a wire wrapped around his throat. But this is showbiz, and furthermore this is a throwback to another time in China’s history when everybody did this.

          It’s not wrong or right so much as it’s that. Quote machinese Jackie Chan always complains about how lazy his son is, but then he wouldn’t want the initials that are his name to have to suffer like he suffered as a kid. It could very well be that Jackie had to undergo similar arm-snapping training as a kid, but you can tell that despite it all, he’s proud of it. It made him who is now (and I don’t mean a shill).

          I do hope that good change will come for these kid beggars. A lot of this change will come from all of those people in the audience, so being indignant online won’t do much.

          • linette lee

            Don’t underestimate the power of internet. Online internet opens the world to many people. Now people around the world can see photos and informations on the websites. Like I wouldn’t have known about these kid beggars in china if it wasn’t because of internet. When more and more people voice their opinions on those popular chinese website it can create real actions in reality. It’s like the online discussion forums the thinking of people can be influenced and changed.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            that’s darth vader now? *you underestimate the power of the dark side!!* lol

            well, enforcing the one-child policy may help china on the long run, but there are those against it, such as that dissident who recently fled to the US.
            its a point of view really, some argue it is nothing more than killing people, others say it is ‘helping’ the country…

          • linette lee

            Showbitz is also circus mistreating animals hitting them training them to jump through fire hoops. Nothing right about that.
            Jacky chan doesn’t know better. He is worldly but uneducated. You can be successful without being abused during childhood. Bruce lee wasn’t abused during his childhood. Bruce was educated and he was a philosopher. 1000 times better than jacky chan.

  • linette lee

    …………..Since ancient times, the “second floor” [first reply to a post/comment] is always a SB. Do you guys not have your own subjective consciousness? Whatever the editor/writer writes, you just go along with it? If he says they were forced, then they were forced? If he says their arms were ripped off then they were ripped off? Those people are all professionals,……………..

    This blogger needs to have his head cracked open and examine. What a retard. How can retard even know how to use the internet? Where on earth can you find retard making comment like this. wow.. You don’t “professionally” dislocate anybody arms or shoulders.

  • dave

    “One look and you can tell they’re fucking Henan scum. All they know is torturing people for fun. Road shows like this should’ve been stopped long ago.”

    Does anyone like the Henanese?

    Oh, and I’m assuming the kid is double jointed.

    • xiaohouzi

      I have had a few fine Henanese friends. Sadly, some people from other provinces think they are better because they come from a different province. We already know that discrimination is the bastard child of ignorance.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      WTH are you even bringing Henan in the discussion? henan has cool people and a good past. did you know the great warrior Yue Fei was born there? yeaaaah!

      • Dave

        Are you asking me, or the Chinese commenter I quoted?

        I’m just wondering why many Chinese seem to dislike/distrust Henanese, Xinjiangese, etc. so much that they’d say:

        “One look and you can tell they’re fucking Henan scum. “

        • Hongwu Emperor

          oh, now I get it. heh sorry
          I tought it was pure anti-henan sentiment loll.

          • Dave

            Well, it was. From that Chinese commentor.

      • donscarletti

        If I were Yue Fei, I would have fought for the Jin (金 not 晋).

        Jurchens/Manchu dynasties like the Jin and Qing knew how to respect and treasure their great generals. Han (漢) are of course named after Liu Bang, the king of Han, who was a famous killer of his loyal general Han (韩) Xin.

        Anyway, the guy who killed Yue Fei was called Qin Hui who was born and raised in Nanjing, which is where Hongwu Emperor set up his capital and is a mere 50km of Fengyang country where he was born.

        Though, I’m going to say that there was another Henanese general, who was very unworthy of the merciful protection he was given by the great Qing called Yuan Shikai. Yuan was a giant douche who should have been done in by someone like Liu Bang.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          Yue Fei is awesome nevertheless. if Song dynasty policy towards generals wasnt so dumb, they could’ve resisted the Jin, or pressed them onto alliance or something later against the Liao/Mongols…

          Problem was; Song had distrust on army officers and started drawing attention to ‘bigger’ opponents [liao-jin,etc] untill the Mongols came in the southern song =[

          Well, the great Laozi supposedly was born there, AND Han feizi [some of his ideas helped unifying China], poet Du Fu!!… we shall not forget that Henan is also one of the ‘core’ of the Yin dynasty. some call it ‘shang’ dynasty also! ^_^ Anyang was there right?

          • donscarletti

            Anyang is the prefecture where Yue Fei was born, you said yourself Yue Fei was born in Henan, so by logical inference, which province is Anyang in?

            I’ll leave it for you to figure out.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            I was just highlighting Anyang, because it was the capital of the great Yin so…

  • MonkeyMouth

    i like how the ‘related articles’ section has the americans selling arms to taiwan. ARMS!!

  • carmouflagger

    “ripping a little boy’s arm off” – OMG!!
    “dislocating both of the little boy’s shoulders” – Holy fuck!!
    “and rotating them 360 degrees” – Arrrrrrrrrrrrcgchcgchjinqwedo[buq2n!!!

  • A J

    What can i say about this? Its china, people are so fucked up. Look at those mother fuckers watching the abuse on kids with their kids….

  • vincent

    I thought the monkey was part of the crowd couldn’t really tell the difference. Public displays of abuse like this should be banned.

  • nintendo-nerd

    What’s the big deal?
    They also have these martial arts street performers in Hong Kong aswel

    • vincent

      There’s a difference between martial arts and dislocate parts… these are kids and dislocating shoulders on a constant basis is definitely not good for the joints, why don’t you try having someone dislocate your shoulder and then say ‘what is the big deal?’.

      • nintendo-nerd

        Well for starters, the people doing this stunt are probably trained,
        and we don’t actually know if this kids shoulders were dislocated.

    • linette lee

      Dislocating joints is martial art???? Are you for real? You know how much damage on the joints, tendons, and ligaments it can cause for doing it..and for long term? On small child????

      Is this why the china audience don’t think it’s a big deal? Because lack of education?

      • nintendo-nerd

        Are you even from HK? Go to Mong Kok on weekends, and you’ll see the the exact same – they have trained people doing these stunts. And I doubt they actually dislocated the boy’s arms – it’s all for show, nothing more.

  • Mudge

    Filthy people, why are Chinese always so disgustingly dirty?

    • Hongwu Emperor

      westernization, capitalist and modernity influence.

  • dim mak


  • I like the smoking monkey!

  • Lila

    That made me want to puke! Are we back in Ancient Rome? What’s so interesting in seeing a child being tortured? Or a monkey smoking? Sometimes I really don’t understand human beings!

    • Hongwu Emperor

      lol, but ancient rome was the pinnacle of western civilization…

      • Lila

        Do your homework then, ever heard about “circus”? Those events where people fought against one another or animals against humans?

        • Hongwu Emperor

          I know that lol.

        • donscarletti

          The circus mainly was about chariot racing. You’re thinking about the games at the arena, which tended to be combat based.

  • thmswhnr

    Who knew child/animal abuse was so entertaining and could be used to sell useless products?!

  • fabulous

    I was told about the Chinese traveling “circus'” back in the 80’s , maybe even 90’s.
    They’d come to your village, set up in an open area and put on their show.
    There would be lots of this sort of thing; dislocating kid’s joints and mistreating animals.
    Then when they had finished they would come to every house and ask for their money. Even if you didn’t go to watch.

  • China is the cesspool of the world…miserable dirty people and flawed culture.

    • Dr Sun

      so your girlfriend by your own admission is a miserable dirty person,is that right ?

  • bert

    They should censor the monkey’s face too!

    What is the deal with such tiny censoring in China. Like anyone who knew them wouldn’t know it was their uncle Wong.

  • Its definitely a CHILD ABUSE.

  • Anonymous of Jiangnan

    Ahhh, the wonders of Cantonese culture, much like their forbears in rest of Guangxi, Yunnan, Thailand and Laos! No wonder the rest of China thinks they are barbaric.

  • Kyle

    China is so evil that I think Japan should invade them again.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      It should firstly invade the shithole from where you came from.

      Besides, China can easily crush them. the warrior spirit in china is great and there shall be scalping [imported technique, to show China’s modernization] and beheading with the dadao.

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