Chinese Student Crushed to Death by Malfunctioning Elevator

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From Youku:

A student at Huaqiao University got stuck in the school elevator and died of suffocation, this incident happened in Xiamen

On the night of September 14th, according to the verified Sina Weibo account of Huaqiao University News Center: Today at around 17:50, our school security received a call claiming that a student was stuck in the C4 elevator in the comprehensive teaching building. After the report, campus security immediately called 110, 119, and 120, at the same time rushed to the scene. At around 18:00, after the rescue workers opened the elevator, they discovered that this student was stuck in the elevator opening, and had already suffocated to death. The police and supervising authorities are currently investigating this incident.

Warning: This video contains disturbing images that may upset some viewers.

A copy on Youtube:

Comments on Youku:


Such a cruel death, may the deceased rest in peace!


Who said he suffocated, this is being crushed to death. The elevator was going up, with this kind of pressure and him being stuck in the middle, so pitiful.


Fuck so horrifying, I’ll never take the elevator again, when I go home I’ll take the stairs and exercise.


What was the guy doing behind him? The rescue team took so long to arrive!


This can be compared to the American movie Final Destination!!


Was stuck a 5:47, people only came to rescue him at 6:20, chilling.


Rescue work in China are all too slow, life and death can be a matter of minutes and seconds, the rescue team took 35 mins to arrive. If just my hand was stuck in there, I would lose my hand, let alone suffocating through a crushed lung.


Please delete this!!!


The elevator manufacture and repair company’s legal representatives should be executed on sight!


The rescue workers were way too slow.


The elevator is of poor quality, in the future be careful when you take the elevator. After watching this I’m traumatized, so horrifying.


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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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