Recent Attacks Against Schoolchildren, Netizen Reactions

A large crowd gathered outside a sealed kindergarten.
A large crowd gathered outside a sealed kindergarten.

From Mop:

Crazy society! Yet another kindergarten meets tragedy in Jiangsu Taixing! 3 children murdered

See title…Today, yet another kindergarten in Jiangsu Taizhou city Taixing country has met an attack by frenzied gangsters…at present, it is known that three innocent children have been attacked…casualties are unknown, police have already taken control of the scene…I won’t say more because I am using a mobile phone…I will continue to report.

From Xinhua, NetEase, and Tiexue:

Hacking incident at Jiangsu Taixing kindergarten

At 9:40 on the morning of the 29th, an violent incident happened at the Taixing town center kindergarten in Taizhou City of Jiangsu province. A man carrying a knife rushed into the campus and injured 31 people, including 28 children, 2 teachers, and 1 security guard, with 5 amongst them having serious injuries that are life threatening. At present, the injured have been sent to the hospital to be saved. The attacker was subdued at the scene.

Bloodstains left at the scene of the crime.
Parents climbed onto the gates, anxiously waiting for the newest updates.
Bloodstains left at the scene of the kindergarten hacking crime.
Crowds waiting for the incidents' latest developments.
A large crowd of onlookers.
The police sealed off the scene.
As a result of the scene being sealed off, parents were unable to enter the school.
The scene gathered a large crowd.

Comments from Tiexue:


It looks like children have become the best casualties when it comes to getting revenge against society…


This kind of thing, happening once, can be said to be a random incident.

When it happens two and then three times in a row, it is time to find a deeper cause. They can’t be all crazy, can they?

China’s international image is getting worse by the day!

The Olympics, the World Expo, indeed they allow the world to know China better. Their good impressions of China are all gone.

All that is left is, trash covering the entire ground, noisy crowds, a disorderly public.


If you’re going to kill, kill the corrupt officials, why attack children? [He deserves to be] immediately executed!


What’s going on these days? Why all the anger against children? Did the children bother you somehow?! If you have the balls, go inside the anti-corruption bureau and government buildings and kill all of those corrupt officials who take up space and do nothing and the ordinary common people will defend you/seek leniency for you. After all, you don’t want to live any more, so what kind of act is this?


Yesterday I saw news of someone entering a classroom to hack people in Zhanjiang [Guangdong], and just after turning on my computer today there is yet another similar tragedy.

Just what’s going on with China?


Children are innocent so why attack children? I’m reminded of that brother who killed six police officers in a row, now that’s a true man.


When attending kindergarten, one must be careful of being hacked by a 50-year-old old man; When attending elementary/primary school, one must be careful of being hacked by a 40-year-old in the prime of his life; When attending middle school, one must be careful of being hacked by a vengeful teacher; When attending university, one must be careful of being thrown off a building by a stranger…raising a child until they graduate from university, is seriously too difficult.


Sigh, this is going to do it.
In the future, everyone can TMD no longer bother appealing to higher authorities [petitioning, etc.]…
[and instead] just directly go to schools…

On scene at the central Taixing kindergarten hacking incident.

Comments from KDS:


Can’t kill adults so can only kill a few children to vent anger.
If our lives are difficult, then don’t expect your lives to be easy either.


emoticon No matter what, children are still innocent~


Since it was three people fighting one class, then it shouldn’t have been a random indiscriminate slaughter [and was premeditated/planned]. If it was a vengeance killing and three people unable to kill adults coming to kill children, then it appears that the adults [parents of the children] must not be ordinary people [and must be powerful people, like government officials]. However, why they wanted to kill this many people is a little incomprehensible, unless this entire class of children are all children of some [government] system. Still, children are always innocent, and I hope they will rest in peace, and that if they reincarnate they will not come to this mysterious country again.  emoticon


All of it started when those people in Beijing hailed Yang as a hero/knight.


In the past, those who were disadvantaged because society was unfair would all commit suicide. Nowadays, it is felt that suicide doesn’t attract enough attention, so it has changed to murdering others. It is actually very easy to protect oneself from these kind of people. As long as they have a tendency towards insanity, those who have recently met unfairness such as forced demolitions should have their freedom restricted.
According to China’s present law, only if they have murdered someone can you arrest them, and this is not right. This kind of person is just like a tiger, sooner or later it will eat a person, so they should be domesticated earlier.


Having a child in today’s China is extremely irresponsible, I regret it very much…


I don’t know the details [but]
it is almost the World Expo, everyone should stop paying too much attention to current affairs, protecting yourself is more important.


We are all responsible, we are all murderers, it is our cowardice, giving into, tolerating, and conniving with this society.


The most annoying is precisely this kind of person, where any dog fart thing can be connected to freedom and equality.

America is free enough, equal enough, right?

So why are there often people taking guns to school and opening fire?

When that happens, how come you don’t jump out and say Americans need to deeply reflect?


This is the price Americans must pay for freedom.
For why America’s ordinary common people can carry guns/own guns while those in China cannot, I recommend a book:
《近距离看美国》[“Looking at America Closely”?], written by Lin Da, there are a total of four parts, but as for where it can be found I forgot.

Every time a bloody incident happens, Americans will deeply reflect, but why haven’t they forbidden owning/carrying guns?
And what is the purpose of legal gun ownership? With the internet so developed, we know that the common people can own guns, and yet in America this kind of case doesn’t happen all day.

If gun ownership were allowed in today’s Heavenly Kingdom [China], anyone can imagine what would happen. Government agencies would probably become a daily scene of slaughter.

According to reports, the suspect has already been arrested, and is about 50-years-old.

As you can see, there are some differing reports online.


Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.


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