Chinese Student Driving Ferrari Killed by Drunk Driver in LA

Ferrari of Chinese study abroad student in the US, after a traffic collision with a Hispanic drunk driver in a Hyundai, at the intersection of New and Garvey Ave. in Monterey Park.

Ferrari of Chinese study abroad student in the US, after a traffic collision with a Hispanic drunk driver in a Hyundai, at the intersection of New and Garvey Ave. in Monterey Park.

From NetEase:

Male Chinese Study Abroad Student Driving Ferrari Sports Car Dies From Traffic Accident

ChinaNews May 5 report — According to a report by World Journal in the United States, a Ferrari is expensive but won’t keep you alive, and a 21-year-old Chinese young man died in an accident on the early morning of the 3rd. A car crash happened at the intersection of Garvey Ave. and New Ave. in Monterey Park city of the United States around 2:10am on the 3rd. A drunk Hispanic male driving a silver Hyundai struck a brand new white Ferrari 458 Italia, with the ethnic Chinese male driver of the Ferrari dying on the scene. The driver of the Hyundai and the passenger on the Ferrari have been hospitalized for injuries, with the Ferrari passenger’s condition being exceptionally serious.

The east side of Garvey Ave. intersecting with the north side of New Ave. in Monterey Park were closed from the morning until about 1pm in the afternoon on the 3rd, with two cars damaged beyond recognition. The left door of the silver Hyundai had been sent flying while the front of the car had caved in, the left side of the glass windshield shattered. However, worse was the white Ferrari 458 Italia facing north on Garvey Ave. The front of this car had nearly been torn off, the windshield completely shattered, both airbags in the cabin having deployed. From the front, it is completely impossible to recognize this car as a Ferrari, but the Ferrari logo on the back of the car and the car’s wheels remind people that this is a super car worth over 200l USD. This car is exceptionally new, with a dealer sticker still affixed to the car’s windows. Many people were on the side taking photos, with one person simultaneously taking photos and sighing, “I’ve never seen a Ferrari shattered into pieces like this.”

LA County Coroner’s Office spokesperson David Smith indicated that the deceased has been confirmed as a 21-year-old Chinese national male, but the name is not yet convenient to be disclosed. However, according to disclosures by the deceased’s friends, the name of one of the two ethnic Chinese study abroad students on the Ferrari is Fu Duan (transliteration). Also, the Ferrari that he was driving was newly purchased, and had not yet received its license plate.


Monterey Park police officer B. Archibald says the car accident occurred around 2:10am on the early morning of the 3rd. The driver of the Hyundai was 28-year-old Hispanic male Omar Placencia, who was driving westward on Garvey Ave. at the time of the crash, and whom is preliminarily suspected of driving under the influence at the time when he crashed into the white Ferrari heading South on New Ave. After police arrived on the scene, the driver of the Ferrari had already died on the scene, while his passenger and Omar Placencia were taken to the hospital to treat the injuries they suffered. Details of the accident are still under investigation, and at present, the speed and angle of impact of the two cars is not yet certain, nor is the gender and ethnicity of the passenger of the Ferrari.

One insider who was unwilling to be identified indicated that the driver of the Ferrari was a foreign student from China, and that the passenger was his ethnic-Chinese relative.

According to a report by Pasadena Star News, nearby residents disclosed that they have seen this white Ferrari passing by frequently in the past few days, at fast speeds, but have never seen what the owner looks like.

Soz, a nearby resident, says he heard a loud sound while bathing in the morning and after seeing the two cars having already collided when he ran out to look, he immediately called 911 for the police, as well as attempted to pull out the passenger of the Ferrari and the driver of the Hyundai. (Zhang Hong)

(Original Title: Ferrari Crashes with Hyundai, Chinese Student in America Dies in Car Accident)


Comments from NetEase:

网易广东省深圳市手机网友 ip:183.49.*.*:

His father in China must be suffering in silence.

网易美国手机网友 ip:198.228.*.*:

This boy was hit and killed by a drunk driver, and there isn’t a single comment of sympathy in the comments section, but instead the comments are all hating the rich. I profoundly feel that I can no longer follow the domestic [mainland China] way of thinking.

网易福建省手机网友 ip:27.149.*.*:

Congratulations to this [rich second generation (child of rich parents), or rich idiot].

網易要我取個有態度的名字 [网易湖南省邵阳市手机网友]:

Is it convenient to disclose who his old man is?

终究是过客t [网易河北省石家庄市手机网友]:

Anyone with money has gone abroad, afraid to buy good cars in China for fear of being investigated. Great, truly great, it isn’t safe abroad either. Hitting and killing someone also requires paying with one’s life.

网易浙江省杭州市手机网友(124.160.*.*): (responding to 198.228.*.*)

However rich someone else is is because of their own abilities. If you have any ability, then you go bribe and you go struggle [to improve your station in life]. In a society like China’s, where isn’t bribery necessary? You can say it is his father who is rich and he’s a rich second-generation, but however much money his family has or where it is from, as long as he didn’t kill anyone or break the law, so what? He was hit and killed in a traffic accident, and even if he was a rich second generation, why isn’t there a bit of sympathy when he is [wrongfully] hit and killed?

jxhweb [网易江苏省无锡市网友]: (responding to above)

There are already two people above who have expressed sympathy. Thanks, you two! However, both of you deserve sympathy as well!

网易山东省临沂市手机网友 ip:112.234.*.*:

Not convenient to disclose his name [suggesting his name would implicate someone else].

国泰民安C [网易辽宁省阜新市手机网友]: (also responding to 198.228.*.*)

Let’s see you earn enough money to buy a Ferrari 458 at 21 years old! It’s not hating the rich, do you understand? I’ve studied abroad before as well, and when you see the sons of those public security bureau chiefs and bank presidents live lives of debauchery, when you see that the money they are squandering is from their fathers, when you see that the money is the blood and sweat money us taxpaying masses handed over to the national treasuring to help build up the country, when you see these things, only then will you understand why the domestic [mainland Chinese] population has these feelings [against the rich].

网易山东省济宁市手机网友 ip:112.235.*.*:


网易山东省泰安市手机网友 ip:123.135.*.*:

Who is his father?


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