Chinese Student Kills American Overseas, Posts $2 Million Bail

Xu Yichun, a Chinese study abroad student in Seattle, Washington who crashed into an American while speeding in a residential area.

Xu Yichun, a Chinese study abroad student in Seattle, Washington who crashed into an American while speeding in a residential area.

From NetEase:

Chinese Study Abroad Student Hits and Kills American, Posts 2 Million USD Bail

SAN FRANCISCO ( – American local media are reporting that the mother of a 19-year-old Chinese international student, whose speeding in Seattle of King County in Washington state caused one death and injured four local residents, has posted the astronomical 2 million USD bail to get his son released. Prosecutors were worried that the foreign student would jump bail but nonetheless allowed the release.

According to a Seattle Times report, in 2012 November, Xu Yichun, a Chinese international student studying at the South Puget Sound Community College in Seattle, was driving his newly purchased Mercedes-Benz C350 with four other students on their way back to the apartment from grocery shopping. Xu Yichun did not stop at a stop sign and broadsided a car driving towards him, causing severe injuries to the other driver, 25-year-old American female Brenda Gomez-Zapata, who died of her injuries 9 days after being taken to the hospital, with the other three passengers in car being severely injured as well.

Brenda Gomez-Zapata, a 25-year-old American who died after a car accident involving Xu Yinchun, a Chinese international student in Seattle, Washington.

Brenda Gomez-Zapata, a 25-year-old American who died after a car accident involving Xu Yinchun, a Chinese international student in Seattle, Washington.

The police investigation found that at the time, Xu Yichun was driving his car at over 60 mph, when the residential area’s speed limit was 30 mph. Xu Yichun told police that he was driving only a little faster [than the speed limit] and it was only because his GPS navigation system showed that he had taken the wrong road that he had made a U-turn.

The police then found out that Xu Yichun does not actually hold a Washington driver’s license, nor an international driver’s license. He confessed to police that although he has a driver’s license in China, he has never driven in the United States before.

Xu was arrested and taken into custody by the police. King County prosecutors on 2012 November 14th charged him with 6 offenses, including one count of vehicular manslaughter, three counts of vehicular assaults, and two counts of reckless endangerment. On December 6th, this case will be heard for the first time at the King County Superior Court located at the regional justice center in Kent.

Xu Yichun with interpreter and attorney Scott Leist in court.

Recently, Xu Yichun’s mother rushed over from China and produced a 2 million USD cashier’s check at the March 1st local time bail hearing. After verification by the county jail, her son was released at 8 o’clock that night, but Xu Yichun’s Chinese passport was still held by the court.

Deputy Chief of Staff for the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Ian Goodhew said, “Rarely is a bail of that amount posted.” He said prosecutors asked the court to set the bail at 2 million USD because if the bail was too low, Xu Yichun would very likely jump bail once he posts bail. He said there had been similar cases where Chinese nationals somehow fled to China after paying the bail despite having their passports seized. He said: “We are very much concerned he won’t show up for court.”

China and the United States currently do not have an extradition treaty. Goodhew said that if [Xu Yichun] jumps bail, it’ll be hard to get him back. But at the same time he also acknowledged that because Xu Yichun does not have a violent criminal record nor has he failed to appear in court before, it would be very difficult for the court to refuse bail.

This case has a lot of attention from the Seattle media, with the local population actively commenting on news websites.

Xu Yichun's Mercedes Benz C350, the one involved in a speeding accident that ended up killing an American woman in Seattle, Washington.

Comments on NetEase:

山姆猫大叔 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

Investigate, where does the money came from!?!

cd8yangjin [网易重庆市网友]:

Investigate, what kind of “second generation” is he??

网易贵州省贵阳市网友: (responding to above)

If not Official Second Generation [children of government officials], then it’s Rich Second Generation [children of the wealthy], so just go with first degree murder and a life sentence of having his ass fucked by foreigners.


Xu Yichun’s mother rushed over from China. Such a big incident, why didn’t his father come?

Mother: Your father is in meetings in Beijing and simply couldn’t.

bfett16 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

1.18 million naked officials, your sons are in deep shit, really deep shit…


There have been proposals suggesting that civil servants should be allowed to have two babies, but I think we should enforce compulsory castration on all civil servants, and furthermore only recruit eunuchs for civil servants. Doing this has many benefits. First of all, it eliminates the dangers of government officials keeping mistresses. Additionally, having no descendents also reduces their need for taking money, as well as putting an end to their improper transferring of assets as “naked officials” into the hands of their children abroad. Not only this, China currently has a gender imbalance, so if only the castrated can be hired as civil servants, this can effectively alleviate the gender imbalance problem, and what more, can eliminate at the root the instances of government officials buying sex from underage girls, maintaining law and order as well as morality in society. Because of being castrated, the assets left over by officials after they die can all be handed over to the national treasury or directly distributed to the poor and disadvantaged masses. This truly is killing multiple birds with one stone. Furthermore, eunuchs are one of the oldest occupations of the Chinese people, originating from at least the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. Thus, castrating all civil servants can foster and promote Chinese culture. So, in the interests of the nation, for the welfare of the people, for the young girls, for social harmony, please castrate all civil servants.


This piece of news deliberately deleted the part where Xu Yichun tried to bribe the cops after the accident. The person is the son of the CEO of Xu Zhaohong.

网易江苏省无锡市手机网友 [马克斯主义]: (responding to above)

Is this information accurate?

网易吉林省长春市网友 [philip094]: (responding to above)

Requesting verification.


Bailed out? Isn’t the U.S. a country with a robust legal system and model of international human rights? The reporter is too lousy, and should have made public the U.S. traffic accident laws, preventing us from thinking the crows of the world are all black [the whole world is the same kind of corrupt], that even Western officials can be bought, where just having money can cover for crimes. [Some Chinese netizens misunderstood the paying bail as Xu Yichun successfully resolving his legal troubles and getting away with his crime.]


It should be possible to determine the source of the money. An amount that even most Americans can’t produce but us Chinese can, what an honor. I just checked and the richest guy in China is not surnamed Xu.


Investigate your ass, just because they have money it has to be dirty money? If your son was in trouble, wouldn’t you pay to bail him out?

shiyumaomao2010: (responding to above)

Looks like you stupid cunt should also be investigated! Fancy car, hits and kills a person, and pays a 2 million USD bail! Can you be certain what he’s earning is clean money? If not, then isn’t the money they’ve embezzled all from the ordinary common people? What’s wrong with us investigating it? Looks like you’re also a retarded Rich Second Generation or Official Second Generation!


Finally we can let all the patriots get excited. Killed an American, and we’ve all become rich people.


Rich Second Generation have emigrated abroad, to cause trouble for Americans.


Written by Cecilia Miao


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