Chinese Teen Forced Out of School by Teacher for Body Odor

Liu Fuyuang, kicked out of Chongqing school for his body odor.

Liu Fuyuang, kicked out of Chongqing school for his body odor.

From ifeng & QQ:

Chongqing youth suspended from school by teacher for body odor

May 15th, in Shapingba Shangqiao, 15-year-old Liu Fuyang was suspended from school by his teacher due to his body odor. At home, he refuses to discuss the subject of school, his teachers, and his schoolmates when they are brought up.

A Chinese boy shows a note his teacher forced him to write stating that he did not want to attend school anymore.

Compelled by his teacher, Liu Fuyang wrote a note testifying to his unwillingness to attend school.

Liu Fyuang and his father. Liu Fuyang was forced out of school by his teacher due to his body odor.

May 15th, in Shapingba Shangqiao [of Chongqing city], a father has tried ran all over the place trying everything he could so that his child can go to school. However, hurt, Liu Fuyang doesn’t want to go to school anymore at all.

In the letter Liu Fyuang is holding up, one part says “I have wronged many people, and if I continue to attend school, I will wrong even more people.”

Comments from ifeng:


The teacher cannot be blamed. Imagine how difficult to bear it would be if student had to deal with a stench around them every day.


I want to ask something: We have so many disease sufferers around us, some of whom can infect others fatally. Are you going to say that they all need to be “gotten rid of”? You scum.


The character of teachers these days is truly fucking lousy/disgusting.


You are all hypocrites. Let’s have you guys suffocate every day under a stink and see how long you can put up with it. What more, body odor can be cured/treated, so we can only blame his parents.


The problem needs to be looked at on a deeper level. 1. Don’t expect the teachers of society today to have much character or morality, because we ourselves and our own society today are not much better, all because we are in this mystical/strange nation. Don’t think a teacher should of course be a saint, like the masses they are just ordinary people, and being a teacher is just a profession, the sacred halo [of being a teacher] having already dimmed.

2. There are two sides to every story, being unfair to this child is actually a “greater fairness” to the other children in the class. I don’t know just how many netizens have experienced severe body odor. That experience is truly unforgettable, at least half of all the passengers on a public bus getting off before their stop just to get away, with those who didn’t leave staying far away from the source. A class of around 40 students, 8 courses a day, the teacher isn’t affected much [at the front of the class], but what about the students [who sit around him]? Honestly, when simply breathing air affects you, how can you learn? Would students and parents have an opinion, what do you netizens think? I believe very few parents wouldn’t be concerned with their own children [being affected like this].

3. Regarding the discrimination and unfair treatment of this child. To use an inappropriate analogy, those who have skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases cannot enter public baths and pools, I trust no one opposes, right? Maybe the comparison is a little too extreme, but the principle/reasoning is the same. The teacher has to be concerned with the class’s performance, the rate of graduation, otherwise what will happen to their bonus? If the parents of the students in the class all come and complain to the teacher demanding to change their child’s seat to be farther away from the source of the odor, how is the teacher going to arrange the seating? No matter how the teacher and school’s actions are still wrong because there should be a better solution, I haven’t thought of one.

4. Netizens, take note of the details in the photos. From this student’s clothes and fingers (body), he doesn’t look very hygienic, right? Even though family circumstances are a factor, a very big factor for body odor is not paying attention to one’s hygiene. When you can’t change your environment/external factors, then you must change yourself, otherwise how can you get along with other people.


This kind of human garbage is fit to be a teacher? This has severely harmed the child’s emotional well-being, [the teacher] should have been immediately fired!


It can be surgically excised/treated. Ignorant teacher, ignorant parent.


How can the teacher be this kind of role model??? Despise!


This teacher has ruined this child’s life!


I am the most tragic person in the world. At 25-years-old, I am losing hair and have slight body odor. And I’m a cripple. Who of my age has such a miserable fate? I’m preparing to end my miserable life on the 15th of next month.


Charge that teacher with violating the right to education, and force him to compensate for mental distress! Don’t let him get away with it! Human flesh search him!


This is lacking even the least bit moral consciousness as a school teacher. This is not fitting of a teacher. As a teacher, you should be comforting this student, and not blindly trying to get rid of him.


Him and his father can be said to be members of the poor class living at the lowest layer of society. The school should be doing everything it can to find a way to help him, to fulfill their responsibility as educators.


Having body odor is not the child’s fault either. [This teacher is] lacing a teacher’s morality.


The teacher’s duty is to properly guide/lead students. When a student has a problem, [the teacher] should tell him how to properly handle that problem, not exclude/push out. This kind of role model is the tragedy of the country’s education system…

What do you think?

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