Chinese UFC Fighter Zhang Tiequan KOs American Reinhardt

UFC Zhang Tiequan vs. Jason Reinhardt stare down.

UFC Zhang Tiequan vs. Jason Reinhardt stare down.

The following video on Youku titled “UFC127 Zhang Tiequan quick victory, 48 second choke hold on Brazilian Jujitsu black belt” uploaded 3 days ago has received over 640k views and thousands of comments. Zhang Tiequan is a Chinese fighter using the Sanda fighting style. His opponent was American Jason Reinhardt.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

China'z Zhang Tiequan defeats Jason Reinhardt in 48 seconds with a submission hold.

Comments on Youku:


This is so excellent, now I don’t watch WWE anymore these days, [but] from now on I will watch UFC.


So awesome!! Everybody pay attention to the 30 second mark, Brother Quan was kicked in the JB but still endures it to KO the foreign devil, [he] really deserves admiration.


Representing all Chinese around the world!!!
Who says Chinese people and Chinese Kung Fu don’t dare to go to the UFC?


[The UFC] is coming to earn Chinese people’s money.


After watching this, why does CCTV-5’s “Wushu Masters” feel so much like a bunch of old women fighting?


I feel that Zhang lost the last match because he wasn’t ruthless enough, and was badly battered. This match I felt was clean and efficient, with enough ruthlessness, good stuff. In competitions, whether you win or lose isn’t the most important. The most important is to find one’s weaknesses and gradually improve.


Let me share what I think about this video: I’m confused, why are there so many people saying they are proud and stuff? I have two words: so shameful. Why do I say that? What’s so great about holding someone’s neck? Is that any different from stabbing someone in the back? Such a low way of winning, even I feel embarrassed. Chinese people have lost all face because of him. If I meet him on the street I would slap him! Some people say this is how the rules are, but having such rules is not glorious, why not just take a weapon and stab [opponents]. My countrymen, so pathetic, so shameful.


Stop talking if you don’t understand. This is America’s UFC, it is not like China’s Sanda that resemble children playing house! These people are using real submission to subdue opponents. Fighting UFC is a lot more dangerous. This is not like the Sanda you watch on TV!

Zhang Tiequan vs. Danny Downes.

Zhang Tiequan’s previous match losing to his opponent:Comment on Youku:


Cupware, someone who is very niubi in China goes over and immediately is badly battered.


This is what an international competition with real KOs looks like. China’s level [as fighters] cannot be measured by the Sanda vs. boxing, Sanda vs. Thai Boxing, Karate, etc. [competitions held] in China. The domestic rules and regulations of those competition often favor Sanda. Therefore our fellow countrymen should see clearly their true strength, and not blindingly inflate oneself with pride.


Good job, simply being brave enough to go out and participate in this kind of competition deserves respect, much better than those domestic self-gratified “Kung Fu Masters” participating in “Wushu Masters”. Chinese Wushu should stop being a frog in a well. Look outside, [you] will know Chinese Wushu’s true ability once [you] go abroad.


I have to say the UFC is too violent, a little too much for me to stomach, but domestic competitions are too spineless. Those foreign devils are indeed strong, but I feel Zhang Tiequan is still a little too weak. Compared to those foreign devils, he is still too civilized. Competitions like the UFC was always about catering to America’s violent culture. Being under a different cultural environment it will be difficult for the Chinese to produce that kind of powerful UFC fighter. Zhang Tiequan is already very strong, already over the age of 30, and his endurance already passed his prime, [so] even if he loses there is no shame, at least he is much better than those coward monks in the Shaolin Temple.


At least he dares to go, how many Chinese dare to go?


Many martial arts originated in China, but China’s competitive system has limited the Wushu’s development. Therefore Wushu in China can only go backwards and not advance forward.

Zhang Tiequan, Chinese UFC fighter.


Written by Joe

Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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