Chinese Students Hold Mass Rallies to Prepare for Gaokao Exam


Chinese students around the country hold mass rallies to prepare for the upcoming Gaokao university entrance examination. The rally is intended to show the will and determination of the students in beating the exam and getting into their dream school. The videos show students shouting in unison slogans such as: “I will succeed”, “We will bring pride to the school”, and “For college, for honor, for parents, for teachers, fight, fight, fight!”

Comments on Youku:


After Gaokao what do they have left?


These gestures look like the Germans in WWII.


Sigh, I really don’t know what to say. Does going to college mean everything will be great in the future? Is going to college your dream? College… even after going, you still won’t know what direction the future will take you. In this materialistic, money above all else [society/world], where a mobile phone never leaves your hands and human relationships are cold and indifferent, can we still find a hint of childish innocence [idealism]?


Haha, talk about deceiving oneself and others. A retarded generation.


Even North Korea doesn’t do things like this.


Schools keep using Hengshui No. 2 High School [see below] as a model for us [students] to emulate. from. An educational system that emulates the military has made students dense, destroyed the zest that should be part of their youth. Is the Gaokao the sole purpose of life? What do the students have in their heads besides studying? Is this what education reform has resulted in?


Aren’t they still going to be unemployed after graduating from college, or just making 3000 kuai a month, not enough to support even themselves? Everyone [the students], just give it a rest and stop shouting/chanting [such rally slogans]…


This kind of education system cannot produce innovative talent, but instead obedient and disciplined [able to follow guidelines] children. China’s students are only good at taking tests.


That the education system has become this, I don’t know whether to be happy or be sad. May your 2014 dreams come true.


Stupid [the school has nothing better to do]… what is the point? All that effort might as well be spent on doing more math problems… The same method doesn’t necessarily work for every student… I don’t know if the school is promoting itself or actually “boosting the morale” of the students as they claim.


A perverse school and perverse teachers. Perverse teaching methods.

Comments on Youku:


Sigh…Chinese education, when can it finally change?


A bunch of retarded people. Forgot to take your medicine, right?


Just how many can actually get into a top university?


Angry youth, cannon fodder in the Chinese education system. Brainwashing and the Gaokao is the only way out [option].


Education with Chinese characteristics.


North Koreans have found their soulmates.


What I see isn’t the hope [future] of China but a perverse education system.


Millions of grass mud horses herding into the pig pen, what a sight to behold.


Even if you’re at the top of your class, so what? These children have no creativity. If the country continues using this mode of education, I confident we’ll still be copying others technology 100 years later.


In a huge country with 1.4 billion people, how can there not be a single Nobel Prize winner in the sciences?

A rally held at Hengshui No.2 High School in 2013:


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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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