Chinese Student Kills American Overseas, Posts $2 Million Bail

Xu Yichun, a Chinese study abroad student in Seattle, Washington who crashed into an American while speeding in a residential area.

Xu Yichun, a Chinese study abroad student in Seattle, Washington who crashed into an American while speeding in a residential area.

From NetEase:

Chinese Study Abroad Student Hits and Kills American, Posts 2 Million USD Bail

SAN FRANCISCO ( – American local media are reporting that the mother of a 19-year-old Chinese international student, whose speeding in Seattle of King County in Washington state caused one death and injured four local residents, has posted the astronomical 2 million USD bail to get his son released. Prosecutors were worried that the foreign student would jump bail but nonetheless allowed the release.

According to a Seattle Times report, in 2012 November, Xu Yichun, a Chinese international student studying at the South Puget Sound Community College in Seattle, was driving his newly purchased Mercedes-Benz C350 with four other students on their way back to the apartment from grocery shopping. Xu Yichun did not stop at a stop sign and broadsided a car driving towards him, causing severe injuries to the other driver, 25-year-old American female Brenda Gomez-Zapata, who died of her injuries 9 days after being taken to the hospital, with the other three passengers in car being severely injured as well.

Brenda Gomez-Zapata, a 25-year-old American who died after a car accident involving Xu Yinchun, a Chinese international student in Seattle, Washington.

Brenda Gomez-Zapata, a 25-year-old American who died after a car accident involving Xu Yinchun, a Chinese international student in Seattle, Washington.

The police investigation found that at the time, Xu Yichun was driving his car at over 60 mph, when the residential area’s speed limit was 30 mph. Xu Yichun told police that he was driving only a little faster [than the speed limit] and it was only because his GPS navigation system showed that he had taken the wrong road that he had made a U-turn.

The police then found out that Xu Yichun does not actually hold a Washington driver’s license, nor an international driver’s license. He confessed to police that although he has a driver’s license in China, he has never driven in the United States before.

Xu was arrested and taken into custody by the police. King County prosecutors on 2012 November 14th charged him with 6 offenses, including one count of vehicular manslaughter, three counts of vehicular assaults, and two counts of reckless endangerment. On December 6th, this case will be heard for the first time at the King County Superior Court located at the regional justice center in Kent.

Xu Yichun with interpreter and attorney Scott Leist in court.

Recently, Xu Yichun’s mother rushed over from China and produced a 2 million USD cashier’s check at the March 1st local time bail hearing. After verification by the county jail, her son was released at 8 o’clock that night, but Xu Yichun’s Chinese passport was still held by the court.

Deputy Chief of Staff for the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Ian Goodhew said, “Rarely is a bail of that amount posted.” He said prosecutors asked the court to set the bail at 2 million USD because if the bail was too low, Xu Yichun would very likely jump bail once he posts bail. He said there had been similar cases where Chinese nationals somehow fled to China after paying the bail despite having their passports seized. He said: “We are very much concerned he won’t show up for court.”

China and the United States currently do not have an extradition treaty. Goodhew said that if [Xu Yichun] jumps bail, it’ll be hard to get him back. But at the same time he also acknowledged that because Xu Yichun does not have a violent criminal record nor has he failed to appear in court before, it would be very difficult for the court to refuse bail.

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This case has a lot of attention from the Seattle media, with the local population actively commenting on news websites.

Xu Yichun's Mercedes Benz C350, the one involved in a speeding accident that ended up killing an American woman in Seattle, Washington.

Comments on NetEase:

山姆猫大叔 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

Investigate, where does the money came from!?!

cd8yangjin [网易重庆市网友]:

Investigate, what kind of “second generation” is he??

网易贵州省贵阳市网友: (responding to above)

If not Official Second Generation [children of government officials], then it’s Rich Second Generation [children of the wealthy], so just go with first degree murder and a life sentence of having his ass fucked by foreigners.


Xu Yichun’s mother rushed over from China. Such a big incident, why didn’t his father come?

Mother: Your father is in meetings in Beijing and simply couldn’t.

bfett16 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

1.18 million naked officials, your sons are in deep shit, really deep shit…


There have been proposals suggesting that civil servants should be allowed to have two babies, but I think we should enforce compulsory castration on all civil servants, and furthermore only recruit eunuchs for civil servants. Doing this has many benefits. First of all, it eliminates the dangers of government officials keeping mistresses. Additionally, having no descendents also reduces their need for taking money, as well as putting an end to their improper transferring of assets as “naked officials” into the hands of their children abroad. Not only this, China currently has a gender imbalance, so if only the castrated can be hired as civil servants, this can effectively alleviate the gender imbalance problem, and what more, can eliminate at the root the instances of government officials buying sex from underage girls, maintaining law and order as well as morality in society. Because of being castrated, the assets left over by officials after they die can all be handed over to the national treasury or directly distributed to the poor and disadvantaged masses. This truly is killing multiple birds with one stone. Furthermore, eunuchs are one of the oldest occupations of the Chinese people, originating from at least the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period. Thus, castrating all civil servants can foster and promote Chinese culture. So, in the interests of the nation, for the welfare of the people, for the young girls, for social harmony, please castrate all civil servants.


This piece of news deliberately deleted the part where Xu Yichun tried to bribe the cops after the accident. The person is the son of the CEO of Xu Zhaohong.

网易江苏省无锡市手机网友 [马克斯主义]: (responding to above)

Is this information accurate?

网易吉林省长春市网友 [philip094]: (responding to above)

Requesting verification.


Bailed out? Isn’t the U.S. a country with a robust legal system and model of international human rights? The reporter is too lousy, and should have made public the U.S. traffic accident laws, preventing us from thinking the crows of the world are all black [the whole world is the same kind of corrupt], that even Western officials can be bought, where just having money can cover for crimes. [Some Chinese netizens misunderstood the paying bail as Xu Yichun successfully resolving his legal troubles and getting away with his crime.]


It should be possible to determine the source of the money. An amount that even most Americans can’t produce but us Chinese can, what an honor. I just checked and the richest guy in China is not surnamed Xu.


Investigate your ass, just because they have money it has to be dirty money? If your son was in trouble, wouldn’t you pay to bail him out?

shiyumaomao2010: (responding to above)

Looks like you stupid cunt should also be investigated! Fancy car, hits and kills a person, and pays a 2 million USD bail! Can you be certain what he’s earning is clean money? If not, then isn’t the money they’ve embezzled all from the ordinary common people? What’s wrong with us investigating it? Looks like you’re also a retarded Rich Second Generation or Official Second Generation!


Finally we can let all the patriots get excited. Killed an American, and we’ve all become rich people.


Rich Second Generation have emigrated abroad, to cause trouble for Americans.

  • I Love China

    Money is power.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      And power makes more money.

    • Reginald

      Being able to be loved and loving others renders “power” obsolete, not every one on the planet is in the greed race to destroy civilization mate.

      • Jahar

        Sounds like something Captain Planet would say.

    • movie goer

      i’m sure if the perps parents could give some concesions to western multinational corporations in China, he would get just a slap on the wrist.

      • mr.wiener

        I’m not sure it works that way oh movie cynic.

  • Johnny

    he’s gonna get bum rushed by some negros and rednecks. Ooh thats deadly. He’s never gonna shit normal again. Prison in the U.S for a scrawny little dude, ooh, i wouldn’t want to imagine. He should have realised that in the U.S they have a proper driving system not drive how you like because you have a car. I hope he gets it good and suffers the consequences, no bribery here mate. that wont work. Suffer the consequences, your screwed. hahahahahahahahaha

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Johnny boy, the kids rich parents probably has already flown him back to China on a private jet and he’s chilling again at some night club. What’s 2 million dollars to these people nowadays?

      • brian Chang

        He’s already been in county jail for around three months. He’s most likely damaged beyond repair already.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      It seems even the prisoners there like to hang out with other man, no matter who’s in (literally) ‘top’ of the situation. LOL

      This is simply mark of a decadent, putrid and wicked prison system.

      A ‘true’ prison should have the prisoners castrated before their 1st day on jail. At least they wont breed little bandits IF they are released. And that should help in calming their excessive desires and overall indecence.

      • eunsun

        This is a great comment from someone who has never even paid attention in high school social studies to learn why criminals re-offend. Leave the socio-economic discussion to people who are literate and have a basic education please.

        • the other guy

          I agree with you, but for conversation sakes, please do enlighten us about the reason ex-cons re-offend .

          • Kate

            Ex cons probably re offend for a bunch of reasons. Drug users probably because they don’t get adequate rehabilitation and counseling in prison and not much support when they are released back into the same environments and social cliques that enabled drug use to begin with. Being an ex con also makes it verry hard to get good employment or to even go back to school. If you are a convicted drug user, you do not qualify for federal loans for college. Its also ex cons home lives, which tend to be all kinds of messed up. Also the kind of people who do commit crimes are not the brightest, high achieving people in society . I dunno, I’m not a criminology major.

          • BiggJ

            Well who wants to hire a ex-con? So if you can’t find a job you might as well break the law again and take your chances. And some people are just dumb.

        • BiggJ

          You also have to remember Hongwu is not from our time……He comes from somewhere between 500 A.D and 1500A.D.

          • Hongwu Emperor

            Indeed, honorable friend.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          And I don’t wanna give a damn attention about social studies or socio-economical babble. just slice a knife on the balls of criminals, and put them to build some IMPRESSIVE, HUGE walls and that’s it. no need for any boring discussion.

          castration+wall building frenzy = diminishing of criminality.

      • slob

        Not to mention the fact that a lot of people who go to prison are wrongfully accused. Imagine you ended up in prison because of damning evidence that’s all situational but you are proven guilty regardless. Would you think it’s fair to be castrated for something you didn’t do? This is one of the reasons capital punishment has been removed from most states in western countries.

        • Hongwu Emperor

          castration and hard work isn’t capital punishment… it’s a rather ironic thing, the thing those bandits value most suddenly cut off, and they find themselves unable to reproduce and put [more] people on the world. ^_^

          capital punishment would be better for crimes where you have 100% sure that he was the perpetrator, such as rape,murder,etc with witnesses,etc etc

    • movie goer

      u.s human rights for you

      • mr.wiener

        Compared to…..?

      • A guy

        Yep a court system that doesn’t wantonly accept bribes, but instead has a bail system that tries to be somewhat fair and allows the money used by the wealthy to get their children out of trouble be public knowledge. He will have a fair trial if he doesn’t defy U.S. justice and flee to China. And by the way the stories of anal rape in US prisons is much overblown he probably will not have a fun time, but I imagine his time in jail will be a bit better than the hell hole a poor person from China would end up in. Yep US human rights you shit stain.

    • Yeah, bet a lot of them haven’t had “Chinese” in quite a while….hehe.

      • Dr Sun

        Are you trying to tell us that all U.S men are latent homosexuals and this trait manifests itself in any male dominated community in the USA, ie jail, the police or the armed forces ?

    • BiggJ

      I wish what you said would come true. I really do. If he does go to prison… How it works though is gangs on the outside of prison find out where he is going and contact the parents and give them an ultimatum…..You either pay us to protect your child…or we kill him. So his parents have to keep paying money to gangs outside of prison to protect him on the inside. Normal people don’t usually get this treatment. If he can post 2 mil for bail….people will take advantage of that….mind if….IF he goes to prison.

    • DragonHammer

      You obviously don’t know much. His parents will have already contacted their most gangster uncle who will see to it that some triads tards on the inside make him a protected mouse. When the money dries up however, he’ll need some lube.

    • Dr Sun

      you mean the USA doesn’t have a proper law, justice and prison system ?
      Where the crime of rape in prison is overlooked even tolerated and encouraged by the authorities and by people like you ?

  • Alex

    fucking little emperors… let’s not let him spend even one day in jail till the court hearing, no. He needs 2 million to not be in jail? OK, then 2 million.
    You gotta be serious…

    These people don’t have any responsability, because in the end mommy and daddy will fix everything for you. That’s one of the main problems that are starting to happen in many countries, specially in China.

    • movie goer

      it’s a shame he cant buy his way out like the kenedys, bushes, and kerrys. you cant even be corrupt if youre the wrong race

      • Tey

        Movie goer u fucking troll, i saw u posting around. U are more than welcome to move to China

        • Glen

          Banishment to China! The ultimate punishment!!

          • Tey

            Amen to that!

          • mr.wiener

            I’ll pay for his ticket.

          • Tey

            I’ll get the entire CCCP members to roll out the RED carpet and welcome this troll!

          • Chang Liu

            Didn’t realise he was on the pay roll of the Soviet Union.

          • mr.wiener

            Trust no one ;)

          • Hongwu Emperor

            better than going to the hellhole where you live.

        • linette lee

          Why are you folks screaming when it’s the iron truth in every country there is corruption. The big ceo in USA are full of corruption. Collecting bonuses and using company property for personal use.

          And China,forget it. All the chinese officials should be castrated so they won’t have offsprings. This they won’t need to spend money to bail their kids out of the jail.

          • bert

            Hey, we’re talking about China here so be quiet. It’s called CHINAsmack.

          • Kai

            China doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You can’t blame people for putting things in context of overall reality, much less arbitrarily limit people to only talking about China when the issue deals with matters that are hardly unique to China.

          • When I lived in China, it certainly felt like it was living in a vacuum.

          • Kai

            Really, you think so? In what way?

          • It was partially a joke, but every day, for years, felt like the bizarre first day I arrived. Of course I didn’t live in a big city like Beijing or Shanghai, so that didn’t help much either. Not saying I didn’t enjoy it half the time.

          • El Puma R.

            Hardly unique to china however quite particular since these kids get away with their crimes knowing there will be absolutely nobody come avenge their loved ones… even worse, in China people will forget about this pretty quick. Pull this shit out in my country and leave on bail like that… be sure you’ll be sent to the hospital if not killed.

          • Chang Liu

            We live in a globalised economy no country is an island. Now kindly STFU.

          • Tey

            I agree with u, but it’s no secret the ones that get away in China is relatively higher compared to other nations etc U.S.A :)

          • Chang Liu

            That won’t work. Remember in Chinese history, some of the most corrupt officials where the eunuchs :).

          • mr.wiener

            I suppose when you’ve lost your balls you have nothing else to lose.

          • Chang Liu

            Yeah well unable have progeny of your own probably lend itself to a rather hedonistic out-look. :)

      • Dr Sun

        there is truth to what you say, but it still doesn’t make it right or acceptable, does it.

        • jld

          no there isnt, more antiwhite rubbish. oj, anyone?

          • carmouflagger

            Like Eddie Griffin said “OJ isn’t our(black people’s) nigga, He’s yo(white people’s) nigga”

      • mr.wiener

        Oh no? I think the O.J trial proved that race is irrelevant compared to the cost of your legal team.

        • carmouflagger

          haha OJ isnt black. I saw him (in an Ad) run through an Airport and didn’t get arrested.

        • Chang Liu

          Actually race is relavent because it was a overwhelmingly black (and female) jury that acquitted him.

          • mr.wiener

            Hmm, think of all the money he could have saved on Johnny Cockrane if he’d known that.
            Apart from the fact that Cockrane is dead now, I don’t think even he’d be able to get this little rich twit off. Care to place any wagers on him doing a runner?

          • rollin wit 9’s

            Maybe not Cochran but Keanu Reeves could definitely get it him off!

          • Dr Sun

            LOL ! “vanity definitely my favourite sin.”

      • BiggJ

        He’s in the wrong country. If it was China then he could do it.

        • alien

          he won’t walk away from this.

    • BiggJ

      It’s been like this since the beginning of time. It’s just now we have the internet to see all the cases.

    • slob

      Well, probably because they know exactly what would happen to a posh little brat if he spent a while in a cell with some nasty local criminals. 5″5, thin, good hygiene etc. He’s the perfect target for some manly men looking to blow off some steam…he’s just a walking fleshlight. Hopefully he ends up in prison for a while where his contacts and money will have zero value in there.

      • Rick in China

        Not really.

        Organized gangs have members inside and out. Pay them outside, and you can get protection inside. If they have 2mil for bail – and he did end up going to prison, you can bet they’d be looking at financial ways to keep their little boy safe on the inside, and finances obviously wouldn’t be a burden.

      • Guest

        Well, he’s already been in county jail for at least 3 months. (He was arrested in November, and posted bail in March.) I’ve heard that the rape risk is actually much greater in county jail. It would be my guess that he has already been violated.

  • Duke

    Funny how I hear locals bash America all the time yet millions of ex Chinese citizens live there, every local with enough money sends their kids to school there and rich dirt bags love to run to America with their dirty money. A very dysfunctional relationship between China and America. Very love/hate.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Usually chinese people targets more often japan than america. surely there is some anti-US sentiment but it’s not like the cultural revolution days.

    • movie goer

      isnt it interesting how america attracts the worst people from all over the world. scumbags flock to capitalism like flies to shet.

      • Glen

        the same could be said for expats flocking to china

        • mr.wiener

          There is a grain of truth in both generalizations, but that is all they are generalizations…. I’ve known Chinese Expat families who are the salt of the earth and westerners in China who are really cool people.
          I’ve also mat the type of people you’ve mentioned and in both cases they are a minority.
          Chinese Americans do NOT like rich FOB mainlanders coming to the states and flashing their cash and “manners”.

          • Chang Liu

            I suspect your average Chinese in China don’t like the neauveau riche flashing their cash either.

          • mr.wiener

            You damn skippey.
            I remember my wife’s ex-boss telling me once [nice fella, famous gynocholgist and good dancer] telling me “Here in Taiwan whenever a bunch of rich Chinese come up and establish common identity with us, it’s like having a gorrilla coming up and calling you “brother” :)

      • bert

        This makes no sense. It is obvious that most non-white immigrants flock to the white nations. The only non-white nation that has a developed environment is Japan but at least they have sensible immigration laws and policies.

        • Chang Liu

          Demographers will tell you that is one of the reasons why the Japanese economy has been in a rut for the last 20 years.

    • Chang Liu

      Yeah not to mention the symbiotic economies. Although to be fair most of the world love the freedom but hate the foreign policy. It could easily co-exist.

    • Kai

      Nah, not “funny”, they’re just different people or reacting in different contexts. I mean, you have tons of locals in America bashing China yet there are tons of Americans going to China and living there. It’s only funny if you start the thought off on faulty logic.

  • mr.wiener

    Any chance of getting some proper extradition treaties going between China and the West……and sticking to them?

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Well, his family surely flashed out some nice cash, now it is up to the US law folks determine whether they’ll accept it or not.

      But money speaks right? … =[

    • Hardly. Anyone from who’s got the resources to become a target of extradition has the guanxi to avoid it when it comes to pass.

    • movie goer

      there might be. the only problem is, the usa, and western countries in general tend to let the bad guys go, and lock up the good guys

      • mr.wiener

        I think you mean they let the bad guys with the most amount of money go. The good , the bad and the poor? That’s more of a crapshoot.

    • Kai

      There are some conspiracy theories that the US doesn’t really mind accepting the corrupt Chinese government officials and rich into its borders because it’s a net economic benefit (cash inflow) and it’s not like they hold onto any substantial institutional power in the US once they’re in the US.

  • Hongwu Emperor

    I completely agree with the netizen: 网易上海市手机网友

    See his post above and you’ll get his idea.

    • vincent

      :O Pure Genius

      • Hongwu Emperor

        that honorable netizen should be made duke, marquis or anything important like 1st rank scholar-official, or minister of rites,etc etc

    • Genxi

      That guy knows what he’s talking about, haha.

    • movie goer

      would you and the netizen happen to be the same person?

  • Amadou

    For 2 million USD I’d just buy a new better son.

    • the ace of books

      So that’s why I see them baby catalogues everywhere…

    • SuperHappyCow

      Who the fuck would downvote that? WHO? HUH? WHO? POR QUEUEU?

      • BiggJ

        The kid in the story. lol or his mommy.

      • Anon992

        I didn’t downvote, but don’t really get it.

        • Promo

          Ok, you downvoted it.

    • elizabeth

      Not when blood is thicker than water.

    • 900toteschweineinshanghai
    • El Puma R.

      Bargain for the new son and buy a brand new Mercedes with the change.

    • LiRuiKe

      Sometimes abortion is justified. When your kid is going to become a murderer, spare the world the pain: Suck his brains out and throw him in the trash.

      • DC

        too bad you werent’ aborted.

  • There is something about this that makes me think that neither the parents nor the kid care even the slightest that someone ended up dying.

    • tonkotsu

      china and their rich 2nd gen.. not surprised

      • Hongwu Emperor

        same shit in the nouveau riches in the US, south america, rest of asia,etc etc… and amongst the ‘traditionally’ rich also.

    • Ralphrepo

      Of course not, they’re Chinese from China, where people just as soon run over an accident victim again, killing them, in order to avoid the lifelong financial liability. And sadly, no, I’m not making this shit up.

      • movie goer

        yea, because hongers like nicolas tse just get straight out of jail after making a few phone calls. thats capitalist justice. and Chinese from China dont get special treatment like the kenedys who cover up the whole accident, or jews like matthew broderick who kill a mother and daughter and never do any time at all.

        • BiggJ

          But had style. Chinese people don’t.

          • mr.wiener

            I must have missed that scene in Ferris Bueller’s day off.

        • the ace of books

          Please remember to lock the door against government drones when you get home tonight, and to wear your tinfoil hat while you sleep. Have sweet dreams about the international Jewish banking conspiracy!

        • Dr Sun

          Now, I know Matthew Broderick killed Godzilla, but he did save NY at the same time.

        • The Acidic Hasidic

          Yeah us jews get super special treatment in the most catholic country on the planet.

          • Northern Ireland or Eire!?!

          • James

            took place in Enniskillen NI. A mostly catholic town in a mostly catholic county in a slightly protestant province of a largely atheist country

          • Broderick has a place in donegal, he still has not met the guy, after all these years. And to think I thought he was quite the dude in ferris buellers day off:(

          • James

            Yeah, and he married a horse

        • Alain

          Matthew Broderick of ferris buellers day off fame? Christ, what was that all about, got a news story link? Cheers, a

      • Chang Liu

        Because every accident in China ends like that does it? What would you say to a Chinese person who thinks every murder in the US is like the Boston Strangler? Hold that thought, now, say it loud to yourself. Thats right you are a dick.

      • alien

        that’s right. they do it here.

    • the ace of books

      Sadly, I’ve got to agree. The fact that the little shit was driving illegally, far the fuck over the speed limit, and barefacedly lies to the officers; the fact thatthe mother “rushed over from China” and handed over the money immediately; the fact that there’s no one here willing to admit that this child is directly responsible for someone’s death —

      It all reeks of people who slough off consequences as Things That Happen To Other People. “Oh, this’ll ruin my kid’s life!” the mom might respond, but shit, lady, the fuck you think he did to that girl’s life?

      Neither parents nor child in this situation are morally mature.

      • The only part I disagree with is that this 19 year old is a child. As a university teacher in China (which I know is a blow off job for a lot of foreigners here, but I take seriously because its my job and thats what you’re supposed to do) I do my best to drill into my students that they are no longer children and they need to act like adults. Its phenomenal how many of them need their hand held. This 19 year old is probably as childish as any of them, but… still an adult. And if he were American and had no where to run, he’d be on his way to prison for a while with other adults.

        • bert

          It does no good. Look at what an adult acts likes in China.

          What moral foundation do you offer them when you tell them to “act like adults”?

          • slob

            It could be simplified very easily :

            “Students. Everything you have learned so far, do the opposite.”

          • I usually use “act like an adult” to reinforce things like, “don’t come to class with no textbook, paper, and pen” and “stand up straight and look someone in the eye when you talk to them.” Not everyone in China act like children. Possibly influencing some in a positive way is better than just saying, “well, fuck it, I’ll just go teach drunk because nobody cares anyway.”

          • “well, fuck it, I’ll just go teach drunk because nobody cares anyway.”

            The sad part is, a lot of FTs and chinese teachers alike do just that anyway.

        • slob

          It’s a shame that English teachers are looked down upon just because it requires basic tertiary education in any field and the fact that a lot of foreign English teachers could not give any fcks about their job. I actually do care about my students and make sure they learn more than what they can from the dull books we’re given. They do act childish though, which can be quite difficult at times trying to get through to them. You want to discuss anything meaningful? Forget it. Want to discuss the latest song from Jay Chou? OMG epic stampedes in the class and fiery arguments all over the place. Teaching is not an easy job and those who look down on it have most likely never tried it before.

          This kid in a western country would be regarded as an adult in every sense but that’s because 19 year olds are independent in both their thinking and actions. Chinese 19 year olds on the other hand are about the mental equivalent of a western 12 year old. That’s why mummy rushes over with a big fat check to bail his dumb ass out. If she wants to teach her son properly, let the brat go to prison and think about what he’s done and learn the value of things. Where is his father? Probably banging a mistress while the mother is gone.

          “Dad, I just hit someone”
          “Ok son I’ll send your mother over” (yes!!! now I have some time to go nail all my secretaries!!!)

        • I don’t look down on it , I teach middle school!

        • How is it a blow off job if you are working hard, not drinking and doing your best? I’ve met many so called businessmen in China without a degree even, and nothing more than blaggers who live in their mums spare room, yet they have the devils bloody cheek to look down on english teachers. Be proud of yourself, there are far worse scumbags than honest english teachers, that is for sure!

      • don mario

        forreal. im not surprised by it though.

      • Kai

        Yeah, hard to not immediately think it’s another typical “spoiled irresponsible rich kid gets bailed out by rich parents yet again” story. :(

      • PixelPulse

        Im wonder, is a US community college education more valued then a Chinese university education in China? If this kid a official’s son then I can image that he wouldnt have problems getting into a good school in China.

        From what I found in a english article, they said that they are trying to make sure he doesnt leave the country since its not uncommon for Chinese students trying to leave after the end up in jail.

    • ScottLoar

      Mommy, daddy, their little boy and his playmates probably think the accidental death an inconvenience.

  • Rick in China

    An unexpected news story would be that of a 2nd generation ‘rich’ kid in a situation as above, where the parents flew to the US (or wherever), and told their son to await punishment for his actions and learn a lesson from it.

    That day will come, eventually, when China grows up.

    That being said, many rich families in the US would promptly post bail for their children in a similar circumstance, so it’s kind of silly for ‘netizen’ to bash too hard.

    • tonkotsu

      most likely.. they’ll just find a way to get him back to china

    • movie goer

      when China grows up, can it do like the british do? break terrorists out of jail using tanks?

      • the other guy

        sweet irony!

      • mr.wiener


    • Kai

      They only posted bail so he doesn’t have to stay in jail while awaiting trial. That’s the whole premise of the bail system, isn’t it? Unless there has been a new development, it doesn’t seem like the parents aren’t telling their son to await punishment for his actions and learn a lesson. The kid and mom are still in Washington awaiting trial, right? I know we assume these sorts of people are all about shirking responsibility for their fuck ups, but I’m not sure any reports so far has really painted them that negatively. Though, I guess the closest thing to shirking responsibility is that they’ve pleaded not guilty and are fighting to minimize the possible punishment.

      • Anon992

        Rick does not express anywhere in his comment an ignorance of the bail system. It seems obvious that he is saying that it would be refreshing if the parents had actually said ‘no bail for you, son. You can sit in jail and think about what you did’, instead of immediately trying to help him out of any repercussions using their money.

        Rick also qualifies this by very fairly stating that a US family probably would also have paid the bail if they could.

        • Kai

          I see the confusion you have with my comment. I interpreted Rick’s “unexpected” as him saying the parents aren’t telling the kid to await punishment and learn a lesson. Since the whole posting bail thing is central to this story, I just didn’t think them posting bail necessarily means they aren’t telling their kid that. Your interpretation of him possibly referring specifically to letting their kid sit in jail is reasonable, but not what I had thought he was saying. If that’s what he meant, then I wouldn’t have made my comment.

          I didn’t object to his qualification involving a US family and myself qualified that I get the whole shirking responsibility angle.

  • Ralphrepo

    Nothing unusual here, the rich, well off, or well connected are always, as the Orwellian saying goes, “…more equal than others.” His family obviously has resources that are not commonly available to the rabble. I suspect that, despite his surrender of personal travel documents, he will somehow find his way back to the PRC and his family will willingly forfeit the bail money, a fair price for the return of a prodigal son.

    Having said that, what I don’t understand is why the judge in this case, with knowledge of the flight risk, even granted bail in the first place. To be sure, the amount ordered was high; likely ordered as a legal mechanism for keeping the defendant in jail without going to the extraordinary length of denying him bail. The jurist assumed the amount to be insurmountable for the defendant. Well, I guess the judge has never dealt with rich and or well connected Chinese nationals before and was likely just as stunned as everyone else when the mother wrote a check that cleared for the full amount.

    Gosh, Americans can be so simple.

    • Rick in China

      It wasn’t the JUDGE who was ignorant of anything. He granted the bail the prosecutors requested. Read the story again. For a first offense and an accident, they couldn’t really refuse bail – so tried for a very high amount in lieu.

      • movie goer

        american courts will do just about anything to milk rich Chinese

        • carmouflagger

          Rich chinese are boobs

        • Kai

          They only need to show up for court for that money to be returned, so there’s no real “milking” unless the court assumed the Chinese defendant will jump bail and thus expects to swallow that 2m as a result.

          I don’t think that’s the case.

          • Staying is dumb, it just makes it obvious that they have money at this point and any compensation judgement will be massive. Best to just run and drop the $2m.

          • Kai

            Er, I guess that depends on perspective. On whether you’re focusing on him doing what he can to make the victim’s side whole or if you’re focusing on what would minimize the negative consequences he might face through the American justice system.

          • I’m focusing on reality. Stay and get raped financially and physically (in the oh so wonderful us prison system that frequents the human rights charts), or just get the hell out. China doesn’t care, they’ll be more than happy to issue an emergency passport to their citizen. Private jet to any visa-free country that doesn’t really care, and then a normal flight back to China. Entirely doable for under $100k. The court doesn’t give a shit, they had no evidence that he was loaded in any way. A $31k second hand car doesn’t mean anything, that’s chump change. Yet, they just go right ahead and set a bail with the intention of it being so high that it can never be met. The only shock they got was when it was, in fact, met.

            And here’s why you hoard cash my friends, for a rainy day, because based on the media surrounding the case, there is no way in hell he would have ever gotten a fair trial. If he doesn’t skip out he’s dumb.

          • Kai

            It’s hard for me to feel sympathetic to him getting raped financially when his negligence deprived another person of their life. When I said it depends on perspective, I’m including his perspective. Is he focusing on taking responsibility for his actions or not? If he isn’t, then he may be thinking more like you.

            The way I see it, him being wealthy may mean the prosecution wants to financially rape him more than they would someone who isn’t wealthy, but then it also affords him more resources to work the system, of hiring lawyers that can help him mitigate any consequences and damages to himself that he feels go beyond what he owes the prosecution. I think a conscientious but still fairly normal person would understand he needs to pay a price, but will do what they can legally to minimize the price they pay to what they feel is fair for what they owe. Then again, there are people who don’t think they owe anyone anything for what choices they’ve made and the things they’ve caused, so they’ll want to get off completely or even flee any reckoning within the justice system entirely.

            I’m hoping he’s more like the former than the latter.

            I don’t know if China doesn’t care. I personally don’t think Chinese officials are so biased as to enable any of their citizens, regardless of who they are, to escape prosecution for their crimes or mistakes in foreign countries. I think the Chinese passport still reminds holders to respect the laws of host countries. We know particularly connected people might be able to subvert normal law, but I don’t think this kid is at that level. With bribes, sure, anything is possible. It’s hard to say who in positions of power can be bought off.

            I get now that you have certain reservations about how the court and prosecutors behaved in this case, perhaps that they were biased, and that the kid won’t get a fair trial so he shouldn’t submit to it at all. I’m not sure I fully agree with that. Those could be valid concerns, but they should be dealt with without flouting the law and justice system.

          • I have seen plenty of foreigners run away from China once they hit some serious legal problems, I really fail to see the difference. Hell, I know a guy who got drunk and murdered someone… then ran off on the next flight out before they could figure out it was him. Yea, not really seeing the problem with running. That’s what money is for anyways. The only consequence is not going to the US again anytime soon.

          • Dr Sun

            you on the run Harold ?

          • Kai

            I understand your point. My position would just be that it’s just as wrong for foreigners fleeing China as it would be for this Chinese kid fleeing the US. In both instances, people are flouting the law and shirking responsibility for the crimes they have committed and the damages they have caused.

  • B*tches, Leave

    Woke up, did my usual day procedures, killed one person and severely injured three others (dang that GPS and lawful roads of US), had to stay at the lame police station (whatever), mommy bailed me out *thanks-mommy-kisses*, had some dinner, remembered a joke I heard in the morning, mommy said I’ll have to visit some relatives back home, jacked off before falling asleep. And how was your day?

    • movie goer

      lawful roads of the u.s, except for when cops pull you over beat you and taze you. then it doesnt become so lawful. aint it great how cops are above the law in the states, and other capitalist countries

      • Naw, I’d say that’s a trademark of humanity. A trait of cops in all nations.

        Give any person significant power, and some of these people will turn into bad apples.

      • Jahar

        I bet you went to see the new Li Feng(is that the right name?) movie.

      • the ace of books

        It must be dreadful sort of life, thinking people are out to get you all the time.

      • Dr Sun

        correction , in the USA its called law Enforcement, enforcement being the operative word. In most other western countries the premise is policing.

        Have no idea what capitalism has to do with it as some of the most aggressive law enforcement has in the past and still does occur in non so called capitalist countries.

    • the ace of books

      Your comment, being most likely true, made me lose a little more faith in humanity :(

      • bert

        Why would you have faith in humanity to begin with? Wrong religion dude.

        • carmouflagger

          see what you did there!

        • Dr Sun

          what has any religion got to do with humanity , what is humanity ?

          morality maybe, but a state of nature- nothing

    • Dr Sun

      you must live in New Mexico then.

  • ric

    i don’t get why do the rich send their kids to the states anyway? nothing here isn’t already available in their own country…

  • thmswhnr

    The best he can do is community college? Sounds like a 山寨富二代 to me.

    • Translation please?

      • thmswhnr

        山寨 is counterfeit/fake/ripoff, 富二代 is “second generation rich”, usually the kid of an official or state-owned company boss. True 富二代 typically go to decent, if not top-tier, US schools, so the fact that this guy could only get into community college suggests that he’s just a wannabe.

      • the ace of books
    • Kai

      Probably not the elite rich who have so much money and influence (commerical or political) that they can buy their way into top-tier schools. There’s a lot of nouveau riche who have enough money to send their kids abroad but their kids aren’t smart/hard-working enough to get into or survive the good school. Nor do they necessarily really care to get into the good schools and only need a school that will grant their kid a study visa, enough to say the kid had a foreign education, or enough to be a brick in an eventual path towards immigration.

      • thmswhnr

        Good point. I shouldn’t use such a generalization when looking at China’s extremely wealthy.

  • Another example of China dominating the US. I guess we should get used to it in the future. I see the Chinese nationals here almost run people over all the time. They think they are still in China.

    • movie goer

      what was the other example? when zhai tiantian got locked up for 4 months for making phone threats.?

    • bprichard

      Well, I don’t see how you’re going to deny bail to someone with zero past record and no indication of intent or premeditation. His crime was ridiculously stupid and careless. He is a flight risk, but they took his passport. I think they would have had a hard time justifying no bail, despite the flight risk.

  • movie goer

    capitalist on capitalist crime. isnt it great

    • mr.wiener

      What? Compared to say ,socialist on capitalist crime? Subsistance farming on National socialist crime? Anarchist on religious communal crime? Not sure what kind of point you are making.

      • the ace of books

        I think he’s referring to the Hawt Capitalist-On-Capitalist Action? Either that, or “capitalist crime” is a new drug I’ve not yet heard of.

      • Jahar

        his point is he’s an idiot.

  • movie goer

    i wonder why when hong kong and taiwanese drive recklessly and hit people, they dont become sensationalised by China smack. oh right, because the hongers and taiwanese do the white mans bidding in detsabilising China

    • Tom

      From what little I’ve seen normal(-ish) of TW and HK-ers they’re far more PRC-phobic than Europeans. A lot their ancestors fled China during the civil war, the famine following the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution or shortly after 1989…

      5 years ago I went to both HK and the mainland – HK-ers drove *much* better (or at least carefuller). These days the traffic in Shanghai is up to near HK standards, the improvement is amazing! Beijing is lethal though :-o

      • don mario

        if they are far more PRC phobic it is because they have a bloody good reason to be – first hand experience… as you pointed out.

        taiwanese driving is shocking. there is many a video on youtube of scooter’s being smashed to bits. i’ve read a few storys on foriegner’s getting killed from traffic accidents there. its probably too standard fair to put on here.

        i think its just in chinese peoples dna to drive like careless maniacs.

    • mr.wiener

      Really ?I never knew that. I’ll march right outside now and tell my neighbor ,Mr. Chen to get cracking with that destabilization of China by crikey!

    • Jahar

      That’s the white man for ya.the purpose of our existence is to cause trouble for china.

    • Kai

      Nah, we generally only post stuff that has already become sensationalized on the Chinese internet. If a Hong Kong or Taiwanese reckless driving story makes it big on the Chinese internet, we’ll likely translate and publish it too. God knows there is no shortage of bad driving in Taiwan and Hong Kong, but we’ve got a criteria to follow.

      If you find any recent trending stories of such, feel free to send us a tip here:

  • D

    Further perpetuating the fact that mainlanders can’t drive worth shit.

    • Wowa what? I’ve never heard of that one before. Here in America, we just say all Asians can’t drive for shit…

      The stereotype “is that Asians can’t see through their squint-y eyes and are too short to see over the steering wheel.”

      Never heard of this distinguishing between specific groups of Asians…

      • the other guy

        Well… In my personal experience, this one stereotype seems to be true here. I tell you, getting on the road is a dead sentence, here in China. I don’t even remember how many traffic accidents I have seen over the years…

        I would not drive in China, even if some one gave the car, the Chinese license and the money to pay off greedy police.

        Its a dead trap, I tell you!

        • Rick in China

          I’ve been driving in China since 2006 – it’s not so bad, you just need to adapt your driving style.

          • Nick in Beijing

            Same. Been riding my motorcycle in mainstream traffic for the last 6 months. Good defensive driving skills and a little awareness gives you an advantage over other drivers. It’s not so bad driving here if you approach it with a measure of common sense.

            The problem is that all the chinese on the road think their car is the best, think they always have right of way, think that others are always the cause of problems on the road, and think that they are above the rules of the road.

          • don mario

            not so bad….. until you get spread over the road by 19 year old spoilt brat.

        • DavidisDawei

          I’d love to see “Big Foot” driving over the traffic in China – bigger is better

        • Ryo

          Pussy… I’ve been driving here since 2008, in Guangzhou with millions of other people. All I’ve ever been in were fender benders where people are trying to squeeze though tight spots.

          Contrary to what you’ve said, I see way more major accidents in the US where cars are usually mangled, flipped over, facing the wrong way, or something serious that requires a tow truck and ambulance.

          Here, all I ever see are fender benders. Heck, I’ve accidentally bumped into a dude twice! No damage, just a little chipped paint. There is so much traffic here that usually you can’t even go faster then 30mph. True that major accidents do happen on the freeway but that happens in the US too.

          • Dr Sun

            do you only drive at 3am or something ?

      • Kai

        Yeah, that’s my experience, and the stereotype was mostly about Asian women in champagne colored Camrys. Mainland immigrants are a relatively new phenomenon, so in my time, it was mostly middle-aged Taiwanese and Hong Kong wives and moms.

    • mr.wiener

      I’d say driving is relative to the driving culture that exists where you live.

      • the ace of books

        Makes you want to move to Finland…

  • All that money could only buy a spot in a community college…?? lmao


    A few observations about this case. On one hand I’m glad the judge is taking this case seriously and hope the kid serves alot of time. Not sure how rich this kid’s family is but $2 million might be peanuts to his family so the high bail is nothing to them. On the other hand I wish there were more consistency with how vehicular homicides are handled by the courts. I’ve seen anything from probabtion to 50 years or so in prison. I know each case is different but it doesn’t seem fair that some lives seem to be worth more than others.

  • don mario

    black dicks goin up this kids bum soon.

  • Peye

    No drivers licence, daddy buys Mercedes, no insurance. Never drove in US. No matter how much money they have, these people are retarded. It,s time to throw the book at them and bring them back to reality.

    • Dr Sun

      Driving without a license and insurance is their reality, they do it all the time in China.
      Having their parents pay out some Ymb in bribes to make problems disappear is their reality.
      Like the rich worldwide they live in their reality, no matter what country they just happen to be in.
      What’s good for the Kennedy’s is good for the Xu’s !

  • White Bear

    His parents can afford 2 million bail, but he’s just driving his mercedes around South Puget Sound Community College? With that kind of money, he could have bought his way into a better school.

    • I’m not sure if they really understand what community college is. To Chinese, there is Harvard/MIT, and then everything else is identical.

  • laowei

    fuerdai and guanerdai… terrible people.. rotten..

  • mikeygow

    US$2m, but could only get into a Community College?? Who the hell was advising that student?

    Wrong time for this. The current political climate won’t allow him to return to China. Looks like he’ll be doing porridge stateside. 6-7 years minimum.

  • Dr Sun

    His mother posted the $2 million bail, his farther is just a CCP local government official who earns a measly 6000 ymb a month, so go figure !
    The rampant corruption and lack of morality and ethics of the CCP is going to destroy this country economically and socially, their princes and princesses are destroying it culturally by their behaviour both inside China and abroad every day.

    They all bring great shame to China and the nation, losing the nations face, shame on these dogs and their offspring puppies.

  • La Mano Gaucha

    If this piece of shit murderer jumps bail, this better become an international incident. I want to see this cunt put in prison and his parents publicly humiliated.

  • TheEqlaowaizer

    It comes down to this, if the Chinese embassy issue him with travel documents, they are condoning his crimes and there will be some serious under the table cash needed to save his parents from even more loss of whatever face they have left. Methinks he won’t run.

    • Dr Sun

      Don’t be so naive, he has been been fingerprinted and photographed, he’s in the database now, the only way he can get out of the USA is … no please don’t say bribes. US law enforcement and government are all saints, it never has, never will, it cannot happen.

      • La Mano Gaucha

        C’mon, man, did I interpret your post correctly? That’s way too cynical. This underachieving scumbag killed one person and severely injured others, he had no WA license, no international license, had never driven in the US, was driving at least at twice the speed limit in a new and expensive Mercedes, failed to heed a “Stop” sign, mother puts down a two million dollar bail even though the salaries of both parents would simply not allow for such a luxury, and so on… People in WA are pissed off! I really doubt that the government is just going to let this piece of trash slip through their hands, and if they do, heads will better roll.

        • Kai

          I think Dr. Sun is just saying the only way the kid ought to be able to get out of the US is if the right American officials are bribed, which can happen (and historically has).

          Apparently he got the Benz second-hand off Craigslist for 31k.

          Let’s hope the kid and parents don’t try fleeing and go through the justice system as they should. Let’s hope if they do try fleeing, no one in positions of helping them will do so.

      • It’s called a private jet with a forged manifest and there are other options out there as well, all of which are honestly not that expensive.

        • Dr Sun

          ummm…I was being sarcastic.

          A forged manifest, dishonest Airport officials and TSA, surely not post 911.
          The USA is a beacon of Honesty and integrity by it’s officials world wide always has been.
          I dare you to name or give even one example of U.S law enforcement corruption ever… go on double dare you.

          • Private jet, you’re welcome. Or… alternatively, on any one of a number of cargo ships. It ain’t hard.

  • PixelPulse

    Its a bit weird that the mom was able to pull 2 million dollars but the kid is in community college.

    • La Mano Gaucha

      It’s not weird at all. This turd is simply a spoiled, uneducated underachiever who got crappy scores on his IELTS and/or SAT examinations, but since his parents are so rich, they sent him to one of the few schools that would take him. That’s all there is to it.

      What makes this wholly avoidable tragedy even more fucked up is that it appears that this bastard’s father is an official that makes just a few thousand kuai a month, yet he was able to post (via his rotten crotch bitch wife) two million dollars in bail. I could go on and on about all the things that are fucked up about this damned story. Mainland China is a disgrace!

      I really want to see this piece of trash put in the can for at least eight years. If he jumps bail, the United States of America must raise a stink the likes of which have not been seen in years. Enough is enough! Fuck these corrupt, rich mainlanders taking dumps all over the world! Fuck them!

  • markus peg

    This kind of thing happens all over the world, no matter where they are from.
    HOWEVER, more and more wealthy Chinese are appearing in today’s world adding to the rich kids who don’t act responsible. It’s a problem that needs to be dealt with but wont go away. You cannot blame China or the Chinese however i will say this. if you commit a crime in one country i don’t believe you should be protected from the punishment if you are within your home country. perhaps if the US and China doesn’t have an extradition agreements the punishment could still go ahead in China by China.

    Who agrees?

    • mr.wiener

      I agrees.

    • Jahar

      i agree that it’s a good idea, but i doubt it would happen. I get the feeling that the chinese government doesn’t care at all if it’s citizens commit crimes abroad. I think they would actually do their best to protect them from prosecution.

      • markus peg

        I agree with you, the way I see it though a criminal is a
        criminal regardless of nationality and it should be the governments united against
        those who commit crime.

      • Paul Schoe

        Actually I once read in a forum (ChinaSMACK?) that in a Chinese passport it is printed (= the government instructs:) that citizens should “follow the laws” of the country that they visit. (This as opposed to apparently the print in a USA passport which seems to say that the if you have problems in a foreign country, the embassies are there “to help you”).

        Maybe the Chinese government does care, because they do not want embarrassment of China?

        • ScottLoar

          Your misinformation is easily remedied by looking at a US passport which declares, “The Secretary of State of the United States of America hereby requests all whom it may concern to permit the citizen/national of the United States named herein to pass without delay or hindrance and in case of need to give all lawful aid and protection”. The leaf of the passport entitled Important Information lists as number 4. AVOID VIOLATING FOREIGN LAWS (the capitals are not my emphasis).

          I don’t have a PRC passport immediately handy.

          • Paul Schoe

            Thanks Scott,
            As you might have deduced from my post, I am not American, and I didn’t have a US passport available for reference. Funny that they placed the sentence in capitals.

        • Jahar

          What I said is a matter of opinion, not fact. I think in a higher profile case, such as this, they will push for the person to be properly prosecuted. Having him flee back here and avoid extradition would be quite embarrassing and would probably have political repercussions.

  • Chang Liu

    “This piece of news deliberately deleted the part where Xu Yichun tried to bribe the cops after the accident. The person is the son of the CEO of TaxChina.comXu Zhaohong.” Hope he gets what he deserves. + His dad needs to be sent to re-education camp.

  • mattman_183

    A freaking US presidential nominee’s son and his running mate’s daughter were involved in a freaking hit and run!
    Why is nobody talking about this! The victim ended up dying but her family was paid hush money and nobody was the wiser!
    Americans can’t ignore the crap that goes on in our own country while getting upset when something similar is done by a foreigner!
    I hope things change in season 3.

    • mr.wiener

      Nothing new there, every where pretty much lets stuff slide if it is done by one of there own it’s page 3 news by tomorrow. Let a foreigner do it in another land and then there are protest marches, stonings of embassies and self imolations.
      Same everywhere bro.

      • A guy

        I’m pretty sure there are not protest marches in Seattle. The local news people latch on to the story, but it’s not really an anti Chinese angle that is used just an “oh my god rich person hits people, money buys his way out” thing. (old lonely cat ladies are now glued to screens for the 7:00 news) The Hit and Run you mention was huge news and was talked about much more that this local news blip will ever be.

        Asian countries in general make a big deal about foreigners committing crimes because they are homogeneous and have a long history of being the victims of imperialism, America doesn’t because it is a melting pot and has a history of kicking ass. All countries are prone to anti-foreign sentiment, but don’t pretend that it is equally prevalent, easily comparable, and similar in it’s manifestations.

        On the topic of this particular incident, my point is that Americans care about both things, the only difference is that Chinese Netizens have picked up on this cause they heard the word China used in the headline.

        • ScottLoar

          Well said, especially “the only difference is that Chinese (n)etizens have picked up on this cause they heard the word China used in the headline”.

      • Kai

        I think he’s referring to the American TV show Homeland.

      • Germandude

        Not true. At least in Germany, it is not allowed to mention ones ethnicity. If a murderer is called “Mr. Thomas Schulz”, news will be “Murderer Thomas S.” or “Murderer T. Schulz”. If a murderer is a foreigner or an immigrant with German passport, he is simply “The murderer”. If you ask why is that, you will be encountered with the Nazi-hammer. It is what it is, due to political correctness.

        • mr.wiener

          Sorry, I generalized again. Germany is definitely a special case, with a nervous twitch in relation to Political correctness.
          I’m willing to bet though in the former GDR if word spread on the grapevine that a Turk had killed a lady with his car the shite would hit the fan in short order, or am I generalizing too much again?
          I’m not pointing the finger at any country in particular, I’m just saying there are dicks everywhere mate :)

          • Germandude

            In some cases, nationality/ethnicity are mentioned. Just a couple of months ago, a 19 year old Thai-German (mother Thai, father German) was beaten to death by 4-5 Turkish-German. The familiy of the victim got viral as one of the Turkish-German escaped to Turkey and claimed that he was Turkish, not German. In that case, he could’ve continued living in Turkey without facing consequences in Germany. Just last weekend, god nkows how/why, the guy was sent back to Germany where he will face legal punishment.

  • American justice system is corrupt to core, Its just the Hollywood propaganda that make us believe its the best. They all want money, never mind the victim

    • A guy

      It is Hollywood that tries to make it appear more corrupt stupid. 90% of the time the US justice system is flawless, Hollywood brings attention to the issues because justice is a constant battle to maintain for the victims and the accused. Under any system checking power (whether it be money or influence) is an endless fight. You can’t just decide that your system is perfect or close enough to it, it takes constant reevaluation and perfecting. Instead of griping about America’s justice system worry about the system in your own country. And if you are going to comment on the US system at least know something about it ass clown.

      • Kai

        Hollywood has people who end up making the US good and bad. Like China, Hollywood isn’t some monolithic entity unified in a singular purpose (except perhaps to make films to make money).

        I dunno if I’d say 90% and “flawless”. But I agree with your sentiments about always fighting to improve and (more often than not) keep a system working.

        • A guy

          Name a movie that has a glossy view of America’s legal system? I cannot think of one. It is easy to say that there needs to be a balanced view, or that really both things exist, but sometimes it is that clearly one sided. Hollywood and other US media by and large have a huge bias towards depicting the US legal system as flawed.

          The reasons are the before mentioned battle against corruption, the second is that scandal sells, and the third is simply that it creates more drama in fictional stories to have a system that fails to arbiter justice fairly so that the hero or heroine can struggle through it to attain victory.

          My comments were not about Hollywood having a “liberal bias”. I am a liberal by most peoples reckoning here. (by the way Hollywood has more liberals than conservatives that’s just common knowledge and I don’t have a problem with that.)

          All politics aside the fact is that they want to make interesting movies and money, this is a motivation we agree on being common to this “non-monolithic” entity. Those two reasons are also why Hollywood makes movies that depict the US justice system in a overly negative light.

          The statement that America’s justice system is “corrupt to the core is retarded and ill informed, and the accusation lobbed at Hollywood is ludicrous.

          Thank you for your comments

          • Kai

            12 Angry Men?

            Yeah, I understand there are legitimate arguments that something or another is biased. I’m just not sold on that being the case for Hollywood. I think it’s just a natural byproduct of telling stories that necessitate something being wrong. Aren’t there plenty of movies where the bad guy gets caught and sent to prison? Where the trial scene isn’t and legal system is glossed by because it isn’t central to the plot? Would those movies count as movies that make the US legal system look good? Not exactly. Neither do the movies that intentionally focus on courtroom drama or lapses and failures of the legal system necessarily represent an institutional bias against the US legal system in Hollywood. Based on what you said in your comment, I think we’re mostly in agreement here, especially of the criticism against the initial comment. Cheers.

  • BiggJ

    You will have to get “Dog the bounty hunter” after this kid. Should be easy lol.

    • A guy

      That would make for the most entertaining thing ever on CS.

    • Batman.

      • BiggJ

        Actually, you could just send a 13 year old black girl after this kid. That chinese kid would get his ass beat down. lol

  • Jeff

    He’ll never show up in court again. On his way to Canada as I type on his newly purchased Chinese passport that his parents bought for him.

  • the ace of books

    The castration guy makes a lot of really good points…

    • mr.wiener

      It might have been a typo, I think he meant “all civil servants should be castigated.”

      • linette lee

        2 millions bail is ridiculously high. I think the usa judge is a bit discriminating because this is a foreign person and he is a student = full college tuition fee = has money. Will the usa judge do this if it was a mexican person? I doubt it.

        It’s the parents fault. A 19 is still a kid. Why would parents let him drive a car without driving license or insurance? The parents need to be jailed or something. Going 60 mph on 35 mph locally is high speed. But I guess if it’s one of those huge avenue with 4 lanes and the road is half empty you probably won’t feel your speed just like driving on highway 60mph is nothing. He wasn’t driving under the influence like many of these crazy beverly hill kids driving high on weeds and alcohol. But he has a really big problem because a person was killed. He killed somebody so unlucky for the dead girl and for this 19yr old boy.

        The whole thing is just very unfortunate.
        The most disgusting thing would be how did the mother get so much cash? The china gov’t might want to find out.

        • the ace of books

          But they’re not going to do an investigation, and you know why? Because that means corrupt-rich folk losing face, and you know what a big stink they cause when that happens.

        • Linette, I’ve read a lot of your posts in the past, and you seem like a really sweet, honest girl who wants to have meaningful discussion here, but in this case… you really don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not even sure why you would defend this 19 year old if he did this in China (which seems to happen pretty frequently), but in the U.S. it is absolutely indefensible.

          The bail is high because he is a serious flight risk. Now that he’s out, this guy’s parents are doubtlessly looking for every option they have to get him back to China.

          It doesn’t matter what your speed “feels like.” He was going twice the speed limit it in his hot new car because he thought it was cool and he ended up killing someone.

          I have no idea what you’re talking about regarding Beverly Hills youth.

          By far, the least disgusting part of the story is how the cash bail was acquired.

          • linette lee

            I am not defending him or saying that this kid has done nothing wrong. You are saying something like this happen pretty frequently in China? Go check how many cases of drunk driving in USA. In my book driving under the influence is worst than driving over speed limit. How many of us when driving DO GO OVER the speed limit a bit when the traffic is quiet. Go drive yourself during late 11pm at night on a big highway with speed limit 45mph and you will find yourself going easy up to 65mph easily. It’s not right, but it’s the truth. We all have done it.

            And how you know he is driving fast because he thought it’s cool? because he has a mercedes? How can you judge the kid like that?

            IF those money were stolen by his parents illegally, yes I find it disgusting. Those money may be the money needed by some poor rural children waiting for their school to be built or something.

            Corruption is thousand times worst than killing one girl. I am very sad and sorry for her. rest in peace.

            Corruption can lead the the death of thousands of people just look at sichuan earthquake. If the chinese officials didn’t do corruption and stole money building tofu buildings, you will not have thousands of death of children.

          • “It’s the parents fault. The 19 year old is just a kid” is an explicit defense regardless of how you feel about the outcome of the incident.

            I don’t think its easy to go 20mph over without realizing it. This is not kilometers per hour…. miles per hour is 60% more. And this guy was going 30mph over the speed limit.

            I know he was driving fast because he thought it was cool because I have also been a 19 year old who drove fast because I thought it was cool. Its not a judgement of character but of mentality, and I think every guy on this forum will agree with me.

            You cannot compare an ongoing, systemic crime with a single instance of another. Would you say that ongoing manslaughter is worse than a single instance of corruption? Actually, your example of tofu houses is one of manslaughter resulting from corruption.

          • Ronbo11c

            Agree on the Speed….problem is as with most Chinese he doesnt know how to drive…..Other questions not being asked….How was the car registered and Insured???????

          • Do we know whether it was registered and/or insured?

          • Ronbo11c

            Probably not they didnt seem to care about anything else

          • Kai

            I don’t think she was defending the kid. The only thing she said that kinda made a blip was the suggestion that the bail amount was discriminatory.

          • She explicitly said, “It’s the parents fault. The 19 year old is a kid.”

          • Kai

            Ah, I see what you mean. I was thinking she was just criticizing the parents more, which I can identify with, since they raised the kid and bear a certain amount of responsibility in my mind. If she’s really saying the kid bears no responsibility, then I too would disagree with her defending the kid.

        • Germandude


          you gotta at least TRY to understand what you are reading:
          from the report
          “has posted the astronomical 2 million USD bail to get his son released. Prosecutors were worried that the foreign student would jump bail but nonetheless allowed the release.”

          The bail was set so high because of the US experience with Chinese paying bails and then escaping the country. You call it “discriminating”, but in fact, it’s set that high to scare people off of bailing out.

          Now I am not familiar with the US system that much but pretty much any European country sets the bailout sum in accordance with ones personal income. E.g.: 2 years salary, So if you make EUR 50,000/year, your bail out amount would be EUR 100k. If you make 5 million/year, well, you can probably do the maths by yourself. I would be surprised if the US system is not following a same idea.

          You wrote: “It’s the parents fault. A 19 is still a kid. Why would parents let him drive a car without driving license or insurance?”

          Now I wish parents would have to take more responsibility when it comes to their kid’s actions. However, the guy is 19, meaning, an adult (at least according to passport age), so he is in charge and responsible for his own actions. What if his parents didn’t know? I mean, I never told my parents what I did, would it be fair for them getting charged for my actions?

  • vonskippy

    Big Deal. A $2Mil USD bond costs $200,000USD. With no extradition, and no legal cooperation between US and China they’ll jump bail and return to China. They’re out $200,000, which is a lot of money but it’s not $2MILLION DOLLARS.

    • donkeykong

      According to the news story she did post $2 MILLION DOLLARS

      “Xu Yichun’s mother rushed over from China and produced a 2 million USD cashier’s check at the March 1st local time bail hearing.”

      She apparently did not use a bail bondsman.

      • Linuxuser

        Foreigner with no asset can not use a bail bondsman. They do not wanna be left high and dry. Non Citizens have to get a special bondman licensed to handle their bail.

    • sendtodave

      Well, it depends on if it was cash bail or not.

  • jeffli

    The point is theres just too many Chinese brats (rich or poor), the sad fact is the China govt. does even feel embarrassed of the behaviour of its citizens in China or abroad.
    Im fed up with hearing this 5000 yrs developed culture and then on the other hand oooh we’re a poor country. block the visas until they behave. they can screw up in their own country.

  • crimsonarmor

    Fancy car, 2 million dollars, sounds like a super rich kid to me. killing someone is bad enough but adding on the fact that driving without a license is a serious offense proving the person has not officially qualified to drive according to US standards. I know in China everyone drives like they are playing popo karting & lots of licenses are bought by unqualified drivers. Hope the boy gets punished as an innocent life was lost. What if the woman was a Chinese American? Would you be laughing and writing stupid comments like great Chinese goes to USA and kills American. If it happened in China the other way around the American would probably get the death penalty.

    • I don’t think there’s any probably…. it would be almost certain. And there wouldn’t be any American mommy or daddy flying over at a moments notice to post whatever analog to bail China’s got.

  • 上官

    With America’s illegal immigration problem, it’s quit possible that Xu Yichun had more right to be there than this Gomez person.

    • carmouflagger

      Now that’s pure racism!

      • How is it racist?

        • carmouflagger

          You sure you read the comment left by 上官 ?

          • Look, racism is the idea that one race is superior to another. To make a judgement of an individual based on race is not the same as pronouncing superiority of one or inferiority of another. It is race-based and illogical, but not racist.

            I understand that “racist” is usually applied in this sense, but it is an ignoble use and one promulgated by ivory tower academicians and politicians. It’s nonetheless wrong.

            Illegal immigration of Hispanics is extremely common in the United States, particularly on the west coast. Illegal immigration of some other races, including Asians (excluding Indians) is not nearly so common.

            But the above comment is still idiotic and pointless. If an illegal immigrant dies of their own doing, collapsing in the desert, its on them…. if they get broad sided by some punk teenager, their legal status has no bearing on their right not to be broadsided by some punk teenager.

          • sendtodave

            “I understand that “racist” is usually applied in this sense, but it is an ignoble use and one promulgated by ivory tower academicians and politicians. It’s nonetheless wrong.”

            So, you understand that “racist” here is being used to mean “prejudiced asshole,” yet you feel the need to post about how that is incorrect?

            You’re just quibbling.

          • Probably the best way to ensure intellectual honesty and clarity in public discourse is to accept multiple definitions, wildly different and inflammatory, for sensitive topical issues. Dick.

    • mr.wiener

      Meaning what exactly, she deserved it? You …are… a ….dickhead.

    • The Enlightened One

      Holy shit son!

      I think Gomez had more right to be on a road in America than a stupid no-license, no-insurance, no-experienced retard driving in the streets of America.

      She had insurance, had a license (which means she is legal- DURRR) and experience driving. Is your mommy gonna buy you a ticket to Community College in America too?

      • linette lee

        @The Enlightened One hello, long time no see. :)

        • The Enlightened One

          Hey Linette,

          Hope you are doing well! Just got back from a trip to the Philippines. Beautiful environment and food there. Too bad I got sun burned pretty bad but it was still a ton of fun biking and snorkeling.

          Quality food and service was VERY much appreciated in contrast to mainland China.

  • Chang Liu

    If China and America had an extradition treaty then where would those corrupt official with their ill gotten gains go? Oh wait there is always Canada. sigh.

    • Kai

      This is where the case about the Canadian government being reluctant to hand over that one guy, (dammit, forgot his name at the moment) for fear of him meeting the death penalty for his corruption crimes, would be mentioned.

      • Chang Liu

        Yes I don’t remember the details either was hoping you would fill it in :). Personally given China promised not to execute him all Canada is doing is harbouring a criminal.

        • BiggJ

          We will harbour criminals……if they are rich. :) This guy had had billions of dollars.

          • Chang Liu

            Alright so they did sent him back. “smuggling operation was valued at $10 billion” crickey!

          • DragonHammer

            And that guy was a Saint that allegedly supported a large part of his town and region. I’ve never heard anything about him from his detractors that amounted to more than “We should hate him, he is an enemy of the people”. In reality he was the modern Robin Hood on a grand scale. He lived modestly and gave back to his community in spades. Don’t drink the Pinko Koolaid kids…

          • Chang Liu

            Really? interesting and your source of info is?

          • Chang Liu

            Took 12 years to extradite him!? I am sure he’d found some way to hide some of the ill-gotten gains during the brief time.

      • DragonHammer

        Lai Chang Xing? If I recall correctly…

  • bert

    We asked for it (cheap Chinese labor) and we got it (new rich Chinese who have zero morals). This is the Chinese way. Money before law. Why are you shocked?

  • LuoyangLaowai

    You realize. If a foreigner here in China had killed a Chinese kid. These Chinese would be up in arms protesting the foreigner. Calling us all kind of names, Crying for us outsiders to get out of their beloved country probably even go beat sum foreigners up just to get their little bit of revenge. I Fucking Hate these Cockroaches. There all Bottom feeder Low class scum all the way. This kids parents are probably going to make a huge payout to get this kid off of what he did. He will return to China and never think twice about what he did to that girl and her friends.

    • fag


      • LuoyangLaowai


    • Dick

      You have serious delusion of persecution.

  • Daniel Tynan

    As far as I know the full amount of the bail money is returned to the mother once the son has finished trial (and has not bailed out of USA during trial).

    His total disregard for US law comes from growing up rich in China and learning that the rule of law does not apply to rich people in China.

  • 6sup

    “Xu has been ordered to surrender his passport.” This guy is long gone, if the court didn’t take his passport before he made bail…….all he has to do is get on a private jet arrange by his parents go to Vancouver then on back to China. Still, without the passport I guarantee he will skip bail & escaped back to China before the court date, he’s already packed his bags “zai jian” suckers.

  • Paneraman

    Put a tracking monitor on this dumb@ss. He may be ‘rich’ in china, but he ain’t nothing when he gets that 15 years to Life.

    Let’s see… he lied about having a valid drivers’ license & speeding ‘a little bit’.

    lying to police officer
    speeding in small neighborhood
    reckless driving

  • jd

    just think that there are one billion of these kind of bastards on earth…….china what a waste of space.

  • nintendo-nerd

    well, as long as it was a accident lol

  • Fab

    Why does the god blessed USA even offer anyone to be released from jail with a bail? This gives rich people the chance to escape from court as stated in the article above. If the US would promote equal rights to anyone, why are sums so astronomically high that only wealthy people can afford them.
    I am getting the point of this article however this is the other side and its not as bright as well.

    • ScottLoar

      “Why does the god blessed USA even offer anyone to be release from jail with a bail?” Read with understanding the Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution.

    • elizabeth

      Yes, I agree that it is stupid to allow bail for someone who obviously killed another for whatever reason just because of the constitution. It is a makes light of life. But then, the constitution has to be applied across the board or lose its integrity.

      One way is to tweak the constitution (the constitution should not be set in stone because the people who laid down the rules aren’t perfect with 100% foresight). It should ensure that those involved in causing death be subject to 24-hour surveillance while out on bail or something similar until they are tried and sentenced.

    • JMorcan

      Bail is a corrupt system handed down to us from the British.

      • ScottLoar

        You know little about the purpose of bail and less about early American history. I propose you rot in prison while facing charges against which you cannot arrange defense as was the common lot in 18th century Britain.

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  • Alexander

    Easy, this kid is out. Bus ride to Southern California. Cross the border into Mexico by just walking across, then get to the nearest Chinese Consulate and have a temporary passport issued then take the next AeroMexico flight back to China…….