Chinese Wives’ Complaints About Husbands: Part 2

Like women from around the world, many Chinese girlfriends and wives have a lot to complain about their men too. Continuing from the previous post, here are more translated complaints about husbands and boyfriends  from the popular Shanghai Liba BBS forum post, Good wives’ anger-relief post – [Collective complaining of husbands] After entering you will discover that you are absolutely not alone in fighting.


From Liba:


The first thing he does upon coming home is turn on the television, the second thing is to turn on the computer, busily running in and out, more active than getting ready for work. While on the road, [he] complains about being tired tired tired, but upon returning home and seeing the computer, he is like as if he ate an energy bar, and will not go to sleep before 12 midnight. Wherever he is is wherever he takes off his clothes. [He] always claims he washes his own clothes, but washing clothes to him is simply opening the clothes washing machines and putting his clothes in. 青团 青团 青团


This reminds me, the thing I am most annoyed with my LG [lao gong, husband]…he always needs to go to the WC to poop whenever we go out to eat…each poop is 15 minutes…always making me wait outside for that much time!!!


In front of my parents, [He] says how pitiful he is, as if I specially bully/mistreat him. Also, in front of others outside, he always acts like I bully/mistreat him, so in the end, in the eyes of outsiders, he is a victim of my bullying/mistreating, and they will even say [to me], “don’t bully/mistreat him”…ce na…how have I bullied/mistreated him? I ask him to do something and I can ask several hundred times without him moving. In the end it is still me who has to go do it. He only knows how to pretend to be pitiful to others. 狂怒


When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he does is turn on the computer, and the last thing he does before going to sleep at night is turning off the computer. 撞墙 撞墙


He is fat like a pig, yet thinks I’m fat. His self-image is extremely high.
Friend, give me a break, I am 95 jing [2 jing = 1 kg], you are 95kg!!!


Let me share some of my husband’s shortcomings, [because] he too is about to talk about my shortcoming. Talks too much, not like a man, never giving in to me, so annoying.
Frequently, [he] will show off in front of our daughter, saying daddy is better than mommy, pisses me off~~~


Does not take care of our son.
Everyday eats late-night snacks.
Does not tell me his whereabouts.

狂怒 狂怒 狂怒 狂怒 狂怒 狂怒 狂怒 狂怒 狂怒 狂怒


Upon returning home he stares at the computer, and yelling at him to go bathe is so tiring. 狂怒
I’m going = 1/2 HOUR
Almost done= 1 HOUR
A little longer = 2 HOUR


If his mother says it is one, it is one. If she says it is two, it is two. He always listens to her. This is what I cannot stand the most.


Last time when we went out, I changed purses [before leaving].
When we had walked halfway out, he said
“Did you bring the keys? The neighborhood community gate is locked.”
I said, “Oops, I changed purses and forgot to bring it.”
He also said his foot hurts, asked me for a Band-aid.
I said, “Oops, I changed purses and do not have any.”
Arriving at the subway,
He asked if I have any napkins.
I said…
He said “I know you do not have any…why did you no bring anything?”

While inside the subway station and upon seeing the Line 6 just departing,
he said, “All your fault, taking so long…”

I say, “Fuck, why do you not bring anything? You were so sluggish coming out too but you blame me.”


Playing video games and the like I will not say.
Doesn’t like to clip his toenails yet still demands buying good socks to wear.
Why? Because his feet will not smell if he wears good socks.
Then clip your toenails! A 50-60 kuai pair of socks has holes after just a few times of use! So angry!

His appearance is nothing much but all day he loves looking in the mirror before leaving the house, flattering himself, I could vomit.

All day he asks me, “honey, I think recently I’ve again grown taller…my body has again become good.” So you’re 180cm, big deal, crazy.

His self-image is exceedingly good, always saying, “amongst men, my level is about the same as your level amongst women.”
Bullshit! Did you not look at your face? How rough! From when I was small till now I have never had a pimple, okay? And you want to compare with me?

He eats like a pig, never considering other people when he eats with my family. This I think is because he did not have a proper upbringing.

He likes to eat so much, within 5 minutes of getting home he needs to find a snack to eat. At my family’s home too, he opens the refrigerator looking for good things to eat.
A few days ago, he ate three ice cream bars in one hour, and he kept saying these ice cream bars were not good, so if they are not good, don’t eat them!
If you want good ones, go buy them yourself…of all men I know he loves to eat the most. The things only women usually like to eat, he will all eat.
Candy, preserved/dried plums, fruits, and him as a grown man, he even likes to eat gummy candy…


The most important thing is, I always feel that he thinks I am not as hard-working as his mother, faint.


It is difficult to express a complaint/opinion. When I do, he says I am giving him pressure, that he already has a lot of pressure outside working to make money to support the family, and does not want to come home and have to discuss trivial matters. Dammit, as if he was outside being the country’s leader? Also, even when he knows his mother is wrong, he will still tell me to let it go, there’s nothing that can be done, I 555555555 [sound of crying].


When he pisses, he always pisses onto the side of the toilet 撞墙 撞墙
He has a problem.
I cannot keep up with wiping for him [tired of cleaning up after him] CN 狂怒 狂怒


Watches football, watches pool, watches boxing…everything he must watch!

But me wathing a Korean movie is being uncultured.


Also…every time we have a fight and he realizes he was wrong, he will directly AA [use sex] to shut me up!

Every time it works, I always fail!  撞墙 撞墙 撞墙 撞墙


He himself is naive to the extreme yet always thinks he sees the big picture, and if I express an opinion it is me thinking I know a lot when I do not.
Regardless in front of who, [he] is always saying bad things about me, no matter if it is his parents or my relatives, he says [bad things about me]. Says I do not give him freedom.
At home he monopolizes the computer, never doing any house chores.
Whatever shortcomings he has he does not allow me to have. When raise an objection, he simply says “I am a man, you are a woman.”
In addition [he] is not responsible, wants a child, but has not yet given up smoking and drinking.
There is so much more.


[He] never knows to voluntarily buy clothes for me, take me places, take me out to eat nice things, prepare a pleasant surprise for my birthday, everything needs to be asked for, after so many years, the best we have eaten when we go out is KFC or shengjianbao [pan friend pork buns] or xiaolongbao [steamed dumplings]~~


Men outside are good at acting, gentlemanly, good man, honest…

But at home, they are completely not like this.


[He] plays video games until the middle of the night and I can’t say anything about it.

But when I watch a movie until the middle of the night, he thinks I am being noisy and tells me to go outside to watch.

Our baby cries in the night. Him not getting up is one thing, but he also makes an unhappy face, as if only he works and I rest all the time [do not work].

I finally understand what it means to live for your child…

When you truly lose your temper, he pretends to be stupid or says he is not feeling well. He really does not have a man’s courage.

To be continued…we will translate more soon.

Do you have any complaints about your husband? Wife? Boyfriend? Girlfriend?

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