Chinese University Student’s “Washing Machine”

Chinese univeristy student's "washing machine".

Chinese univeristy student's "washing machine".

The following short video featuring one Chinese university student’s “creative” method of “automatically” washing dirty laundry has been circulating on popular Chinese social network RenRen and Chinese microblogging service Weibo, accumulating over 2.3 million views and nearly 17k downvotes over 3 days. In China, many people still hand wash their laundry and laundry machines are not always available at university dorms.

From Youku:

How to use two water faucets in the dormitory to automatically wash clothes

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from Youku:


Stupid cunt! Wasting water!!!!!


Seriously TM, does public water not cost money? This kind of person should be forced to drink drainage water every day.


Shameful, wasting water! Truly losing face for university students!


Although very creative, its ultimately very wasteful…


What wasting or not wasting of water? This shows the ideas and creativity of university students, and Chinese university students indeed lose to other countries when it comes to creativity. Don’t always bring up protocols you think you really understand to criticize others. Have you yourselves never wasted before? Moreover, do you think this person is stupid enough to wash [their clothes] like this every day? That they don’t have to pay a water bill?

明天在家吗: (responding to above)

This is blatant waste. If doing the laundry required creativity, it would be for conserving water. Do you not see all the water being wasted? This is not about protocol, this is about the a person’s basic knowledge and thinking process. University water is free to use, don’t you know? Have you never gone to college? Since you’ve never attended college, what gives you the qualifications to comment on this sort of of wasting water resources behavior? You should reflect upon yourself.

狂舞2512: (responding to above)

Bullshit university water is free to use as you please…TMD every school period when school begins our school fees include fees for water, and we even have to pay again at the end of the school period. This person made this video mainly just for fun, do you really believe clothes can be washed clean this way…?


This video is reminding university leaders~~~ You must establish coin-operated washing machines~ This lousy campus here doesn’t even have coin-operated washing machines!!!


I just want to know how many boxes of laundry detergent he needs to do wash his clothes just once.

crisey 发表于3天前

Funny, there are actually people who say this shows creativity, actually thinking this is something to be proud of instead of something to be ashamed of. Good creativity is using the least amount of resources to create the most value. I suspect the person who made this video was just bored/had nothing better to do. Doing this, the clothes not only won’t be washed clean but it is also wasteful. And he still thought it was a good idea to upload it, truly disappointing.


Such low character… wasting water resources… I wonder where this person is from.

What do you think?

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