Chinese Villagers’ Homes Forcibly Demolished As They Slept

Xu Xianglan is crying.

Xu Xianglan is crying.

From QQ:

Henan Villagers’ Have Their Houses Forcibly Demolished While They Slept , Build Tents for Shelter

[Picture above] 2012 October 31, Luanchuan County Luanchuan Village Luozhuang Countryside, 82-year-old Xu Xianglan collapsed in front of her house, which is now in ruins, her two hands covering her face as tears streamed down.

According to the villagers whose houses were demolished, in the late night of October 21, more than 80 people wearing white gloves and camouflage clothing broke into villagers’ homes, dragged them out while they were sleeping with only their underwear on, and tore down 4 families’ houses with excavators before leaving. Up to now, no one has claimed responsibility for this forced demolition incident, and the local government has already gotten involved and opened an investigation.

Xu Xianglan is expressionlessly staring at the ruin.

82-year-old Xu Xianglan, her hair gray, expressionlessly staring at her house which now has turned into a ruin.

Xu Xianglan is now living in a tent.

With no place to live, she walks with stumbling steps toward the temporary tent with a “curtain door” with “red double happiness” printed on it.

Villagers can only set up tents on the roadside.

This picture is of the houses having been destroyed and only being able to set up tents on the roadside.

A banner saying “Resisting forced demolition, return to us our homes.”

This picture is of a banner saying “Resist forced demolition, return our homes.”

Villagers looking out for their homes.

The villagers have set up tents on the roadside and lit a bonfire in the night, looking after their homes which now are half gone due to forced demolition. This picture is them surrounding a bonfire to keep the cold at bay, as they stand guard over their homes, to prevent their houses from being demolished once again, with the words “resist forced demolition” on the wall behind them, as well as a tall building that is currently under construction.

A scene of devastation is everywhere.

2012 October 31, the houses of 4 families in Luanchuan County Luanchuan Village Luozhuang Countyside were demolished, leaving a scene of devastation everywhere.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯重庆市网友 深邃海洋:

Forced demolition never cease! How weak the private rights of citizens are in the face of public rights! When the ordinary common people can’t even protect their own homes, where is their sense of security and happiness supposed to come from?!

腾讯网友 卓什么: (responding to above)

Hehe, what a strange country, can’t even protect our own compatriots’ homes, yet we yell about protecting the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands] every day. We don’t dare to offer a helping hand to a fallen old man on the street, don’t dare to chase after a thief, yet we yell about invading Japan every day.

腾讯绍兴市网友 兲:

According to the villagers whose houses were demolished, in the late night of October 21, more than 80 people wearing white gloves and camouflage clothing broke into villagers’ homes, dragged them out while they were sleeping with only their underwear on, and tore down 4 families’ houses with excavators before leaving. Up to now, no one has claimed responsibility for this forced demolition incident, and the local government has already gotten involved and opened an investigation.
——Hehe… [the government] themselves investigating themselves, can they possibly find anything fishy at all that way? ——

腾讯网友 勤劳的蚂蚁:

A real example of government officials and businessmen collaborating together! Real estate developers would not have the guts to go out and forcibly demolish [villagers’ houses], so just what roles do those fucking officials have behind the scenes?

腾讯东莞市网友 仰望□阳光:

“According to the villagers whose houses were demolished, in the late night of October 21, more than 80 people wearing white gloves and camouflage clothing broke into villagers’ homes, dragged them out while they were sleeping with only their underwear on, and tore down 4 families’ houses with excavators before leaving. Up to now, no one has claimed responsibility for this forced demolition incident, and the local government has already gotten involved and opened an investigation.” Investigate, my ass, as if it wasn’t you bastards who gave the nod in the first place, despicable and shameless, taking dirty money and then no longer even treating your own parents as humans. I want to ask you if your conscience is in your stomachs or in the dogs’ stomach. People like you will sooner or later get what’s coming to you, and will die a horrible death!

腾讯网友 凹凸鳗:

“…the local government has already gotten involved and opened an investigation.” No need to investigate, it was probably the local government who did it.

腾讯保定市网友 好摄之徒:

CCTV’s “Are you Happy?” should go to there and ask.

[Note: This comment is a mockery. Not long ago, around the National Golden Week Holiday, CCTV had a show in which reporters would randomly interview citizens on the streets and ask them the same question: “Are you happy? / do you think you’re happy?”]

腾讯昆明市网友 32.768khz:

If [those responsible for the demolition] have the balls, go demolish the lighthouse on the Diaoyu Islands.

腾讯大连市网友 汽车解码:

The local government, beasts, deluge, the devil…

腾讯网友 ゛..ヽ孩孓彵:

I’m not already at an extreme level of speechlessness… Do they want us to live or not?

腾讯网友 随便不行:

This country’s people are too barbaric!

腾讯网友 壶壹氘:

Even more evil than the devils [Japanese invaders].

腾讯柳州市网友 该坚持别退缩:

News about forced demolition is too common, and has already become the one thing the ordinary common people hate the most, and the local government has already gotten involved and opented an investigation. Hope they can give the ordinary common people an explanation.

腾讯网友 Hui:

It’s very normal!!! You should consider yourselves lucky that they didn’t bury you alive!!!

腾讯网友 简简单单:

Where are CCTV’s reporters, are they going to go ask them if they’re happy? [See above note.]

腾讯网友 大宝乐乐:

I’ve seen forced demolition with my very own eyes… 4 big dudes held the homeowner down outside the house while the other men took sledgehammers and smashed the house, no different than bandits…

腾讯网友 5555:

Reading news like this makes me feel angrier than losing the Diaoyu Islands. Our government, you’ve already really disappointed the people.

腾讯滨州市网友 快乐的单身汉:

In the midst of construction and development, there will inevitably be demolition, so how to relocate according to the country’s regulations and according to reason is the people’s responsibility. The very act of posting this without knowing the whole story is an act of splitting the unity of the people.

腾讯网友 玫梅: (responding to above)

Bullshit, you’re one of the corrupt yourself.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

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          Just ask them to spell a simple word:

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  • Getrealson

    Poor old Auntie! Fucking bastards!

  • Thomas Wehner

    While this is horrible, it seems more humane than other home demolition situations I’ve seen reported, such as people being set on fire, beaten by chengguan, demolishing the house with people still inside it, etc. If the demolition crew in this case was given the order to demolish the house, and also the freedom to choose the method, then they actually did these people a favor.

    On the other hand, it’s also possible that the sneaky, evil, corrupt property developer told them to carry out this kidnap-demo because it would minimize the opportunity for the victims to resist.

  • TrickyNishidake

    The only solution is to hate Japanese people more, that way they can forget about this incident and move on with their lives.

    Oh China, my ancestral homeland, you really do have your priorities straight.

  • Sebastian

    “Hehe, what a strange country, can’t even protect our own compatriots’ homes, yet we yell about protecting the Diaoyu Islands [aka Senkaku Islands] every day. We don’t dare to offer a helping hand to a fallen old man on the street, don’t dare to chase after a thief, yet we yell about invading Japan every day.”

    Love this comment. So very, very true.

    Gives me hope for the Chinese people, if only a little.

    • DavidisDawei

      Hi Sebastian,

      Yes – Good quote.

      Maybe most figure it’s better to vent by posturing, yelling and screaming (and going home) rather than making a stand, taking action and risk being sued/jailed/killed.



    • LSD2012

      “We don’t dare to offer a helping hand to a fallen old man on the street, don’t dare to chase after a thief….”
      Dont forget they are the very people we sing hymn of democracy to, daily.

    • S4ppo

      Cherry picking comments to justify your beliefs makes you a retard.

      • mr.wiener

        …so does going around calling other people “retards”, Seppos” and “fucktards”.
        I prefer someone who cherry picks comments to someone who makes very few intelligent comments outside of abusing other to make themselves look better.

      • Chom

        How do you know the comments were cherry picked? Why not post a link to comments you feel are more representative?

  • the ace of books

    This is all sorts of fucked up.

    • mr.wiener

      true dat.

  • White Guy in USA

    In America if this happened, the land developers would feel then hear the pop pop pop of gun fire.

    • Irvin

      No first amendment in china unfortunately (or fortunately).

      • White Guy in USA

        It’s our 2nd Amend that protects our 1st and everyother Amend. I am sure Chairman Mao would encourage the peasants to kill the corrupt people.

        • hess

          ” I am sure Chairman Mao would encourage the peasants to kill the corrupt people.”

      • s3pp0

        yes, but an effective government nullifies the need for your first amendment. I would rather one good government than two cunts

        • Alphy

          I hope you are not referring China’s government as effective. Have you ever tried to run a business here? From getting a business license, to simply getting through custom declaration is a bureaucratic nightmare. China succeeded because of the shear will of the people to have a better life and tomorrow.

        • Jennster


    • royaljester

      You’d probably have the demolition crew shot to death. Depending on the state (with castle doctrine clauses), it would be legal.

      • White Guy in USA

        I also meant them to.
        If this happened in the USA you would need tanks to get them out.
        Chairman Mao says kill the corrupt government officials the true enemies of the people. He says if you dont have guns then use something else.
        Chairman Mao words are absolute.
        Form a new Red Guard. Now Go!!!!!!

        • Sepp0

          In USA, the peons are weak, when the houses are stolen, they move on or join the army


          • White Guy in USA

            My 7.62×39 AK47 would say otherwise, Chinese Slaves, sorry, I mean peasants. Peasant is a softer word to use.

          • Rainer

            Guess you have your rifle in your camo coloured truck every day. But understandable as whole world konw you guys love guns more than your parents.

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            What makes you think I drive a camo colored truck. Maybe I drive a Prius.

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          • White Guy in USA

            Chinese were slaves 5000 years ago and they still are slaves. Nothing has changed, Chinese are the longest continuous civilization of slaves. That is something to be proud of.

          • linette lee

            The chinese that were born in the urban areas of china are happy
            people because many of them are rich. The urban rich in china live like emperors. They use money to get what they want without restrictions. They buy their way around the system and out of convictions including murder. Laws don’t apply on them. Not even bill gate can do that with his money. So why wouldn’t those urban Chinese love China and tell you it’s the best in the world when they live like emperors?

            In China, you have money you have power.

          • MrT

            you born rich?

    • mr.wiener

      Could someone find the link on for the story of that guy who resisted eviction from the tower he had made next to his house with the aid of a home made cannon.
      That is one chinese dude with a big set of brass balls.

      • Issa Scott

        Or the cracked articles about the times in the USA the Gov. (State level) did force people out of their own homes for “important” projects.

    • jahar

      this happens in the west too. it’s just mob thugs “encourage” you to take the deal and leave.

  • Cynic

    It says they were removed from their homes with only their underwear on. If that means pajamas then it is not noteworthy. Chinese feel completely at home outside in their pajamas.

    • jahar

      It doesn’t say anything about if they were compensated or not. the story sounds as if it was just out of the blue. I’d like to get the background information.

      • Rainer

        This type of reports will never suppy you with “background information” and never talk about compensation, as the poor is always right, though they want to be millionaires overnight. But pics with the crane and finished building are more than telling—- the owner of the demolished must’ve been the last one blocking the site and demanding multi-time more, for years.

        • Nessquick

          moving from your own hand builded house, with garden and vegetable, for free, to the anonymous tall building in your high age, is something what you will like ? these people no need the milions , u know for them is enough to have few hundred for month to get some meat, if no have chicken and pigs already for meat and eggs. It will totaly change their live and lifestyle, if you force them living in box. no place to go, meat neigbours front of doors, very vegtable marked too far away for old people. just try to be in their skin …

          • Kukuku


  • hu jin tao

    i have no pity for these people, if you want liberty u must take it, if u want rights u must take them, no one will give u anything in this world and until the chinese people rise up and take what is theirs they deserve every unfortunate incident reported on these pages

    • royaljester

      Yes, because if you were born in China right now you’d be taking your rights back by force and not ending up with a bullet in your head. Idiot.

    • Chom

      You speak as though you fought in a civil war or something. Its easy to spout rhetoric like “if you want liberty u must take it” but you haven’t done any of that, yet are asking Chinese to do it.

      • Maybe he hasn’t had to, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

        • Chom

          not saying its not true, but we can’t judge when we have never been in that situation whether to fight or not. I guessing many of us would not, just like Chinese people now don’t.

  • Slob

    The youth of today in China seem to be a lot more compassionate and understanding than the general over-30s population. Just wait 50 years or so for the over-30s to be mostly dead and only then can China truly develop properly.

  • vincent

    You see stories like this every other week, it’s not even shocking anymore the victims suffer and the guilty get off Scott free, that pretty much sums it up.

    • Cynic

      One of the large factors in china’s growth is its ability to ignore what in the west we call civil rights. Displacing people from their homes allows for developing plots of land quickly and correctly zoning cities. Thousands of houses are torn down each day in china it’s just a small percentage of the population that refuse the more than fair market value compensation offered in hopes of getting the offer raised. When the offer is not raised they are forcefully removed or set themselves on fire in some sort of perverted twisted shoot myself in the foot ritual.

      • Chom

        I don’t agree, and I don’t think think you know how this works. People wouldn’t have a problem if they got fair market value, but usually the local officials buy the land for one price and then sell to the developers for at least 10X that price, pocketing the difference.

        Of cource it would be better the land owners and the developers to deal directly since the land owner could get more and the developer would pay less than he pays to the officials. The problem is the developer needs the cooperation of officials for licencing, planning permission etc. so they have no choice but to go along with this game.

  • 5000 years of history.

    New meaning to White Glove Treatment.

    • Issa Scott

      Lol, good eye, I forgot that was in there. Wouldn’t want to get their hands dirty would they?

  • 5000 years of history

    We need a Bimbo alert tweet every time linnette comments.

  • China is not the only place where forced demolitions take place.
    Russia is preparing for Winter Olympics 2014 in a similar manner.

    • Rainer

      Compared with Bin Ladin the King of Forced Demolition, Russia and China are nothing.

      • Sepp0

        So what did Bin Ladin hate about the US? Why did he ( allegedly ) arrange attacks.

        • Rainer

          Who said Bin Ladin hated US, a country that trained him and financed his noble cause?:)

    • Sepp0

      Tnis happens all around the world. Aboriginal people are treated with less respect that you want

  • Cleo

    shouldn’t those big developers step in right now – build something on that site and move in these OWNERS into the penthouse units. This IS about money, right? Someone wants their land and feel that the owners are vulnerable and easily destroyed by this violence. They need the cavalry with deep pockets, authority and more power than the sledgehammer wielders.

    Why didn’t they just pay the owners what the land was worth even if it meant putting a large sum in a trust fund instead of resorting to venal behavior? That’s unforgivable.

    And what does this have to do with stopping Japan from invading? Japan Inc. has ALREADY employed yakuza for DECADES to move tenants and homeowners out of sites marked for “development.” Know what you are referring to when you downplay the extreme seriousness of China’s War against Japan.

    • cc

      I was always under the impression that you could not own land, it all belongs to the state.

    • jahar

      That happens everywhere

    • hess

      wouldnt surprise me at all if they were offered one or more of the apartments at the new complex

  • Kate

    This is what I don’t understand, whenever I read the netizen comments out of china, they are always going on about how great their country is, how superior the chinese are, how china is the world leader, but how can they say those things when things like this story happen? How can a country be great when their people are being treated like this? Great countries don’t allow these things to happen and if they do happen, they find who is responsible, fully prosecute, and help the victims. I don’t understand.

    • royaljester

      It’s in our DNA. Every team in sports has people who say how great their team is, even if they lose. If they lose, it’s just part of being the underdog but they still deserve to win the most, etc..

      • linette lee

        No, the chinese that tells you that China is great because they are urban chinese. There are like 400 millions of them I believe. They live in big cities in china in their condos along with their apple three piece set. You can’t tell them china gov’t suck.

        • hess

          uhm, most of the urban chinese lives in crappy apartments and sure as hell dont have an apple three piece set. the ones living the sweet life is a tiny minority

    • S4pp0

      If there was a reverse version of this site in China (USASmack maybe), do you think the Chinese site administrator would selectively publish and delete stories and comments in order to stick to one narrative?

    • LeilaM12

      I presume you have never met someone from Mississippi or Alabama in your life.

  • BallsOnFire

    This is outrageous! How can they treat people like that? The Chinese people need to stand up and fight this, this is a disgusting violation of individual and human rights.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      You obviously know ZERO about China. Sure, stand up for yourself, if you like prison food.

      • S4ppo

        and which country has the greatest number of prisoners in the world? If you think none are political, you are a fucktard. You should have listened to Ike

        • Rainer

          Though US has “greatest number of prisoners in the world”, which I resumed to be over 2 millions or 25% of world prison population, I still admired Yanks’ confidence not to call their beloved democratic country as gangland, “from California to the New York island”, lol!

          • Yeah…it’s one big giant war zone from coast to coast. Seriously, where do you dumbasses come up with such shit?

          • Rainer

            You must be a real dumbass if you think Your Land with a weekly shooting spree is not a gangland if 25% of world prison population come from 5% of world population. You’d be even more a dumbass if you still insist on lecturing others on human right.

          • WHOA! BURN! I’m going to feel really bad about myself for the next 2 seconds……………….ok, done.

        • Noel Worthy

          Hmmm, how prisoners does the CCP lock up? That also includes all of their Black Jails. And at least the Yanks don’t Murder their prisoners for their internal organs like the CCP does to prisoners in China!

      • In prison…..if the convicts decide they want chocolate ice cream every Sunday they send some reps to the warden.
        Cons: We want chocolate ice cream every Sunday or we’ll kill 2 guards.
        Warden: If you kill 2 of my guards we’ll kill 10 convicts.
        Cons: Pick 10…..any 10. We don’t give a fuck.
        If enough Chinese get pissed off enough, I could see this tactic working for them.

    • Kim.Com

      I agree. No one should lose their assets to an aggressive government.


  • royaljester

    This is strange. Can’t you automatically assume the people responsible for sending in demolition thugs are the same as the ones who are demanding the land for construction? Sooner or later someone is going to develop something on the land. Not saying they can’t get away with it, just that it’s one thing for forced demolitions to happen, but quite another for everyone to puzzle over who’s responsible.

    • Chom

      none of the Chinese comments are puzzling over who did it..

  • Serpico

    I see something something built very, very close in the background – maybe their homes were placed in the space of some future construction?

  • wgh

    It is news like this that makes me ashamed to be Chinese!

  • Hippo

    Chinese people deserve this. They fought to have this government, its up to them to fight to get rid of them. Ask the Egyptians and Sirians how to grow balls.

    • linette lee

      The rich chinese in China make sure the poor chinese don’t fight against them. It’s useless to fight. ;(

      • Hippo

        Never useless to fight. Ask the brave people of Egypt, Libya or Syria.

  • The rise of [some of] China.

  • Ryo

    Wait, most of you are assuming that these people weren’t being compensated. I’ve been living here 4 years and what I know is that these people ARE being compensated, however, being super poor in the past (and now) has made them greedy. Think about it, most of the village have already moved out. If those were not compensated (somewhat fairly I assume), why would they have left?

    The place I’m living in now was built for the people who’s village were demolished. The “owner” tells me that they gave the same amount of land as they had before plus money as compensation. These people aren’t allow to sell these houses but they can rent it out.

    People in the old villages had big houses. Some had 200+ sq/meters. So they were given 2-3 housing (75-125 sq meters) as compensation. They live in one and rent out the rest at 2000-3500 rmb each!

    There are a bunch of half demolished buildings not far from where I am and it’s been like that for at lease a year. I wouldn’t live there if it were free but still, there are people living there. Most of other people have already left so why are these people still there? One word: Greed.

    • glenn

      It may be out of greed but those villagers are still the owners. If I were in their shoes, I would feel awful.

    • hess

      My fiancees family got a whole lot of cash and three 2 bedroom apartments for the trouble, though thats in the city, not a village

    • S3ppo

      This will happen all around the world. This has happened regularly in my city, but it does not get much news time. I would not leave my house regardless of the price, and this is probably what is felt by these people. However, sometimes single level, single resident premises need to be built upon to provide for possible homeless people

    • maja

      evictions to build new apartments are very widespread, I think it would be unreasonable to believe that all of them are smooth. I heard many times that the compensations are not always adequate, like they’re not enough to relocate if not in places far out of town, etc. also, this lady is 86 years old, do you really expect her to leave her home? and even then, if there was a valid reason, why would they do an anonymous night blitz?

      anyways, as always, there are not enough details in the article to say if the compensations were right or not. I think people is angry about this kind of incidents exactly because of that, it’s always difficult to impossible to know the details, how would you not think there is some illegitimate business when something like that happens?

      • linette lee

        This 80 yr old granny probably have been living in her house for 60 yrs. No money or condo compensation can make her abandon her home.

    • Issa Scott

      Sure, they might get some cash and/or a new place. But if you don’t take it you get forced out in your sleep and then they nock your house down in the night? Something tells me the “developers” are not 100% on the level.

    • Zhegezhege

      So the guys that set themselves on fire do it as a negotiating tactic, right?

  • DavidisDawei

    Yes, a very good State Motto, but unfortunately, it’s changing slowly, for the worse.
    “Don’t tread on me” is starting to regain popularity here.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    What are the Chinese laws on self-defense? Just say the white clothed people were attacking, and you knifed him when they hostilely intruded on your property.

    If someone dies… well, then not only were you only doing self-defense, you’ve given your attackers a dead body to hide. I don’t understand how these people could’ve gotten away with this sort of thing, when anywhere else they’d realize that the risks were too high…

  • Sepp0

    Welcome to 2012. You must be a bit disorientated from the trip.
    I’ll make this simple for you: you are hated all around the world. Fortunately most people are polite, so what you did to

    Óscar Romero, etc, etc, etc, etc, , does’t make me abuse you immediately. I think you can change.

  • The homes were given to them by the communist government whom they decided to follow. A communist government also offers a ripe opportunity for corruption and tyranny. Call me heartless for not showing pity, but I am just saying that the people of China gave up a lot of rights…

  • elizabeth

    There is some form of compulsory acquisition and compensation legislation in many countries. Difference is in the way it is administered and managed.

  • I can guarantee they were offered fair compensation, which most others all snapped up. The holdouts just got greedy.

  • dim mak

    You gotta make room for the new, deal /w it

  • A Lu

    It would be chaos without the lead of the CPC….Chinese people
    should stay united to defend the motherland’s territory….Japan, Korea,
    and the US shouldn’t interfere in China’s internal affairs…

    Your own government destroys your house and your compatriots burn your car and sell you poisoned food. Sure you got your priorities right?

  • Kim Junk iLL

    The stupid Chinese citizens are used by the central government against the Senkaku island. After using them, the central government eradicates the citizens. It seems that the stupid Chinese are not aware that the government are actually their real enemy.

    • linette lee

      ……………seems that the stupid Chinese are not aware……………….

      Chinese are not stupid. You and your people are that’s for sure.

  • cc

    fuck off wanker, this is the name i always use

  • althepict

    @S3ppo: “I would not leave my house regardless of the price, and this is probably what is felt by these people.” Well said!

  • Flambart Photography

    Demolishing people’s homes at night, making the elder become homeless, what a huge loss of values. No one cares for anything, Economical development must be followed by cultural and social development. Ghost cities and zombies. Heartless folks, cold-hearted society.

  • nulloman

    I am surprised no one has booby-trapped their homes to explode if someone tries to demolish them.

  • sa

    Although you are right, living with that mindset under a restrictive government is dangerous and makes it a poison. Everybody wants to live a peaceful, yet law-abiding life that does not attract the attention from the government, but the country’s own corruption does not allow that. Matter of fact, these poor people were sleeping, but they were still snuck up on.

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