Chinese Wedding Photos Of Midget Groom & Normal Bride

From ChinaRen:

They have broken through the norm, finally happily married, let’s wish them well

They are finally happily married. Let’s wish this new couple well.






















Comments from ChinaRen and Tianya:


true love overcomes all.


Not easy~


Blessings, may you two forever be happy.


Rare, though I did not look carefully at the bride.




Why did this woman marry this little man? She has a problem.


What a waste.


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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Mercator

    Finally first at last.

    What a sweet story.

  • Cryptozoologist

    I bet that dude’s hung.

    • Along with the head, there are likely other body parts that are “normal” size; so having the rest of you in smaller size would then look oversized.

      Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby give to you the best argument for dwarfism.

  • Haimer

    time to be sceptical,

    looking at that huge villa in the background my spider sense tells me that our Xiao-Frodo may be a Shanxi coal mine boss nonetheless.

    Sorry guys but I don’t buy it. Over the years I’ve heard thousands of histories about ugly-old-handicapped -you name it- guys marrying trophy girls, just because of the money.

    This is another example of how pragmatism works in China. Don’t get me wrong I am happy for the couple though. Both of them have what they wanted.

    • Kai

      As much as I understand the point you’re trying to suggest, I have to say that she doesn’t really look like a trophy wife to me. But hey, our tastes may vary!


    There are no Cinderella or Romeo&Juliet stories in today China…everything works according to some kind of material balance…I wonder which kind of agreement the couple reached in terms of assets and money…

    • Wang Er

      This is a shameless insult to my wedding where my wife and I got together because of pure love. You must have been hurt deeply by gold digging girls in China do you? If that’s case, you should reflect why you look attractive only in certain kind of girls’ eyes.

      • DUKE FLEED

        Let me rephrase then: the phisical aspect, the social class, the education level, the type of family and of course the character are all under consideration when deciding who matches and who doesn’t. It is like using an excel sheet, assigning weights and scores and calculate which candidate fits more. A man with lot of money for example but unwilling to give most of it to his lady is considered at the same level of someone who doesn’t have. Indeed in cities like Shanghai or Beijing this exercise is even more evident: for example, one house + one car + some money to be given to her family is the price of a young, well educated, pretty Shanghai girl. I am sorry, I grew up by reading 18th century european novels

        • Wang Er

          This comment is more acceptable than your first one. However, the house/car/money or whatever are dowries that are given to the couple (not her parents family) by the bridegroom (usually given by his family, since most early 20 young males can’t afford a house himself) AFTER they give each other promises, not before. Indeed most brides’ parents prefer to have an established man as their son-in-law. Which parents don’t love their daughter and hope she can live a comfortable material life after marriage? But of cause the most important thing is their daughter’s own feeling. About 20 of my highschool friends (I’m from a 3rd-tier city) who are working in Beijing or Shanghai and most of them didn’t own a house or a car when got married. This proves that the ‘one-house-plus-one-car-plus-some-money’ rule is not absolute.

          • Alan

            You talk about dowries? That never happens in the West, except perhaps for some parts of south eastern europe that cling to tradition, and even there it has more or less died out.

            I really don’t get what the bride’s family are entitled to, if a guy wants to marry her. They certainly aren’t ENTITLED to or OWED anything.

          • capt. nullz whatever

            No I believe for the most part you may be right. But I still think there are *true* love out there. I can almost imagine two migrant workers falls deeply in love.

          • Wang Er


            I believe it’s just a different culture. I see no problem of it.

  • FrazzleDazzle

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she married him for the money. Its all to common in China.

    • Alan

      Couldn’t agree more. Not meaning to rag on the vertically challenged, but he must be a boss or official…the villa alone speaks volumes.

      • Because this is Chinese culture, whether or not small guy is rich guy doesn’t matter: he has to look rich. You don’t see too many Chinese wedding pictures down in the hutong, rather you’ll have airbrushed waterfalls and pastures as well as villas that are likely so expensive that they make most of their money renting out to weddings. (conjecture, but a fair one)(see comment below)

        It’s completely amazing how every thing here on Chinasmack can be politicized. I mean, it’s fun but tiring.

        Anyways, if this was up on a Western site 1) most people are past this kind of stuff and 2) you’d see most posts like my favortite one from above:

        “Rare, though I did not look carefully at the bride.”

        And if I may be mean, I think a good name for them is “the Lady and the Trampled”.


  • Wang Er

    Watch this news report in 2006:

    Not sure whether they are the same couple. In this video, the man with height 1.17m, from Yueyang county Hunan, was a writer and poet. His salary is average and he doesn’t have a fortune bequeathed from his parents or similar. In 1998 when his career hit bottom he met his wife in a theatrical troupe. She was attracted by his great confidence in life and unyielding personality and fell in love quickly despite his height. Later, they got married and lived in a common apartment.

  • 王老吉

    I wish them to be very happy, and i’d would like to say that the bride is a great woman, who, deciding to marry this guy, proved herself a different chinese girl. Seeing every day chinese girls marring old, fat, rich guys, it really makes me happy to see that there are girls who don’t care about FACE, which seems to be something very important for chinese people! HAPPYNESS AND LOVE 4 U !!!

  • FYIADragoon

    I wish this represented the majority of Chinese marriages instead of the rather minute minority…

    Love the couple though, the guy looks like he’s probably a great BF to her, and with how rare that is to find in China nowadays (buying things isn’t all a good BF does) she’s really lucky, and of course he is too. And you know what they say about where all the height goes in midgets…0.0

    Nice article chinaSMACK, brought a smile to my face. Wish the couple the best!

    • Kai

      Dude, are midget marriages not a minute minority in the West?

      • FYIADragoon

        Actually, I was referring to the fact that the woman appeared to be marrying the guy for less than the typical superficial Chinese reasons…

  • Patricia Holm

    I think this is some kind of publicity stunt.

    • Yes, because people with dwarfism don’t fall in love, get married, or are even rightly considered people. I smell either some kind of insiduous Western plot to destablize China, or an insiduous Chinese advertisement to sell me crap.

  • Something fishy, why would the wedding photo studio have so many outifts in such a small size?

    Seriously though, they are only photos and looks can be deceiving, but the guy looks to be pretty laid back and cool, looks like a nice guy, a lady could do much worse….

    • Bereaver

      Are yah ignorant or what? Wedding photo companies don’t just do wedding photo’s. They sometimes do children as well. Not to mention anniversary or re-wed pictures with children put in.

      • umm yea, was just joking…. But if you look at the cut of those pants, those are not children’s pants, but probably custom made. But congrats on completely missing the point….

  • mechanized

    thats pretty cool! the groom reminds me of a gaucho in some of the pics


    In Australia they have a midget throwing contest in bars on special nights, it is a very fun sport and I hope someone brings it to Korea.

  • Goinghomesoon

    Don’t be fooled by the villa. Wedding photography companies here use all sorts of locations for the shots.There’s a good chance the guy has nothing to do with the house. I just hope they live in a modern and open minded city. Chinese can be so unfeeling, cruel even, to anyone ‘different’

  • 水溶C100

    Actually, it could just be their friends home. Chinese people often run all over town looking for good places to take pictures. If I had a friend with a giant backyard I might go there too.

  • wiseman

    Happy for them and may thier house be filled with Love!

  • This epitomises what true love is!

  • OMG! He is so adorable.

    The best thing about this story is that they both look truly happy. Especially the groom. With all of the obstacles that he has to overcome he is blessed to say that he is getting married to woman that he loves.


  • wgh

    He might be short but he seemed to be ten times more lively and interesting than the typical normal man.

  • NanjingJim

    As single Chinese man I should ask, why does that woman marry to a deformity? Were I to see that midget ogre I will beat him for disrupting the harmony of our population.

    • Cranium

      We’ll see what you say when your kid is born with a “deformity”.

      But that’s too far in the future, first you need to find a wife. You seem to be the kind of guy who will beat his wife, control her actions, not allow her friends, and not help with the house work.

      Anyways good luck, I hope, before your future divorce, that you learn a lesson.

      And FYI, he would probably beat your ass

    • Chen

      Yes, I agree. Why does a women marry to a deformity? why? I can;t understand why someone wanna marry to you. By saying that words, you are a deformity as well, in your brain that is.

  • The John


    NO JOKE!

    “Midgits,” are packin. Now, I know a lot of people hate on them. But, I saw this dude once… He was huge. I thought he had African genes or something… Well, im joking about that last part. But, seriously… Dude was living large.

    He must be able to satisfy her on many different levels. They do look truly happy.

    If it can work, we dont need to hate.

  • rondh69

    Lucky little guy – he can almost crawl right up her hootchie!

  • The Lover

    Do any of you think this guy gives a shit what anyone says about him and wife? All it really matters is that they are together.

    This “little” guy seems to be more successful in so many areas including his game with women than those criticizing him on this board.

  • Shanghairocks

    wtf ??wtf ??wtf ??wtf ??wtf ??

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  • Rawr

    Lol. I bet shes in it for the money. I can’t think of any good reason why she would marry a midget. If true love really does exist in this time and age that we live in, i’ll be damed. Too few of that and too many greedy females. I give it 3 years most. If i’m wrong then I take back everything I say :D

    This seems like the typical rich guy with girl just wants your money thing.

  • xtaaxtw

    wow! Is really incredible.

  • Cardaver

    Reminds me of an old black and white movie called ‘Freaks’ (1932 I think). I saw it on Youku awhile ago, it’s not half bad

  • John Smith

    When they’re nose to nose, his toes are in it.
    When they’re toes to toes, his nose is in it.

  • Opalivian

    It’s all about the money.