Chinese Wives’ Complaints About Husbands: Part 4

Continuing from the previous post, additional complaints of Chinese husbands by Chinese women translated from the popular Shanghai Liba BBS forum post, Good wives’ anger-relief post – [Collective complaining of husbands] After entering you will discover that you are absolutely not alone in fighting.


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So it turns out that everyone’s stinky men are about the same. No wonder some divorcees say that the ones they found later were no better than the first! Because these men are all like this. Haha.

The one in my house likes to sleep, sleeping wherever he goes, unable to wake him up. Muddled from sleep, he will also say: “lp [lao po, 老婆, wife], scratch my back!” I scratch it, and the next day, he will not remember a thing. I scratched for nothing!

When he is at work, I will call him but he is always so cold, like I am in his way, making me very hurt; I send an SMS text message, and the response will be “恩 [en, a sound of acknowledgment]”, “好 [hao, good or okay], “忙 [mang, busy]”, or “知道 [zhidao, I know or I acknowledge]”. In the past when we were dating, it was not like this!

When I think of more tomorrow, I will come back and post more.


Yesterday at dusk, we took our daughter out for a stroll, and at the beginning: My head is dizzy, my feet hurts, my belly hurts, I probably have heatstroke~~~
Just a little bit of walking and he had to sit down twice. Upon reaching the entrance to our neighborhood, he quickly rushed home, turned on the air conditioner, turned on the computer, ripped off his clothes, put his feet up on the table, and within a few minutes, the sound of music wafts out. Like this is heatstroke~~~ NND.


I have something to say too. Today, this early morning, [he] asked me to kiss his JJ [give a blowjob]. Thinking he has it hard at work, and also feeling sorry for him, fine. After a while, he immediately pulled me to the side of the bed and told me to bend over, thoroughly enjoying himself completely disregarding whether or not I was excited/interested, MDMDMDMDMD.

Then after he finished he said: “So tired, used up most of my energy”. MD, as if it was I who seduced him. I thought he was going to say: “So great, yet another fresh and relaxing morning.”

Treating me like a tool, huh? Even as a tool, pretending innocence and disinterest after using it, XXXXXX MDMDMDMDMD!


I say that I have never even been to Hangzhou before [a city close to Shanghai].
He says “Hangzhou is not hard, we can pick any weekend and just drive there, I’ll talk you, I’ll take you.”

He has said this for nearly 4 years now, and I have still never been to Hangzhou. 撞墙

Exactly a “giant of talk, dwarf of action.”


[He] always gets food on his clothes, as if his chin had a leak, and even complains that I did not successfully wash the clothes, ce na ce na ce na.


I want to do this all at once, and get out every shortcoming. 狂笑

1. Never does anything in the house, difficult to even get him to wash a bowl. Even when I was pregnant, it was I who cooked for him.

2. Not the least bit romantic. The gifts he give me I can always guess. This is pretty weird too.

3. As long as he is sitting, it is the PSP [PlayStation Portable], though he seems to be better than many of the husbands here.

4. So afraid of his mother he is like a pig that has seen a tiger.

5. Not self-confident, easily shaken by people who talk about him, not like a man.

6. Extremely big nerve. Sometimes I am already so hurt I am crying and he will still be on the side saying “I do not understand you, what are you crying about.”

Let me think if there are any more…


First time sitting on the sofa [first reply of this page], hehe!
Our third wedding anniversary, I earlier hinted it to him so many times, and on the night of the date I received an SMS text message saying that he is going to buy a gift. I was so anxious. I even reminded him not to buy jewelery etc. again because they are not practical. However, in the end, he brought back a cup. He even continued to say how expensive it was, that it was over 100 kuai. It was a cup that he likes, not me! Who gives gifts like this?! [He is becoming] more and more unromantic!
This cup he now happily uses himself…


Men are always low/dirty. [His] stomach will be unwell but [he] himself will not eat medicine, always wanting me to prepare [the medicine] for him, and if I do not prepare it, he will not eat it.
Yesterday, he did it again, having me prepare the medicine for him, and I got upset and said, “I will not prepare it. If you won’t take it [by yourself] and die then forget it, and if you die, die further away [from me], don’t die in front of me…”

So, he went to prepare his medicine himself, took it, and then even came back sheepishly saying, “I won’t die, I insist on staying in front of you…”


My husband is like a deflated balloon after coming home, lazy, yet is excited/energetic upon going out. As long as he can be outside, he will not return home, ideally spending his entire day with friends eating, going to KTVs, playing ma-jiang/poker, and never taking our child out.


Often loses [his] transportation card. RMB are not orange peels [to be discarded], ce na. Is earning money easy?

No matter how good the socks are that are worn on your feet, they will be ruined not long after. Your feet have a grudge with socks.

Please take a look at the things in the refrigerator, leaving things that have already grown furry, waiting for me to throw them away.


When washing his face, my husband takes no more than 3 seconds, turning on the faucet, splashing a bit of water on his face, and wiping his face on the towel. Then, three days later, there is a round black area on the towel. My mother comes to our house to clean, and I’m sure every time she uses it to wipe the maps, her hands, etc. because she always believes: this is a foot washing towel!


As long as he is going out, he must wash his hair, everyday applying and applying pomade/hair gel, I can’t stand it.

And what more, he has to bathe before going out, yet does not bathe after coming home, so this person must be clean going out, but does not need to be clean after coming home! 狂怒


Always saying I do not take good care of our son, that I do not educate him properly. Letting him teach English, he actually spent half the day reading before saying he too did not know much vocabulary words. Then, he had our son read, and he himself lied down next to him with a PSP. When our son read poorly, he immediately yelled at him, and then told him to read 10 times, deliberately waiting for our son’s tears to come out and me no longer being able to bear it and take over. Just thinking of this makes me angry. The rest is actually okay, because I am lazier than him, so I have nothing to say.


My husband does not seek to make progress, is overly ambitious, is nearly 30-years-old, and it would take two hands to count the number of times he has changed jobs! Treating work like a trivial thing, quitting when he’s not happy, I really hate him to death.


The one I have combs his hair everyday N times, combing his hair upon coming home, and after awhile, he disappears, again to go comb [his hair]. Then, in the mornings, he will comb his hair at least 3 times before leaving, leaving me thoroughly speechless.
Every day, the tissues he uses to wipe his nose are everywhere, I hate it so much. I always yell at him that it is like me wiping his ass [having to clean up after him] and he becomes unhappy, angry.


His family members are relatives, my family members are outsiders.
He can ignore me while playing video games, but when I chat [with others] I cannot ignore him.
Since we first met, to when we got married, to now, in these five years he has never washed a single bowl, he has never washed a single sock.
When I am not home, it is a day of cigarettes and cola for him.
When he has a headache he will take pain medication, and would rather die than go to the hospital.
Why not just directly eat poison?
When I ask him to find something, he will never be able to find it.
When the two of us have a fight, he is never wrong,
never knowing why I get angry,
and me getting angry is always because I have a psychological disorder or early menopause…


When the air conditioner is at 28 degrees, it is too hot. At 27 degrees, it is too cold. In the middle of the night, he is busy [adjusting it]. Too bad there is no 27.5 degrees.
NND I sleep under the air conditioning and do not feel anything. If you’re hot, don’t use the blanket. If cold, then cover yourself with the blanket. Wouldn’t that work? One moment complaining that the pillow is bad, the next minute complaining that the mattress is bad, causing such a fuss that now there are N number of pillows in the house. It is the same when going to my mother’s place, making it so I do not even want him to go with me to my mother’s place anymore, so bothersome! 撞墙

When pissing, he has to leave piss all over the sides of the toilet, pooping is also messy.  吐


Every time [he] loses money in the stock market —- is the wife’s fault —- the reason: He did not sleep well, he did not eat well, he did not go out and relax, or because he was afraid of me in his heart and did not divest [of the money-losing stock] or buy more.

Every time [he] makes money in the stock market —- is always because of his efforts.


Every time after brushing [his] teeth, the sink is full of drips of toothpaste. After shaving, the sink is full of black facial hair. [He] never knows to rinse [the sink afterward].
After finishing a drink, [he] will throw the bottle on the sofa. The paper towels he uses to wipe his face or sweat, [he] will throw wherever he is.
When watching television, he picks his nose. After picking [his nose], he even puts his finger under his nose and smells. What the hell are you smelling, so disgusting!



Those kind extremely loud sneezes that scare people to death.

When sleeping, one of his extremely loud sneezes will light up all the sound-controlled lights in the neighborhood, make the little baby upstairs cry, and make the ayi [auntie] next door take a heart attack pill.

I will have already been startled onto the floor.

To be continued…we will translate more soon.

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