Thief Stripped, Beaten, & Then Paraded On The Streets

A thief caught, stripped naked, and publicly shamed.

From NetEase:

Thief stripped and beaten then paraded on the streets

Yesterday at the Wujin Street overpass there was a thief who was caught while stealing things. His clothing was stripped off by the shop owner, and the word “thief” was written all over his body and face. On such a cold day, seeing that really made me feel pity [for him]. However, upon knowing that he was a thief, [I] forced myself to ignore my sympathy and hurriedly took some photos, without looking back again.

In China, a thief is stripped, beaten, and publicly shamed after being caught stealing from others.

Sigh, feel sorry for the person who’s under such a miserable condition…

Comments from NetEase:


Deserved it!


Shouldn’t even leave his underwear on!!!!


Don’t really need to take off his clothes, so merciless.
Each time [he gets] caught, chop off one finger.
If 10 fingers have been cut off and [he] still steals, then at least [he’s] very dedicated, thus, we should respect him.


Good! How it should be! Lets see if you’ll steal again.


Deserved it, I just finished buying a new bicycle for my wife, didn’t even ride it for two days and a thief stole it! Deserved it! Take him out!


Thieves are detestable, but vigilante punishment is also wrong! Cherish the rule of law, starting with the small things.


Infringes on human rights.


Let him have deep-felt gratitude for this profound memory.


[If you’re going to] punish then punish harshly.


Lets work together
Feel sorry for the person who’s under such a miserable condition


Sigh! Don’t know what to say, thief is indeed despicable, but seeing him like that also [makes me] feel pity. Thieves, why do you guys bother [risking this kind of punishment]?


Isn’t doing something like this also breaking the law? Having the police take care of this should be enough.


Human rights my ass. [I say,] good!


While stealing someone else’s stuff, [did he] think about the other person’s human rights? Stealing other people’s belongings already strips away one’s own human rights. [He] deserved it. Just don’t beat him to death.


What do you think about the vigilante punishment this thief was subjected to?

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  • ash

    Can I sit on the Shafa?

  • germancockroach

    The biggest thieves in this country is the CCP and their cronies.

    • Hongjian

      hurrdurr so edgy.

      i suggest you go back to college/universitaet and participate on a 1. Mai Demonstration with Antifa or something…

      • JoE

        “i suggest you go back to college/universitaet and participate on a 1. Mai Demonstration with Antifa or something…”

        Someone please explain this. I’ve been on spring break for quite awhile. Needs me some update on today’s slang.

      • JoE

        So what did he try to steal?

    • Daphie

      For once in your lifetime, you said something that make slightly little bit sense.

    • jack butcher

      you are the best german i have ever seen

  • ugly bar-steward

    Go to the source. Why was he stealing? Most likely because he has had his life, home, welfare, somehow taken away from him with absolutley no power to do anything about it.
    Lets be Confucian about it…”ren zhi chu” people are inherently good / born good. He is the product of their environment. I dare say he didn’t want to steal but was driven to steal. Sure he needs to be dealt with as a thief but not like this.
    As for the “rule of law” comments from the local web. ..don’t make me laugh. Law? HA!

  • 123meeeee

    the han-chinese stole 70% of present day china.
    but please dont strip them, i cant bear to watch such uglyness.

    • mike

      White people stole 400% or even more of their native land, why don’t you guys strip all the white people and kill them.

      • wogzi

        oh my god

        do you guys even realize the full extent of what you are saying

        you horrible horrible people

    • Bob

      at least 100 outside ethnic groups invaded han land and decided it would be hip to rename themselves han.

    • yes, and the whites stole the USA, Canada and Australia much less time ago

  • Haha, idiot thief, do not pick a store whose owner knows Kung Fu. Deserved it.

  • zammo hung

    If you steal from a pakistani owned shop in the UK they will cut your hand.

  • Carwyn

    Knowing the police in China I’d say he did the right thing. If the guy was taken to the police and in a gang he’d most likely be out in a day (if that).

  • Cardaver

    “On such a cold day, seeing that really made me feel pity [for him]. However, upon knowing that he was a thief, [I] forced myself to ignore my sympathy and hurriedly took some photos, without looking back again.”

    the poster went straight from feeling bad for the dude to taking pictures, haha

  • BKK

    In China it seems that they deal with lawbreakers by……….Breaking the law themselves.
    A ”harmonious society?”
    Humbug !

    • wogzi

      yeah, there has never been vigilante/mob justice where you’re from

      just kidding, there probably has and you’re an ethnocentric hypocrite

  • Hongjian

    This news is just another proof of why western democracy and human right cannot exist. The culture itself is the greatest obstacle after all.

    ppl just dont want “rule of law” and “human rights” it seems. Or only if they themselves doesent have to abide the obligations coming along with them…

    • aquadraht

      Hongjian, this is crap as most things you are writing (there are a few intelligent posts, but this is not one of them). Though I am not entirely confident for the prospects of Western democracy (mainly because it is consumed by corporate totalitarianism, spin doctors, and “foundations” from PNAC over AIPAC to Bertelsmann foundation), I do not see that this “vigilantism” does in any way display Chinese virtues (which undoubtedly exist) but only backwardness of nongs. This behaviour is in no way much superior to that of the “security” brutes beating up people in the KTV.

      How do you know that that man is a thief? Just because the shop owner alleges it? Maybe it’s true, maybe it is just personal revenge because the guy fucked his wife or daughter or so. That is what police and courts are good for, to hear accusation and the statement of the defendant, then rule out a sentence. Everything short of is barbaric, primitive, and backwards.

      I do not blame China which was 95% poor peasants 60 years ago, and 80% still 30 years ago, and has come a long way. Yet there is no point to defend the indefensible.

      • B. Prichard

        I think most people anywhere like rule of law, as security is pretty high up on most people’s list of priorities.

        Seems more likely that certain people don’t feel that the government is effectively providing it. Thusly, we have shit like this.

      • Hongjian

        dunno, maybe I’m overly pessimistic towards Chinese culture and its traditional virtues, in relation to the western understading of “rights” and “law”, that I’m currently studying…

        But one thing for sure; there are alot of elements of western democracy and “rule of law”, that are in no way compatible with the Chinese understanding of things – just like how the Islam has many elements inherently incompatible with western political and social systems.

        And its nothing wrong with this. I mean, one should not expect a civilisation like China to blindly follow western constructs of political and societal culture – China must find its own way, according to its own culture and history.

        In this case, the “mob-law” shown here (and in the KTV incident before), is not a symptom of longlasting poverty and the uncivilized brutality coming along with it; it is more a symbol of the pragmatist Chinese culture itself and its very “basic” and “natural” sense of justice, saying:

        “human rights? for this little shit-stain? he denied the human right of possession of someone else, by stealing things! he made the life of the one being stolen even harder than before, while enriching himself on the cost of other’s! tar and feather this fucker!!!”
        (original quote)

        This seems to be (and is) medieval-thinking. eye for an eye etc, and it is by far not “justice”, but this just shows how pragmatist and survivalist chinese thinking is. And knowing the degree of social-darwinism in a chinese society, I cant deny them that “primitive” sentiment of thinking and acting so.

        In other cases, this sentiment also applies to other thieves; like corrupt officials and rich bosses of enterprises (who are mostly the same).

        This medieval thinking may be understandable, when seeing the cruelty and insecurity of contemporary chinese society, but this also hinders any democratic and constitutional reforms, ie. if china would become a democracy tomorrow, we will have the whole people’s congress and all parties involved in a parliamentarian brawl, or even an outright civil war. Taiwan would be nothing compared to this.

    • Dongdong

      Yeah, it’s funny how chinese like to blame it on their culture when it comes to human rights.
      Then :
      1) Chinese culture cannot evolve ? I thought cultural evolution was something that made human different from animals ?

      2) If it’s so “culturally normal” to everybody, why this topic raised such an interest on internet ?

      3) Why do people in HK and Taïwan care about human rights ? They don’t share the same culture ? They are not chinese ?

  • C&N

    Fauna… maybe your next business venture should be to translate everyday articles in the Western world into Chinese – 16yr old girl pimping her 8yr old sister, boy shoots classmates, 12yr old boy rapes 8yr old girl, incest dungeon masters, racial riots and bashings in the land down under, rapist teachers and priests, etc, etc and so forth.

    Just a thought… be interesting to see the Chinese views on these.

    • Hei_Bai

      Yeah! Then translate the Chinese views back into English, post it on chinaSMACK and have people complain that it really isn’t news!

    • Joe Friday

      I was thinking the same thing! I would love to read Chinese views on some of the retarded, violent stories from the US.

    • Alikese

      “Boo, hoo, hoo. I’m embarrassed that people are learning about bad things that happen in my country. Why don’t you translate articles from the 100+ countries that I vaguely hold in my mind as “the west” so that I can finally assuage my butthurt.” *sob*

      • lxjx

        Someone is feeling insecure! LOL

        “Boo, hoo, hoo. I’m embarrassed that people are learning about bad things that happen in my country. Why don’t you translate articles from the large East Asian country that I vaguely hold in my mind as “the east” so that I can finally assuage my butthurt.” *sob*

      • C&N

        Yep you can get all the nasty stuff just from one city in the USA. The stuff posted here is tame in comparison – thief gets beaten, security guards bash people, kid fights, etc.

        Which begs the question – why do people posting comments on this site act so outraged? I admit pretty tame on this article but just read some of Fauna’s other posts. Most of the comments are either bloody Chinese this or never happen in the West that. Hell if there was a chinese version of ChinaSmack of news in LA, NY, Philli or any other major US city and the Chinese started saying Americans are the scum of the earth I wonder how the US public or ‘free press’ would take it.

    • shanghai girl

      most the news i’ve heard from back home (“the west”) has been on chinese news stations. only after hearing an initial report will go find the full story on an english language site. so chinese do have access to news from other countries in their native language if they’re looking for it.

  • 250

    China is almost twice the size (population wise) of Europe so an occurrence of vigilantism isn’t a surprise every now and again.

    What i found unique is that stripping is a very common weapon used by Chinese people. Freud must have something to say about this. Repressed much…

  • TaiwanNation

    Sigh* a superb display of a “civilized nation” Chinese people need to start abandoning their barbaric ways and respecting human rights or else Taiwan would never even want to unite with such a notorious nation.

  • serve him right!

  • Wastemans

    Why beat and humiliate a person when they’re pushed into a situation where legitimate extrication is near impossible.

    Reprimanding the thief will not cure his hunger nor poverty.

  • GodsHammer

    I like the vigilante shit. Police action on matters of no political significance in this place is not worth a pig-fart.

  • Nice handwriting.

  • of Canada

    If he was a clever thief he would start a ponzi scheme, or fake documents, or con people into investing into a phony business. Then he could drive a “Bimma” or expensive import sports car and have all the Chinese kowtowing to him. If they find out his scam they will not be angry but instead impressed with how clever he is to trick so many people.

    “they hang the thief who steals 5 RMB and praise the thief who steals 50 million RMB.

  • Yin

    Whenever I hear “Han Chinese stole 70% of China,” I realize how retarded the posters are. What do you think Han Chinese are? Some homogeneous group who, like Americans, displaced the native populations of the region? Is that why linguistically and genetically, the Han Chinese are so diverse, with southern Han Chinese closer to the minorities that live there than northern Han Chinese?

    Let’s be clear, here: the Han Chinese concept is essentially a modern ethnic construct held over the billions of China’s natives who have adopted Chinese culture over the centuries. China absorbed the peoples around it, and this process has been going on since Confucius’s time, as attested by Confucius’s famous statement, “the Yi and the Di have joined the Hua Xia.” The Di and the Yi, in this case, meant the non-Chinese natives of western and eastern China, who during the Eastern Zhou gradually became like the Zhou Chinese aka the “Hua Xia” and eventually were integrated into the Han empire, thereby creating a broadly defined Chinese identity based on adherence to the cultural rites of the Hua Xia modified by the various customs of the non-Hua Xia.

    This was in 300 BC. Afterwards, it happened again with the more southern “Man” and the more northern “Hu.” Of course, none of this is to say that violence wasn’t ever involved. But the basis of every modern nation is violence. Do you think the French did not use violence when they created France from the disparate Germanic tribes of the region? Do you think the Japanese did not use violence when they extended Yamato rule over the entire island chain? You think the Tibetans did not use violence when they created the Tibetan Empire from the tribes of the plateau? If you’re going to say that Han Chinese stole 70% of the land, then you should also apply the same definition to every ethnic group on earth.

    • elenore

      What homogeneous group is the U.S. 1st) there where several colonies from several European countries in what is Now the U.S. Dutch,French,English,and Spanish etc..who started a pattern of laws which varied from colony to colony. 2nd most white Americans in the U.S. where forced there by Europeans as a way to get rid of religious,Poor,Merchants,and Intellectuals who were causing problems.Every culture in the U.S. has a sad history because of European colonialism. 3rd America had a period of history before U.S. civil war where states and territories had jurisdiction over laws from the Federal Government.Slaves were not all black some were white like my husbands family from Virginia.And not all Natives are the same there were hundreds of different tribes they are not the same and no not all were slaughtered and yes some were honored and paid for land like the Ojibwe in Michigan My great grandmother was one. There are more Ojibwe now than when the French came to the area.And yes there are many who still retain their culture.America is a Republic and different from state to state they are tiny governments grouped together.The policies for Native groups, slavery, women rights, etc.. was different from one to another and still is.We do not share a one view.In state like California Texas or Florida(all have death penalty).they would probably cheer this type of things on in fact I believe both have rules where you can shoot the person robbing you.My state Michigan(longest modern government ban on death penalty) has different views where you have to prove they were going to harm you to attack them.There are many in U.S. who approve of these types of attacks however there are other who don’t.we have a constant never ending culture fight between the states going on all the time.Even with foreign policies ironically the states with more or less human rights from a religious and criminal point of view are state where they want foreign engagement and the state where they are more liberal like Great Lakes and North east are more isolationist.I am pretty sure it probably the same in any country.Human nature is the same no matter the place or the government.

    • Gaaad!!!

      “This was in 300 BC.” – Ehhh, I think you need to have a better grasp of history there kiddo. Nobody would call 300 BC “relatively modern”. In archaeological terms, as opposed to geological, 300 BC would be considered ancient.

    • lxjx

      Hi Yin. There’s no need to give a serious reply to a troll. Don’t waste your time. Calling him retarded is enough.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    why doesnt he run,dont u have to leave the shop before its consider stealing.

  • Alikese

    “Deserved it!”

    “Shouldn’t even leave his underwear on!!!!”

    空-白 and 网易火星网友 are clearly Lockean social contract theorists. They posit that by committing the act of robbery the accused has forfeited his right to decency and justice. Threatening the agreement that we all make with one another to follow the societal code, the social contract, threatens the society itself. Hence, stealing is tantamount to treason, and as such it can be punished with anything society deems acceptable; up to and including execution. Thanks for the input 空-白 and 网易火星网友.

  • kerinal

    God bless for you.It is very hard to live in the country.Give him lots of help.Let him to be a good man.Be fair to everyone in heaven.

  • Joe #2

    > Don’t really need to take off his clothes, so merciless. Each time [he gets] caught, chop off one finger. If 10 fingers have been cut off and [he] still steals, then at least [he’s] very dedicated, thus, we should respect him.

    That’s weird. Why haven’t we seen more politicians without fingers?

  • Thief

    That thief sucks. Why doesn’t he just run away. Weak ass thief.

  • dontDoIt

    It’s not necessary to humiliate like this in a modern world. This looks like 15th century behavior. This is equally barbaric behavior as being a thief is. Hold the thief until police can get there. Victims of crime need to also follow the rule of law in order to have a progressive (thus less aggressive/desperate) society. The anger is understandable but the public humiliation (and now internet-fueled global humiliation) of another human being is not. This man is likely very far from home with no opportunity to work with dignity. Lift him up and show him the right path. Show him grace and dignity. Do not act lower than his thieving ways.

    • shengguo

      it’s hard to find someone to show him grace and dignity in China. The whole society is money-oriented, the whole educational system is skill-oriented. Nobody cares about grace and dignity, as a matter of fact, grace and dignity has been used a tool to gain the so called “success”. If you really want to make a difference? Listen to some music and love children. :)

  • shengguo

    this is a very disturbing image…i feel very sorry for this guy and more sorry for those who did this to him. It hits me when I see those people surrounding him, so none of them has ever done anything “bad”? No matter whatever he did, he shall never be treated like this way. Only those how hasn’t recognized their own dignity would “strip” others’ dignity. “respect” is a tough word for Chinese to understand. I feel fear on thinking about going back to China.

  • Lincoln

    We just do the right thing to teach them not to steel things again.If not,they will do the bad things to you, we hope it will never happen.
    No thief in the world.

  • 穀歌ba

    What the hell was he stealing? Wrong?

    I just hope that guy’s family is not going to suffer for that too. In fact I would not be surprised that he has no family – or that he was stealing for family…

    It is just a matter of time that things will improve. Having this reported will make it less likely for someone to try such a things elsewhere.

  • fireworks

    What can public humiliation and denigration achieve? cheap laughs and a freak show. Doubt it will reduce crime.

    • lxjx

      Who knows. Probably nothing will change in a large scale, but the local thieves must be scared the shit out.

  • j lo

    That’s a little harsh. If my child got caught stealing, I hope it’s not in China…

  • g0ldf1n93r

    Hand it to the police, let them do the job, don’t take matters into your own hands. Unless anyone is too free, then can go become a police. Anyway, what did he steal?

  • shanghairocks

    China- kickass punishment for thieves ,,,,

  • fangyao

    everyone make mistakes……
    over punishment is lack of law enforce, human rights in china there is a long way to run……

  • ZeroStarLouHu

    Reminds me of the cultural revolution, groups of roving guards beating people with redbooks. its the corrupt officials who cause the social conditions that foster thievery.

  • Chen

    Dudes, who says Chinese in China are civilise?

  • “However, upon knowing that he was a thief, [I] forced myself to ignore my sympathy and hurriedly took some photos, without looking back again.”

    Bad excuse!!!
    Public punishment and execution are for barbarians.
    By taking these pictures photographer became the part of crowd.
    What next? Throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes at criminals???

  • yang tang

    why leave the underwear on?!?!?!!?!?!

    they should have ripped it off and exposed his teeny tiny pee-pee to the entire world!!!!!

    now THAT would have been humiliating!!

    • lux

      The hell is wrong witchu you sick fuck

  • Comrade Kim

    Takes me back to West Belfast.

  • lolz

    Speaking of stealing Hans stealing, the Han Chinese store owner wouldn’t dare to do this to a Uighur thief. If they did there probably wouldn’t be as many Uighur thieves everywhere.

    With the Uighurs, the Han police force always do the “humane” thing and allow them to go free due to their special status, even when most of these thieves are caught red handed. The result? The Uighurs went from having a reputation of great traders to a bunch of thieves, all in a mere 20 years.

    • ChineseLiveInCanada

      True. The most thieves in China are Uighur kids, operated by Uighur mobsters.

      The Chinese police should really learn from the Israelis on handling the the turks.

  • lux

    WTF. That’s messed up. No one deserves to be treated like this, even if he is a thief. It’s inhumane and humiliating. Put him in jail for God’s sake.

  • g0ldf1n93r


  • Daphie

    Didnt read the story and hate reading such things!!!
    Many people in China not yet learned how to treat those who did something wrong with respect!

    If people have comfortable life, why they would steal?

    • ChineseLiveInCanada

      There are way more buglars in USA/Canada and the common wealth countries because of the law in here simply protects the ciminals, your comments only reflects that you are a narrow minded individual. A frog living in well.

      “If people have comfortable life, why they would steal?”

      Go live in the west for a few year then come back and tell me the answer.

  • ChineseLiveInCanada

    it’s funny because over here in Canada where owners will get thrown into jail for taking justic into his own hand ARE COMPLAINING the LAW in this country for too soft on criminals !!!

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  • Thief

    this thief sucks.. i pity him
    Shouldve gotten his ass out of there while he still could..vigilantes are THE SHIT when it comes to cruelty

  • David Thooi

    This is yet another classic example of the lawless society of China. What has happened here is a norm of the Chinese society, where such barbaric action is condoned by both the Government CPC officials and 公安, who are supposed to be the guardians of law.

    This is yet another testimony of the lacking of Human Right in China.

  • Robert

    Maybe it sounds too extreme, but i do think that those thiefs who steal bike or any other stuffs should be sentenced to death, or at least have their fingers chopped. I lost 3 new bikes at different places in three month and that is absolutely not because of my imprudence.

  • I don’t like thieves, nobody like. But this is not the right way. Vigilante justice is the wrong way. capture these criminals and hand over to the police is the right way.

  • anc

    All the real criminals are in the Public security(gon an) and government.

  • a_quack

    you really dont know anything about how to treat humans and animals!
    you should do everything to get a social and democratic country!

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