Chinese Students Run On Water, Wuhan Flood Photos & Videos

A Chinese university graduate runs on water following flooding in Wuhan, China.

A Chinese university graduate runs on water following flooding in Wuhan, China.

Images and reports of the flooding in Wuhan after torrential rains have been circulating amongst Chinese netizens over the past week, not only because of the severity of the flooding but also the resilience of Wuhan residents, many who have taken to having a lot of fun in the face of such disaster.

From NetEase:

Wuhan University graduates take “floating on water” graduation photos

June 20th, a group of students wearing graduation gowns came to the Wuhan East Lake Linbomen natural swimming pool to take photos for posterity. Recently, torrential rains have fallen upon Wuhan, and river waters have already submerged the pool’s wooden plank roads.

A Chinese university graduate runs on water following flooding in Wuhan, China.

Four Chinese university graduates take graduation photos on the water.

Wuhan university graduates take graduation photos on the water following flooding.

Wuhan university graduates in graduation gowns frolicking in flood waters.

Comments from NetEase:

网易河南省郑州市网友 [美文化]:

I wonder how many wu mao this much water can drown…

网易山东省济宁市网友 [村长他姥爷]:

You’re smiling and laughing now, but you’ll be crying your eyes out when you enter society and your family doesn’t have any background [connections, standing].


Impressive Qinggong, able to run on the surface of water, sleep on the surface of water. Their kung fu foundation must be very impressive, must be Shaolin disciples.

网易广东省东莞市网友 [让李刚飞]:

Right now [you all] still have energy to run.
[But] in a few years, you’ll come to realize
that your life is harder than that of a village head.

网易辽宁省网友 [寡妇县牛县长]:

If in three months you guys still have such vitality, then you guys are niu [impressive].

网易江苏省连云港市网友 [月君]:

This is where one should be streaking, this is what needs streaking, and it should be full-frontal streaking…

A lot of bitter comments above…

Videos of flooding in Wuhan: Below are a few popular videos on Youku featuring scenes of flooding in Wuhan and how residents have been coping. These videos quickly accumulated hundreds of thousands of views as they were uploaded over the past few days.

More pictures of flooding in Wuhan: Below is a collection of photographs that have been circulating on the Chinese internet on popular discussion forums like Tianya and social networks like Sina Weibo. (Click on thumbnails for larger versions).

There are a few images of fish in the above collection. This is because it has now not uncommon to catch fish in the flood waters throughout the city. An internet meme associated with the Wuhan floods has been “武汉人伤不起” (Wuhan ren shang bu qi), or roughly “Wuhan people can’t be hurt (handled, kept down)”.


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