Chinese Schoolgirls: All Crazy Or Just Too Fashionable?

From Mop:

Have post-90s generation MM all gone crazy? Or are they just too fashionable/avant-garde?

Post-90s generation girl on subway wearing school uniform.

China wrist cutting post-90s generation girl

Chinese youth self-mutilation wrist cutting

Chinese girl licks her slit wrist

Chinese girl

Chinese schoolgirl covers face wearing an inflated condom on her head

Chinese schoolgirl wears condom balloon with face drawn on it at school

Chinese post-90s generation youth show off the cuts on their wrists and arms

A Chinese schoolgirl wears a lock as an earring

A group of Chinese post-90s generation youth show off smoking cigarettes

Comments from Tiexue:


I’ve seen several girls (in the 8th grade) who have these kind of marks. At the time, I was pretty perplexed.


The effect of this is about the same as young people in the 1970s wearing bell-bottoms.


These mental retards, cannot be taken to represent the whole [represent all post-90s].


These girls are wasted/lost. Poor parents. The ones who are hurt [by this] are their parents! How much better it would be if they would put their efforts on studying!


Retards. I won’t say anything more, cups of human evolution.


What’s wrong with the post-90s generation?

The post-90s generation will eventually become society’s pillar, builders of the country. They are lively and energetic, have vigorous thinking, are pioneering, have active creative mentalities and will eventually lead the people towards advancement. You can criticize and belittle but you cannot change that the future world will be their’s.

Boys and girls, they will become our society’s fathers and mothers. No matter what, they will become the parents of children. Don’t think of yourself as a saint. The middle school and high school students these days are all post-90s generation. You see a few post-90s with rebellious personalities and society is doomed, that China is going to be destroyed? You are blind and worrying too much, and no one will notice/pay attention to you guys.


What’s wrong with post-90s generation? I too am post-90s…and I have seen many of these kind of girls in Shenzen…even in my own class there are a bunch…

It is so common it is no longer strange…but this is just some individuals amongst the post-90s generation!!

Lou zhu, change the post title!! Don’t hit all post-90s generation people with one bamboo pole [don’t lump all together]!!! This kind of post title is asking to be criticized…


I too am a post-90s. I don’t want to contradict adults but I also don’t want post-90s to all be mistaken for rebels. I just want to state the truth:

Those cuts, some are drawn by mixing blue and red pens/ink. All students know how [to do this].


I have a cousin whose wrist is also like this, even showing it to me. It seems like these days if a child’s wrist doesn’t have a wound, they’re not with the times. I completely don’t understand [this phenomenon].


Strange fashions I can accept, bizarre behavior I also can accept, but why harm yourself! The body was given to you by your parents! What right do you have to harm yourself?

What’s wrong with the post-90s generation? chinaSMACK personals.


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