Chinese Wedding Video Impress Netizens, Spreads Online

Here is another video that is being shared a lot on Kaixin001. It is a wedding video that many people think was made very well:

Comments from Tudou:


I don’t see what is so great about it!! The editing for my own wedding 10 years ago is no worse than this. The coordination between the music and the pictures in this are even a little inferior. And it should have included some ambient sounds. It would have been even better!


They used a bangzi song? They will have to listen to it for the rest of their lives. Such a tragedy.


Very moving. I hope they will live together to an old age. A very well-made film.

hazelnuts10 海外:

Amongst wedding films, this one was truly done well, very beautiful~~


I shed tears watching it, very moving, and the first time I have been moved by a stranger’s wedding.


TangChi Impression, from Shanghai, Tianjin also has a similar company, and apparently costs 7000 kuai, however that is only for the editing, and it would be even more expensive if including the filming.


What a blessed/happy feeling, I want to get married~~~


So touching, maybe this is one of the weddings that all women look forward to~


The groom is so handsome, haha! This kind of wedding is too touching.

What do you think of this wedding video? Is it very impressive or only average?


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