Legendary Chinese Warlord Cao Cao Was Korean

As you may have heard, the tomb of legendary Eastern Han Dynasty warlord Cao Cao (155-220 AD) was recently claimed to have been discovered. It was said that he had 72 fake tombs to hide his true tomb and there is still some controversy that this tomb is really Cao Cao’s tomb. If you are interested, you can learn more about Cao Cao here. However, this post is not really about Cao Cao…

From NetEase:

As expected! Cao Cao ultimately becomes Korean si mi da

Following the discovery of Cao Cao’s tomb, enthusiasm over exploring the mysteries of Cao Cao’s tomb instantly rose up on the internet. With everyone discussing the discovery of the tomb to the grave robbers to the items and concubines buried with Cao Cao, and from these items exorbitant value to investigating the DNA of the remains, it can be said that the enthusiasm has become increasingly higher. Yesterday, a discussion forum shockingly reported some controversial news that people cannot help but be indignant. Let us take a look…

News from the 《大韩民报》 [“Da Han Min Bao”], Korea’s Ewha Womans University professor Zheng, while refuting that Cao Cao’s tomb is in Anyang [Henan] and following a discovery from Professor Zheng’s decades of research on Chinese and Korean history, said that the famously fierce Cao Cao from the late period of the Eastern Han Dynasty was actually Korean.

Si mi da people [making fun of Korean language], can you guys stop being ignorant…letting the entire world look at you guys as a joke? Always following other other people’s ass yet still thinking of yourselves as glorious, I’m speechless. Is your nutrition so good that your skin can be so thick [shameless]!

Comments from NetEase:


What are Koreans trying to do with this?


Koreans are so incredible! What others have just discovered, they long already had!


Are they really this YY? Bang zi aren’t stupid to this degree, are they?


Haha, yet another thousands-of-years-old Chinese figure that they have discovered is Korean~
Koreans~ If you guys research a few more years history, who knows, you might discover that China with its 5000 years of history actually originally split from Korea 5001 years go.
…(when people become shameless, they become invincible)….


Everyone stop cursing the Koreans. Actually, they are only trying to say that Koreans are a part of the Chinese nation, and want to return to the Chinese nation!


Lou zhu, the Korean text doesn’t say anything about Cao Cao being discovered by Koreans, much less Cao Cao being Korean…

I don’t know if the lou zhu can read Korean…


According to research, humanities ancestors were also Koreans, and that the planet was also created by Koreans.


o(︶︿︶)o Sigh, no matter whether or not the LZ translated correctly or not, Koreans always do this.


Lou zhu, I didn’t see any language that said Cao Cao is Korean, it is clearly just a report that Cao Cao’s tomb has been found~


Lou zhu, may I bother you to tell me what passage, what sentence in the material is written that Cao Cao is Korean?? May I bother you to excerpt/quote it…

The material at least in this post topic so far has nothing that says Cao Cao is Korean!!!

Also, the netizens who commented above, if you don’t read Korean don’t blindly follow others causing a fuss!!

[Are you guys] trying to cause international divides/conflicts???

The article only says that China has already excavated Cao Cao’s tomb, then just introduces Cao Cao’s historical role…and doesn’t say much of anything else.


May everyone please note!!!1
All conscientious people should go investigate the website lou zhu posted. That website has Chinese and within this article there is no Korean person like the lou zhu says who claims Cao Cao was Korean. This lou zhu has bad intentions, may everyone please be careful.

The pretty and the handsome. Are Korean. chinaSMACK personals.


Written by Fauna

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