Chinese State-Broadcaster CCTV Promotes World Rhino Day

A slaughtered rhinoceros with its horn cut off.

A slaughtered rhinoceros with its horn cut off.

From Sina Weibo:

@央视新闻: They Just Want To Continue Living [泪] — Half-kneeling on the ground, with half its face chopped off, it died, died in bitter suffering, all because humans wanted to cut off its horn. Because of rhinoceros horns, elephant tusks, and shark fins, wild animals are being brutally slaughtered! There are young animals who have developed hostility towards humans after witnessing their family members being killed… Today is World Rhino Day [September 22nd], and today there are still wild animals being killed! Boycott the wild animal product trade, and by forwarding this, I make this promise/commitment! Are you willing to forward this for them?

Comments from Sina Weibo:


I can’t afford such things! The ordinary common people can’t afford such things either! Whoever can afford such things is who you should go direct this at!


The people who can afford to buy these animal products do not browse Weibo.


Talking as if one could really afford to buy such things!


Truly, us little ordinary common people forwarding this merely preserves a consciousness of this and perhaps educate the next generation, gradually raising awareness for this in later generations, but it isn’t much use in containing the current trade. What’s more important is government supervision and crackdowns [on such trade], especially by the African countries that are the source, where even the military participates in the slaughter in the pursuit of huge profits, so can you first have them desist?


Every time I see these, I feel both pity and hate. The country [government] is always promoting that wild animals not be killed yet never seems to punish those who recklessly kill wild animals. If the country increases the punishments–for example sentencing to death anyone who is caught selling or purchasing such things–I trust there will be less sacrifice and evil~


Without trade, there wouldn’t be any killing! Go find those who can afford to buy these!


What? If only the relevant government departments directly announced that trade of these kind of products are no longer allowed, those who report them are rewarded, the criminals heavily punished, and the hunters sentenced to death!!! A lot of times, people are simply assholes, and what more, the people who do this kind of thing aren’t many, so if you kill them and extinguish the flame, who else would dare [to follow in their footsteps]??? If China resolutely carries out enforcement, think of how much the volume of trade would be lowered. The fact is, it’s simply that you guys [the government] don’t want to do anything. Always making microblog posts asking people to forward them, what fucking use is it? Those who will buy will still buy them, and the slaughter will continue!


CCTV, are you not making enough exhortations [on the public]? Wouldn’t it be better to call [on the government] for legislation, where the buying and selling of such things is made equivalent to murder, and [punished with] a life for a life.


What use is my promise/commitment? Whether I promise or not, I can’t afford to buy such things anyway. [doge] What use is me forwarding this? Whether I forward or not, the people on my Weibo basically all can’t afford to buy such things as well. [喵喵] So the original poster [CCTV], you should disseminate this towards the circles of nobility [rich and powerful] instead. [呵呵] Disseminating this to the ordinary common people is more or less useless. [呵呵]


Enact legislation so that whoever consumes this is whoever is committing a crime and is whoever should go to jail!

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • x1sfg

    Maybe if there wasn’t a demand for rhino dick pills in China, there wouldn’t be a market to sell it to and poaching wouldn’t be as economically rewarding.

    • Confucius

      The rhino horn isn’t its dick. Maybe if there wasn’t a demand for weapons, the US military-industrial complex wouldn’t have a market to sell it to and making war wouldn’t be as economically rewarding. Oh wait, the US actually actively generate demand for weapons and war outside the US, bad analogy.

      • Mahmet Tokarev

        The rhino horn is for *dick pills* dummy. Superstitious chinese people believe rhino horn is an aphrodesiac and will cure their limp dicks.

        Protip: it’s 2014. Viagra has been invented. Rhino horn won’t fix your dick.

        • A Touch of Sin

          Interesting how many TCM are to fix limp/little penis.

      • Zappa Frank

        how come Confucius cannot stay on topic?

        • diverdude7

          his moniker says it best… Confused.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Why don’t you people post pictures of the tens of millions of chicken and ducks, and pigs, and sheep, and cows, and … that get slaughtered EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY?!

    • Kai

      They do, especially the girls. Before every goddamn meal, my food has to be photographed and shared onto their Weixin friends circle.

      • mr.wiener

        A hit sir, a very palpable hit!

      • David

        OMG, YES!!

    • Ruaraidh

      Because none of those creatures you just listed are critically endangered.

    • Jahar

      It least we eat those. We don’t cut off a part and then leave it to die.

    • Irvin

      All the animals you listed are domesticated and breed for the sole purpose of consumption, not only are they not in danger of extinction but because of our domestication of them, there will always be chickens and sheeps as long as there are humans.

      Rhinos on the other hand are wild animals, poaching unlike domestication will only decrease their numbers.

      • must touch brain

        Yes but the pain of murder still remains. Doesn’t that count for anything?

        • Irvin

          Then I suggest you go vegan, I’ll happily murder those delicious chickens for a drumstick.

          • must touch brain

            I have out of compassion. What’s your excuse?

          • Irvin

            I haven’t out of hunger.

          • must touch brain

            Is it so difficult to find other kinds of food where you live? If you consider the suffering and disease risks, you might find it’s worth the effort to go vegan. It’s also cheaper and healthier.

          • David

            Good, more meat for me, I was worried we would run out of farmed animals to slaughter.

          • must touch brain


      • David

        Not to mention they are killed for the dumbest reason, dick pills that don’t work. Like the guy above said, it is 2014, there is Viagra for a lot less than the cost of rhino horn.

  • SongYii

    Poor rhinos.

  • SonofSpermcube

    Beijing Zoo, how sad
    The elephant has no tusks
    The rhino, no horn.

    • jin

      And where did you see that? Have you been to beijing zoo? Dont talk shit.

      • SonofSpermcube

        At the Beijing Zoo. I’m pretty sure they do that so no one will be tempted to kill their animals.

  • Repatriated

    Sadly, rather than complaining that rhino horn IS available because of poachers, most of the comments are whining that they can’t afford it…

    • Nope. Most of the comments are whining that the CCTV dare not go straightly to the rich and powerful or call for a legislation on such matters as most buyers in China are those who are government officials.

  • CIA

    Chinese torture dogs to make them taste better.

    • Irvin

      CIA torture humans to make them talk.

      • CIA

        Torturing dogs doesn’t make them taste better
        Torturing humans makes them talk.

        • Irvin

          It’s the dog’s fault for not tasting better on it’s own.

      • David

        I thought they did it to make them taste better.

  • Alan Dale Brown

    In all fairness to the average Chinese person – these commenters are right – it’s the very rich who are buying these things. The average bloke doesn’t have tiger penis in their medicine cabinet, either.

  • Amused

    Try to point this shit out to people who tell you,”Chinese medicine is good and it really works, and you just don’t understand”.

  • Go and search what are the best mobiles phone sellers in China. More than 90% are android users whose devices are around $100 – $200. Those who line up in an Apple store don’t even know how to install a simple app from app store. They stay over nights just to earn some extra bucks.

  • Repatriated

    LOL. Why do you follow me around and reply to any post I make? Yes, the sky is blue…in most of the world anyway. You can’t convince me otherwise.

    • He’s not following you, dude. Not everything is about you. There are a limited number of commenters on this site and if both he and you comment frequently, you’re bound to encounter each other frequently.

  • must touch brain

    Perhaps the reason why capitalism feels so at home in China now is because communism made for it a comfortable bed.

    • Dr Sun

      idiot troll, try using your brain before you post

      • must touch brain

        Why do you say that? Have i offended you? Perhaps you didn’t get what i was saying.

        • David

          Dr. Sun is a committed socialist, so he does not like it when you imply communism is a bad economic model. Which it absolutely is.

          • must touch brain

            I have nothing against socialism but communism has failed so many times and look where it has gotten China… 50 years behind the developed world and the opposite of the fundamental ideas of communism. After so many years of stagnation, the Chinese government and people were eager for something new and better. Enter capitalism.

  • Dr Sun

    whos Chinaman is that like Ghettoboy ?

  • Zappa Frank

    it does happen in the whole world, but not the whole world suffer the same environment problems of china

    • Kai

      I think Confucius made a lousy point trying to blame this on capitalism, as if capitalism was something China only recently embraced.

      That said, I think your point about capitalism in China causing environmental problems that aren’t caused elsewhere is disingenuous.

      Capitalism has caused the same and similar environmental problems around the world, just at different times, perhaps in different ways. Just because other countries have become more conscientious of it NOW and NOW regulate environmental damage doesn’t mean they always were and have.

      China is making a conscious choice to accept some level of environmental damage for economic growth, believing it can be managed and lived with. It’s an issue of priorities. Back when the UK, US, even Japan were undergoing national industrialization and rapid economic growth, they also turned a blind eye to issues of pollution and environmental damage.

      So the fact is, actually, the whole world HAS suffered the same and similar environmental problems as China does. Moreover, when the whole world happily exports waste to China and outsources polluting manufacturing to China, they are also knowingly contributing to environmental problems in China (that actually eventually affect the whole world). With this issue, it isn’t so simple to point a finger at China as if it was uniquely willingly to sacrifice the environment for money.

      • Zappa Frank

        This is the eternal excuse.. the difference is that before no one was perfectly aware and conscious of the environment’s issues and problems were underestimated by far, now the whole world is perfectly aware and conscious but someone still arbitrary decide to let the population to accept a big damage for the richness of someone else.
        To say this it is the capitalism that bring this on china is questionable since the capitalism does include also negative externalities that have to be considered(once unknown but now well known), to say capitalism bring this on china sounds like is someone from outside that bring this on china, is simply false.. this is come on china due to the china’s government system that arbitrary choose priorities. And by the way, the pollution and environmental issue started with the communism.. there are even some evidences that some settlements have been abandoned during the copper age due to pollution caused by the copper industry.

        • Xia

          Before that, they were not affluent enough to afford being aware of the environment issues. Now, they have the money to outsource dirty industries to developing countries (like China) and “go green” inside their own borders…

          • Zappa Frank

            ahahahahah….yes like someone force china to produce goods with old and polluting industries.. by the way who? countries or multinationals?


          • Kai

            You’re misunderstanding Xia’s point. No one is forcing China to produce goods with old and polluting industries, but they are rewarding China for doing so by engaging in trade fully knowing or at least turning a blind eye to the pollution (and other ills) such business transactions entail.

            They do this for the same reason reasons historical industrialists polluted downstream, because they rationalized it as “out of sight, out of mind” and “it’s someone else’s problem”.

            If Chinese “demand” makes it significantly responsible for the illicit rhino horn and elephant tusk trade, then the “demand” for cheap goods makes developed countries ALSO significantly responsible for the polluting industries needed for such cheapness. China isn’t forcing other countries to buy cheap goods made in polluting industries.

          • Zappa Frank

            yes the comparison makes sense.

          • Xia

            If not in China, someplace else will suck them up (which may be already happening, since production cost in China is rising). It’s not “old and polluting industries” from the 19th century but essential suppliers for “state-of-the-art green tech” that are being in use in “environment friendly” developed countries right now. And it’s not like the multinationals will suddenly stop using dirty industries just in case China says “No”.

            Though I’d be happy to see if the Chinese government got the balls not to sell out its people and environment for money.

          • Xia

            Don’t you know that multinationals are still rooted in their home country? Even though they may be operating globally, most of the profit will be brought back to their headquarter, where their board is making decisions on how to allocate further investments.


        • Kai

          It’s not an “excuse”, it’s a very real and easy to empathize perspective.

          As long as economic growth and the generation of pollution is tied together, any criticsm and admonishment about pollution will be interpreted in economic terms (how it will affect economic growth).

          It’s not that China doesn’t understand that many other countries polluted when they were more ignorant about the consequences than they are today. It’s that China still feels economic development and increasing living standards is currently still a higher priority than greater environmental protection.

          Remember, China isn’t completely disregarding environmental consequences. It does have environmental protection and preservation policies. It does use and promote more efficient and cleaner technologies when it can. It simply weighs different priorities differently from many others because it is in a different situation.

          If you want to grow at X%, that currently means Y% of pollution for China. When another country wants you to reduce Y, China can’t help but think about whether or not it can accept a lower X. If it can’t, then it’ll resist lowering Y. It’s acting in self-interest.

          …just like every other country is.

          The only way to get China to lower pollution is to convince them that their costs outweigh their benefits. You will not succeed by arguing that their everyone else’s costs outweigh their benefits, especially if you’re a country that rampantly polluted historically and currently enjoys a far higher level of economic development and living standard than China does.

          You end up looking like the asshole who robbed a bank and is now moralizing against the ills of crime from the mansion his theft purchased him.

          To say this it is the capitalism that bring this on china is questionable since the capitalism does include also negative externalities that have to be considered(once unknown but now well known), to say capitalism bring this on us like is someone from outside that bring this on china, is simply false..

          Did you read the first paragraph of my previous comment where I made this exact same point?

          Let me make this clear: environmental issues in China shouldn’t be blamed on capitalism as if capitalism was a foreign concept. I disagree with Confucius’s implication of that, if that’s what he intended.

  • Karze

    Blame it on Chinese whether its environmental destruction, pollution or species extinction.

  • Karze

    Chinese are responsible for extinction of rare animals like Rhino, tiger, etc as Chinese used it traditional medicine and also used as performance enhancement. Smuggle and poacher collude with Chinese businessman and even sometime officials have misused their diplomatic power to smuggle the animal products.

    Chinese even enticed and forced the official in Tibet to wear fur during ceremony and official meeting.

  • phillip

    Disgusting and outrageous that is all I can say about our culture. We claim to be educated, yet this clearly demonstrates we are not.