Chinese Ships Hijacked & Sailors Murdered in Golden Triangle

The body of a dead Chinese sailor recovered from the Mekong River after he was killed by Golden Triangle drug smugglers.

Thai authorities around a Chinese cargo vessel.

On Tianya and Mop:

Shocking murders in the Golden Triangle, over 10 Chinese sailors massacred

2011 October 5th noon, a Chinese ship (Hua Ping) and a Burmese/Myanma ship (Yu Xing 8) were hijacked by an unknown armed group. The over 10 crew members of both ships were Chinese sailors.

The location of the hijacking was the Golden Triangle between the borders of the three countries of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar.

The unidentified armed group used guns to force the Chinese crew to increase speed sailing towards Thailand.

When the ship sailed into Thailand, they encountered Thai water police and both sides exchanged fire.

Afterward the Thai water police boarded these two ships. Apart from discovering a male body in the mess hall of the Yu Xing 8, there was no one else on the ships but traces of blood were everywhere.

Found on the ship were over 900,000 tablets of illegal drugs.

The Chinese crew were all missing.

Now bodies have been found on the Mekong River, with one verified to be the captain of the Hua Ping, with another being a sailor for the Yu Xing 8.

Both died very brutally, the captain with both hands handcuffed together, and two bullet holes in his abdomen. The sailor’s head wrapped with tape and innumerable bullet holes on his back. Another sailor’s body is currently being salvaged and identified.

Reposted from netizen: 北纬21度1973

Blood stains and bullet holes found on the Chinese crewed ships:

Bullet holes riddle one of the Chinese crewed ships attacked and hijacked by drug traffickers in the Golden Triangle.

Bullet holes on a Chinese ship from a gun fight between drug smugglers and Thai water police.

Bullet holes on a Chinese ship from a gun fight between drug smugglers and Thai water police.

Bodies of the killed Chinese sailors recovered:

The floating body of a Chinese sailor after being dumped in the Mekong River by Golden Triangle drug traffickers.

A dead Chinese sailor with both hands handcuffed being recovered from the Mekong River after he was murdered by Golden Triangle drug smugglers.

A Chinese sailor's body being pulled out of the river.

The dead body of a Chinese sailor being recovered from the Mekong River.

The body of a dead Chinese sailor recovered from the Mekong River after he was killed by Golden Triangle drug smugglers.

A Chinese sailor's body recovered from the river.

A bullet hole in the chest of a Chinese sailor's corpse that was dumped into the river by hijacking drug traffickers in Southeast Asia's Golden Triangle.

Chinese ships stop their shipping activities:

Chinese ships stop their shipping activities following the death of two Chinese crews at the hands of armed drug traffickers.

Comments from Mop:


Tonight I have finally seen the same report on both Sina and iFeng, and I really hope President Hu will also see it too and that the Heavenly Kingdom will get justice for its people. For a long time now my own business has relied upon the hard work of the ship/boat captains on the Mekong River. Now the shipping lane has completely stopped, and I don’t know how long it will be stopped for, or how much the losses will be. [But] comparing this to the sacrifice of the captain is unimportant. Wiping dry my tears, I want to say: Rest in peace, dear friends, heaven has no gun shots!


Looking at the photos is really uncomfortable. They died so tragically. Go-vern-ment, just when are you going to get justice for our dead compatriots?!


If these were American sailors, war would’ve already erupted within Thailand’s borders!


Don’t lodge strong protests anymore!
Deploy military to the Golden Triangle, level the poppy fields, deploy the drones, shoot the drug lords~~~ in the name of anti-terrorism and narcotics~~~ If others can find an excuse to deploy troops to Afghanistan and Libya, why can’t the great Heavenly Kingdom?


My whole body shivers looking at these~ So sad~


Really upsetting. Hope this matter can be properly dealt with, and that similar things will not happen again in the future.


Chinese are too nice. Too civilized, too adherent to protocol, too bullied.


When going out to sea, please hang the American flag, it’s safer!


China [the government] is too useless!!! Even when people die no one dares to stand forth and demand an explanation/justice from foreigners!!! If something were to happen to American sailors on Chinese territory…you tell me what would happen then?????


Everyday swaggering about in our own country, bullying our own people, but now? “Soft persimmons are easier to squeeze” [the weak are easier to bully], right??? Life in hard mode… willing to be angry but unwilling to speak out!??!

Comments from Tianya:


All Chinese ships in the Mekong River have suspended their shipping, but no sight of the Chinese government doing anything. This isn’t the first time that Chinese ships have had people attacked and killed, is this going to left unresolved/unsettled yet again??????


Chinese citizens have encountered problems outside the country, and what more, it is a massacre at the hands of unidentified armed groups. Strongly demand that the Chinese government take action and solve it. These two ships were both commercial ships. If this isn’t properly dealt with, then Chinese citizens will have no assurance of safety whatsoever outside the country, and Chinese commercial products will face even greater challenges in the ASEAN marketplace.


First let me express my sorrow. You guys will not have died in vain. Sooner or later, we will sort out/punish all of the surrounding countries, so that they will accompany you in death!!!


Dispatch our country’s most powerful special forces: Once the chengguan go over, the terrorists will immediately be destroyed.


Is the government going to treat this incident just like how it treated the Philippines Hong Kong tour bus incident?


Isn’t our country already considered a world power?
When the people need you [the state/government], what is the state/government doing?


I’m reminded of “Saving Private Ryan“, for something like this to happen in our country, fucking Golden Triangle, I really want to go blow it up.


Ugh, so horrible. Isn’t our country’s military strong and powerful? Strong and powerful to to the point where small bordering countries can bully us this way? No backbone at all, soft and easily pushed over when dealing with others, all your powerful weapons are useless. Fuck, give each person a gun and let’s go destroy this bastard small country.


Looking over Tianya, [I’m] becoming more and more disappointed with our country. China’s government is useless! Only bullying the powerless little ordinary common people while remaining completely indifferent to when other countries come bully us, sigh! With this kind of country/state/government, how can you ask me to love it?

Written by Fauna

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