Chinese Student Crushed to Death by Malfunctioning Elevator

This is currently the most watched video on Youku with over 2.8 million views.

From Youku:

A student at Huaqiao University got stuck in the school elevator and died of suffocation, this incident happened in Xiamen

On the night of September 14th, according to the verified Sina Weibo account of Huaqiao University News Center: Today at around 17:50, our school security received a call claiming that a student was stuck in the C4 elevator in the comprehensive teaching building. After the report, campus security immediately called 110, 119, and 120, at the same time rushed to the scene. At around 18:00, after the rescue workers opened the elevator, they discovered that this student was stuck in the elevator opening, and had already suffocated to death. The police and supervising authorities are currently investigating this incident.

Warning: This video contains disturbing images that may upset some viewers.

A copy on Youtube:

Comments on Youku:


Such a cruel death, may the deceased rest in peace!


Who said he suffocated, this is being crushed to death. The elevator was going up, with this kind of pressure and him being stuck in the middle, so pitiful.


Fuck so horrifying, I’ll never take the elevator again, when I go home I’ll take the stairs and exercise.


What was the guy doing behind him? The rescue team took so long to arrive!


This can be compared to the American movie Final Destination!!


Was stuck a 5:47, people only came to rescue him at 6:20, chilling.


Rescue work in China are all too slow, life and death can be a matter of minutes and seconds, the rescue team took 35 mins to arrive. If just my hand was stuck in there, I would lose my hand, let alone suffocating through a crushed lung.


Please delete this!!!


The elevator manufacture and repair company’s legal representatives should be executed on sight!


The rescue workers were way too slow.


The elevator is of poor quality, in the future be careful when you take the elevator. After watching this I’m traumatized, so horrifying.

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Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai

  • Ken Morgan

    And that is why I take the stairs, it’s a bugger in Hong Kong though as the flat I was renting was on the 16th floor.

  • Apothis

    OMG, what the hell kind of elevator is that?

    • lacompacida

      Must be something made by imperialist western countries by contracted temperory workers.

      • Apothis

        Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking also…Damn imperialists!

    • firebert5

      It’s unlikely to matter. Upkeep on anything here is abysmal.

  • Thor

    It reminds me a horror Dutch movie named “The Lift”, back in the 80s…
    Made in China, this time.

  • Roihu

    Yeah, now I’ll have an irrational fear of elevators if I ever go to China.

    • lacompacida

      I have a rational fear of China.

  • Guest

    They probably shouldn’t have moved him so soon. Just released the pressure. He could have died because they simply took him out.

  • Sean Van Cura

    Oh wait I thought he was still alive when they found him. Welp.

  • Teacher in China

    Holy crap that’s fucking scary!

  • lacompacida

    It is glorious to died for the Party, workers, farmers, soldiers and the revolution.

    • Alex Dương

      A guy died in an accident. Not everything is political, you know.

    • SongYii

      amen brother

    • IsurvivedChina

      The revolution is over…. just saying!

  • comradewang

    It’s crazy how your life could just end in a blink of an eye. Poor dude had no idea that stepping into the elevator was going to be his last moment on this earth. RIP

  • why is the video is 3 min 42 seconds and he was rescued in this short period of time?

    • Raymond

      The video is fast forwarded. The actual time from when he entered the elevator and when the rescue team arrived was 35 minutes.

      • mr.wiener

        He would have been screwed in 5 mins even if internal bleeding hadn’t done for him (I guess)…poor guy.

  • mr.wiener

    Oh that is just f*cked up and the stuff nightmares are made of…
    Still at least it shows you that real life ain’t the movies where he would have been cut cleanly in half.

  • SongYii

    was he crushed, or did he suffocate? did the security/rescue staff really ‘rush to the scene’? chinese news reporting could hardly be worse. even without the censorship factor, its absolute garbage.

    • Janus

      Not sure what you didn’t understand from the above post, a call was received at 17:50 and rescue workers were at the scene at 18:00, by which time the person had died from suffocation, which I guess is quite possible if his lungs were being crushed.

      seems pretty straight forward to me.

      • SongYii

        Yes, I know you’ve had trouble making distinctions in the past. Let me help you:

        The comments say specifically that the rescue team didn’t show up until 18:20. Thats not exactly “rushed to the scene.” That’s “took their sweet fucking time getting to the scene.”

        “Crushed” and “suffocated” are not the same thing.

        • Irvin

          He was suffocate by crushing, and you can’t blame people for taking their time, it was dinner time after all.

        • Paul Schoe

          Janus refers to the article: “At around 18:00, after the rescue workers opened the elevator, “, you refer to the comments.

          Maybe you prefer comments to articles and don’t bother to read the article. That is OK. No reason to belittle Janus for that.

          • SongYii

            I read both, and its why I was questioning the new report and calling Chinese reportage garbage.

            Janus is taking a jab at me (“seems pretty straightforward…” isn’t it obvious?) because he’s still sore I called him out for a ridiculous comment he made…. xx days ago. Thats why I’m being snarky toward him.

          • Paul Schoe


          • Diane

            The article is wrong. It happened at 5:47, and rescue workers didn’t get him out until 6:22. The clock is running at the top. It was not 10 minutes. I wonder how the person writing the article got this so wrong?

          • Paul Schoe

            17:47 is indeed not 18:00.
            But arriving at the scene and getting him out are two different things. The time that it takes to rescue somebody in a situation like this might even be hours as they need to take precautions and you do not know what the exact problems are that they encounter. But anyway, the result in this situation has been (is) terrible.

  • b duck

    normally in china we use japanese elevator or german.
    too sad!
    sometimes i am scared of elevator, maybe watch too much ghost or horror films.i always wanna take the phone to see if there is someone really will talk to me.

    • SimpsonsGoldenAge


    • Amused

      If you answer that phone Sisqo will sing you the Thong Song…

  • James

    man this is horrible, just horrible, i don’t even know what to say about this…

  • RocKStaR

    Who releases these videos? What point is there in showing this other then some sort of gore porn? You would think that the authorities or whom ever released the video to the greater public would see how disrespectful it is to the deceased and his family.

    • SimpsonsGoldenAge

      I’ve told my Chinese friends this before how unique it is to China that these kind of videos are widely watched and how news websites show such explicit and gory pictures. It’s kind of baffling.

      • random

        I think it’s mainly curiousity. I’m guilty of watching/looking at these horrific kinds of shit and it’s mostly because when I read the title I can’t help but wonder, How does a person get stuck in an elevator and die? or previously I saw, how does a wife and husband get killed from backing up, how did they BOTH die. Without seeing the videos/pictures I would never understand.

        It’s not porn to me but more like a detective show..ish.. D: I’m sorry.

        RIP elevator guy!

  • ABCharles

    Jesus Christ

  • Slayer

    My building has 2 elevators that each have their own independent call button. During the summertime here in Shanghai they become very hot to the point that a 15 second ride can leave almost anyone sweaty if they’re wearing more than a bikini. In prior years the air-conditioning would always be on during summer months, but this year the property management decided it would be more ‘cost effective’ not to turn it on. I don’t go in that elevator without at least a bottle of water with me as I have seen both of them experience different problems, and given that I’d be amazed if our ‘security’ guards and ‘building engineer’ (code word for barely literate chain smoking ape) have more than a 3rd grade education.

    Some days it feels like everything in this country is designed to fucking kill you, and then they like to watch how it happened. Fucking disgraceful that this video exists and I refuse to watch it. The family should sue the shit out of this university and change the name to this poor kid’s name so everyone can remember how a man who might have known the secret to the meaning of life or been destined to cure AIDS, be the world’s first perfect father, or discover time travel.. is now just a memory.

  • Amused

    Anyone else wonder if he achieved this position with the goal of getting his weasel in his own mouth? Cuz he’s close. Real close…

    • AbC

      An innocent student just got crushed to death in an horrific incident… And that’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

      • Pete of Perth

        Che was a pinko dickhead – what else would you expect?

      • Amused

        Oddly enough, yeah. Who gives a shit if he was innocent or not? He’s a deader. So you may as well get a little enjoyment out the situation, since he definitely isn’t.

        • AbC

          Dude… I can’t imagine why anyone would get enjoyment from watching a person being crushed to death. I can’t speak for everyone… but it’s quite disheartening to know people are actually amused by this tragedy and can have a laugh about it.

  • idcut

    the video was posted to show how ‘quickly and responsible and capable’ the school stuff was in this incident, and how grateful the family must feel towards the school and the party members for such responsive response to this incident.

  • idcut

    Those death machines are a carefully and strategically engineered for population control purposes, it will snap at anytime to make man made population control to look like an accident.

  • patrick98122

    Damn, that’s terrible….

  • BaoBei

    Holy shit… so I watched this video the first time a couple hours ago and had the same reaction as everyone else.. “wow, that sucks.” But I just watched it again and noticed something frightening..

    Pay close attention at the beginning of the video, in the first few seconds when he gets stuck.
    When the elevator starts going up suddenly, the guy starts to trip forward into the elevator. His friend behind him tried to react quickly and was actually trying to pull the guy back out of the elevator by his shirt!!
    This unfortunately ended up causing the guy to get stuck and crushed to death, instead of falling into the elevator, where he would have probably been safe and alive now, if the friend hadn’t been pulling on his shirt!!!!

    Good intentions, fast reaction, but ended up causing your buddy to die. Crazy.

    • I looked at the beginning but I’m not very sure it’s like you said. Indeed it seems the friend tries to pull him back, but it looks like he just touched him and then quickly let it go without pulling. I feel the gap between the ground and the elevator was the thing that caused him the delay to enter the elevator safely. In fact his step was a bit insecure and unfortunately he got stuck.


  • Apothis

    Best post of the week dude.

  • ♕King Őf Likes♕ ✓✔

    Man this shit is crazy, watched numerous times and that could have happened to even the quickest of people. The first leg he was using to exit stumbled because of the sudden start and he quickly tried to pull himself up to get out, but since it was going down it stalled him. R~I~P

  • Mark

    This is absolutely chilling.

  • Mark

    Just gonna look for some soy sauce here until Kai comes in to deal with this post…

  • Hank

    How the hell does an elevator just shoot up like that? Aren’t there failsafe mechanisms that I see explained on Discovery?

    • IsurvivedChina

      perhaps the elevators were made in china…

  • diverdude7

    I don’t even know why I am posting this,,,,I guess maybe just want to, or some sort of ‘belonging’ thing, or hoping for real insight, or real psychological explanation,,,, but here goes…

    I can’t even look at the photo except kinda of a quick, sidelong glance of as I scroll,,, but I DARN sure can’t watch some video that I gather is of the elevator cam showing this happen and the results of. soooo, what I am asking is what are some of you guy’s thoughts on why I cannot/will not watch it? (or anything else that shows people getting smoked into oblivion)

  • Zen my Ass

    If I were his father, I would sue the ass out of the University… poor boy, such a cruel and unnecessary death.

  • Brakballe

    What the fuck is wrong with you!

  • RiverHorser

    thats not black humour and my country invented it u prick

  • James C

    Wow this video was really gruesome. Now I am going to be super aware living in China. This reminds us to enjoy life and live every moment to the fullest.

  • Traines
  • “Initial investigation has revealed that his death was likely caused by rupture of internal organs” No shit!

  • angry laowai

    so sad to see a life lost because of bad engineering. My elevator in my apartment building used to do this in suzhou….im lucky to be alive i guess!