Chinese Teenagers Beat Up Elderly at Jiangsu Nursing Home

Chinese teenagers get into a fight with the elderly at a nursing home in Jiangsu province.

Chinese teenagers get into a fight with the elderly at a nursing home in Jiangsu province.

From Youku:

Immoral youth frequently use violence, lack of social education undermines dignity of the elderly

Post-90s generation [youth] cause trouble at elderly resting/nursing home, even beating up old people, human flesh search them!

The young man in blue kicked the thin old man and said: “Then how did you find me?”

The thin old man: “Tonight I’m going to your father’s.”

The young man in blue throws yet another kick: “You go then!”

The thin old man goes back into the room… comes back out with something that can’t be seen clearly in his hand.

The young man in blue says: “Hit me! As long as you dare to!”

At this moment out rushes a heavier old man, who viciously pushes the young man in blue and angrily shouts: “You’re out of line now! [gone too far, out of control]”

Then the 4 of them people began blah, blah, blah…. Blah, blah, blah.

The heavy old man: “You truly are out of line!”

Vaguely hear the thin old man in the back saying to the other one: “You be rude again, you be rude again!”

Can hear the heavy old man say the words “Instead of learning from the good……”

The rest can’t be heard clearly… the scene was a little chaotic, and I’m not sure who said “come, let’s fight and see.” The heavy old man walks down the steps, points at the young man in blue, “come, come, come, come down here and fight.” The two of them circle each other once but don’t fight. The heavy old man then walks up the steps, says to the other young man: “Tone/attitude! (I think it was that word)” The young man says: “Mind your own business!” Then the heavy old man replies with something that can’t be heard clearly, and the young man says: “Don’t fucking lecture me!” The heavy old man then “pia!” slaps him. The young man in black, not to be outdone, hits back and the two of them began to fight. The people around them: “Enough, enough…” (During the fight, the heavy old man falls from the top of the steps directly down onto the ground below, this part is truly heartbreaking, sigh~)”

From NetEase:

2 teenagers beating up elderly at nursing home explodes online

Summary: recently, a video called “Post-50s old men battle post-90s kids” widely spread on the Internet. In this video, several old men were beaten by 2 teenagers, with one of the old men being viciously kicked after falling on the ground. Netizens claim the 2 teenagers were caught stealing at the rest home by the old men and were beaten after saying they would tell their parents. Afterward, the main young man, ostensibly after being human flesh searched, posted online saying, “I’m not only going to beat up old men, next time I’m going to beat up the old women too.”

Recently, a video called “Post-50s old men battle post-90s kids” was uploaded to video sharing websites, and quickly spread. In the video, two kids unbelievably beat up old men at a rest home in Jiangsu Province Changzhou City. Angered netizens started quickly launched a human flesh search, with one of the suspected young men unbelievably shouting on weibo that next time he’ll beat up old women for everyone to see. Yesterday evening [March 29th], the Changzhou City Wujin District Public Security Bureau announced on their official microblog that they would investigate.

A ghastly sight

Teenagers viciously beating up elderly at retirement home

In this 3 minutes 20 seconds long video titled “Post-50s old men battle post-90 kids”, a teenager in blue and a teenager in black have an argument with an old man. The teenager in blue continuously lands a few vicious kicks on the old man. Then, another old man steps out of the room, pushes the teenager in blue away, and the argument goes on.

Shortly after, from a voice in the video: “Come, let’s fight and see”, and the conflict went up to the next level, the teenager in blue grabs the old man and pushes him down the steps, the old man landing on his back, the two of them tussling with each other. Then the teenager in blue joins the fight, using kicks and punches, landing heavy blows on the old man’s head and torso, the scene shocking. The people around were all old and weak, wanting to help but unable to do anything.

Angry human flesh search

Incident took place in Changzhou

“I can watch anymore!” “Animals, strongly request a human flesh search!” For several days, all kinds of sensationalistic subtitles were added to the video as it spread, arousing netizens’ collective wrath.

“Some netizens judged from the accent in the video that this incident took place in Jiangsu Province Changzhou City. Yesterday afternoon [March 29th], on Changzhou’s local forum ”Hualong Alley”, some netizens familiar with the incident revealed that the two teenagers were residents of Jiangsu Province Changzhou City Dongan County. They were caught stealing at the convalescent home that day, and the old men said they would report it to their parents. The two teenagers then had the old men beaten.

The suspected perpetrator

Blusters will beat up old women next time

Yesterday afternoon [Mar. 29th], The suspected-teenager-in-blue from the video had his QQ [instant messaging service] and weibo discovered and revealed by netizens, his Q-zone [homepage] and microblog were soon “taken over” by netizens. This reporter found on his microblog a self-photo uploaded last November, and that this netizen who was born in 1991 resembles the teenager in blue.

This teenager soon changed his microblog account name to “Don’t need a reason to beat you up”, and posted: “I’m not only going to beat up old men, next time I’m going to beat up the old women too.” The netizen who human flesh searched the teenager out also told this reporter that he himself was threatened by this person yesterday [March 29th].

Yesterday afternoon [March 29th], the Jiangsu Province Changzhou City Wujin District Public Security Bureau’s official microblog “Wujin Police” posted an announcement saying “The Changzhou Wujin police has attached a high level of importance to the ‘post-90s beat up post-50s old men’ video spreading on the Internet today, and has launched an investigation based on the video and information provided by many netizens. The police will strictly handle this matter in accordance with legal procedure while providing step-by-step public updates of the ongoing investigation.”

Netizens’ heated discussions

The lack of social morality education

Apart from the cursing to let out emotions, some netizens have begun calmly analyzing [the incident], with many people believing it shows how today’s society lacks moral education. Netizen “yuman0102” pointed out: we exaggerate the effect of school moral education too much, and ignore the importance of social moral education. The TV and the Internet are flooded with violent content, and both have caused the moral education problems among the young generation.

Comments from Youku:


Haven’t even grown pubic hair yet and already dare to mess with grandpa! Truly overestimating oneself/being reckless! Just what kind of education are kids receiving these days? So bad-tempered, and parents don’t discipline them?


Simply lowlifes and scumbags. When talking about this kind of people, the first ones to be blamed should be the parents who didn’t educate them well! Do these people treat their own parents like this? Well, this kind of people can only be called animals. Don’t know where their school education went! Went it into a dog’s stomach [didn’t learn well at school]! Just cursing them makes my mouth feel dirty.


Two retards beating up the elderly, as if they’re so NB. I wanna say, the one who shot this video is also a garbage.


Hehe, I am post-90s, and after watching this video I think all you guys who say post-90s this and that all day long are those who have accomplished nothing in life and log online to attack other people to gain a sense of self-righteousness and nobility. This video shows the moral corruption of a few individuals, and is definitely not the true reflection of all post-90s. Even though I’m not that kind of noble post-90s, but the common sense of respecting the elderly and loving the young is something I think the vast majority of people understand!


Chinese education is no good… there’s nothing to say. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be like this. Look at those foreign countries, would this kind of thing ever happen there?


So way out of line, even daring to hit old people. Society nowadays has no sense of respecting the old and loving the young. Guangzhou child gets hit by car, bystanders indifferent, now beating up the elderly. I really don’t know what use there is to only studying math, physics, and chemistry without improving human character. Nowadays, the whole society’s collective character is being twisted and warped. Everybody knows what the problem is, but still firmly fix their eyes on money!


People have provided the address online, so I’ll go beat him up during Qingming Festival. I know beating him up is breaking the law, that there’s police, that it isn’t my place, but I want to.


Just one look and you can tell have no future, are scumbags, the shame of society… Having interacted with people so much, I prefer dogs. Why do I say this? Because dogs will always be dogs, but humans sometimes are not human.


You can all stop spouting off now. They’ve already peacefully settled the matter with the old men, so no need to keep spouting off about it. Go screw them somehow if you’ve got what it takes, otherwise just go home and sleep [give it a rest].

河南a最棒:(responding to above)

Finally, someone who is a little smart. Those who JJYY [唧唧歪歪 ji ji wai wai always gossiping and commenting] all day, making themselves sound so righteous, so angry, about how much they want to do something about it, what exactly can you do? Nothing but tapping a few words on the internet? Go wash yourselves and go to sleep, fengqing.


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