Chinese Upset ‘Avatar’ Lost Oscars To ‘The Hurt Locker’

'The Hurt Locker' wins six Oscars, beating James Cameron's Avatar

Many Chinese people really liked James Cameron’s “Avatar“. In January, we translated many Chinese netizen reactions to “Avatar” and shared many photographs of Chinese people lining up overnight every day to buy tickets to see the movie. So when “Avatar” lost big awards such as Best Picture and Best Director to “The Hurt Locker” last night during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards [Oscars], many Chinese were very disappointed. For example, on Tianya, one post topic title is: “‘The Hurt Locker’ disposed of ‘Avatar’: The year’s greatest cups.”

'The Hurt Locker' movie poster.

From KDS:

Really did not think “The Hurt Locker” was that good, Oscars this year was a mess.

I am not American, so I think it was very average, far from “Black Hawk Down“, not even as good as “Saving Private Ryan“.

I wanted to fall asleep after watching some of it.

Of the six awards, which one was it not worthy of?

I think of the 10 films, this one could be placed last.

Comments from KDS:


The Academy awards movies that contribute to the film industry, not films that contribute to entertainment. All the ones you are talking about are all very strongly entertainment films.emoticon


Avatar did not contribute to the film industry? What a joke.

Which movie jump-started IMAX? Which movie jump-started 3D? Plus a not bad story and musical score, it should’ve been considered a very ideal film.

But “The Hurt Locker”? Leaving aside Best Picture and Best Director,
this movie is able to win Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Film Editing?


The Hurt Locker is indeed not good, a very strange movie, more like a documentary.


I also think The Hurt Locker was just average. I didn’t even finish it before I deleted it. emoticon


A giant amongst dwarfs, plus this movie belongs to America’s “war” films, so what is so strange about it winning, whereas Avatar winning Best Picture would have been strange.


Americans’ movie awards, Americans’ movies, so if the Americans think it is good, what is the problem?


Already winning Best Director, and also giving it Best Picture is indeed a little going too far. I reckon normally [James] Cameron has offended quite a few people, so he was harmonized.


Haven’t seen it, but the film is for those who pay to watch, not for selection committees who do not pay to watch, so as long as those who pay think it is not good to watch, then it fucking isn’t a good film.


War movie, understand? China has war movies. Americans also have them. If China had Oscars, the winner would be: The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic, The Founding of a Republic.

'Jian Guo Da Ye' (The Founding of a Republic) movie poster
"The Founding of a Republic", Chinese stars celebrate the 60th anniversary of the PRC.


“The Hurt Locker”, a very realistic war film~!! The details were very fine, and it also have a very strong writing team. Those that get it would naturally get it~!! A movie’s review does not just look at the visuals, it must be reviewed from comprehensive angles as well~!! A well-filmed, extremely detailed realistic film will of course be favored~!!


Only after watching “Avatar” did I understand that the person with the bigger dick between their legs is whoever is listened to;

Only after watching the Oscars did I understand that no matter how big your dick is, it is no match for 《拆“蛋”部队》 [chāi dàn bù duì, a pun of the Chinese name for “The Hurt Locker” 《拆弹部队》 chāi tán bù duì which means “ball/testicle disposal unit”]emoticon


This is the so-called emperor’s new clothes. Those saying this movie is good are actually just IB‘ing.


A very realistic film, after watching it, it is like having personally experienced being an American soldier in Iraq.
Every day hovering on the line between life and death, just when will this war end, and is there an end?


A very realistic war film?
Of those who saw the movie, just how many have actually go on the battlefield to fight a battle?
How important is pursuing these details?
What does this movie telling/teaching us?
The brutality of war? That war not only traumatizes our bodies but also our minds? The effects of war on the next generation?
Amongst anti-war films, this one is definitely nothing special.emoticon


The Hurt Locker,
I think is better than Avatar.
I saw it 4 times.
LZ is one of those who like watching entertainment films…
while that is a historical film…


If one does not have higher expectations than normal people, how can one be an expert? It is the same domestically and abroad.emoticon


A lot of people watching this film as an action movie will definitely be disappointed in the end. The director is only showing the lives of American soldiers in Iraq, their internal world.

This is more difficult to film than explosions, and even more emotionally stimulating.


According to certain people,

why is it necessary to select [winners]?

Why not just distribute prizes according to box office results?


Were Avatar to have gotten the Oscar

then wouldn’t that have been hilarious

that the dignified Academy Award was given to this kind of film.emoticon


American culture is the “American Dream”. Actually, their aesthetic/taste is also pretty lousy.
I just like big films/blockbusters.

Avatar movie, Na'vi Jake Scully & Neytiri
"It's okay...don't be angry..."


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I did not know that Kathryn Bigelow was James Cameron’s ex-wife…how funny.

James Cameron choking ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow at the 82nd Academy Awards.James Cameron hugging ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow after 'The Hurt Locker' wins another Oscar.


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