Chinese Wives’ Complaints About Husbands: Part 3

More translated comments made by Chinese women complaining about their husbands or boyfriends on the popular Shanghai Liba BBS forum post, Good wives’ anger-relief post – [Collective complaining of husbands] After entering you will discover that you are absolutely not alone in fighting.


This continues from the previous post, or start from the first part of this series.


Everyday, as long as my LG’s [lao gong, husband] head touches the pillow and his eyes close, he will surely be asleep within 5 minutes!!!
I hate that so much!!!
Every time I want to lie down with him and look at each other to chat, about anything at all would be fine.
But he cannot do it. He does not have this feature/function.
As long as he lies down, he’ll fall asleep~~~


I most dislike my husband for balancing accounts [determining who owes who money] for everything, wanting me to pay for everything that is mine.


I will tell nicely, asking him to go do something, but his eyes are glued to the computer, as if I was dead~~
I cause an uproar, then he will immediately jump up: “Sigh, I’m coming~~”

Over time, I will become a shrew.


When he gets angry, he is extremely terrible, and his mouth is mean, [he] never says I am pretty, always says I am ugly, always thinking he is so great, not romantic at all, and unusually lazy. Usually, if he can sit, he will absolutely not stand, and if he can sleep, he will absolutely not sit.


My husband is not romantic at all, all day only knowing how to stay at home, just watching the fish he raises can occupy half the day, whereas he has never looked at me for even half a second. Lousy men!


After reading this much, I have finally discovered that all men are about the same. 汗 汗 汗 汗 汗 汗 汗 汗

But with you guys talking back and forth, it appears it is still bearable.


He always wants to buy new clothes, new shoes, new bags. Everyday he sprays a lot of cologne. Everyday before going to bed he must perform a fashion show, wants me to assemble several outfits from the closet for him to wear the next day, and then he will try them all on. After deciding what to wear tomorrow, he must ask me if it looks good. If I do not carefully/thoroughly reply, then I am just telling him what he wants to hear. Extreme narcissism, always saying this person is ugly, how that person is so ugly, while he himself is a 100kg baldy. Commonly known as a dark [skinned] fatty. 狂笑 狂笑 狂笑


Strange hobbies.

Collecting various kinds of A片.

Every time he makes me watch it with him together.

While watching, he will ask: Is this girl good looking, is this girl’s skin good, is this girl’s body good…

Every time after AA, he has to summarize the experience, asking if this time was good, and compared to last time, which experience was better?

And if I do not answer his questions, he’ll even get angry!!!


Anything that happens with his family, anything that is said over the telephone, as long as I do not ask him, he will not tell me. Even if I ask, he will just tell me the minimum to get by. However, he must know every trivial thing about my family! Fuck!


Forces me to scream like the girls in A片~~ so fake, yet he loves it, an idiot!


When he first began snoring, nudging him would work.

Later, shaking him would work.

Now it has become kicking.


My husband extremely loves to fart, the kind where he can control the loudness of the sound, and exceptionally stinky. 汗


Ever since my mother-in-law came to help take care of our child, LG [lao gong, husband] has been spoiled rotten, and no longer does anything. What more, in front of his mother, he often develops a chauvinistic attitude and lectures. 狂怒 Ce na. 狂怒 It is as if I have become their family’s female servant!!!


Everyday [he] compares things to beer.

For example: With this purse of your’s I can by several hundred cases of beer.

And coming full circle, even more annoying, “you haven’t finished this face cream of your’s, wouldn’t it be better to buy me several cases of beer [instead of buying more face cream]?”

Like an old lady.


Every time I buy magazines like Ruili or Mina [women’s magazines], he has to say something, “what is the point of buying these magazines?
Why do you not just look on the internet?”
汗 汗 汗 汗 汗
I have already been buying Ruili and Mina for over two years. Every time I will buy them. He has also said the same things for two years, every time…
yet he does not feel tired.


Extremely lazy, I tell him to go take a bath, and he will just pretend and stand in front of the sink washing his little DD [di di, little brother, nickname for penis]. Kao, that is where I normally wash my face, and he uses it to wash his little brother [penis], no wonder I keep getting pimples recently.


All day thinks about Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, but does not look at how little money he earns.
All day researches which car is good at what. He even has the audacity to ask, “honey, let’s buy this car in the future, let’s buy that car, okay?” Truly shameless to the extreme.  差劲


Seeing this post, I feel a lot better because apparently everyone is about the same [have the same problems, with their husbands]. In the future when I encounter times where my LG [lao gong, husband] is really annoying, I will be more open-minded, and not anger myself.


Mine is like a girl, petty and talks too much, often finding things to criticize me, saying my cooking is the same as boiling. In the rare chance that he cooks, it is like a hero proclaiming himself to be the level of a famous chef. MD. I most hate him going away on business and bringing back several pairs of his NK [内裤, nei ku, underwear], never washing them himself, insisting that I wash them. NND. On Kaixing001 [popular Chinese social network like Facebook], he is my slave, but in reality, I am his slave.


When you [referring to herself] are busy, he watches television. When you are ready for bed (midnight), he needs to start working. And he has to have a group conference on GTALK with his coworkers!

You manage to get home by 19:30, just because he said he will come home to eat, so you rush to make dinner, but right when dinner is ready, he makes a single call home to say, unable to come home to eat. TMD.

To be continued…we will translate more soon.

Do you have any complaints about your husband? Wife? Boyfriend? Girlfriend?

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