Chinese Teacher Draws World Map on Chalkboard From Memory

Chinese teacher freehand draws world map on chalkboard in class.

Chinese teacher freehand draws world map on chalkboard in class.

From Sina Weibo:

@微博搞笑排行榜: Saw this on a blog, too niu! At the end, the teacher even gives himself a thumbs up!!! [赞]





Chinese teacher freehand draws world map on chalkboard in class.





Comments from Sina Weibo:


This is a history teacher at our high school, currently teaching my younger brother. [挤眼] This blackboard takes at most a minute [to draw], probably because he’s been drawing this for half his life. [good]


I’m a student this semester. I want to meekly say something: he’s a history teacher, thanks everyone. [呵呵]


This is so normal [common]. Our high school teacher also freehand draws the world map, and has done so for all three years of high school. When having class, the teacher never has to bring the textbook. With an empty desk, the teacher just tells us what page to flip to and what it says. Then to turn to some other page and what it says there. Just like this, the teacher taught us throughout high school…


The student who erases this blackboard commits a great sin…


Northeast Normal University-Affiliated Middle School. [爱你]


Jilin province Changchun city Northeast Normal University Affiliated Middle School!! My alma mater [心][心]


Not only is he dedicated to his work, he’s also passionate about it.


I dedicate this post to those teachers who are devoted to geography.


I hear it was drawn by a history teacher. [爱你] [爱你] [爱你]


This has already become one of the most popular microblog posts [at time of its original posting]. Looks like my Dongbei [Northeast] Normal University Affiliated Middle School’s Teacher Zhao Dengming has become famous! He taught me, so would I make this up? Would I lie about personally seeing him draw the map in class? This old man is very adorable, teaching class with his loud, northwest accent. May he have good health! Also, again, I will always be proud of having been a part of Dongbei Normal University Affiliated Middle School!

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