Chinese Share How They Got Time Off to Watch the World Cup

Chinese football (soccer) fans share what excuses they've used with their bosses and wives in order to watch the World Cup.

Chinese football (soccer) fans share what excuses they've used with their bosses and wives in order to watch the World Cup.

The Brazil World Cup games are broadcasted live late at night and early in the morning in China. Therefore, Chinese football fans have to stay up all night in order to watch the games live. During the Group stage, games were scheduled at 11pm, 3pm, and 6pm in China. During the current Knockout stage, games are scheduled at 12am and 4am. This can conflict with their normal daytime working schedule and, for men, their relationship with their wives or girlfriends who are not also watching.

The following microblog post from social network Sina Weibo was the second most popular of the past 24 hours at time of translation…

From Sina Weibo:

@高冷病患: Drunk, World Cup — What Reasons Have You Used To Get Time Off From Work In Order to Watch the World Cup? — Interviews at a [sports/football] fan gathering at a bar in Qingdao. These crazy/silly people have almost killed me with laughter, and the second one is simply a life’s dream! bed蹬腿










Comments from Sina Weibo:


Drunk. The guy in the black glasses second from the last, do you need another wife? [抠鼻屎]


Wang Yong! If you see this! You don’t need to come into work tomorrow!


Zhang Ming, so this is the truth. Tomorrow, I’ll grant you a long vacation. [拜拜]


Zhang Yu, if you see this, you don’t need to come into work tomorrow.


Fuck~ This… last image! [肥皂]


The last one, your manager is probably secretly in love with you. [拜拜][拜拜][拜拜]


The second one and second from the last, do you guys need a girlfriend?


This morning, the entire company of several hundred people waited around stupidly as well as impatiently for the boss to convene a meeting. [拜拜] Dad, I’m sorry, I should’ve woke you up. [拜拜][拜拜]


Really, LOL, the 8th one and 9th one are both my schoolmates. We’ve been talking about this all day, those subtitles were added on, and not what they actually said. The last one wanted to cry, and I was even comforting him. The second from the last was probably punished by his girlfriend. [阴险][阴险][阴险]


The middle one, I’m thinking, just what kind of ball [sphere] did his wife send [a picture of] to him?


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