Chinese Teen Forced Out of School by Teacher for Body Odor

Liu Fuyuang, kicked out of Chongqing school for his body odor.

From ifeng & QQ:

Chongqing youth suspended from school by teacher for body odor

May 15th, in Shapingba Shangqiao, 15-year-old Liu Fuyang was suspended from school by his teacher due to his body odor. At home, he refuses to discuss the subject of school, his teachers, and his schoolmates when they are brought up.

A Chinese boy shows a note his teacher forced him to write stating that he did not want to attend school anymore.

Compelled by his teacher, Liu Fuyang wrote a note testifying to his unwillingness to attend school.

Liu Fyuang and his father. Liu Fuyang was forced out of school by his teacher due to his body odor.

May 15th, in Shapingba Shangqiao [of Chongqing city], a father has tried ran all over the place trying everything he could so that his child can go to school. However, hurt, Liu Fuyang doesn’t want to go to school anymore at all.

In the letter Liu Fyuang is holding up, one part says “I have wronged many people, and if I continue to attend school, I will wrong even more people.”

Comments from ifeng:


The teacher cannot be blamed. Imagine how difficult to bear it would be if student had to deal with a stench around them every day.


I want to ask something: We have so many disease sufferers around us, some of whom can infect others fatally. Are you going to say that they all need to be “gotten rid of”? You scum.


The character of teachers these days is truly fucking lousy/disgusting.


You are all hypocrites. Let’s have you guys suffocate every day under a stink and see how long you can put up with it. What more, body odor can be cured/treated, so we can only blame his parents.


The problem needs to be looked at on a deeper level. 1. Don’t expect the teachers of society today to have much character or morality, because we ourselves and our own society today are not much better, all because we are in this mystical/strange nation. Don’t think a teacher should of course be a saint, like the masses they are just ordinary people, and being a teacher is just a profession, the sacred halo [of being a teacher] having already dimmed.

2. There are two sides to every story, being unfair to this child is actually a “greater fairness” to the other children in the class. I don’t know just how many netizens have experienced severe body odor. That experience is truly unforgettable, at least half of all the passengers on a public bus getting off before their stop just to get away, with those who didn’t leave staying far away from the source. A class of around 40 students, 8 courses a day, the teacher isn’t affected much [at the front of the class], but what about the students [who sit around him]? Honestly, when simply breathing air affects you, how can you learn? Would students and parents have an opinion, what do you netizens think? I believe very few parents wouldn’t be concerned with their own children [being affected like this].

3. Regarding the discrimination and unfair treatment of this child. To use an inappropriate analogy, those who have skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases cannot enter public baths and pools, I trust no one opposes, right? Maybe the comparison is a little too extreme, but the principle/reasoning is the same. The teacher has to be concerned with the class’s performance, the rate of graduation, otherwise what will happen to their bonus? If the parents of the students in the class all come and complain to the teacher demanding to change their child’s seat to be farther away from the source of the odor, how is the teacher going to arrange the seating? No matter how the teacher and school’s actions are still wrong because there should be a better solution, I haven’t thought of one.

4. Netizens, take note of the details in the photos. From this student’s clothes and fingers (body), he doesn’t look very hygienic, right? Even though family circumstances are a factor, a very big factor for body odor is not paying attention to one’s hygiene. When you can’t change your environment/external factors, then you must change yourself, otherwise how can you get along with other people.


This kind of human garbage is fit to be a teacher? This has severely harmed the child’s emotional well-being, [the teacher] should have been immediately fired!


It can be surgically excised/treated. Ignorant teacher, ignorant parent.


How can the teacher be this kind of role model??? Despise!


This teacher has ruined this child’s life!


I am the most tragic person in the world. At 25-years-old, I am losing hair and have slight body odor. And I’m a cripple. Who of my age has such a miserable fate? I’m preparing to end my miserable life on the 15th of next month.


Charge that teacher with violating the right to education, and force him to compensate for mental distress! Don’t let him get away with it! Human flesh search him!


This is lacking even the least bit moral consciousness as a school teacher. This is not fitting of a teacher. As a teacher, you should be comforting this student, and not blindly trying to get rid of him.


Him and his father can be said to be members of the poor class living at the lowest layer of society. The school should be doing everything it can to find a way to help him, to fulfill their responsibility as educators.


Having body odor is not the child’s fault either. [This teacher is] lacing a teacher’s morality.


The teacher’s duty is to properly guide/lead students. When a student has a problem, [the teacher] should tell him how to properly handle that problem, not exclude/push out. This kind of role model is the tragedy of the country’s education system…

What do you think?

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  • Danny

    sofa? did i get it?

  • Mike

    Forced out of school, because of OB? … … one word – Deodorant!

    • blackflagnation

      and a shower and laundry…I’m guessing the kid stinks because he’s lacking in all these factors.

      while we’re on the subject of foul odor – what’s with many Chinese people’s breath? Sometimes I feel like I’m going to hurl on public transportation.

      • rollin wit 9’s

        Was just going to mention that but with respect to being able to force people off of public transport due to their BO

        • I have the distinct notion that chinese people in general have a poorer sense of smell. Either that or they gotten so numb to stench, that they don’t notice it anymore.

          Here’s a test. go to a chinatown and visit the local open market (there’s always one) and see if the local chinese notice the smell.

          • Bereaver

            Believe it or not, I was kicked out of class when I was 17 because of BO. No, I’m not a stinky guy and I’m not talking about my full body odor either, just my under arms. You’ll never have a clue unless I don’t wear deodorant. Showered well everyday of my life, but I’m just like my dad. After a couple strikes with a stick, the smell is completely gone lol.

          • cosmoplitan

            is that true? i only know we don’t have to spray perfume before going out because we have nothing to cover. think about it. as to the open market, i just say it is totally caused by underdeveloped economy.

    • guest

      Wonder if he smokes? Some Chinese students in my school stinks so much my eyes water – then I figure out those students were smoking counterfeit cigarette, which smells like burning garbage because garbage is being burnt! The filter paper is whatever paper they could get on hand, which may contain plastic…Their sense of smell must be gone.

  • staylost

    It probably comes from his mouth. I wish Chinese people would exercise basic dental hygiene more often. The way it is going, China is going to take over for England as the world leader in nasty teeth.

    • Chris

      Agreed. I had a neighbor, who either didn’t like to, or don’t know how to brush her teeth. Man, talking with her is like finding the distance where you won’t smell her breath.

    • Sunshine

      In the article, it says it was due to his 狐臭, in other words a type of sever underarm odour. I know a lot of people who had to undergo surgery to remove their sweat glands in that area so that the odour wouldn’t be so bad. I have smelled it before. It is truly….. truly…. the most unpleasant smell possibly emitted from the human body. It makes skunks smell like spring flowers and diarrhea smell like Fabreeze. And it really does not have anything to do with hygiene. It is a genetic trait. I feel sorry for the kid. he probably doesn’t have any money to spare for surgery.

  • Alikese

    The teacher really should have pulled the kid aside and told him to shower or stop coming, but I imagine s/he wanted to make a big example and humiliate the kid to really drive the point home.

    The teacher shouldn’t have been such a dick, but I do have some sympathy about having to be around people with serious BO. There were definitely some bus trips in China where I spent 45 minutes breathing through my mouth so that I wouldn’t puke all over the floor as some migrant worker was chilling with his armpit six inches from my face.

    • Patrick

      A very sensible comment, mostly centered around the teacher shouldn’t have been such a dick.

  • sumyonggai

    If your body emits a really strong smell, you can take steps to remedy it to some degree.

    If this guy is washing every day,
    and wearing clean clothes,
    and wearing deodorant,
    and brushing his teeth twice a day and not eating particular foods..
    and he *still* offends others by his smell – then maybe it’s time to call ‘victim’,

    but i am relgulary in contact with people who
    a) wear far too much perfume (men and women)
    b) let their stink fester
    and i think both are totally anti-social.

  • Adnan

    Feel sad for the guy, damn society!

    Would have done something if i was near him.

  • Master Huang

    there are some people with unique body smell, well stronger than most. even showering and spending 10 hours in bath isn’t going to help, this is a kind of health problem and should be checked by doctors. it usually has something to do with skin disease and the skin gives off foul stench, the smell can be lessened with proper help

  • scqxd

    I remember a kid in my elementary school who smelled like a wet towel everyday. I used to be his field trip partner one time and I had to hold his hand.

    • nobel peace prize

      “You’re a towel”
      Towelie, South Park

      • Gago_goes_Gaga

        u wanna get high??

  • Jax

    People with rare genetic defects can produce B.O.

    Google “fish odor syndrome”. Some people will smell like fish, feces or chemicals or wet towels.

    That kid seems well groomed so I don’t think his B.O is caused by bad hygiene, he probably has a medical condition.


      Are you blind? Look how dirty he is in the picture…. If your gonna troll at least put some fucking effort in to it!

      • Joe

        He’s not trollin’ bro.

      • Boss

        He wasn’t trolling.

        The BO of this kid probably the result of medical condition (genetic based) amplified by environmental factors (like hygiene)

    • Yikes.
      And there is even no treatment for this condition…

    • Chris

      “Fish odor syndrome”. Hmmm. Just like cooking fish, if you don’t like that particular flavor, use some lemon juice on it.

      It’s simple enough to mix some lemon juice w/ soap to remove the molecules causing the odor, and thus controlling the symptoms.

      Personally, I think he’s just too poor to afford cleaning regularly.

      • Matt smith

        I don’t think you understand the nature of this disorder at all. The odor is generated by glands in the skin, and is basically a genetic disorder (you can’t change your genes), so washing off the “molecules” will only lessen the odor in a minor way for a very short period of time. There are actually quite a few people who experience this problem, and most of them have been going to doctors most of their life in hopes of finding a way of dealing with the odor, but to no avail as of yet. This is a serious problem that cannot be dealt with simply by “washing more.” Next time you should actually read about an unfamiliar disease before commenting on its treatment.

        • Chris

          Do you have this disease? If not, then you know as much as I do, and possibly much less.

          I explicitly said controlling the symptoms. Do you understand that? People haven’t found a cure for the common cold, and yet you take medication to CONTROL THE SYMPTOMS. I’m sure this is a very debilitating disease, but one that one can take steps to reduce its impact on ones life.

          Frankly, in as far as genetic disease goes, this isn’t so bad. You don’t die. That’s more than I can say for many more diseases that also have no cure either.

          Get off your high horse. Read first, before getting all worked up over it.

          • Leo

            `Fish Odor Syndrome`?
            Holy shit.

            Okay maybe it’s not half as bad as some kind of painful terminal disease but socially it still must be awful.

            I mean if you smell like rotten fish then chances are nobody except your neighbour’s pet cat wants to know you so you might FEEL as if you are dead to everyone. And how would you ever get laid?
            Those poor, poor souls.

            Then again you could always find someone with no sense of smell…

    • Ray

      I dunno man.. he looks pretty dirty from head to toe. Like the white stripes on his clothing is fully greyed (don’t say it started off as grey cus its an uneven shade). Check out his fingers and hands holding on to that note, not even one of those nails are clean and there are patches of dirty on his fingers.

      Overall this seems like a one sided story of someone getting suspended because he was unclean, but no one mentioned how it is possible that the teachers already gave sufficient warnings and suggestions, but if he is unwilling to take the advice and now throwing passive aggressive attitude like a child, that just makes it look worse. Come on, hes making his father worry so much because of pride and most likely a rebellious nature to the “system”.

  • tengu

    At 15 years old shouldn’t his parents role in this be brought in. That’s an Adidas jacket and if I remember correctly, the stripes are white and look at his hands. It looks like this kid is living in a garage of some sort. If the School has a gym with a shower they should have at least offered to assist the kid in ways it seems his parents are deficient.

    A simple look at his hands, fingernails and jacket should tell us that he doesn’t have access to a laundry or shower facilities on a regular basis.

    Now he’s been humiliated, who would want to go back to school after that.

    So many ways to deal with this, but the ones tried were all wrong.

    Agreed that some body odors can come from hormonal imbalance, diet, or skin disorders.

    This appears to be a pretty clear case of cleanliness.

    Everyone involved is guilty here.

  • Irvin

    I think you guys are over thinking this, it probably isn’t a medical condition but a hygiene one.

    Simple fix would be a washing machine, bathroom and deodorant.

    • Sunshine

      Nope, 狐臭 is a genetic disorder.

  • Anonanon

    Look at the dark discoloration on his forehead in the first pic. Seems like he doesn’t shower or he has a skin disease. If he’s truly sick, then the teacher has the right to send him home, but if he just doesn’t shower, then, well, middle-ground.

    It’s true that bad BO is hereditary, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix it/make up for it. It just means you have to do more than the average person for it. Take a shower every morning, buy special deo, buy medicine, maybe even take showers at school during lunch time.


    For God Sake he does not have any illness! You want to know how you can tell if someone has good hygiene or not? Look at their finger nails. In pic 2 his nails and hand is dirty as well. He doesn’t seem like the type to wash his hands so what makes you think he washes anything else?

    • Matt smith

      Good or bad hygiene does not preclude the possibility of him having a disease.

  • John Wayne

    Looks like Liu and dad are running some sort of mechanic’s shop and probably are living out of the shop? No matter what, each student should be dealt with on a case by case basis. In this case it is unknown if Liu even has access to a shower and fresh change of clothes.

  • Jones

    He should have been told to take a shower every once in a while, but in a less cruel way. The kid needs to man up and be able to take some well-deserved criticism. Don’t get all butthurt because someone called you out on your lack of hygiene and just sit at home sulled up. It was your own fault.

  • B-real

    I have this same problem with my Chinese employees. I even have a program that rewards good hygiene. I pay for dental and medical. The requirements is to practice and use the benefits that are available. Only the women that are in the teens and early 20s take advantage of such things. It sucks because I don’t work around the women as much as the men and they trigger me to gag. The smell is very distinct to these people. I only smell it here and you can’t blame it on the food or their environment because my ex wife came from the same life style and never encountered such smells. This stuff should be taught before the kid gets into high school but you have to put the blame on the parents.

    • Joe

      You own a sweatshop in China?

      • eattot

        no, he only owns ex wife in china, so he talks about it everyday. hahaha!

        • B-real

          I don’t own but I manage, and its a semi sweat shop with better than most conditions that I have seen. Everyday, really? Eattot i’d talk bad about you if you weren’t so easy to take, shucks you made me break our agreement to never speak of our arrangement.

          • donscarletti

            “our arrangement”, wow, what a cute euphemism for “restraining order”.

          • eattot

            are you dreaming?
            take me ….arrangement??? i would never take a look at men as you.

          • B-real

            its too late to deny it baby, its out in the open now. Your reaction speaks for itself, this was your idea to keep it in the closet but your displeasure of me mentioning my ex-wife only means you care about us and for that I can’t keep it a secret any longer. We don’t have to hide it just go with it. We can get married and have mutty looking mixed babies like we talked about the other night. Don’t be affraid of our interracial love darling, i’ll be here when you’re ready.

  • ChineseCanadian

    what really struck me is that the kids in China don’t even know how to stand up for themselves…so submissive and weak. I’ve seen these kinds of posts times after times…
    Something in China is really sick, I need to call her a Doctor!

    • Chris

      How exactly are kids suppose to stand up for themselves, if they might be wrong in the first place? I agree that people should have a back bone, but you don’t always go straight to “standing up for yourselve” as a solution to every slight or criticism you face.

      Some times, when you are wrong, you are wrong. Listen and learn.

    • Boris

      Assertiveness training is seriously popular in Western countries. I guess that indicates assertiveness doesn’t come naturally to many Westerners as well. I’ve had a couple of uni students with killer BO. One guy didn’t have money for any other clothes than the combat togs the school provided him for his military training. The girl was fresh from the countryside. Both were bloody fantastic people -zero bullshit, totally sincere, and super-friendly. It was an honour to teach them.

  • Song of the Article

    Smells like Teen Spirit

    no 50c

    • Boris

      The Police
      -Don’t stand so close to me.

      • “Smells Like Funk”
        Black Eyed Peas

        “Yeah, that’s funky”

        10 Cents!!!

        • Boris

          Call that funk?
          ‘Give up the funk’
          -pukka P. Funk (home of the extra-terrestrial brothers)

          • darkandlovelykissedbythe

            Parliment Funkadelic Baby! “We want the funk….gotta have that funk….nah, nah,….”

            On a more serious note, feel sorry for the kid. The issue is probably lack of proper facilities to bathe, and lack of knowledge about proper hygiene, and proper sanitation.

        • King Tubby

          Black Eyed Peas. God, what total shyte.

          Wouldnt invite you aboard the Mothership pal.

          @ B real. You can do better than that masked creature. Your standards have really dropped since your divorce.

          For some serious funk
          Rick James – Standing on the Top.

          • Oh, I totally agree dude, but if the show fits right?

            B.E.P. haven’t really ever made a truly creative and/or intelligent track since…. Ever….

    • Leo

      My Many Smells – TDM.

  • I feel sorry for the kid and looking at the picture he most likely comes from a home where they are deprived from washing regularly and/or have access to the sweet smells and fresh water that we upper (yes upper) class humans are used to.

    I mean yes as a parent and as a child BO should be something that you take seriously, but when your in a situation where a cup of soup is more important than a bar of soap…what are you going to do.

    Teacher is dead wrong in this situation and she should not have embarrassed the young boy for his BO. The main reason why he is at school is to make a better life for him and his family, so that he can one day have soap to bathe with. HUMANOIDS…one day…one day real soon.

  • eattot

    this teacher should ask his parents to take him to hospital first.
    but i do hate stinky person, ignore directly just.

    • Chris #1

      Nice one Yoda. 10 points for your ballsack English.

      • eattot

        tell me who you are?
        why that Yoda? we met before?

  • k

    So he can go back if he showers right? Why doesn’t he just shower and take better care of himself? I’ve dealt with many stinky kids while teaching, you ether deal with it or write a note to the parents asking them to have their child bath more because they’re distracting everyone, but you don’t kick them out of school. Bad on the teacher’s part, bad on the parents for not teaching him better hygene and bad on him for not showering more….

    • Matt smith

      That assumes that showering is actually an effective method of dealing with his odor problem. The other possibility is that he has a genetic disorder that causes his body odor, in which case showering wouldn’t help at all. The real story here is that the commenters (not you, the commenters on the original story) assume they know everything about the situation despite the fact that the story is horribly lacking in details.

      • Chris

        When you hear hooves, think horses, not zebra.

        What are the statistical chance that this guy happen to have a medical condition that causes body odour?

        Now, what are the chances that he has poor hygiene?

        I think poor hygiene has a significantly higher chance of being the case.

        If you don’t like the commenters assume they know everything, aren’t you also assuming the same, albeit making the completely opposite assumption?

        • Sunshine

          Actually, it is because the article directly mentions the name of the genetic disorder 狐臭. Just because you can’t read Chinese…

          • KfU

            @ sunshine: nice. . .

            In French, I think the word is “touché”, which roughly translates as “a polite fuck-you”.

            … taxi for Chris et al

            but still, even though they use “hu chou”, which just means body odour (i think), which isn’t necessarily genetic. I’m sure his dad smells too, but that’s just as lightly to be as a result of him not bathing either. . . and by the looks of them, I doubt they’ve sprung for any tests that would confirm any genetic link.

            If it barks, it’s a dog…

            … and this guy looks a bit water-shy to me, so I think it’s a safe bet to assume his problems are down to a lack of hygiene, rather than some genetic problem.

      • Anon

        I’m sorry, but what’s more common in China- people with genetic disorders that cause them to stink, or poor young men who are not very conscious of hygiene and/or don’t have access to regular showers, let alone exotic items like deodorant (I can’t remember, is deodorant even widely/inexpensively available in China yet? Outside of Watsons or Carrefour or something I kind of doubt it.) And that’s ignoring the visual evidence. The teacher shouldn’t humiliate the kid, but I see no reason to jump to the conclusion that he has a disorder.

  • Anne

    RE: The teacher’s duty is to properly guide/lead students. When a student has a problem, [the teacher] should tell him how to properly handle that problem, not exclude/push out. This kind of role model is the tragedy of the country’s education system…

    I agree. I teacher should TEACH the child some good hygiene habits. His state of cleanliness pictured above is typical of China’s lower classes, so there’s no need for us to make harsh comments about that. He may not have access to clean running wanter. The teacher could, however, introduce him to deodorant. Unfortunately, the boy and his family have lost face in this situation, he will likely never return to school because of this embarrassement.

  • FYIADragoon

    Every time I hear a Chinese say that they don’t have body odor I laugh hard. They’re just in closer proximity to each other on a regular basis so they’ve grown accustomed to it. Kids need to learn some proper hygiene. Deodorant and toothbrushes (and toothpaste) are not some sort of luxury item, jeez.

    • Jess

      East Asians typically don’t ‘have’ body odour (osmidrosis), from a biological perspective. Body odour is produced from the apocrine sweat glands, which mature during puberty (which is why little kids don’t smell). The East Asian penchant for neoteny means that not only do they have significantly fewer of these glands than other races, but the ones they do have are also smaller in size, so osmidrosis is rare. It was previously, and sometimes still is, regarded as a medical condition like eczema, particularly in Japan. And it’s also why there are all those expat websites complaining about not being able to find deodorant in Korea (it’s not difficult to find, you’re just not trying hard enough).
      Of course, that’s not to say that odours can’t accumulate from other sources (especially when half the male population seems to smoke). This kid doesn’t look especially clean, after all.

      • Alex

        People here small like SHIT. Fact.

        • HubeiJames

          The body also exhibits odors that can vary depending on your dietary habits. Foreigners who arrive in China are likely to think everyone stinks for this reason alone (and guess what, the locals think the same in reverse!).

        • Boris

          You can’t have had many fantastic nights of passion here, then. In my limited experience some Chinese women smell like paradise…

          • Chris

            Yeah, but I’ve also gotten pretty far with Chinese women, only to find them to be all naturale. Call me shallow, but I just can’t stand pit hair.

          • Boris

            It wasn’t the smell of their armpit hair I was referring to. ; )

          • Chris

            Yeah well, I guess I’m not much of a carpet muncher either. :p

          • Chris #1

            Chris… you need to learn to munch. Be a man. Do the right thing!

      • HubeiJames

        More accurately, the odor is caused by skin-borne bacteria that feeds off of what is produced by your skin glands and tends to accumulate in the armpits and groin. There are a variety of reasons why East Asians will tend to have less of this bacteria than other races.

      • That just means that the fewer smaller glands manage to produce an extra pungent concentrated form of B.O.

        This notion that chinese guys don’t smell is total crap. Anyone who’s walked down a street or been on the public transportation will tell you that they do.

        After coming to Hong Kong, the problem pretty much disappeared…. Good hygiene was all it took.

        • Boris

          When at first the British took Hong Kong most of us had a bath a year. We were astounded to see how often the Chinese bathed and how it didn’t appear to make them more susceptible to disease. We had a diabolical reputation for stinkyness. In the heat that’s approaching I’d say I’m far more likely to be a sweaty mass than my students. As for dental problems my breath is fine on account that most of my teeth were made in Shanghai. Some of my students suffer with bad breath, possibly because they’re reluctant to spend money on going to the dentist.

          • You realize the number of years between then and now right?

            And you do understand that the longer the amount of time that’s passed the larger and more numerous the changes?

            Just wanted to make sure we were both clear on that.

            I also sincerely doubt that everyone was taking a bath everyday with hot water and soap 200 years ago or even 100 years ago. That’s both historically inaccurate and a gross aggrandizing of things as they were, rather than facing facts.

            I would challenge your claim and demand a source.

          • Boris

            …er… it was a film with Bryan Brown playing a red-haired Scotsman. What more proof could you possibly want?!?!
            Which reminds me of an Australian joke:
            Q: How d’you get a Pomme (P.O.H.M -Prisoner of Her/His Majesty) out of a bath?
            A: Fill it with water.
            If you wish to refute my claim, tis your responsibility to disprove me. I hold to the view that in days of yore us whities doth stink more than the chink.

      • Jones

        Obviously you’ve never walked through those Shanghai underground tunnels in the middle of summer.

        • Boris

          Nope. But I will be in a few weeks time. I’ve already bought some earplugs so I can sleep on the train heading there. Should I pack a clothes-peg, too?

    • Chad

      I think it’s all relative. As someone who deals with all types of people on a daily basis, I can say that South Asians smell the worst by far, blacks have a strong odour but it’s not really offensive and whites have a moderate and slightly offensive odour at times. It’s probably the body hair levels.

    • Leo

      Toothpaste especially. C’mon, toothpaste is a necessity.

      Apparently Asians tend to have slightly fewer sweat glands which leads to people assuming they don’t smell at all. But that’s utter BS. Like saying all Asians don’t have armpit hair. Some do, some don’t.

      LOL. I remember this Chinese triad-type guy used to come around our neighbourhood selling pirate DVDs. He was extremely handsome and well built in a Bruce Lee kinda way but his body odour was absolutely nauseating. Not to mention his breath. I wonder if he actually ever managed to make any sales…

      • Chad

        Well, it is science. East Asians *on average* sweat less and have far less body odour. This is well established. It doesn’t mean they don’t smell at all. There may be outliers as well. I personally, find most people of any race in China or North America don’t smell either because of their natural scentless selves or because of deodorant. And I’ve navigated the Shanghai Expo as well as the NY subway system.

        Of course to a few others here, Chinese tend to smell terrible but then again these are the same people taking every opportunity to perpetuate negative stereotypes about Chinese people with no basis. Of course, this is punctuated by the odd praise for Chinese women. I haven’t even read all the comments and I’m sure some here will talk about how wonderful (or easy, take your pick) Chinese women are.

        • B-real

          Yes Chad you are right about some aspects. We know people stink all over the world but why is it so easy to smell the Chinese especially the men. I have to agree the women for their lack of perfume or deordorant use they are more or less odorless even in the panty area and I can tell you people can’t say that much about the bitches back home. But the guys have this distinct rare smell that is fucking gross. I thought people throw up because of motion sickness, vertigo or just plain over eating but its the smell of the men. It has something to do with the tobacco, the alchohol, the food and water and the lack of oral hygiene practice. From what I can tell these people don’t miss a meal but will go days without washing their asses and years with out flossing or cleaning their teeth at the orthodontist atleast every 2 years.

          If you were to look at these average chinese persons mouth more than 6 visible teeth are transparent yellow with a black core. I can guarantee you that those presenting these contditions have the odor that can kill or atleast induce dry heaves. Sure there are some funky people in the states most of them can be cured by a shower or an enima. I’m no doctor but the Chinese are far beyond water cleaning.

          • Bored in Sydney

            Tobacco smoking does leach out of your skin. But the majority of body odour is caused by the bacteria that feed off the sweat. Not washing does not help of course.

            The yellow and stained teeth are mostly caused by a cheap broad based antibiotic that used to be commonly used across China.

  • Soma

    Shame on the teacher!!

  • rollin wit 9’s

    In response to FYIADragoon: If anyone wants to make a million dollars inside of this year. contact PRADA, ARMANI, GUCCI, FERRARI, BMW and MERCEDES and tell them to market 5,000 kuai toothbrushes and 3,500 kuai deodorant to the idiots that already buy their price inflated x3 products.
    Just realized this wont solve the problem cuz the smellies wont be able to afford it. Also just realized subconsciously that I wanna see what else non-financially smart chinese will pay for.

  • Capt. WED

    damn knew that F was into guys with BO.

  • Leo

    I didn’t know you could get expelled just for smelling bad.
    There sure were some greasy haired, moldy unwashed specimens at my high school but they still got to graduate like everyone else.

    I remember there was this one Indian kid who absolutely reeked, she had the worst BO I have ever smelled in my life.
    I know it’s mean but seriously, she’d walk into the room and it would just fill up with this stench which was like a mixture of ammonia, piss and curry powder. Apart from the obvious big-mouthed bitches that you get at every high school, nobody ever really said anything. Especially not the teachers.
    And now she’s working as a successful (and apparently less stinky) lawyer.

    So the teacher is obviously a dick and the dismissal of this boy is very unfair. I admit it’s disgusting having to share an overcrowded classroom with a smelly person, but they could at least try to educate him on personal hygiene before kicking him out.

    All this kid needs to do is take a shower, brush his teeth and wear some deodorant. But with poor Chinese housing and water supply, toothpaste, and the ridiculous cost of deodorant its no wonder the poor kid smells.

  • ralphrepo

    Instead of this teacher going about this in such an extreme way, they should have just identified a girl that the boy had the hots for; then have that girl tell him “you stink.” I bet you that immediately afterwards he would become the cleanest kid in the class.

    The obvious problem here, IMHO, is finding the right motivational tool.

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    I’m tired of people explaining the lack of deodorant on Chinese shelves as a result of the fact that people here “don’t stink like Westerners.” Do the people making these claims have noses?
    Fuck, every day in the spring and summer in Guangdong, I’m about to seriously heave on buses… and don’t even mention the metro, which basically just smells like a giant armpit.
    Finally! This poor kid is my proof that a little bit of Old Spice might do ok on the China market! $2 for deo and a fun shower will get you back in school in no time!

  • kevinnolongerinpudong

    Then again- joke is on his teacher! If there is ever another earthquake, he’s safe outside of the shoddily built schools.

  • Boo

    Keeping oneself clean and hygienic is partly about respect for others. To be unaware or unwilling to make oneself presentable is unacceptable, and the teacher has every right, if after repeated attempts, to remove this boy from school.

    If the boy does not have access to clean facilities, the school needs to make sure that basic hygiene facilities are provided to him.

    • ralphrepo

      I’m not nitpicking about your commentary, but rather wanted to point out that it can be amazing what one can do with a simple washcloth and small bucket if one needed to. The key again is motivation.

      • Thank you!

        We as humans are social creatures and part of socializing is accepting and agreeing to the social constraints.

        Part of those constraints is basic hygiene. We’re not required to wear Eau de Toilette or Cologne everyday, but not stinking like an unwashed hog in his pen IS a requirement.

        Like that chinese commenter above, try to imagine yourself in the other students and teachers shoes. On a hot muggy day where it’s already a bitch to concentrate and do your job, you’re inhaling body odour particles from someone who hasn’t washed in God knows how long.

        If it was the first time, then yeah the teacher is a total dick, but after a bunch of hints, and then pointing it out… Well, then it’s pretty much intentional.

        But like Ralphrepo said, a simple wash clothe and a bucket of clean water can work wonders.

        • Marsvin

          My guess is he’s not refusing to clean himself on principle, so the solution is very simple: talk to the kid, maybe let him use the school showers if he doesn’t have access to them at home.

          If, as a teacher, you can’t convey this simple message to a student in an appropriate way, this is not the kid’s fault.

        • ralphrepo

          Heck, I remember spending a week in Haiti after the quake, where there was absolutely zero bathing facilities. Lucky for me, from previous experiences, I knew to pack pre-moistened Baby Wipes. For the average six foot 200 pound man (ie, me) it takes a total of 3 commercial Baby Wipes to be fully clean. You can actually wipe and clean your eyes too without irritation as these things are designed to be pH neutral and is for an infant’s delicate skin. The stuff is so versatile that I didn’t even have to carry toilet paper; I used the Baby Wipes instead, LOL…

          So in my case, ever a bucket wouldn’t have been needed. After using the Baby Wipes, each went into the trash. Didn’t even need to waste clean (and expensive) water.

  • wtf?

    [i]”I am the most tragic person in the world. At 25-years-old, I am losing hair and have slight body odor. And I’m a cripple. Who of my age has such a miserable fate? I’m preparing to end my miserable life on the 15th of next month.”[/i]

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned this Chinese comment yet.
    Like, wtf? I don’t get it.

    • Leo

      Unless they be trolling, I agree that’s pretty fucked up.

  • At least he can always be a Beijing taxi driver…

    • B-real

      hahhaaahahahahahah that is so fucking true they are the worse.

  • fireworks

    The teacher should get the sack for dismissing the student. Teachers are educators, they should show and educate the next generation rather than pointing the finger, ridiculing and showing the door to the student.

    • B-real

      You say that now but let have your child in America or where you are from come to class unbearably funky. That kid will be sent to the nurses office or parents will be called in. Im not talking about smelling like dirt, or even fishy. We are talking shitty and very close to dead body smell. Not very conducive to a learning environment for the rest of the class. Kids would be thinking about that stanky ass kid of yours than your and complaining before the teacher can get any lesson plan executed.

  • Justin

    I’m amazed at the depth of stupidity, ignorance, bigotry, xenophobia, etc. displayed by the assholes on this forum sometimes.

    OK, so maybe the guy has bad hygiene and maybe there are a lot of people in China that also have bad hygiene, too. For fuck’s sake, it’s a developing nation with a population greater than that of the entire United States under the (incredibly low) U.N. poverty line.

    I’m sure most of you would never admit in public that you look down on poor people. Poor people are fine to you in the abstract as faces on the other side of a TV screen on an ad for the Christian Children’s Fund but when you come to China and see what real poverty looks like, your elitism comes out.

    Hmm…you say dental care is very lax in China. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Read a fucking newspaper jerkoffs every once and a while and you might get a clue. The average college graduate in China makes 2,500 a month starting salary. That’s a fucking college graduate, not a migrant worker or a waiter or a taxi driver, who make much less. A trip to the dentist costs about 300 yuan, which is not that affordable for Chinese making between 1,500 and 2,500 yuan a month, most of which they spend on housing and food, not to mention supporting your children and your elderly parents.

    What about baths? Shockingly enough not everyone has easy access to a shower, such as migrant workers or small shopkeepers who live inside their stores (based on this picture of the father and son, it looks like they are in some kind of hardware store, in which they most likely sleep.)

    So next time you want to go shit all over the Chinese for being “filthy” and “smelly,” why don’t you just buy a T-Shirt that says “Fuck the Poor” while your at it and broadcast to everyone what a sickening piece of human garbage you really are.

    • Cc

      I agree with you, what you have said expressed all my thoughts and feelings

    • Ted

      Take a large Midol and end the sermon. They stink because they don’t care. It’s not a priority. If Hu Jintao ordered them to bathe 3 times a day, it suddenly wouldn’t be a problem.

  • B-real

    Any way poor people can have kids too right which are way more expensive than picking up some floss, mouth wash and toothpaste. Maybe they should quit smoking too that will save a whole lot of money. Then there’s the liquor, AKA fuel for rotting teeth. Take away unhealthy habits that don’t contribute your day to day health you will stink less in addition to changing your sweaty clothing and washing a building up of dirt and dead skin off your ass and peepee. When I was homeless this was priority 1, public pools in LA were 50 cents gas stations bathrooms are 25 cents and public restrooms at the parks are free (go in the middle of the night and no body will intterupt your cold sink wash. NO FUCKING EXCUSES FOR THE POOR. More than likely these poor people have homes they can go to with running water (free). Poor chinese people are not stupid just negligent like children like this sad excuse for a teenage boy in the article. Dirty people are a health hazard to people in their direct surroundings.

    No one is saying go out and buy some perfume or even deodorant, just wash yo stanky ass and the clothes that stink. I haven’t wore deodorant in 6 fucking years but I have other mean to mask that funk like SOAP and WATER, and those substitutes for not daily washing yo ass (butt wipes) the ladies like to buy during that time of the month. Everyone has access to shower including the migrant workers. They just don’t use them. You should really hang out and do what a migrant worker does. There are cheap shower rooms that offer different level shower experiences concentrated in and out of the cities. If they live in a simple “ping fang” they can use a bucket of water with soap and take it back to their room and go wild. Then theirs the temporary housing “huo tong fang” which some have makeshift shower rooms. Then in the villages their are the paid shower rooms with hot water. Then you reach into the servant industries where there are ladies or men who help you wash your ass for you (20 rmb 30 min worth every penny) but they also have a menu of other services that ultimately turns into sex. AGAIN I say NO EXCUSES FOR POOR OR MIGRANT WORKERS. Its too late for the folks in their late 30s to cure the oral diseases they are inflicted with for they are the true victims of a developing nation but the young cats that I run into and work with are exceptionally funky and I pay them plenty. Unless you need some teeth pulled or oral surgery a good cleaning any where in China don’t cost too much (200 RMB around 6 months ago in Beijing) every 2 years, investment well worth the benefits.

    • B-real

      That post was for Justin above

    • Cc

      I totally agree with what you have said about quit smoking, changing their habits, and alternative ways of keeping good hygiene…
      I believe that there are ways and solutions for everything and it depends whether the individual is willing to do it or not.

      Nearly all China jobs are long hours and low pay, these jobs are not relaxing as well, and it is very tough for them. They wake up early in the morning and come back late at night, after a stressful and tiring day would you go to a public restroom to use “free” water to clean yourself? Or would you use that time to rest and prepare to have another day of toughness? I am not saying they don’t need to clean themselves but going to the public restroom is not a long-term solution, what if it was not convenient for them?

      Every money counts!!! The price is raising but the wage remains the same, how are they going to survive? They have problems with meeting basic needs already would they still spend 20 rmb on washing themselves for 30 mins??? Or would they rather spend it on food, their child’s fees?

  • Rod

    I don’t see why the teacher didn’t just talk to the father. He had to know this was going to be a “thing”. Like the kid wasn’t going to say anything.

    Oh, right, the whole ‘face’ thing. Lame.

    All the teacher had to do was call the father in and explain the situation. If there was nothing to be done, then kick the kid out.

  • Pinede

    I remember back in middle school we had a classmate who never showered. NEVER. And though I do feel bad for the kid in the article above, I have to say, people with bad body odor are really hard to stand. We used to all avoid him, because it was unbearable. Then we made a paper with everyone’s signatures on it to ask him to take a shower. And, well, it worked.
    But the teacher should have just talked to the parents, not suspend the poor kid…

  • Bored in Sydney

    Luckily we do not apply this rule to the Taxi drivers in Australia who these days are mostly Indian Students. They make you want to vomit even before you are subjected to their inability to actually drive or navigate the streets of a first world nation.

  • Jaycee

    Take a shower will you!!!!

  • Jeff

    People The Chinese stink ALMOST as bad as Hindus. They rarely shower BECAUSE it cost them money and they don’t want to spend a few pennies a day to clean themselves. Tragic but true. SO MANY of them stink – and in the winter their excuse is they don’t need to shower because it’s cold.

    Their breath is another story. Think of the smell as someone eats dog shit off the sidewalk and washes it down with three day old urine and THEN they talk to you. Utterly disgusting to have a conversation with a Chinese with bad breath – but also so common.

    I was in Sanya a few months ago and getting a handjob from a very pretty girl in a massage place. She had great pointy titties and I had her shirt down to play with them. The f’ing stink! Like she hadn’t showed in three days. And she was wearing a cute evening dress – all dolled up.

    The Chinese want to be treated with respect but how to take them seriously when they don’t shower and have breath that smells like rotting garbage?

    • Rod

      Haha. Haven’t played with a smelly chicks titties before, I’m sorry you had to experience that.

      I wouldn’t say EVERYONE stinks here. You’ve got to look where you are and what the general level of education is. The higher the education, the less the smell I would say.

      Maybe you meet smelly people because you hang out in Sanya Handjob joints.

      • B-real

        Rod you are wrong on that assumption. I meet with all levels of Chinese Citizens on the totem pole of classes from dirt poor to filthy rich. What seems to surprise me is that the filthy part of the rich are closely tied together. Its almost as if they forget that owning a bottle of Calvin Cline means you should occasionally use it. I’ve been to these people’s homes and its immaculately clean but if you observe the smell as you walk in it wreaks of dirt and pissy mops. Even some of the rich or chinese people in “Mainland” China don’t believe in scented goods like Mouth wash, breath fresheners, air fresheners, perfumes (xiang shui), house cleaners that don’t smell like bleach or other wise scentless, car fresheners, scented candles, or shit that enhances outside people’s experiences with them is hard to come by. The shit is available at any grocery store collecting dust, and the last time I checked these people are not minimalist.

        As far as Indians go, I just would shake any of their hands but breath on a scale of 1-10 they are 4.5 compared to the 9.5 I rate the “Mainland” Chinese.

        I ran into a pro that smelled like old synthetic oil you drain out of turbine engines.

  • Sophia

    i praise the school that provide showers to their students, and allow them to use them daily. But not all schools do have the showers, and they should provide them or an area where they can shower daily, and eprhaps give them a clean set of clothing or pajamas to wear during class. the teacher should have helped him at school, if the parents were so poor they couldnt help him at home. it takes a village to raise an idiot, and in this case the village failed.

  • kai chang

    so instead of a teacher guiding a student into adulthood and preparing him for future en devours, he/she would rather ridicule and embarrass him ? shocking!!!!!!! they should fire that teachers ass.

  • xiao jie

    so when are they going to kick everybody off the bus and trains. honestly tell me how many times do chinese people shower in week? the ones in my school certainly do it every other week or so.its a chracteristic smell which i wish i could put in a bottle and show.i bet that teacher stinks as well so how dare he.with all the stench in china(i dont know where it comes from when everything seems to look clean, just dnt look at the spit rivers on the floor) he must have a very sensitive nose.

  • Cece

    Oh, wow. Where is this poor kid’s mother? He looks like he just needs someone to teach him some good hygiene habits. With so many migrant worker parents it might come down to a schoolteacher to teach kids these things, and instead, his teacher makes things worse. This is especially traumatizing at that age. I feel really sorry for him.

  • Dogbert

    Maybe he has rectal prolapse.

  • Dogbert

    Maybe he has rectal prolapse. Wiping will not solve that.

  • nickolv

    The teacher is wrong and must also learn how to deal like this.The student teen want to learn anything thats why he went to that school ,teacher should teach the student the proper personal hygience..not to force him to quit ,share what he learned when he was also a student ..he is molding the future of this student and yet he ignore the litle things that this student need.

  • Gyges

    I worked in Salmonella, E-Coli and Mastitis labs and ill testify to that we can get used to anything, least of all smells.

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