Chinese Tourists Arrested For Sexual Harassment in Japan


From NetEase:

3 Chinese “Pervs” Sexually Harass Japanese Girls, Arrested on the Spot

According to news from Japan’s New Huaqiao Online Newspaper, it may be that the media is biased in its presentation, or it may be that individuals are reading too far into it, but in the minds of some Chinese people, Japan is a very sexually liberal country with unique attitudes about sex. Many people know that Japan is a place where sexual harassment often occurs, and that this kind of behaviour is known as “chikan [pervert] behaviour”. If Chinese people know only these things, and they think they know Japan, and think that sexual harassment is insignificant to the point where you can boldly just “give it a shot” while traveling around Japan, than they’re wrong! This kind of misconception will lead to legal consequences, from being fined to prison time.

Information from Japanese police revealed that 3 Chinese tourists were recently detained in succession for violating the “Confusion Prevention Code”. They are suspected of sexual harassment and were considered by police to have been caught red-handed and thus arrested. Among them, one used a mobile phone camera to take an underskirt photo of a woman on an escalator in a mall, one lifted up the skirt of a female passenger while riding a tram, and one man groped a woman’s buttocks while shopping in an adult products store. Although the acts of the three men were different, they all met the same result — being grabbed by their victims and held until police arrived and arrested them at the scene.

According to Japan’s “Confusion Prevention Code” Provision 8, “Perverted Behavior” is punishable by 6 months in prison or a fine of 500,000 Yen. Secretly taking pictures is punishable by one year in prison or a fine of 100,000 Yen and punishments increase for repeat offenders. According to Japanese criminal law regulation 176, in relation to “forced molestation”, the offender can be imprisoned between 6 months and 10 years. After police verify a case, they will first detain the offender. The offender can then choose their own lawyer, or the Japanese government will provide one. In cases where the victim is not willing to settle, the offender will be punished severely in accordance with related laws.

Normally, in situations with Japanese women suffering mental/emotional distress, they often are not willing to make settlements, so the offender will usually be sentenced to the highest possible sentence. For this reason, many Japanese men have lost their reputations and families, making it hard to get their lives back on track. Stories like these are a common occurrence in the Japanese media.

To avoid suspicion, many Japanese men will bring a newspaper on the subway or train during rush hour before and after work. If there are no hand-holds available in the car and they are near women, they place their briefcase in one hand and the newspaper in the other to prove that they don’t have any hands free for “other activities”. The fear that most Japanese men have of becoming entangled in a “perverted behaviour” dispute is quite evident. On the other hand, the Japanese government has carried out all kinds of measures to reduce the possibility of “perverted behaviour” occurring, such as reminding women not to wear excessively revealing clothing and to avoid tightly-packed crowds consisting of mostly men.

Actually, people who have a deep understanding of Japanese society and culture know that the overwhelming majority of modern Japanese women are no longer like the historically weak/delicate “Yamato Nadeshiko”. They have the sense and awareness of self-protection that modern women in modern societies have, no longer like the “silent sheep” of the male-dominated society of the past. When they encounter “perverted behavior”, they no longer suffer in silence, and will often react in the blink of an eye, grabbing the offender on the spot, sometimes “willing to grab the wrong person rather than miss a guilty one”. At the same time, almost all public places are sprinkled with security cameras making it even more difficult for perpetrators to escape. Once they’ve entered the legal process, the rate of Japanese women forgiving offenders is nearly zero.

What is very important to pay attention to is the fact that Japanese judicial institutions will not be lenient to foreigners on the grounds of ethnicity, cultural differences, systems or different customs. In some cases there are trends of dealing stricter punishments to foreigners.

Sound the alarm bells! The “perverted behaviour” of these individual Chinese citizens in Japan goes beyond the realm of good and bad manners, and crosses over into criminal behavior. Not only will this kind of behaviour lead to legal consequences and punishment, once you have a criminal record it will be very difficult to get back into Japan. Because the Japanese system shares information with western countries, your criminal record can interfere with your ability to visit other countries. Furthermore, this kind of behaviour will damage the reputation of overseas Chinese, and the reputation of China. Every person who damages the image of China is despised by the Chinese people.

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Comments from NetEase:

柳叶湖畔 [网易湖南省常德市网友]:

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you would know the buildings in Tokyo aren’t even as good as the buildings in a third-tier Chinese city, and yet the truth about Japan’s disorder, filth, and inferiority becomes perfection in the reports of the black-hearted [corrupt] media. Who knows how much dirty money these corrupt media have accepted from the Japanese pirates.

网易福建省厦门市网友 ip:124.15.*.* (In response to the 1st comment)

Frog at the bottom of the well.

范伟骑范玮琪 [网易天津市手机网友]: (In response to the 1st comment)

I bet this guy has never stepped out of the gorge that his home is in.

逐月之风 [网易日本手机网友]: (In response to the 1st comment)

I’m in Japan right now but don’t feel that way.

藤堂君 [网易广西手机网友]: (In response to the 1st comment)

Of course Tokyo isn’t as amazing as your Changde [a prefecture level city in Hunan] and it pales even more in comparison to the metropolis Changsha.😊 [Capital of Hunan]

网易天津市手机网友 ip:60.28.*.* (In response to the 1st comment)

Excuse me, have you ever been there? Get back to moving bricks [the stereotypical manual labor of a low-class Chinese laborer]. You want to make other people hate Japan with you?

网易日本手机网友 ip:119.241.*.* (In response to the 1st comment)

Architecture and cleanliness aren’t the same thing. Have you ever been to Japan? Look around, Japan is the cleanest country on earth.

网易日本手机网友 ip:126.152.*.* (In response to the 1st comment)

I am from Shanghai, and am studying abroad in Tokyo. How come I feel completely different from what you said?

网易浙江省湖州市网友 ip:122.230.*.*

The chikan AV [adult videos featuring public molestation] they watched must exceed a thousand.

大裤衩里话性福 [网易陕西省西安市网友]:

Through a large data analysis, every report about so-called Chinese tourists in Japan behaving so and so all come from Shanghai media, like the Morning Post. They have a tendency toward being Chinese traitors.

106737443 [网易广东省揭阳市普宁市网友]:

They’ve seen too many public molestation videos.

宗泽大元帅 [脑洞大开]:

Deserved it! You’ve got the balls but no skills. Caught on the scene? You’re an embarrassment to Chinese perverts!

格洛丽亚 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

All the [Japanese] pornos are lies.

fanglkj [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Have these guys just watched too much Tokyo Hot or did they go to get revenge on behalf of all Chinese?

举杯愁 [网易河南省平顶山市手机网友]:

Just how shameless must you be to say this.< /span>

上海大炮 [网易福建省厦门市手机网友]:

[They] thought Japanese girls were really open, but actually they are the exact opposite, and even more conservative than Chinese women.

Comments from Phoenix Online:

凤凰网辽宁省沈阳市网友: x亮

Anybody who goes to Japan to travel is inherently crazy. That this kind of thing happens is thus expected.

凤凰网广东省广州市网友: owenlee

They’ve seen too many island movies! [Japanese pornos]

凤凰网广东省广州市网友: 山本长弓

If this is true I hope they get executed and don’t come back.

凤凰网四川省成都市网友: 黑黑黑黑黑黑黑

Goodness, If you want to blame someone, blame the Japanese pornos. This is how a lot of them were filmed!

凤凰网辽宁省大连市网友: 酒风

Ignorant tuhao, got what was coming.

凤凰网江西省南昌市网友: cae30974-fbd7-45fe-a620-

The depraved Japanese country pretends to be demure but is historically the most shameless, morally loose, vulgar, crazy, the most perverse country of depravity!

凤凰网四川省成都市网友: 邪刀

There’s no need to defend these people.

凤凰网广西壮族南宁市网友: 讨厌昵称

Well arrested.

凤凰网广东省梅州市网友: 我的7878

Even losing face is internationalised.


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