Chinese Traffic Police Dance for Traffic Safety Awareness Day

Chinese traffic police from the city of Huizhou release a dance video on December 2nd to promote traffic safety awareness.

Over 1.7m views and 20k upvotes since it was uploaded the day before…

From Youku:

The Hottest Traffic Safety Dance — “Bar Bar Bar”

2013 December 2 is the second “12.2 National Traffic Safety Day” and so this video is dedicated to everyone on the public roads. May everyone on the public roads carry the happiness of a family, and hope everyone enjoying this entertainment will pay attention to traffic safety, forsake bad traffic habits, go on the roads safely and civilly, because we are on the roads…

Chinese traffic police from the city of Huizhou release a dance video on December 2nd to promote traffic safety awareness.

Comments from Youku:


Hope they are this cute when enforcing the law.


Although the dancing is hard to look at, I still commend it. Hope police can be more in touch with the people in the future.


Hehe, it’s just that one of the male compatriots dances like a sissy… not bad!


Not bad! Looks like the influence of Korean music on our countrymen isn’t small.


I got goosebumps all over!


Our countrymen aren’t good at dancing, but their spirit is commendable.


Ke ke ke


If there were only this cute when on duty. 搞笑


My comrade in arms, ding 赞


Every time I go to Huizhou, there are different kinds of violation traps… Those who have been [fined] in Huizhou, click upvote.


Not bad, to see this kind of video shows that the Heavenly Kingdom is improving!


The motorcycles aren’t bad.

Chinese traffic police on police motorcycles from the city of Huizhou release a dance video on December 2nd to promote traffic safety awareness.


I don’t get it. When our countrymen are striving for improvement, is it impossible to not copy the things of little devils? Can we not produce fewer shanzhai stuff?

amingchen: (responding to above)

First of all, good things know no country boundaries. Even if it is Japan, their business management models are still better than those domestically at present.


After firefighters [see below], now traffic police are dancing, who will be next?

晚餐后老去: (responding to above)

I bet it’ll be chengguan and their steelyard balance dance [referring to a recent infamous incident where city management personnel beat a street peddler with his own steelyard balance].


Although it is suspiciously imitative, this sort of publicity/propaganda isn’t bad, and very effective!


Chinese police?? Hehe.

傲视无尘: (responding to above)

Chinese netizens? Hehe.


If they’re so merry, can they cut back on the violent law enforcement?

天王鹏哥: (responding to above)

These are traffic police, it’s not like they are chengguan.


Isn’t this imitating the “cutest firefighters dance” from a while ago [see below]?


A bunch of stupid cunts.


Although I don’t know bangzi stuff, to be honest, this wasn’t bad.


I feel this form [of public education] is good, it can subtly help correct bad traffic habits, and the video is also quite creative. An upvote from me. Continue to jia you [work hard, improve].

Two female Chinese traffic police officers stop a motorscooter rider on the street to remind him to wear a helmet, in a music dance video released on December 2nd to promote traffic safety awareness.

2 Chinese traffic police officers rap in a music dance video released on December 2nd to promote traffic safety awareness.

Firefighters in Qinghuangdao, Hebei province previously did a similar dance video for the November 9th Firefighting Day…

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  • Cauffiel

    I love how the guy is actually drinking beer AT THE MOMENT he’s getting into his car, and the cop just shoos him away like a bad dog.

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    If there isn’t a reference to Paul Walker in the song, there should be. If could influence the way they drive but probably not.

  • 5,000 years of uncivilization

    I get these dances can really influence society so is there a video of Chinese leaders doing an “anti-graft” dance or maybe an “East China Sea belongs to China” dance? How about a “No Spitting in Public” dance?

    • TheSOP

      Tiananmen Tank Man Mango~

      • TheSOP

        Seriously which of you downvoted the Tiananmen Tango, wankers

    • mr.wiener

      5000 years of civilization cha cha.

    • TheSOP

      Tibetan-PLA Thug Twostep~

      • 5,000 years of uncivilization

        Great. Now if someone would only do the honor of making these videos, we can laugh as they are hauled to re-education camps. There’s another one!

  • Markoff

    there is traffic police in China? never saw any in Beijing, everyone ignores traffic lights, one way streets, park on sidewalks etc. and seem nobody gives a shit, although it could be nice source of income for Beijing city if they would be actually enforcing traffic laws

    • Claude

      I’d pay them to stop dancing.

    • moop

      there have been more in beijing lately, but they dont seem to be doing much enforcement other than license plates.

    • David S.

      I’ve seen them in Daxing (dare I write Beijing?) breathalize drivers on a Friday night, twice.

      Unfortunately I do not have pics.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      Well maybe you don’t see traffic cops because they were all busy rehearsing this.

    • filabusta

      I see them sleeping on the side of the road.

    • Turbocomppro

      They don’t need actual police when there are traffic cameras everywhere. I’ve gotten tickets for crossing solid white lines, illegal parking, speeding, and running red lights. All of which I never needed to stop on the side of the road and sign anything.

      If you want proof, you can go to the traffic division and wait long ass lines so you can see them pull out a DVD out of a big ass drawer filled with thousands of DVD. Then they will show you a video of you doing the illegal thing and they will also zoom in on your license plate.

      Much more effective and less costly then paying for police officers.

      One thing stupid though, in China, the person driving don’t pay for the ticket. The car’s owner does. You can bring any driver license in to get the points deducted if needed (claiming they were the one driving at the time). Crazy isn’t it?

      • Markoff

        i ain’t talking about cars but they are doing nothing about motorbikes/ebikes, without plates or with fakes, how do you want to fine them?

        and how is helpful fine against someone driving in one way street the other direction endangreing right now everyone or my favorite – parking in the normal lane blocking all traffic causing traffic jam, I really don’t remember them pulling any car away from street where it’s blocking traffic, very common tos ee these trucks in europe

        the owner of car paying fine is pretty normal in Europe, otherwise owner could avoid responsibility and say someone else was driving car, this was loophole people used against camera fines in europe until they changed law that they don’t care anymore and it’s between owner of the car and people to whom he rents the car and I can perfectly understand it

    • moeimoei

      There are, they just stand in the middle of the road, blow whistles and wave their hands…like hand-dancing…

  • moop

    i cant believe these traitorous dogs would dare make this video with korean music! are their motorcycles japanese as well? what, the “zhong guo hua” girls weren’t avaiable? all police garages should be stocked with Aima’s and BYDs

  • Chris McKenna

    Well, better than doing nothing. At least it’s a start.

  • 5000 years of history

    How does anyone know when to pullover if the police have their lights on all the time? How do the police catch any thieves if their lights are always on? I used to just laugh when I would see bikes with lights but always on. My wife used to say they leave their lights on to scare away thieves then they don’t have to work.

  • mr.wiener

    China.. the dance goes on.

  • TheSOP

    Dance better than me I’ll give em that much.

  • Pingback: Hao Hao Report()

  • markus peg

    watch this one =]

    What Does the Fox Say? (parody) – What Does the Panda Say?

    go squat Uncle go spit Tai-tai go ‘buy that’! Uighur go ka-boom! Monk
    go Om! Taxi driver go honk And developer go ka-ching! Cop go ‘bribe?’
    Taiwan go ‘du…

    • TheSOP

      Me likey! Why do we only get the hyper-reactionary no personality fenqings here and not cool dudes like this?***Oh he is Taiwanese. Taiwan, what a free non-CCP non-STD infest pedophile Mao Zedong China would have been… would.. have… been… never too late.

      • TheSOP

        熊猫说了什么?毛毛毛毛是个大便~ 毛毛毛毛是个大便~ 毛毛毛毛是个大便~

  • Repatriated

    Apparently more time is spent filming dance videos than writing tickets for moving violations….

  • Gerhana

    cute policewomen, though.

  • mike921

    God bless the traffic police, arguably one of the toughest jobs in China as NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE here!

  • DearDairy

    I see my tax money are being put to good use!

    Chinese workers, FUCKING USELESS.

    How about do your job instead of acting like bitches?

    Grown ass men dancing in uniform on the job, NOT IRONICALLY: Give me a fucking break.

    • TheSOP

      You pay Chinese taxes???

      • DearDairy

        yes i pay Chinese taxes and it irks me to no end.
        I’m not going to put a figure on it, but it’s more than
        most locals make in a year by far. bums me out.

  • Cauffiel

    In the U.S., you can get a DUI just for intent to drive while drunk, i.e., cop finds you sleeping in your car and you have your keys in your hand.

  • Webster

    I never thought I’d hate anything more than Gangnam Style…so long as this doesn’t invade YouTube…and everything else I consume on a daily basis.

    Why is everything that goes viral out of Korea like the Macarena these days?

  • Jahar

    Dancing their way to respectability… can you imagine cops doing this in the west? the would get mocked and ridiculed, not praised.. man this place is backwards

  • Brendan Cullis

    RCMP officer. Here is a dance whilst I write a speeding ticket. It might make speed traps more interesting.

  • Dr Sun

    Brilliant !! love this stuff. Even better than the dancing restaurant workers and Cheng Guang you posted last year.

  • trufax

    oh no this fad is still not over

  • Benji Ming

    Clever. There’s probably no better way to get the nation to pay attention to traffic safety… well, except maybe “requesting” Tencent and Youku to highlight the video on their homepages…

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