Whistleblower in Guangdong Suffers Ruthless Reprisal

The injured Li Jianxin.

From Sina:

Guangdong Part-Time Whistleblower Has Fingers Hacked off and Splashed with Acid, Right Eye Blinded

Southern Metropolis Daily report – There’s an Uncle Qu in Guangzhou who exposes the personal use of government vehicles, and there’s also a part-time whistle blower in Huizhou that goes by the name “Uncle Ou of Huiyang”. Yesterday morning [July 8], at about 9:50am, Huizhou’s famous netizen “Uncle Ou of Huiyang” (real name Li Jianxin) went out by car. After he was hit and stopped by another car while in a remote industrial park in Huiyang District Yonghu Town, he was attacked by 3 men with acid and hacked with knives. In the end, a large area on his back was burnt, two of his fingers were chopped off, his wrists were injured, and his right eye was blinded.

Hit and stopped by another car in a remote area, and attacked

Yesterday morning [July 8], at about 9:50am, Li Jianxin said goodbye to his wife Li Guiqiong at their home in Huiyang District Yonghu Town. He was going to take his 6-year-old son to play in Huicheng Danshui. When he drove his car to an intersection near Hui’ao Avenue in the Yihu Industrial Park in Yonghu Town, his car was hit by another car behind him.

At about 10am in the morning, Li Guiqiong received a call from a woman who claimed to be a waste yard worker, “your husband asked me to call you, he was attacked”.

When Li Guiqiong, Li Jianxin’s younger brother Li Jianhuang, and some other people arrived at the scene, they saw that Li Jianxin was lying in a pool of blood by the car. Near his two wrists were two knife wounds, two of his fingers were hacked off, and his right eye was a mess of blood and flesh. Li Jianxin was still able to talk at that time, and he told his younger brother that when he got out to check the damage after being hit and stopped by another car, 3 men got out of the other car, first splashed acid on his back, and then hacked at him with knives. Because his son was in the car, he didn’t dare flee.

This incident happened at a remote location. Southern Metropolis Daily reporters found the waste yard worker named Zhang Li (pseudonym) who called Li Guiqiong. Zhang Li was in her dormitory when she heard someone crying for help. After she came out, she saw a wounded man lying on the ground. A little boy got out of the car, crying in tears, “daddy, I don’t want to go out and play ever again”. The little boy said there were 3 men who attacked his father.


“Uncle Ou of Huiyang” is a professional whistle-blower in Huiyang

“Uncle Ou of Huiyang” Li Jianxin is 47 years old, lives in Huizhou City Huiyang District Yonghu Town. A search for relevant information on “Uncle Ou of Huiyang” on Huizhou’s popular online discussion forum Xizi Forum shows that his ID was registered on 2012 June 29, and from 2012 August 4 to July 6 of this year, he has published a total of 95 posts. Amongst them, at least 80% is the reporting of various problems in Huiyang, with most of them being corruption involving village officials, but the scope of his reporting also including excessive fees/charges by schools, contamination of reservoirs, etc. In the hearts of many netizens, “Uncle Ou of Huiyang” is already a professional whistle-blower.

The sections where Li Jianxin usually uses “Uncle Ou of Huiyang” to publish posts are “Huiyang/Daya Bay” and “Netizens into Politics”. Normally, he doesn’t provide the full names of those he is exposing but he does give their family names and work positions. According to a media source in Huizhou, among the netizens of Huizhou, it is rare to see someone expose problems of so many kinds.

According to netizen “武当山人”, in recent years, “Uncle Ou of Huiyang” has persisted in exposing criminal elements and collusion between government and business in the Huiyang area, which has gotten him in the bad graces of many people. Of course, there have been many people denouncing him as publishing posts for money, accusing him of being paid to defame others, etc. but at the very least and in most cases, he had gathered enough information/evidence, or else he would have been sued for defamation long ago.

Southern Metropolis Daily reporters interviewed Li Jianxin twice before this. He told the Southern Metropolis Daily reporters that the reason for he calls himself “Uncle Ou of Huiyang” is because he wanted to follow the example of Uncle Qu in Guangzhou who has been investigating and exposing public problems for a long time. However, he hoped that he could expose even more problems, not just the “personal use of government vehicles”.


Comments from Sina:

一字歌 [上海]:

Pray that he’ll be safe. If the case isn’t solved [the culprits brought to justice], there’s no law in this society.

手机用户 [江西南昌]:

Society seldom provides or doesn’t provide institutional protection and the recognition of social value to people like Uncle Qu. Without them, supervision by the people [public oversight of government] is nothing but empty words.

会飞的土豆宝贝 [浙江杭州]:

As a professional whistleblower in China, one must obey the following rules: (1), Never reveal your true identity, never accept any interviews. (2), Always wear a disguise, always change your residence. (3), Prepare a lot of weapons, and adopt a “it’s either you or me” approach when facing reprisals.

手机用户 [四川成都]:

I only want to say that it’s impossible to be a good person, and this is the state of China today.

手机用户 [辽宁沈阳]:

What you’re doing is going against the government.

如意哈哈佛的世界 [上海]:

泪泪泪 Who did this? Come on, this is way too ruthless!!!

xifenglieli [江苏泰州]:

Professional whistleblowers’ incomes are quite high. They have the sense of smell of a police dog, going around, looking for all sorts of things that are afraid of the light, and then they negotiate fees with clients through a middleman. Subjectively, this is for their own personal benefit. But from another side, they objectively deter all kinds of law-breaking behavior!

任志强 [新浪个人认证]:

You don’t know it, but it doesn’t mean it has never happened.

手机用户 [河南郑州]:

Hi, dare [the police] find out the truth?

手机用户 [广东广州]:

A moron, there are things that that you can control/meddle in?

咸鸭下咸蛋 [上海]:

If a case like this isn’t investigated and solved, [the government] will be too ashamed to face the people, and the local government officials will no longer have the people’s support.

孙月沐 [新浪个人认证]:

If this is true, who will come do something about it?!

悟道行 [广东茂名]:

The most basic common sense of a professional whisteblower is that you can’t regularly be together with your family, especially your children and parents.

陈秋雨 [福建福州]:

Exposes criminal elements and the collusion between government and business, and suffers reprisals from those who employs organized crime! 话筒

梁文道纪录 [广西南宁]:

In today’s China, those who have power and influence are a bunch of gangsters/thugs.

手机用户 [河北唐山]:

This is China’s special characteristics, don’t feel raw about it.

成一言 [河南郑州]:

You think you’re in America? In China, if you dare to do something like this, it’s only a matter of time before you lose your life, and you’ll even die very strangely, die without knowing why. And after you die, no public security organ will truly get involved. Sigh, you don’t understand the society.

手机用户 [浙江杭州]:

Enough, with these kind of things, you can’t meddle too much, [because] government officials shield one another, so what can you really do about it?

占豪 [湖北武汉]:

The criminal elements in Guangdong are indeed running wild, many things have happened in recent years, and it’s time to crack down on them!

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  • MeiDaxia

    Wow. This is awful. I mean, this is mafia-level awful. If ever someone wanted proof of rampant corruption in China, they wouldn’t need to look very far.

    At least the American (political) corruption system just puts you in jail on phony charges, instead of brutally and viciously attacking you.

    • mr.wiener

      Hmm, I don’t want to play they the whole deflection game, but to preempt the apologists I’d say western govts would put you in jail on phony charges, THEN you would be brutally or viciously attacked.
      There have been many documented cases of westerns citizens being kidnapped by the secret services of client nations of the west and then disappeared or brutalized. The one big difference in China is they would like instances like this to be made public [but not too public] so that other people will be cowed.
      In the West we like to pretend these things never happen.
      The other big difference is people get disappeared or beat up in the west on orders from fairly high up the food chain. This poor fellow fell afoul of local corrupt types and the central govt will probably not lift a finger to interfere.

      • Whoever thumbed this down has his head in the sand.

        • MrT

          Caught him!

          • mr.wiener

            Think he tastes like chicken?

          • vincent


          • Kai

            I wasn’t impressed with ostrich steaks when they randomly became a “thing” like a decade ago or something (before disappearing just as quickly).

          • BiggJ

            Remember the Chinese guy who was killing people in his village and selling the human meat as ostrich meat? I hope you never got any of that batch.

          • maja

            I used to like them but they disappeared so quickly… I remember my father cooking them and the result was something like horse steak but much more tender.

      • Marcus Muller

        “There have been many documented cases of westerns citizens being kidnapped by the secret services of client nations of the west and then disappeared or brutalized.”

        None other does a better job at this than Israel! Sending their assassins throughout the world killing and maiming as they please. It really is impressive that no one challenges their assassination program. Yet if one was to discover such a program in China, Iran, Russia, you’d hear nothing but widespread condemnation of barbarism from the western media!

        • Don’t Believe the Hype

          Give me a break.

        • mr.wiener

          “Really impressive”
          Yep, except for the time they killed that Lebanese ice cream maker in Norway during operation Gideon because he looked like the terrorist who planned the Munich Olympics massacre. I think the Norwegians still have that Mossad agent in jail.

          • Nice! I’ve seen the Norwegian jails on this site. That Mossad agent is pretty lucky.

      • Don’t Believe the Hype

        Don’t you think if people started disappearing in the US due to these so called secret police sb. might notice?? We have freedom of the press so simply kidnapping ppl is not nearly as possible as it is in China, where u can’t get answers from anyone

        • mr.wiener

          People have disappeared and people have noticed, but the consensus if some one turns up in Gitmo is that “weeelll they must have really been a terrorist”.
          Chinese people are afraid. We in the west are complacent.

      • Germandude

        Come on wiener, you can’t be serious. Your comparison is pretty much invalid, especially, without any examples of such cases.

        We are talking about a Chinese guy that had the courage to investigate LOCAL government corruption. He stepped on the foot of the wrong guy who basically made him suffer like this.

        Now, imagine you investigating on local government corruption in, e.g. the local officials of Sydney. What would you do? Correct, make the information public as soon as possible, because that’s your life-insurance. Local media, if not nation-wide newspapers are more than happy to fill the pages with information about some corruption in the lines of politicians. And because your name is public, it’s hard for them to hurt you, because the newspapers would love to also write a story about “Oh look at wiener, the guy who made the mayor of Sydney go down by pointing out his dirty business, he now lost 2 fingers. Let’s check it out”.

        The problem is that media in China are not free to report what they want, so a guy that comes up with senstive stuff has nowhere to go.

        Why on earth do you think Snowden is still alive? Because he published stuff he has, showed his face and saved some stuff somewhere else (at least that’s what he’s saying). If Snowden now disappears or “dies through an accident”, imagine what’s coming next.

        I agree that also western governments are professionals on hiding and lying, but freedom of speech is still applicable in most of the countries. Most governments try to cut it off. Some have problems retaining it.

        You think if I find prove that Merkel has received redbags from Volkswagen, I disappear or lose some fingers? And if then I go to jail because I didn’t pay my taxes, media would be even more interested to find out what’s going on. Meanwhile, I enjoy the free accomodation and the good food in prison. And sue the government because my PS 3 arrived late in my cell.

        • mr.wiener

          In the west there are certainly less instances of this, but it does happen.

          The extra-judicial rendition of western citizens has been documented on many occasions [although I’d like to stress these cases are probably in the double -triple didgits, not the thousands or hundreds[?] of thousands in China]. Also the west is not so much after whistleblowers [unless they are whistleblowers employed in sensitive areas of govt] , but more about people it views as potential risks to national security. [you know, arab looking people]. Western govts certainly do do a lot of dirty shit they don’t want you to know about, but the difference is they must be very secretive about it.
          “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”


          As they fear the wrath of the western public. In China the people fear their govt.
          The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
          Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

          • Germandude

            The ridiculous methods used by CIA, FBI and all other agencies to fight terrorism are one thing.

            The government, be it the national or the local one, cutting of fingers for people that point out corruption is another thing.

            While the west is stuck with the question on how far personal freedom should be granted and national security agencies busy with finding gaps and ways around the law, China seems to slowly (I mean snale-like slowly) granting its people more freedom and learns how to deal with cases of their wrong-doing.


            Again, in most of the western countries, I am pretty much free to criticize and denounce my government if I have prove. In China, this is still like playing russian roulette.

          • mr.wiener

            This type of thing is kind of “Huey Long” [governor of Louisiana in.. 1930 I think?] But it is comparing apples and oranges to place it up against the kinds of injustices committed by the intelligence community in the West.
            China is still at that stage, particularly in their south. The West is some decades ahead in terms of law and centuries ahead in terms of democratic culture.
            The Chinese are prone to great leaps forward however….no bad choice of words…
            The Chinese are fast at catching up, given the chance to.

          • Washington Bullets

            Exactly, like comparing apples to communist oranges.

            Now that the netizens are following the story, there will probably be increased interest in hunting down the culprits, but if this guy was a “professional whistleblower”, then it will be harder to hunt down who he pissed off, especially when dealing with local politics. Snowden and Ellsberg pissed off agencies and specific entities, but when you piss off a bunch of piss-ant local officials it’s gonna be harder to narrow down the hate-list.

    • blarg

      in fairness he was messing with the chinese mafia pretty much

  • Gordon Gogodancer

    What?! You love your country and want to make it better? HOW-DARE-YOU!?

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Mao Zedong, Stalin, Kim Jung Ill and Aldof all said that one time or another.

      • Mighty曹

        Saddam belongs on that list.

        • Say what?

          Well, now you are just naming dictator scumbags. If that what this list is, then Bush’n’Bama need to be on that list too

  • B*tches, Leave

    Just be glad you guys have a country that let you protest against stuff and talk shit about stuff, while at the same time the government protects you and does actually investigate a crime and punish the bad buys … especially if they’re officials.
    You’re lucky if you’re a citizen of those more development countries. Where you don’t have to be afraid to get gang raped if you’re pretty. Where people are not afraid to help a stranger. Where you don’t have to be afraid that you won’t make it in life because you don’t have rich parents. Where the masses are educated and don’t follow blindly their leadership. Where the question “why?” is welcomed … I could go on, but who cares, right? :)

    • MrT

      no one because you talking total sht

      • POS

        Fuck off to wumao land loser

    • Are you for real??? Don’t go on because I actually care.

    • I wish the government would punish my bad buys. I don’t know what is going through my mind when I buy some of these clothes…

    • Peter Pottinger

      North american governments are just as corrupt, they just hide it better. Don’t be stupid

      • Boris

        Haha….. Sha bi, are you writing that from your mother’s basement in London?

        • Peter Pottinger

          what is shai bi? sorry i live in canada and i don’t get your chinese jokes

          • don mario

            in canada …..in your mothers basement?

          • Peter Pottinger

            my mother died a long time ago

      • laduzi

        No they’re not and no they don’t.

      • cb4242

        You’re and idiot! In the US, we don’t hack and cripple people like that. You don’t know what you are talking about!

      • Lapiz

        No they don’t. The call it treason and chase down private jets of sovereign presidents to search for said persons.

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        nah…there sure is a whole lot of shit going on but you can’t put the US or any other western country on the same level as China.. it’s not at all on the same level. If it were, you wouldn’t have the richest people in China all owning a foreign passport and ready to get the fuck outta there if something goes wrong.

        • grant

          rich americans have swiss bank accounts or cayman islands.and yes a lot of them do have due citizenship and an escape plan.

      • Mighty曹

        Corruption exists in all gov’t and private sectors at all levels. Maybe in the US transparency makes it not as rampant or extreme. But I think we’re just not aware of a lot of shits that are going on until they are caught. Every now and then there’s news of local officials misusing funds for personal gains.

        • grant

          of course there are corruption in the US and they even do it openly. they just don’t call it what it is they call it campaign contributions.

      • xmarkwe

        Probably not as corrupt, but there are still a lot more inside deals, favors for friends, and nepotism going on than many realize.

        I have spent 20 years doing business in Indonesia and know how to recognize these things.

        Western populations have been brought up to believe everything is above board and don’t believe something is bent even when they do see it.

        • Peter Pottinger

          The only reason for government to exist is to take away your rights and to confiscate your money to line the pockets of themselves and their crony capitalist friends.

    • PixelPulse

      So having ugly people worry about being gang raped is not a problem then?

    • asfd

      There’s corruption in the US but most people don’t care. e.g. if you’re a government worker you get paid to do nothing sometimes, but just sit at your desk and surf the internet, and maybe do some work a couple times in the week. waste of taxpayer money but no one cares.

  • 5000 years of history

    You think you are in America? Ha

  • markus peg

    The Chinese government right from the top should employ whistleblowers to go into other areas of the country to make sure its being ran correctly.

    (like undercover boss the TV show where the boss pretends to be a new employe (crap show, but good idea)

    in regards to this story, well… it makes me sick.. i feel bad for the guy. i hope his work wasn’t in vain.

    • donscarletti

      They _do_, it’s just the report discretely to their superiors rather than blabbering over the internet and undermining the legitimacy of the entire system.

      • Mighty曹

        Yup, that’s why I thought he wasn’t smart.

    • Mighty曹

      Hey, ‘Undercover Boss’ is a good you. I watch it often and have been moved to tears by the outcome at the end.

    • don mario

      how can it work when the people the whistleblowers are working for are the most corrupt ones?

      • Gordon Gogodancer

        yes indeed…the state educates lawyers…then the lawyers get fucked up when they do the right thing

      • markus peg

        The corruption doesn’t tend to come from the top, its the further down the ladder that more corruption can be found.

        • BiggJ

          What?? It’s only further down that they get caught. It’s just harder to catch the people at the top…and even when they are caught nothing happens. But it’s the same or even more corrupt at the top. It’s just played on a different level.

          • markus peg

            Although the top can be corrupt its tend to be future down that’s worse. The top is in the lime light, the lower officials in far away provinces get away with things that they wouldn’t if they were in Beijing. Corruption happens at every level but its the lower ones that tend to hurt the common people more.

        • don mario

          what you been smoking?

        • Say what?

          Dat be sum smelly BS coming from this direction over here

    • Dr Sun

      they do, but their all corrupt to

  • 剑胆琴心

    terrible,damn it!
    two policemen got killed in family fight in my town, people were all so happy but the fucking thing was the gov reported as heros,blahblah a lot on local tv show.their relative killed them,how come they became heros already?

    • MrT

      you come from a “town”?

      • mr.wiener

        I came from my mummy’s tummy.

        • MrT

          you is very Chinese!

    • Mighty曹

      How come? Becos’ your town and everyone from there, including yourself, are all full of craps.

      • 剑胆琴心

        i am sure your an old either divorced or single loser!

        • Mighty曹

          Old divorced loser or old single loser? The probability is as much as you being a young single winner.

  • MrT

    I also a “professional whistle-blower”

  • markus peg

    missing story that is important online at the mo:
    its about child abuse, the child has been taken away but with no law in China to protect abused children she will probably go right back to the parents who will hurt her even more for people now knowing she is being abused.

    story can be found here: http://www.ministryoftofu.com/2013/07/brutally-abused-girl-got-help-from-weibo/

  • Pigu

    some pple are so evil

  • mr.wiener

    One question though. How can he be a “professional whistleblower”? Is he rewarded by the govt for informing on the govt?
    Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

    • Atlas

      They probably meant a blackmailer.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        I don’t really feel bad for the people he blackmails if they’re corrupt officials.

      • Mighty曹

        Hmm… intriguing.

    • Reila90
      • cb4242

        How so?

  • 如意哈哈佛的世界 [上海]:

    泪泪泪 Who did this? Come on, this is way too ruthless!!!

    I want to bitch slap this naieve idiot above.

    • Mighty曹

      How dare he!

  • Alexander

    Where’s a shotgun when you need one…..

    • YourSupremeCommander

      He’s already beaten up into a mush, and you want to shoot him with a shot gun?

      • Alexander

        Haha…. that’s really what you thought I meant? Really man……really……? Ten strong men are no match against one man with a gun…. get it? (self-defense) So that’s why I said “where’s a shotgun when you need one….?”

    • Washington Bullets

      China needs this….

      • Alexander

        That’s an American with a gun! Obviously a Chinese person would look more like this……

  • Mighty曹

    He wasn’t too smart in how he was being a whistleblower. With a wife and a 6 y/o son he should’ve been more careful about bringing harm and danger not only to himself but to his family as well.
    He should’ve summoned Captain China to fight corruptions.

    • Alexander

      SIr, Captain China is too busy handling business in the islands dispute with Japan. I think this is a time for Captain Condom….

      • Mighty曹

        I like the Japanese condom mascot more.

  • Wonder Thunder

    I wish this uncle good luck and healing for him and his family. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

  • BiggJ

    I don’t feel bad for this guy at all. This guy knew what kind of shit he was getting himself into. When you start digging up dirt on corrupt officials and criminal businessmen and whatnot….what do you expect is going to happen? I’m sure he was only in it for the money anyway. Guys like this are everywhere. They get paid by one company to make another company/person look bad. Oh well, he just pissed the wrong person off this time. Where does this guy get his money from to buy a car and whatnot? Does he have a day job?

    Point is the guy knew the risk involved in what he was doing. And if he never, then he’s a fucking idiot. It would be hard to catch the person responsible for it. The guy had his nose is so much shit it could be anyone. When you mess with people who don’t follow the law don’t expect something within the law to happen to you.

    • filabusta

      Yeah! He totally deserved to get acid attacked in front of his 6 year old boy! /snark

      • BiggJ

        I never said he deserved it, but he knew the risk involved in what he was doing. What do think these criminals are going to ask him nicely to stop? When messing with criminals all rules are off.

        • filabusta

          Yeah its just that acid attacks are reserved for Afghan Muslims who don’t like to see little girls read. It seems like they went way out of bounds on this one. They could have just given him a night-time warning beating or something instead of attracting national attention. Acid and knives in the morning in front of the boy… come on.

        • maja

          You should pick up the red telephone and ask Mr. Li if he thinks he regrets what he did or if he would do it again.
          You know, not being a coward is addictive. While sometimes being on the safe side is… so very boring, almost the same as being useless.

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  • don mario

    not sure how you can do this job in china without crossing some kind of line.

    the corruption from the gangsters and the goverment officials is obviously going to have some crossover. and then you have no one to turn to and you are fucked.

  • mattman_183

    “Enough, with these kind of things, you can’t meddle too much, [because] government officials shield one another, so what can you really do about it?”

    From pollution to corruption and more, time and time again this phrase of helplessness heard in a country that describes itself as the “People’s”

  • mattman_183

    You know what? Maybe Snowden made a good move not seeking asylum in China after all…

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      yeah they would have put him in an actual asylum

  • dumbledore

    “Professional whistleblowers’ incomes are quite high. They have the sense of smell of a police dog, going around, looking for all sorts of things that are afraid of the light, and then they negotiate fees with clients through a middleman. Subjectively, this is for their own personal benefit. But from another side, they objectively deter all kinds of law-breaking behavior!”

    As usual, always easy to spot the Wumao running dogs.

  • Karoyn

    Posting comments about feelings and reactions isn’t useful. Someone set up a fund for this man if you really care about him.

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