Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu vs. Thai Kick-Boxing Competition


From Tianya (1 & 2):

November 24, Beijing Time, the Chinese Kung Fu [功夫, gong fu] vs. Professional Thai Kick-boxing Competition Organizing Committee issued a public announcement: The 2009 Chinese Kung Fu vs. Professional Thai Kick-boxing Competition will be held in 2009 December at Foshan in Guangdong. The competition will use Chinese wushu rules as a foundation, integrated with a portion of Thai Kick-boxing rules, allowing the two opposing combatants to use elbows and knee techniques to attack their opponent, with every match having five rounds and each round being three minutes.



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Although this news should cause a lot of Kung Fu vs. Muay Thai discussion, many Chinese netizens are using this opportunity to express their criticism of the current and controversial Shaolin Temple leader, Abbot Shi Yongxin, aka “CEO Monk”.


Shaolin Temple Abbot Shi Yongxin

From the 一个心灵需要自由的人 Tianya blog:

Recently, Thai boxing champions have become crazy, wanting to challenge the Shaolin Temple, even spreading around that they want to beat the Abbot Shi Yongxin onto his knees. The five champions of Thai Kick-boxing are: “神目杀” [shen mu sha], “鬼见膝” [ gui jian xi], “魔术锥” [mo shu zhui], “拳灭风” [quan mie feng], “屠龙肘” [tu long zhou]. This time, all five champions will appear, with their original motivation being to “destroy Shaolin”. When a journalist asked whether “destroy Shaolin” was putting things arrogantly, the boxing champion 考克莱 [kao ke lai] waved his right fist disdainfully saying: “Tell Shi Yongxin to come to the ring and then see!”

There was even a Thai kick-boxing champion yelling: “Even my woman can defeat Chinese kung fu!” Why did he say this? Apparently, there was an amazingly beautiful Vietnamese girl who had previously fought against Chinese kung fu, and that this Miss Ruan just so happens to be the girlfriend of one of the Thai kick-boxing champions organized to come challenge [the Shaolin Temple], thus explaining this kind of talk.

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Shi Yongxin is the Shaolin chairman/director, Director Shi for short, and normally occupied with important matters, like being busy having meetings, driving BMWs, making mobile phone calls (very niubi, using both China Mobile and China Unicom), using the computer…though I’m not sure whether or not he still eats meat? …anyway, [he] is skilled in various kinds of combat, and I hear his “internal force” is strong, a master who does not reveal his abilities, and we can now finally witness his power!

What is Thai kick-boxing? I’ve never even heard of it before! Whereas Shaolin kung fu has, through movies, television, songs, etc. been indoctrinated into our heads, as amazing and awe-inspiring? What is worth celebrating is Director Shi finally stepping up, expressing official acceptance of the Thailand boxing champions’ challenge, holding a competition in Foshan of Guangdong in December. We believe that mystical Director Shi, who does not usually fight, will defeat the five big Thai boxing champions, beating them onto their knees the moment he does!

In addition, the five big Thai boxing champions originally wanted to go to Shaolin Temple to make their challenge because Thailand is a Buddhist country, where everyone believes and respects Buddhism. “But, we heard from our Chinese friends that many temples and monasteries in China have all been developed by ruthless businessmen into tools to make money from the ordinary common people and believers/followers. [They] are even forced to make purchases in the temple and monasteries, here fees must be paid just for taking photos. Especially that so-called originators of kung-fu Shaolin Temple. It is said that they can even make commercial investments, this is unbelievable. We originally wanted to go tell them to stop using so-called kung fu to deceive Buddhist believers.” Now upon hearing that the China competition is confirmed to be in Foshan of Guandong, there is some regret…[that it is not at the Shaolin Temple itself]

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Here, the five big Thai boxing champions even insinuate that our Director Shi is a ruthless businessman! This truly is “if this can be tolerated, what cannot be tolerated?” (I remember posting yesterday that I could not tolerate anymore, yet I still tolerated)! Director Shi, please, flaunt your muscles, show off your kung fu, beat these arrogant people onto their knees, in defense of China, and for the glory of the people!

It is said that Director Shi is a master who does not reveal his abilities, but there is nothing in heaven or earth he cannot do:


Comments on the 一个心灵需要自由的人 Tianya blog:


Chinese kung-fu is world-famous, and Shaolin Temple martial arts is number one in China. Jia you, China, jia you, Shi Yongxin.


Destroy the Shaolin, I’ll be happy! Scum of the Buddhist world.


As a religion representing peace, Buddhism must also adapt to the development of society. Commercialization itself is no cause for criticism, but the method of commercialization is arguable.


I truly hope
Thai boxing will defeat our Shaolin boxing.
It is not that I am unkind,
but with people like Shi Yongxin,
a beating would be good.


Our wushu is for health/keeping fit. We can compete in life longevity.


If the Thai boxing champions beat Shi Yongxin to death, then that would be getting rid of Buddhist scum for Buddhism! And ridding the people of an evil!!



How many monks these days still know kung fu? Even if they do, they are still only for show, only going through the motions, and they may not even necessarily win if they ran into a country woman who does farm work. A while ago while watching the sports channel there was a program called Red Fist Competition or something, and after watching less than a minute, I could no longer continue watching. If that similar to Mongolian wrestling yet not as interesting as Mongolian wrestling is the so-called Chinese kung fu, then I would rather not watch, because I really cannot see how their fighting is any different from when I was small and fighting with the little kids next door. So might as well not watch and at least then Chinese kung fu could maintain some mystery in my heart. Otherwise, a good thing would probably just become bad.


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Blog owner, you are truly truly hilarious.


I saw the news report before, and in summary, if you invite Shaolin Temple to go participate in the performance, Shi Yongxin says, “Our Shaolin kung fu is not used for performances, it is used to defeat opponents”, but when our countrymen request the Shaolin Temple to go fight in the arena, Shi Yongxin once again changes his words and says, “Our Shaolin wushu is used for strengthening the body and health, to raise individual’s characters…over and over like this. There is definitely too much business/commercialism, making people suspicious.


This requires seeing where the fight will take place and fighting who. I have always been convinced that, on a bed, Director Shi as one person against several is not a problem.


Defeat the Thai transvestites, stand up for the Chinese people; [though if] Director Shi were to fall, a fake Buddhist monk would be removed. Either way, a good thing will happen!


2009 December 5 UPDATE: “Thai Boxers PK Chinese Martial Artists” (EastSouthWestNorth)

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  • If they actually have a Thai boxing versus Shaolin competition, what will martial art nerds argue about?

  • Sofawolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Damon

      ha ha ha ha


    • So close. So very close.

  • 250

    I’m afraid for the monks. If it’s under full contact rules, I pray to Buddha there’s a doctor standing by.
    Muay Thai isn’t for the tourists and no amount of somersaults will protect you from a kick to the face.

    • SAM

      Ever see Ong Bak Muay Thai Warrior or Tom Yung Gung? Tony Jaa will destroy all Shoalin’s with ease! No fancy twirls just bone snapping compound fractures and devastating knees and elbows, not even a contest… I watched those guys train when I lived in Thailand, it is the most practical martial art in the world

      • Zeven11

        A practical martial art where people develop deformities in their old age and horrible arthritus, Those guys train so hard because they try to compete to winmoney in a poverty stricken enviourment, they finish their careers’ by the time their 20

      • Tan Bhokanandh

        You are absolutely right about it.

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    Yeah, the problem is, you will see the “monks” spit out there mouth pieces or change the rules to be the “thai” invaders. The truth of Chinese martial arts is that NO Chinese has ever done anything on the world stage to any foreigner of any significance. They beat guys who are retired for ten years or C level fighters from nameless countries.

    Even the people in Chinese martial arts acknowledge this. No Chinese in K-1, why? Because they would again be owned by Japs.


    • gobblegog

      A Chinese fighter made it to the semi-finals of this year’s Asian K1 MAX qualifiers (that’s the round before the final in Japan). It was in Seoul in June or July – can’t remember. Not sure of his name, either.

    • Fai

      There is a plentys of chinese on K1:

      China fighters:

      Hong Kong fighters:

      Look at the result your self, we are not own by the Japanese.

      • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

        Well, I posted the total records for all figheters

        Haha I love it. China Record in K-1

        1. Che Qing: 0-1 (Loss Korean)
        2. Dong Jiang Tao 0-1 (Loss Korean)
        3. Kang En 1-1 (win Korean, Loss “foreigner”)
        4. Sai Hong Jin 0-1 (Japanese)
        5. Xu Yan 1-1 (Win Japanese, Loss Korean)
        6. Jiang Ji Pao 0-1 (Loss Thai)
        7. Wang Qiang 1-2 (2 Loss Japanese 1 Win Korean)
        8. Zhang Qing jun 1-1 (1 Win thai 1 loss Japanese)

        * Zhang Qin Jun is about 30 Kilos heavier than his thai opponent
        * Wang Qing’s opponent was already injured

        China’s total K-1 Record 4-9

        Not very impressive for the guys who “created fighting”

        And opps sorry the Japanese don’t own you, the KOREANS do ahahhahahahaha

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    Here is an interesting one.

    But nothing could compare to seeing my first live Muay Thai match at Rajchadamnern stadium, billed “Thailand vs. Kung Fu.”

    In 1974, top fighters from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia descended upon the Thai capital to break the myth of the invincible Muay Thai fighter. This was the heyday of martial arts. Enter the Dragon was released a year earlier and Kung Fu, Karate and Taekwondo were enjoying the height of their popularity. Billed as the fight of the century, many Kung Fu practitioners were expecting the Thais to be humbled; but as it turned out, nearly all the non-Thai participants were knocked out cold under 30 seconds.

    What happened? The world was expecting to see the mysterious and mystical tiger claw, snake and white crane styles do their thing; but what they saw were the Thai’s efficiently and methodically chopping down their opponents like lumberjacks cutting down small trees. It wasn’t a myth after all; the Thais were the best fighters in Asia. I was a little disappointed; being raised on Chinese movies, James Bond and Batman, I had to grow up, it’s like the day you realize there’s no Santa Claus. In 1977 it was déjá vu, but this time the American. European, Japanese and Korean Karate people were humiliated. But nothing could compare to seeing my first live Muay Thai match at Rajchadamnern stadium, billed “Thailand vs. Kung Fu.”

    • capt. dude

      why not just use unified rules and be done with it?

    • Jordan

      Anyone who trains hard enough could win, this has nothing to do with styles.

    • Zeven11

      I would like to see bare knuckle. The problem with kung fu being used in a ring is that it’s designed to kill, not to knock out. something like wing chun, put 16oz gloves on and they can’t do their techniques properly, because of how encumberd they are, same with something like southern praying mantis, there are too many rules that hamper kung fu, for instance, in karate bare knuckle, no grabbing (rules out chin na, tiger claw and the grappling side of praying mantis), no punching to the head, rules out 80% of wing chun strikes.

      Muay thai rules are more relaxed but there is still the requirement for gloves and so many strikes are illegal, pheonix eye fist for example, this also rules out tiger claw, I don’t dout that muay thai is effective and probably the best ring fighting style there is, and can also be very effective in the real world, but it’s the best *RING* fighting style, kung fu is the best actual fighting style. Modern wushu is only performance true, but kung fu can never truely be tested without there being the possibility of death.

      • actually this seems to be a good overview. I have an idea about both and gong fu deals with pinpoint strikes to nerve centers with elbows, extended knuckles fingers etc. none of these things are allowed in the ring. there is a type of gong fu that is making it into the ring called San Da which is basically a longer form (longer kicks, wider stance) than muay thai. And one of the main reasons you never see gong fu fighters in the ring is because anyone who stuides gong fu seriously will not go into the ring. for real. after learning what your body is capable of and learning that qi really does exist, the real student will eventually head toward qi gong. gong fu is deeper than “defense” and “ring fighting” so … in a fight i would bet on the thai, in terms of who will live to see his grandchildren and stiul be able to play with them. i’d pick the gong fu master.

        • MALAJIJI

          hear hear sascha

      • Paul


        In my experience, having gone from “deadly” Wing Chun, to Muay Thai, I’d rather fight a kung fu practicioner of any style bare knuckle than a Thai Boxer. You can keep your pheonix eyes, snake fingers, and tiger claws, since the “sport” fighter will still punch a moving target much faster, harder, and more accurately.

  • 0.1KG

    Though I would like to stand with ShaoLin Kongfu, actually Kick-Boxing, which remains to be simple, direct and make full use of energy is more likely to win. But eventually there is much possibility that after several hours of “Fighting” the two master say both of them are too powerful that they can not judge who’s the winner…I really think so. And then it diaplays how harmonious they are.
    However, there’s no meaning to compare the two type for superiority, indeed. Shi YongXin, go ahead to be ur businessman after the show. It is just a show.

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    BTW, if this was on Nov 24th, do we have the results?

    • G.

      “The 2009 Chinese Kung Fu vs. Professional Thai Kick-boxing Competition will be held in 2009 December at Foshan in Guangdong.”

  • zammon hung

    Fat monk couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag.

    A white belt BJJ player at my gym could choke him out.

    Look forward to the fight just the same – hopefully the Thai fighters really are champions and not some fake chinese fall guys, which has happened before.

    Could someone post the Thai names and provenance of the Muay Thai fellows?

    Chok deee na khrap :)

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    Oh yeah thanks, I read the November 24th first statement. I also hope too they don’t get cans. It will be a shaolin bloodbath (Shaolin gets owned) if they have to face real thai boxers.

  • Peter

    Please let this be on Youtube in HD. I can’t wait for Director Shi to remove his robes and flaunt his rippling muscles!

  • VeerLeft

    This all smacks of publicity for the Chinese Monks. I have no idea if the ‘Thai’ guys are actually Thai at all… please give us the names, or we will have to assume that they are actually just swarthy Chinos being asked to lie down for cash.

    Being somewhat of an insider in the Chinese Martial Arts competition scene, I have seen plenty of dubious match-ups…novice fighters being billed as champs, last minute fighter replacements, fudged weights and fight records so that when the foreign opponent loses to the full-time state-sponsored fighter it looks as if KungFu has triumphed again.

    I hope these are actually Thai Boxing Champs…hopefully actually from Thailand. In all the Muay Thai vs. Sanda fights that I have seen, the rules have been modified to eliminate multiple knees (if having any knees at all) and the elbowing rules have been totally changed. In all those fights I have only know of 2 Chinese nationals to win (Liu Hai Long and Bao Li Gao).

    • sigh. all true. a lot of this is all BS and hype and playing upon racist insecurities. *yawn*

  • FYIADragoon

    Seriously, its about time someone kicked that crooked monk’s ass.

  • Hu Li

    i am scared for the Shaolin Monks, i hope they can survive Thai death blows of elbow and knee that are like Tony Jaa’s Muay Boran/ Thai. Let us have faith, maybe China will have secret tactic to train monks and gifted children and win like in the Beijing Olympics. JIAYOU.

    • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

      Oh boy.. “like you did in the Olympics?” oh I am sorry the “BEIJING Olympics”. Dude, 70% female medals and most of the events that weren’t ping pong, badminton, or diving were those that won by Judges decision, the only way China wins is CHEAT

      • fdadfa

        Yeah because all Olympic medals won by the USA were from Michael Phelps and random Africans with American sponsored citizenship in track and field.

        • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

          Maybe if you Chinks weren’t so stupid you could import some real athletes too. Unfortunately if you aren’t yellow with black teeth and a stupid look on your face you can’t be a Chinese athlete.

          And you losers can’t even do anything IN track and field even on steroids. That’s why your bitch ass Liu Xiang limped off the feel much to my delight.

          And dickface, please let me know who these “Africans” are please, because last time I checked they were mostly if not all born in country. A country that beat you in total medal tally despite not having a professional SPORTS SYSTEM geared towards nothing else but winning medals

          You guys are serious losers and we will all see it in 2012. BTW, how many points did you lose to the U.S. in basketball? Remember that when we go to war

          • B. Prichard

            People still care who wins at the Olympics? Strange

          • LOL

            Do I sense a hint of desparation in your post? Wait… you’re the kung fu guy that used to be a bouncer and claimed he got beat up wrongfully because of some Chinese woman right? That explains the racist indignation.

            But wait… Did I also mention that if we remove track and field and swimming from the Olympics, the US is left with like 5 gold medals? Oh but if we remove the African imports from the list, the US is left with only a little more than 6, provided Phelps is still alive.

            Your post was hilarious and desparate man…. Hating on Chinese because of skin colour and appearance. Making assumptions of steroid use despite effective and impartial drug screening (you have no evidence so you can’t talk shit). Giving an excuse for your joke of a country’s poor performance because “China has a professional sports system geared towards nothing but winning medals” is pathetic. Last time I checked, having an organised and diciplined sporting system is something to be proud of and any sports focused country would have government funding for that sole purpose, especially if they are seeking success or hosting the olympics, as China was in 2008. And to rephrase your third paragraph, uh… since when does a country’s sports system gear towards not winning medals?

            Athletes from the US are the real losers and I’m sure we will see history repeat itself in 2012. Did USA even stand a chance in badminton, sychronised diving, weight lifting, gymanistics, rifle shooting, to list a few? The US even struggled in the olympics to get a basketball medal against some third world countries in the Athens Olympics. Don’t make me laugh Fcuk, you’re not going to justify your country’s poor performance so just give up.

          • Fcuk Da Lu Ren


            Poor performance? Um We WON the MAJORITY of medals. Desperation? Listen Chi Mate, you can try all you want to get me rattled. But I wake up every morning thanking God I am not Chinese.

            So let’s go through your argument. Bouncer, yes, studied kung fu yes, switched when I got trounced by my Muay Thai boxing friend yes.

            Ok remove track and field blah blah. Ok then remove gay rec room sports badminton, ping pong, and diving which no one in the real world understands why they are in the Olympics anyway and china has…. well… nothing.

            Um I was there first hand for the steroid test WANG as I have stated before, it is a common fact that chinese cheat in everything from school, competitions, making milk, having slaves so please go tell your CCP wu mao guys to up your salary cuz its going to be a long day for your guc ass when I get done ripping you a new A hole.

            Yes every sports federation strives for medals but my point is despite that you are still second place, can’t compete in any sports that have any really athletic prowess.

            Still no one has presented evidence that we import Africans this is just another of your “let me find some random useless fact and rant because I am Chinese and I can’t use logic”

            I don’t hate on chinese because of color, I like people from TW and HK just fine. I only hate brainwashed monkeytron DA LU REN because you guys are probably the stupidest people on earth.

            Bringing up Athens, yes poor performance but still beat the Chinese team by what? 60 points? Who won gold last year? We don’t even play soccer and we are in the top ten in the world. America winners – Chinese losers

          • Kai

            FDLR, we both know I generally ignore your trolling comments because I concluded long ago that you’re not actually as stupid as you indulge yourself to be on chinaSMACK, but sometimes…

            Look mate, have you ever considered that you’re the MIRROR IMAGE of the “chimate” you so love to hate?

          • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

            Nah Kai, I am just a bit frustrated these days so I decided to rant a bit.

            Although I would like to see a fair fight with good fighters fighting in China to demonstrate how things need to change.

            I don’t really care about the Olympics either, I am just stirring the pot a bit. I’m glad you dropped in, I haven’t heard from you for a while :)

          • dfasdfa

            The US won the majority of the medals in 2008? Yeah but mostly bronze and silver. China almost doubled the gold medal count and pfft.. no one remembers second place.

            Trying to get you rattled? I just think you’re an an inarticulate idiot. Funny you came to the conclusion that I wanted to get you ‘rattled’, I really must have bruised your ego in the last post for you to bring up your feelings voluntarily.

            Ok remove track and field blah blah. Ok then remove gay rec room sports badminton, ping pong, and diving which no one in the real world understands why they are in the Olympics anyway and china has…. well… nothing.

            Yeah, just remove pummel horse, weight lifting, table tennis, badminton, pummel horse, gymnastics, diving, volleyball, shooting, figure skating, boxing and China loses half its medals. The Olympics also happen to lose half its sports DUMBASS. Are you saying that the only sports the Olympics should consider are basketball, track and field and swimming? Remove Phelps and the US already loses more than 20% of their gold medals. HAHAHAHAHA!

            Face it dude, you just owned last post; let me give you a tip, just take a deep breath and silently let go of the shame, no one is here to judge you. Saying that only sports which are 80% grunt and 20% intellect are ‘real sports’ is a classic example of white ignorance that being big solves all problems. And again, who cares about basketball, I haven’t watched that sport for ten years, you think I care who wins it in the Olympics? Plus, as you said yourself, the US team sucked ass in Athens despite boasting like a mutha$ker.

            The good thing about trolling is that people often are able to write funny shit because they don’t care about the topic at hand. Seems to me like you are being defensive. Why in the world would you think I’m Chinese or that I even live in China? People from TW and HK are part of China anyway… I love giving them shit for it whenever I get the chance because they can’t refute it and well….. its fun.

            You’re fun too because I’m sure you’re white trash that hates to be called ‘lao wai’. It must hurt to wake up every morning and realize you are walking into another day of racial prejudice every day of the year right? Pain becomes hate, and hate becomes, well… hopelessness? It’s sad that you have to stay in China purely for financial reasons. I’m sure it gets frustrating when the only way you can let out your emotions is on Chinasmack. Wish you had some real friends to talk to? I’m here for you man, you can cry on my shoulder. I guess when you’re as rich and educated as me, you can stay anywhere in the world and not confined to a country where Lao Wai’s are seen as secondary trash. Too bad you’re education is based in a financially unrewarding and inferior area of work.

          • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

            haha whatever bro, I have my frustrations, but I am doing just fine.

            You can defend the Chi Mates all you want but the TRUTH is exactly as I presented it. I hope while you are masturbating with your China flag wrapped around yourself feel good.

            Later Chimatron

          • Zeven11

            All I can say, is that this site is s’posed to be a debate about muay thai and shaolin gung fu, not racist pricks getting a chance to knock another nationality, so please in the nicest way, fuck off bigot.

            Also please don’t turn around and bleat the bigot’s tune that you’re not a racist, coz you are, using derogatory terms for an ethnic group is being racist. People like you are why this world is fucked up you elitist skin head inbred prick, go fall of the planet.

          • ouch that was cold blooded the whole “you broke, gotta be in China part” coooolllddddd blooded, but probably true.

            Man i live here and deal with all of the craziness every day and it can get to you for sure … enjoy the excitement and instead of hate try and “use the force” i find that

    • Shwefist

      Hu Li,
      Don’t be afraid of Muay thai. Watch Myanmar lethwei on youtube, you will find out Muay thai kickboxing is nothing at all.

  • capt. dude

    I’m not really big into fights. Just a thought. The stuff I watched on youtube all degenerates into name callings and that really turns me off to the whole thing.

  • Michael

    if i was businessman Shi, i’d bet thai ftw & take a hit to the floor and collect my millions after the fight. who needs hand to hand combat when i got money for guns. YEAH! businessman shi for the lose.
    also, how can someone who doesn’t eat meat become so big?

  • Please Recycle

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these will be “worked” matches. I’m sure that Shaolin Inc. will reimburse the Muay Thai fighters very well for taking the fall.

  • dim mak

    Yeah well, the entire Shaolin establishment today is more like a PR campaign office for the CCP.. a real damn shame. Even though I like kung-fu movies, modern fusion martial arts are probably the most effective.

    Also: Do not feed nationalism with all the “Us vs Them” crap.

  • Akbar Lo

    ISn’t this just
    Shaolin Sanda vs MT?

    It’s been done a lot before, and all the comments above are retarded.
    when MT fights Sanda with Sanda rules, sanda wins,
    when Sanda fights MT with MT rules, MT wins.

  • dana white did a shite

    modern fusion martial arts? you make it sound like a dance style..

    i think Mixed Martial Arts was the phrase you were fumbling for,..

    and yes, MMA fighters would pwn those shaolin charalatans. no chinamen in the UFC – why is that?

    • Fai

      No Chinaman, but a great Vietnamese guy on an another organisation Cung Lee and his style is chinese Sanshou. We asians are small, so you won´t see many of the asians there at UFC. And a real chinese kung fu master won´t fight on competitions.

  • I’d pay good money to watch Tony Jaa beat up a fat Chinese businessmonk

  • Beni

    In a ring it is hard for chinese wushu to shine. Muai thai is used to fight in restricted space with all the restrictions. Chinese martial arts require more of an open space to move around etc. I am betting muai thai because of this.

    • yipman

      wing chun is a restricted space art. and chinese last time i checked

    • VeerLeft

      Restricted? Any bigger than a boxing ring is called room to RUN.

  • Panda

    Nowadays, Shaolin Kung-fu has reduced to nothing more than an acrobatic performance, with all the somersaults and flashy moves. It all looks good to watch, but in a real fight? Nah…too much unnecessary movements.

    Thai Boxing on the other hand is just a pure blood sport, to harm and destroy your opponent in the most efficient way. Pure savageness.

  • 已经病入膏肓了

    According to my understanding of Chinese history, I believe China never got Thailand to pay tribute because the thai army was too tough for China. I can’t tell if those names of muay thai fighters are actual Thai champs or if they’re just some chinese kids pretending to be thai people.

    I just think these inter-martial arts competitions are so fascinating. They’re more about pride than anything. I believe Japan still has Karate vs. Taekwondo fighters to this day. I think Karate has never lost.

    In the end, I personally believe it’s all about the individual’s ability. I’ve even seen a novice BJ penn beat a blackbelt judo guy.

    • Siam was one of vassal states to Ming Dynasty, along with Japan, Ryukyu, Java and Malacca, during the reign of Yongle Emperor.

    • Jam

      i think u got your history wrong… siam alongside others were one of the vassal states…

  • Chen

    Whatever martial art they us, gun and nukes will win them all!

    • Yeah dude but it doesn’t always work that way, the last time I ever got into a real fight I was in a bar and unfortunately I didn’t happen to be carrying my suitcase nuke with me that day.

  • corncan

    the only name i recognize is Kaoklai Kaennorsing. He used to be pretty good, a former champ in thailand at a famous stadium and did fairly well in K-1 against people 40-50 pounds heavier than him. But he’s past his peak. I hope the others are up and comers or at their peak, but it seems you don’t need the best of thailand to beat the charlatans…

    but rules dictate fights. if you allow takedowns, sanda will do extremely well if the muay thai fighter didn’t do his homework. but then again, all these stand-up fighting styles will be destroyed by any wrestler who takes you down and pounds your face in.

  • UnclePu

    Obviously Kung Fu has no chance. And this is why:

    1. KF people train, but they don’t fight
    2. KF people are not trained to take hits
    3. MT is a league sport and has many active fighters

    KF strategy has to be to avoid being hit. Remember
    Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki? It was all about staying away from Ali.

    • raul

      KF are not trained to take hits? how about the huge amount of conditioning for Iron body and similar skills?…of course if they are shaolin monks. These people train more than about anyone, they do it daily for their whole lives.

  • Check

    I think this competition is stupid and so is the arguments surrounding it.

    It is true that traditional martial arts these days is mostly for fitness health, discipline etc.

    For some, Fighting is a sport while for others use it to try prove their insecure masculinities.

    Arguing over which is the best is as dumb as UFC spectators who try to talk like they know everything.

    The truth is, it doesn’t matter what style of martial arts people learn, martials arts progresses accordingly to how a individual develops from it and what they use it for.

    It’s up to the practitioner personal ability.

    If you train to fight then you willbe a good fighter, if you train to be fit then you will live longer.

    • 250

      Check says ‘if you train to be fit then you will live longer.’
      I agree, unless of course you die in a fight with a person who trains to fight.

      Swings and roundabouts.

  • LongTian

    All of these are no more than spectator sports anyways. Real fights on the street don’t last for multiple rounds, and you certainly don’t spread your legs as much as the two guys in the picture. Even in a karate competition, I saw a high-kicker lifted 2 feet in the air after someone slid under him on his back and connected vertically with a kick to his balls. Take away all the restrictions in these tournament sports, and you’ll see who will actually win in a fight. I’m guessing the guy who knows to attack weak points fast and hard. Real fights end in two hits.

  • Abot Shiyongxin is full of crazy ideas. Not sure what to think of him. Interesting I also posted something related to Shaolin Temple earlier this month ( If you are ever interested, welcome to visit my blog.

    I love the layout of your blog and of course the topics you talk about! Great work :)

  • Yin

    Real martial arts is what they teach you in the army. Everything else isn’t for fighting, it’s for showing.

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    You know, this whole “real martial arts” and “street fighting” crap is a bunch of malarky. Ok guys listen. A lot of tough “martial artists” with their “death moves” get a rude awakening to someone who actually trains and gets punched in the face. There is no death touch, no iron palm, no twenty guys cant move me because my qi is so NB.

    All these guys get a rude awakening when the first fist or shin hits them in their iron headed noggins. I will give you that a rock or a stick ends things more quickly, but a real FIGHTER knows how to take a hit and keep on coming. That is the difference between “Shaolin Martial Arts” and what’s going on in the rest of the world

    • Pure Awesomeness

      You forgot the chinese have the Wushi Finger hold… ha ha

  • Righteous American

    I dont know the history behind the animosity shown expressed here by the Thai martial artists to the kung fu master. But I love kung fu and have studied it for several years. Having said that, I have also studied Maui Thai boxing for just as many years and have to say that I feel sorry for those poor bastards going in the ring against the Thai boxers.

    • tookay

      maui thai?

      i call bullshit on your claims.

      is is spelled MUAY THAI.

      • Goodness

        “is is spelled MUAY THAI.”?

        Nice fumble champ.

      • Righteous American

        come to beijing and put your call to the test.

  • The John

    I don’t want to appear rude, but most Chinese martial arts taught widely are performance based. However, unlike most people on here… I really think the real KF is extremely dangerous. It’s as if people think that kung fu doesn’t have knee and elbow strikes. It does. It also has many hand techniques. Again, if this is no rules… Real KF would demolish. People also claim that KF experts can’t take hits… Really? Has anyone seen the elite of China’s military combat training? Dudes can take major hits.

    • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

      Yes, we saw the elite military strength of china when they won the war against Japa… er… kor… ummm.. Indi…. yaaa…Vietna…..

      Ok maybe we didn’t but there are still masters out there that can break you face with their breath (that I am not kidding)

      • Jam

        actually u got it all messed up.. against the jap.. it was after the allied gang-up in 1890++… But china took it well… and she survived the onslaught till Japanese surrender in 1945.. Against Korea?? No– it was in aid of N Korea against the “might” of US and held US to a draw of the 38th Parallel…. Against India? It was a clear cut victory..
        vietnam? It was militarily a draw… and they fought till Lang Son… A major city quite near to the capital of Vietnam.. before they unilaterally withdrew..??
        wHy need to exaggerate.. yur claims??

        • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

          Oh boy, here comes the Chinese “Actually we won”. Let me put this out here so you can see your error Jam.

          “She survived the onslaught of till Japanese surrender in 1945”

          Not to you, to the U.S. You’re welcome :)

          1890’s China beat up. Ok you got me there, what year is it now again? How many people did you kill of your own in the last 70 years?

          N Korea. I seem to remember the “allied forces” (not just U.S. a common misconception by retards) sitting on the Yalu River ready to re instate Chiang Kai Check (man you guys missed out on that one). Only to be pulled back. Stalemate yes, guess you consider losing 900,000 troops a victory and watching most of them repatriate back to TW. BTW, didn’t we kill Mao’s son ;) again, you are welcome

          China’s invasion of Vietnam was withdrawn unilaterally?

          The Sino–Vietnamese War (Vietnamese: Chiến tranh biên giới Việt-Trung/ 戰爭邊界越-中?), also known as the Third Indochina War, was a brief but bloody border war fought in 1979 between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The PRC launched the offensive in response to Vietnam’s invasion and occupation of Cambodia, which ended the reign of the PRC-backed Khmer Rouge, and Vietnamese raids in Chinese territory near the border. After a brief incursion into Northern Vietnam, PRC troops withdrew about a month later. Both sides claimed victory in the last of the Indochina Wars of the twentieth century; practically speaking, though, since Vietnamese troops remained in Cambodia until 1989 it can be said that the PRC failed to achieve their goal of dissuading Vietnam from involvement in Cambodia.

          HMMM seems you asians have a hard time deciding who loses. (except you vs Japan)

          Ok India, I will give you a surprise attack victory against curry eaters but keep this in mind. I think it must only be China who gives away land when they “win” haha

          “According to James Calvin, an analyst from U.S. Navy India gained many benefits from the 1962 conflict. This war united the country as never before. India got 32,000 square miles of disputed territory even if she felt that NEFA was hers all along. The new Indian republic had avoided international alignments; by asking for during the war, India demonstrated her willingness to accept military aid from several sectors. And, finally, India recognized the serious weaknesses in her Army. She would more than double her military manpower in the next two years; and she would work hard to resolve the military’s training and logistic problems. India’s efforts to improve her military posture significantly enhanced her army’s capabilities and preparedness”

          See Jam, these are called facts, they help you when you want to make an argument. again, You’re welcome :)

          • Fcuk Da Ren is not your real name, I believe.
            I believe your real name is American White Trash.
            American army lost to China Liberation Army in the Korean war, I believe you fcuking failed your history.
            And you know what, you are a loser but a good talker.
            Your tongue is smarter than your sorry brain, Wa Lan eh!
            I am ashamed to have a grandson like you!
            Darn! I shouldn’t have fcuk that Amrican bitch!
            I refer to your grandma!

            Your regreted grandPa

      • Zeven11

        I’ve never heard of the American army beating any of those either… I’ve heard of them bombing innocent civilians until the Japanese gave up… A good bully tactic I suppose.

        • VeerLeft

          Are you serious? They saved more lives with that than they took. The US Navy and Marines had pushed the Japanese all the way back to Japan…all by conventional means. This includes cutting their supply chains and helping you push the Imperial Army out of China.

  • The John

    Another thing that upsets me is that people ALWAYS say all KF is the same. It’s not. Shaolin is Shaolin.

    However, I would love to see some Muay Thai guy take this guy down:

    To be honest, I think the toughtest are not showing off or trying to win money. The real tough guys are living secret and not trying to show off. Maybe, honor really exists?

    • Jordan

      Good job John…

      Yeah, don’t mess with a Qi Gong master. It would be interesting though to see how a Muay Thai guy will do against a Qi Gong guy…

  • Fai

    My opinion. In competition chinese kungfu will probably loose. Because a style like Muy Thai, the fighters can take so much damage. And we asians are small, we can´t compares to the big americans/europeens.

    But in real street fight we have a great chance to win, because we goes for weak points.
    Me self strike out a big american guy in Colombia, my weight is around 65kg and his 80-90kg by giving him a elbow on the solar plexus.

    The Chinese Kung fu & Karate (except Kyokushinkai) the philosophy is take out an opponent without being touched. That we can´t say about MMA or Muy Thai.
    The average career of a Muy Thai fighters is about 2 years, after that they can´t hardly walk, because they inflicted so much dammage so when they get old they have a lot of injuries.
    There is a lot of exceptions of fighters too, a good example is the champion Mashida (Karate) at UFC, many fighters find him boring, but the percentage of him avoiding the opponent is the greatest ever.

    But at the end it´s not about style, it´s about the fighter.
    Look at Emin Boztepe the Wing Tzun master, he has a great physic and has never loose a bare knuckle fight and he has more than 500 fights.
    I love MMA. The BBJ style is awesome, but try to do that on a street fight with 3 person, go down on the ground, you will probably get kick in the face while fighting one opponent.

    The probably best combination to be a good competiton fighter are Boxing/Thai boxing and BJJ/Wrestling.

    My opinion is just like Bruce Lee´s: Learn every style and you will have a good chance to win. He was probably the first MMA guy in the world.

    • Shwefist

      Hey, Fai
      Watch Muay thai vs Myanmar Lethwei on youtube.
      Thai boxers are not used to fight without BIG gloves.

      • Fai

        Thanks for tip, I will watch it.

        I don´t understand why there is so much trash talk about Kung Fu and Muay Thai. Both styles are good.
        But if you want philosophy, go for Kung Fu. If you want pure combat, go for Muay Thai.
        I mix lot of tecnics from both style. And it´s for protecting my self, I don´t like to fight.

      • Fai

        Wow, I watch video on youtube, never heard about this style before. Thanks a lot for the tip. They even use their head to knock out their opponent.
        This style is brutal.

  • David

    I think most people are going to be disappointed..I’m willing to be that it’s not going to be a monk trying to fight using traditional shaolin moves/acrobatics. Anybody ever see Shi Yan Lei? His specialty seems to be in hard qigong, and sanda. Whoever fights the Thai boxers will probably be somebody of similar expertise, it will probably be a kickboxing match.

  • Thai kick-boxer vs. Shaolin acrobat is like British boxer vs. Mime.

  • Wago

    Tony Jaa v.s. Jet Li in prime… tough call

    • zammo hung

      godzilla v king kong. tough call.

      daleks v cybermen. tough call.

      me v your wee sister. tough call.

  • Jason

    Fuck thailand it’s a hole

  • g

    great fighters come out of shitholes

  • UnclePu

    A more fair and equal competion would be a Shaolin Kung Fu Champ vs. a Japanese Ikebana black belt.

  • VeerLeft

    Dear The John,
    The DIM MAK?? Bwahahahahaha… seriously…he’s affecting their Qi!????
    Bonjasky VS. Dim MAK, DIM WIT AND DIM SUM FTMFW!!!!!!!!
    Wake up mate.

  • that businessmonk is awesome. nothing better than the CCP sponsoring an age old tradition like the Shaolin Temple.

    These competitions are nothing but the best sanda fighters who train in the Shaolin compound area against some semi-pro Thai fighters. Nothing special.

  • Tanya

    The Thai guy will be paid to take the fall, if he won it wouldn’t be safe for his entourage to leave the stadium. Seen it before.

  • Yeah Great stuff here~!!
    Let’s ask the Brasil Soccerteam play tennis against the American baseball team.
    Or let’s have our chinese badminton team play volleyball against the Australian football team.
    What a bullshit~!

    • VeerLeft

      Actually, fighting is one of the only sports where the objective can be compared inside different games. It’s more like playing baseball with both directions running, and 5 bases. :)

  • IG

    I am not convinced that any sort of competition martial art style can reflect actual real life fighting. Why should your opponent not kick you in the balls? Why should he not just try to grab onto your throat and squeeze as hard as he can? Why should he allow you to grab onto him, so that you can knee him or hold him down, while he should not squeeze/gouge/twist everything in range? People go down much quicker without padded gloves, so I imagine it’s much less about how much trauma you cause to their brain through fist pushing or how much you can bruise their face or how many times you can hit them, and much more about who is the first one landing the hit which will end the fight immediately or will severely cripple opponent’s fighting ability.

    • VeerLeft

      landing that hit is the difference between FIGHTERS and MARTIAL ‘ARTISTS’…

  • Fcuk Da Lu Ren

    Haha, I see they are “moderating” my comments now. I guess the truth is hard to see

    • Jean

      Finally they are seeing the kind of garbage you are posting!

  • Berry Charles

    True, Chinese kung fu is just for show, flips and twirls, but essentially no power and no technique.

    Whoever wrote that technique is not important has obviously never taken any martial arts or been in fights, technique is survival. Technique tells you where/how to strike, how to defend, how to hold/throw your weight and how to turn an opponent’s moves against them, among other things.

    A BJJ/boxer or Muay Thai boxer would destroy an inexperienced fighter of any size. That being said, watch for the “Muay Thai” fighters to be underfed Chinese farmers gettin’ paid a year’s wages to step in the ring…

  • John

    Chinese Kung Fu is strictly involves spiritual, a meditation thru a physical practice, and art and way how a person looks into himself and and nature. Civilized.
    But Thai and other Japanese or Korean kick box is about killing other people. Difference of human and animal is human should live civilized way. That’s the spirit of Chinese Kung Fu, human should learn better, we are not animal. Can Thai, Korean and Japanese boxing style be an art form pursue and spiritual meditation? No. Only a civilization can develop and discipline thru such practice. Actually I am ashamed that even Chinese Kung Fu Association accept such invitation. So what about technique?! Can anyone beat a bear? kill a tiger with his bare hands? So what if anyone can strangle somebody in 3 minutes? what’s the point? That’s a reason I never respect Thai kick boxing, that’s the reason Chinese Kung Fu is better than all those violent practice, and for thousand years all their culture is nothing but killing, in nowadays world, only a few truly understand the true meaning of Kung Fu. I think Chinese already lost, because they accepted the invitation, if they really know Kung Fu, they would walk away like the Shaolin master, who truly has a heart and mind of Chinese Kung Fu, only animal fights animal, but human shall pursue art.

    • The John

      This is the best comment I have read on this subject. I do enjoy Kung Fu and I really appreciate your comment. I think that is the purpose of kung fu:
      Cultivation of a persons character.

      What is really sad though, is the fact that Thai Boxers have even forgotten their own history. The most important person in Thai Boxing is Nai Khanom Tom. He earned his peoples freedom by fighting in the ring. He should be a symbol of why Thai Boxing exists today. But, most idiots only see the violent aspects of the culture.

      That doesn’t sound like fighting to win money and riches. It sounds like honor. Something that most “fighters” don’t have today.

      From Wiki:
      King Mangra granted Nai Khanom Tom freedom along with either riches or two beautiful Burmese wives. Nai Khanom Tom chose the wives as he said that money was easier to find. He then departed with his wives for Siam. Other variations of this story had him also winning the release of his fellow Thai prisoners. His feat is celebrated every March 17 as “Boxer’s Day” or “National Muay Thai Day” in his honor and that of Muay Thai’s.

    • Word. (i have to keep typing in order for this comment to be published so hey, how is everybody? i am eating truffles. mm-mm …)

  • The Dude

    That Kung Fu master is so getting killed by any muay thai fighter …

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