Chinese Tourists’ Flight Delayed In Bangkok, Netizens React

Chinese Tourists' Flight Delayed In Bangkok, Netizens ReactA Bangkok plane was scheduled to fly to Chongqing but passengers were informed that due to a storm they were not able to take off on time, soon after one part of a Chinese tour group wanted to go to relax at a hotel, while others started singing the Chinese national anthem, while demanding that the airport publically apologize and compensate them 1000 RMB. Netizens responded, asking: “who has never experienced a flight delay before? Isn’t this losing face?” But also netizens think Thai people are making money from Chinese people, so they need to serve them. Chinese tourists travel to buy smiles, not to buy bad tempers.

Source: qq

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  • Jahar

    Singing the national anthem? Yeah, you are Chinese, and your country is getting stronger. But it doesn’t give you the right to demand better treatment. Behavior like this is going to encourage places to treat Chinese worse. And asking for compensation. Such nerve. Seems like one title Chinese people have taken from the US is “Worst tourists in the world.”

    • Rex

      Hahaha, this troll is on every page.

      • Jahar

        You have anything to say about the topic? Or about my point? Or you just wanted to be the pot calling the kettle black?

    • Teacher in China

      Yeah, totally unacceptable for a one hour flight delay due to bad weather. There might be circumstances when protesting is necessary, but I’d be hard pressed to think of any situation where gathering together and singing your national anthem is appropriate behaviour. What a bunch of tools.

    • Zappa Frank

      they sing because the delay of a flight is so chinese, can’t help but remind them their motherland…they had to sing. the protest was because the delay was not long enough and because some explanation had been given, that broke the magic.. how insensitive

      • helsic

        Hahahaha amen to that

  • David Fieldman

    Another group of arrogant and selfish Chinese tourists shame and dishonor their country.


    Why does it say “netizens react” but not include netizen comments?

  • helsic

    it´s a damn storm! it´s nobody´s fault! why they complain about? the rest of the world way patiently for flight´s delays and those Chinese tourist have to demand compensation?

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