Chinese Wives’ Complaints About Husbands: Part 1

What do Chinese girlfriends and wives complain about their boyfriends and husbands?

ran615-liba-bbs-discussion-forum-memberBeginning early last month,  a member of the popular Liba BBS forum named “ran615” (right) started a post now-titled, Good wives’ anger-relief post – [Collective complaining of husbands] After entering you will discover that you are absolutely not alone in fighting.

This post now has over 50 pages of comments and has appeared on newspaper and television.

Liba is a popular Shanghai BBS for women, mostly Shanghainese women, and we will translate many of the comments from this post to share some of the many common, and funny complaints or criticisms that Chinese or Shanghainese women have of their men. Let’s begin…


From Liba:


In one year, half of it is spent traveling for business, fuck.


Ever since he could no longer play WoW
he began constantly downloading single-player games.

Unwilling to wash dishes.
Always forgets to get a towel when bathing.
Sometimes also petty/narrow-minded. -v-


His mother is always right, I cannot express an opinion, even more government than the government!


Every week he must find majiang [mah-jong] buddies to go play.
And if he cannot play [no one available], he will whine to me.
Fuck, raising the child is a single person job.
He says he is only responsible for education, and eating, drinking, shitting, pissing [everything else] is up to me.
Fuck fuck.


All day he only wants to buy new clothes~~ where is there that much money to buy~~this #13!!! [#13 = weirdo, abnormal person]
Extremely stubborn, big man mentality [the man is the boss]!!! Pig-headed!!! Also, when it comes to buying me things, simply talking about it counts as having bought it~~ pig-headed!!!


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I am taking care of the daughter, she makes a fuss, and he says I have spoiled her and she is not well-behaved. When he takes care of her and she cries and makes a fuss, he says she has been spoiled rotten by me. Everything is my fault, TMD, you [the husband] are useless as a father.


Always forgets to turn off the lights, turn off the rice cooker, turn off the gas, close the drawers, leaves his clothes lying around, and no matter how many times I have said it, his attitude is always sincere but he always cannot remember.


When at home, he walks around only in his underwear. Even with such a poor physique, he is still like this.


狂怒 Stingy, big man mentality, wordy, is not clean, often thinks he is the most objective, most impartial. [He is] lazy, puts on an ugly face, is petty/stingy, and always have to listen to him!!!


If he is not playing on the computer, he is sleeping, fuck!
Asking him to do something requires asking hundreds of times!


He is playing video games but still instructs me on controlling the television. I am next to him changing channels preparing to watch television, and the moment I change the channel to a war movie he will say “this one, this one”. TMD, he is watching the computer continuously, only occasionally raising his eyes to glance at the television, and it must be a show that he likes to watch. Monopolizing the computer is not enough, he has to monopolize the television also! 狂怒 狂怒


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I cannot say bad things about his parents, his family is always right. His family’s money is money. My family’s money is all toilet paper.


When I am driving, he is always on the side yelling~~pass, pass!^

The entire way he doesn’t stop, talks so much, does not trust me.


Everyday he says he needs to exercise, but everyday he does not do anything~
He says he wants to run/jog, but the moment his butt touches the computer chair, he won’t move again.
Jogging/running becomes walking/strolling, and after 5 minutes he flees back up [to the apartment]~ Dragging him to go exercise is truly more tiring than exercising myself~
One moment claiming to want to swim, another moment claiming to want to learn latin dancing, and except for [not having] late-night snacks, there has been no other progress~
That tummy yo~ 撞墙 撞墙


When I am away on business, he simply puts his socks in water and will not wash them for the entire week until I return and he says to me that he changed the water everyday!



He talks to me like talking to an elementary student,
acting like he is the elder.
He himself clearly is very brainless,
I remind him and he tells me not to make a fuss.


CN!!! My boyfriend has all of the problems your husbands have!!!


Everything is good about my husband except he is not willing to go stroll/shop with me. Upon entering a shopping mall he says his stomach hurts, pisses me off.


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My husband is also very shameless. He is obsessed with cleanliness, bathes twice a day, and bathes extremely slowly. I really do not understand what a man with not that much hair has to wash inside! Everyday he needs to turn off the gas valve, forcing me to always climb up and climb down, because he cannot sleep without turning it off! He is always late, having never been on time over 5 times since I have known him, always having an excuse.


[I am an] unmarried [girl] here sightseeing. All of your problems my BF [boyfriend] has, so. I am considering breaking up.
To add one, treating you like an idiot, pretending to be very practical on the outside. It sounds good, but actually being practical is another thing. [He] only demands a harmonious appearance. When you get angry [he] even accuses you of getting angry for no reason.

To be continued…we will translate more soon.

Do you have any complaints about your husband? Wife? Boyfriend? Girlfriend?

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  • Green Tea

    haha I am first this time!

  • Green Tea

    and even second! what is going on?? where is everybody?

  • Green Tea

    ok, I am going to read the blog now.
    (haha sorry people, but I noticed that everybody is having a competition in being the first to write here… so couldn’t let the opportunity go!) ^^

  • Green Tea

    haha seems relationships are all the same all around the world!!

  • It isnt actually on the front page (and maybe RSS feeds?) yet, or at least it wasnt a few minutes ago.

  • Jay K

    this is an awesome one. will it make it tot he chinese people secrets. those were classic. i hope this becomes classic too!

  • Mike Fish

    I love the one about the dude not liking shopping… ha… shopping BLOWS!

  • Chen

    WOW!! THis is nice. Why not have Chinese Husbands’ Complains about Wives: Part 1?

    • warped0ne

      Didn’t you read the women’s complaints, according to them, all the men either spend all their time playing online games or working, men don’t have time to complain about women.

  • Lungtha

    It’s funny…. but it’s ok..
    So many generation have gone through that.. and also husband and b/f also got problems with their wife and g/f…. This is circle of life… there is no real happiness until you become like buddha..

    • Fike2308

      That’s because Buddha wasn’t married!!!!

      • Yes, he was. He left his wife and child to seek enlightenment.

        • MIX

          ………. the only way to become enlightened -.-

  • Odd that there are no complaints about sex here.

    • Paola

      You mean sex with partner? After marriage? Heard Chinese men are used to go to ‘pink shops’ with friends for that. Strange nobody raised this issue. Maybe too proud or maybe haven’t realized yet…?

      • Rick in China

        Or haven’t fucked a foreigner yet and haven’t much to compare to.

        • Paola

          Might be. We have to wait for part 2 to know that!

        • hellofriends

          Considering that white men have smaller penises than the Japanese, they will probably be disappointed- especially since many foreigners in China have AIDS.

          • ba

            troll much? or is it just penis envy? most foreigners live and work here. and since we have to get tested for aids before that will happen…i would say your tiny penis has prompted you to make a ridiculously untrue statement. but since your chinese, i guess we should all expect that.

          • MIX

            gotta agree with “ba”
            my theory: small penises because of the nuclear warhead
            dropped on them.

  • G.

    The complaints usually come from non-communication couples.

    If only they were talking to each other about their hopes, dreams, ideals… Problem is, this generation lost it all…

    • We get the point, G!

    • BloodDeathand Glory

      I think the fact that you can be anon. on the internet means that these just might be moments of anger on the behalf of the wives, they also might be legitimate complaints, but relationships are like this around the world, but in the UK/USA/OZ just substitute computer for watching sports and you’ll have the same issues

      • ba

        no it’s computer games in the states too. it’s not a race thing it’s a man thing. boys don’t grow up until there at least 40. even then…

  • Tommy

    He works hard all day every day in a job he hates with pittance pay so he can provide for his family but he wont use that money to buy his wife an LV bag. Wot a cunt!!!

    • Alan

      There is an “entitlement” mentality amongst Chinese women and, indeed, the wives family, that makes them feel she/they are owed something by their husband.

      An Australian guy I know recently married his younger Chinese wife. His wife told him plainly, he should give 200 yuan to each of her relatives, just because he has married her, in total around 1,200 yuan. But not one of them has said congratulations or praised them. And yes they will all drink like fish and feast like hogs at the banquet he has paid for.

      As someone once said single life is freedom, married life is hell…:(

      • Rick in China

        Obviously buddy wasn’t exactly a superstar if he’s getting roped for nickles and dimes by his peasant-wife et al, and didn’t spend time to know her family or even _her_ before getting married.

        Another case of fuck-for-passport vs. can’t-get-laid-back-home. Who wins? Neither, both are losers.

        • Fike2308

          Yes, BOTH sides are losers…I agree.

          I also agree with Alan that Chinese girls do have this bizarre sense of “entitlement” which is one of several reasons why I don’t date them anymore.

          • Heilong79

            As far as I see it, stay away from Shanghai girls, many are like this and if they rope you in they will treat you as an open wallet, Chinese girls are great but do shop around first.

        • jennyRY

          you seem to think you know a lot about CHina and Chinese, orelse you didnot benifit enough from your conceptual China, is that why you bark here with fury and discontence?

    • ba

      other than students, i have never seen anyone work hard in china. and they spend there money on gambling, hookers, beer and other things they have no justification for buying. did you even read the complaints?

  • Alan

    Obviously buddy wasn’t exactly a superstar if he’s getting roped for nickles and dimes by his peasant-wife et al

    Firstly, to retort, I wouldn’t call her a “peasant wife”, she is a city gal through and through. Don’t jump to assumptions just yet.

    and didn’t spend time to know her family or even _her_ before getting married.

    And everyone is perfect, right?

    I don’t care what any laowai says, even if you’ve been here 10 years or 20 years, we can never understand Chinese society, let alone even scratch the surface as to how deep the rabbit hole goes…

    • Rick in China

      A janky bitch from Anhui who lives in Shanghai is still a janky bitch from Anhui at heart, Alan.

      • Charles

        Its funny how people talk about how the Chinese stereotype too much and then go ahead and use those exact same stereotypes.

        • Rick in China

          Are you implying I moan about Chinese stereotyping too much? I’d like to see where.

    • ba

      the chinese will say that foreigners don’t understand. that’s only because you don’t like our opinion of you. if we had anything nice to say you would praise us for our insight and intelligence. even some of the chinese will agree with us when we criticize the ugly parts of your culture. you are not that difficult to understand. your greedy, vain, and prideful. there is no excuse that justifies or expains away these things. it’s not a lack of understanding that brings us to these opinions, it’s the experience of getting to know you.

      • Fike2308

        “the chinese will say that foreigners don’t understand. that’s only because you don’t like our opinion of you. if we had anything nice to say you would praise us for our insight and intelligence” – ba

        Ba makes an excellent point.

        Based on my experiences in China I can verify this…anytime I would praise something about China (Daoism, Chinese Food, Zhuang zi, Mo Zi, Traditional music) I would receive a lot of praise and respect and people would act like, “Yes! You really understand China!”

        But anytime I ridicule or critique something about China (dirty bathrooms, Mao and the CCP, pollution, internet censorship) I’d be met with anger and hostility and this “You don’t understand China” attitude which is just a cop-out.

        I would like to think though that the Pre-Mao/CCP China was (and still is) the true China….the China that I enjoy and not what the CCP has turned into.

        Maybe “New China” will just be a short phase in the course of history much like “New Coke” was in the USA…eventually people will want to return to “Traditional China” just like people did with “Coca-Cola Classic”.

        • Banjopete


          I have encountered the same cop-out many times when I visit China as well as in talking to mainland Chinese here in the USA.

          The Chinese really do not take criticism from foreigners very well at all. I think it opens up some nasty old wounds for them whenever a foreigner starts pointing out problems in China. Through resources like chinasmack though, we can see pretty clearly that Chinese people are not afraid to address these things when talking amongst themselves.

          The Chinese national psyche is still deeply wounded. They are constantly looking for affirmation that their country is becoming competitive and equal with the West(and other East Asian countries). They are absurdly focused on rank and status among nations because they feel like their own is so much lower ranked than it ought to be. The more real confidence Chinese people gain about their country, the less unhinged they will get at foreign criticism. Or so I hope at least.

          That being said, there will probably always be some aspects of China that we foreigners simply can not stand. Mao’s legacy will probably never be redressed like it should be. The CCP will, as long it exists, continue to censor objectionable content and rewrite the history of itself as well as of China as a whole in order to conform to the bottom line.

          • Fike2308

            Interesting points…I think we’re on the same page.

          • J. Li

            I think you are dead-on that the majority of Chinese, even the current adult generation, has a deeply rooted national inferiority complex due to China’s sometimes shameful history.

            Remember all that China has gone through : from a once proud empire unmatched into the entire world (Tang dynasty) through several periods of unity and disunity, being conquered by other ethnic groups (Mongol, Manchu) during those periods. Then having bits of the country taken away by your greedy imperialistic white forefathers. Even after the end of foreign domination, fell under a misguided dictator (Mao) who caused further damage to the traditions and culture of that once proud empire.

            When I went to China I was met with mixed reactions to being born Canadian, and generally not acting Chinese. I was treated with even more negativity when I told them my family was of Manchu descent.

            Conclusion is, China is ancient and has many reasons to feel both pride and shame, only the Persians have ever had a more tainted history. China today is really as good as it has gotten since the Ming dynasty : united, peaceful, stable. Just take it easy on the criticism.

  • Yin

    Eh, Chinese women might have a sense of entitlement, but so do American women. It’s just that the senses are not exactly the same. Sexual competition in the US, today, has devolved into a penis contest – and I mean that only half-jokingly. There’s no shortage of bitter beta blogs online, blaming the state of American mating on everything from feminism to white guilt to the great black penis. In China, the situation is exacerbated by the transition to modernity (from what was largely an arranged marriage system) and the dearth of young women courtesy of the one-child policy. The result will probably be some sort of selection effect – the losers will comfort themselves with prostitutes while the winners breed. What the next generation of Chinese will look like is hard to say.

    • thornberg

      Yin, American dating is certainly not as you say, ‘a penis contest.’ Dating in the USA is complicated, as in China, but not a penis contest. As an American woman I feel confident to disagree with such a preposterous statement. Also, in my experience, many Chinese women not only have a sense of entitlement but also aspiration. There is not such an easily identifiable list of requirements for American females to determine whether or not they will be compatible with a man. And in my experience, if your end scenario comes true–won’t the winning males (who breed) and the losers both comfort themselves with prostitutes? The winners ‘comfort’ themselves with prostitutes in the present, no?

      • ba

        thank you. penis size is really only something men care about.

    • Chas

      Thank you Yin for your comments, I find them interesting as I try to understand your country better. I am planning to go to China shortly and the more info I have the more understanding.

  • Fike2308

    Based on my personal experiences with women (Chinese and American) American women tend to give more and expect less….again, just my personal experiences and interpretations.

    I’m sure the fact that I’m American has something to do with it.

    I definetly agree that one of the problems with China is the fact that there are fewer women than men…but, that’s advantageous for the women here.

  • Jingping

    First! And now to actually read the post…

    • Fike2308

      First? First what?

      • Jingping

        Grrr, the comments didn’t show up when I first loaded it! *grumble*

  • Jimmy

    It’s funny. As a gay guy in China I have some of the same complaints about my Chinese BF…lol.

    Guess I don’t have it as bad as some of those girls though :P

    • Jay K

      that’s fuckin hilarious. u should write about it; it may be posted here on chinasmack as feature commentary 我顶你!

  • FYIADragoon

    Sounds like the typical husband in China to me, if my experience staying in their households was any indication. The real question though is why are they marrying these typical jerks, instead of going for the more rare good guys? Oh wait, Liba. Question answered itself. There’s nothing “good” about these wives.

  • Alan

    A janky bitch from Anhui who lives in Shanghai is still a janky bitch from Anhui at heart, Alan.

    Learn to read, and then go back and read my post. I said she is a city girl through and through, she was born and raised in Chengdu. Hardly Anhui nor Shanghai.

    • Rick in China

      I’ve lived in Chengdu for 6 years – she’s VERY janky. Especially if you consider Chengdu of her growing-up-time…hellza peasantry still abounds about, “Alan”, how about you grow out of yer fuckin box and think before you write.

  • Super Kong

    Sounds like its time to open up a male escort business for Shanghai housewives.

    • VeerLeft

      Dingdingding… totally correct. A network is being established presently.
      It’s an Extra-Marital Satisfaction COnsultancy.

  • Alan

    Such hostility, RIC. Chengdu is NOT a peasant city, granted it’s no Shanghai, but it’s not exactly Anhui either.

    • Rick in China

      Clearly we have different understandings of what a peasant is, but, Chengdu _is_ a peasant city. Most definitively. If you’ve spent any time here with locals, you’d write an apology for your mistypes.

      • Fike2308

        Really? I’ve never been to Chengdu myself but I was always told it was one of the better cities in China.

        This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone refer to it as a peasant city.


      • Duchemin

        Tell me, what is wrong about peasants?

    • Jingping

      FFS, would you stop feeding the trolls?

  • Mr. Potato

    To Yin:
    I think the big difference is in the way Chinese women TALK about their entitlement, Yin. A Western woman may FEEL it on some level, but she definitely won’t be so comfortable as to just come right out and say it … unless it’s in divorce court.

  • Mercator

    This story still isn’t showing in the “Latest Stories, Pictures, & Videos” section.

    If it hadn’t noticed it in the animated box at the top; I would have missed it.

  • malagebi

    These girls don’t mind the husbands going out drinking and whoring all night?

  • pimp war

    These women need to quit complaining and get out and find a real job.

  • The John

    Well, I have been to Shanghai. I will say every city has their nice ladies. Date worthy and love worthy…

    There are also the terrible ones.

    You know what I mean, the girls that complain about how fat and lazy their boyfriends are, yet they would never touch a gym to save their lives. There are too many girls that want Mr. Muscle, yet they have a kangaroo pouch on their stomachs.

    Lets not forget the materialistic girls that think they deserve heaven and sky… Yet, they never give heaven nor sky. I think women and men both lack the ability to turn their pet-peeves inward. It’s not only a chinese thing.

    Then there are the girls that value a man by his wallet, BEFORE marriage. No wonder you didn’t find the right one…. You only focused on his cash from the get go… Then you realize, god dammit… This guy is a bastard… Who’s fault is that?

    Then there are the girls that are NEVER wrong. Yes, they think everything they did is right and hate to admit they are wrong. Even uttering the words make them feel like they “lost face.” Avoid these types at all costs.

    Then there are the insatiable ones. The ones who are never happy. If you get LV, they want something else.

    Then there are the cheaters. You see, when they cheat… It was because of “emotions.” When men cheat, its about sex. I have found that a high number of girls cheat. Just because, it’s China… Doesn’t mean all girls are angels. Several of my male friends have been cheated on.

    There are the girls that turn friends against each other.

    The list goes on and on…

    Rule of relationship:
    Never expect what you can’t give…

    To be fair, NOT all women are like what I described. But, when I was in major cities. I found quite a few. I don’t generalize, but I do like averages and statistics. So far, 70% of ladies I have met in Shanghai fit one of the above category. Which is why men, shouldn’t put up with girls like that. Just don’t put up with them.

    Same goes to women. If a man is not worth your time, why did you marry him. Then, you complain about him online? Who really lost this deal? Im not even sure… But, as one poster said… Male Escorting is a gold-mine waiting to happen…

    • The John

      We should all learn from the great AL BUNDY:

    • Rick in China

      You’re right in many of your observations. A large part of that may be attributed to higher-than-realistic expectations brought on by movies and media. People are witness to such fantastic love stories and ‘romantic-caricatures’ that nobody in reality could ever really live up to.

      One problem here is that there is also just as bad, but different, expectations put on women by men. Even ugly dudes expect to land a hot woman. We have it bred into our minds that if someone isn’t hotter than we are, they’re not worth our time. Everyone tries to box above their weight class, and without alcohol, there’d likely be a stagnant slowdown in reproduction world-wide.

      Even though I recognize it, I’m guilty of that, also. Many people are simply brought up to be more demanding of themselves, and in that, be more demanding of others….and the more demanding people become, the less likely we are to be pleased.

  • Alan

    RIC, I still don’t see how Shanghai girls compare to Chengdu girls? It’s like comparing salt with sugar imho.

    You said you spent 6 years in Chengdu? Surely you must have been happy there, at very least? Not attacking you, just curious as to your apparent dislike of the place?

    • Rick in China

      I am _still_ here. My company is here. I’m here for my company, and very few other reasons. I travel frequently; escaping this _hole_ of shitty clubs, scrappy food, and paltry women.

      People like Chengdu because Chengdu is cheap. Everything here is relatively cheap. Rent is cheap. Beer is cheap. Food is cheap. Women are cheap. It’s paradise for ‘long-term’ tourists (ie. bums) and teachers who can’t find work elsewhere. If Chengdu’s 价格 was the same as somewhere like Shanghai, it would quickly become a ghost-town. Wait, maybe not, since most of the peasants in Chengdu haven’t left the province, and likely have no idea which direction Shanghai is.

      There are very few working professionals here, and it’s a relatively tight-knit circle.

  • qwerty

    Nice foreigner available on demand :P
    Will not keep playing computer game… but will keep playing with your nice body >_<

  • The Grudge

    Chinese girls are the most beautiful and hot women on earth, even the ugly ones.

    Whoever challenges this opinion, deserves to date the following Western treasure, for eternity and beyond:

  • cody

    shanghai women sucks …simple

  • Chen

    I went to Shanghai before, they are definitely hot

  • Master C

    Wives would agree with the following :

    1) Wife is not a maid so no menial chores
    Hire a MAID

    2) Wife is not a cook so no kitchen duties
    Hire a COOK

    3) Wife is not a delivery person so no grocery duties

    4) Wife is not a babysitter so no baby sitting late nights. Hire an in house BABYSITTER.

    5) Wife is not a secretary so no going out to do paper work or pay bills. Hire a SECRETARY.

    6) Wife is not an ‘entertainer’ so unless she enjoys ‘entertaining’, do not expect her to do weird stuff that you like from TV. There are proper venues you are expected to go out with friends to bond via and enjoy with.

    7) Wife as lady of the house is however expected to oversee the all workers listed above. Overseeing the above workers will keep her busy and well socialized.

    Wife is expected to :

    1) get along and maintain regular contact and network with relatives, especially in-laws

    2) ensure smooth running of household

    3) ensure staff get along and resolve disputes between staff if not fire those out of line

    4) maintain high standard of deportment so Man will not look bad.

    5) bear at least 1 male child

    6) accept as sisters and get along with any later wives (mistresses do not count) who marry into the family

    Man in turn should not attempt to marry and raise family unless :

    1) He can get along with future in-laws, you do not just marry the woman, but the family as well

    2) He has the means to hire the necessary workers to properly staff a household

    3) Has unmarried or poorer relatives willing to fill in those roles

    4) Wife is willing to take on staff duties (not recommended cos she’ll burn out in a short while and start hating on Man).

    5) Both parties are willing to live in state of neglect

    6) Has a stable career is in good financial condition.

    So ladies pls understand what you are getting into when marrying a man who is unable to afford the above workers to properly run a household. And gentlemen, don’t presume to raise a family when you are unable to afford a home, much less the necessary staff. If plagued with shortfalls in any area listed above will result in years of lame bickering and negatively impact children brought up in such environments who will further negatively impact society.

    Family is a serious matter and if all a man needs is sex or companionship, there are always prostitutes and escorts to fulfill those roles.

    For unmarried or unmarriageable ladies, try to find work in industries that are not traditionally suitable for males so that you do not create a shortfall of jobs and so that men and women do not compete for the same jobs unnecessarily. To destabilise society in this manner will be detrimental to all parties, so ladies, please think considerately and holistically when choosing your university disciplines, and defer graciously to the gender expected to be breadwinners.

    • Master C:

      You are right on the money. I concer with a majority of what you have said…a few exceptions though

      “1) Wife is not a maid so no menial chores
      Hire a MAID

      2) Wife is not a cook so no kitchen duties
      Hire a COOK

      3) Wife is not a delivery person so no grocery duties
      Hire a DELIVERY MAN

      4) Wife is not a babysitter so no baby sitting late nights. Hire an in house BABYSITTER.”

      These are in fact traditional roles I believe a women should be doing….Just not in such a manner to burn her out. All families cannot hire this staff…and those who can should not necessarily do so just to do so. As for the idea that a man should not be married unless he can afford such a staff….I disagree, should the less fortunate or lower earners of society be without family simply because of econominal reasons…granted I dont believe they should live above their means…but lets be a bit more practical…other than this….I believe your on to something.

      Please dont take my comment as negative criticism, as by your post I can tell you are an intelligent man, as I do not wish to offend you.

      • Master C

        Your consideration is much appreciated. No offense taken at all. Glad to hear your view.

        Well though a portion of the post is rather cynical, the less fortunate or lower earners of society would better serve humanity by being without family simply because their insistence on procreation would result in overpopulation by the impoverished which would in turn burden the government.

        That is natural selection at a social level at work, and to ignore this would result in serious consequences even as environmental disasters destroy the world’s capacity to support mankind. As of now, there are insufficient jobs being created pointing to an ‘oversupply’ of people and rising food prices pointing to a lack of food supply.

        There are few principled men among the ‘masses’ these days abiding by such unwritten rules (i.e. poor indulging in procreation). Of course the privileged have also been increasingly less forthcoming about charitable ‘adoptions’ (i.e. paying for college simply out of charity) of children of the impoverished entering college. Both and the costs of college education itself, are not helping the situation. Should the issue of ‘heart’ or the lack of it blind everyone to the realities that man has never organized himself enough to address? And if he does not, who but nature will?

        Look forward to any extrapolations on this. Been a pleasure to meet.

  • I agree all around the world women have these complaints. I just say, men, pay a little more attention and women, well, will just…..just be women.

    We are different no matter what race or culture, men are raised differently than women…I do know that when my wife is not happy…..I immediately know it, not because she’s mean or rude…but I feel it in my bones and no matter what I’m doing…i cant continue it..I must stop and grab her and hold her, usually its on the balcony overlooking the skyline. I travel often and I work hard but no matter whats going on i try my best to let her know that the only things that wont get done are the things that are not in my power.

    p.s. I’m African American and my wife is Chinese.

    pps Ladies, just sometimes give us a break too though. LOL.

  • Master C

    Men of the China, Chinese Men worldwide and Men of the World, read the article on the link and be cautioned on what is happening :

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  • manofsteel

    you women have poor judgment on men, you date and marry defective men, and then u try to blame man, when u already know he is broken and not work right….
    i will make u feel like real woman, i take you shopping, i take u out dining, i help u make home nice, i give you my superman body with big muscles, and i hurt u good with big 9 inches of steel love muscle… 3 times a day..



    • MK

      You are not an American man, I can see this from your English.

    • Mystified

      If manofsteel is American, he must have graduated from the University of Kindercare

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