Thief Stripped, Beaten, & Then Paraded On The Streets

A thief caught, stripped naked, and publicly shamed.

From NetEase:

Thief stripped and beaten then paraded on the streets

Yesterday at the Wujin Street overpass there was a thief who was caught while stealing things. His clothing was stripped off by the shop owner, and the word “thief” was written all over his body and face. On such a cold day, seeing that really made me feel pity [for him]. However, upon knowing that he was a thief, [I] forced myself to ignore my sympathy and hurriedly took some photos, without looking back again.

In China, a thief is stripped, beaten, and publicly shamed after being caught stealing from others.

Sigh, feel sorry for the person who’s under such a miserable condition…

Comments from NetEase:


Deserved it!


Shouldn’t even leave his underwear on!!!!


Don’t really need to take off his clothes, so merciless.
Each time [he gets] caught, chop off one finger.
If 10 fingers have been cut off and [he] still steals, then at least [he’s] very dedicated, thus, we should respect him.


Good! How it should be! Lets see if you’ll steal again.


Deserved it, I just finished buying a new bicycle for my wife, didn’t even ride it for two days and a thief stole it! Deserved it! Take him out!


Thieves are detestable, but vigilante punishment is also wrong! Cherish the rule of law, starting with the small things.


Infringes on human rights.


Let him have deep-felt gratitude for this profound memory.


[If you’re going to] punish then punish harshly.


Lets work together
Feel sorry for the person who’s under such a miserable condition


Sigh! Don’t know what to say, thief is indeed despicable, but seeing him like that also [makes me] feel pity. Thieves, why do you guys bother [risking this kind of punishment]?


Isn’t doing something like this also breaking the law? Having the police take care of this should be enough.


Human rights my ass. [I say,] good!


While stealing someone else’s stuff, [did he] think about the other person’s human rights? Stealing other people’s belongings already strips away one’s own human rights. [He] deserved it. Just don’t beat him to death.

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