Chinese Woman Cuts In Line for Restroom, Beaten By Tourist

A middle-aged woman in Gulangyu, Xiamen with a bloody wound on her head after being hit by a brick by an tourist angry that she had cut in line for the restroom.

From NetEase and Phoenix Online:

In Xiamen, A Woman Who Cut In Line for the Restroom is Hit With A Brick By A Tourist, Her Head Bleeding

In a fight that occurred over going to the toilet, a middle-aged woman suffered a brick to her head by another female tourist. Yesterday afternoon, this scene occurred at the entrance to a restroom near the Gulangyu market street.

Yesterday afternoon, this reporter arrived at the entrance to a restroom near the Gulangyu market street, with blood stains still on the ground. City resident Ms. Bai said the incident happened a bit after 1pm. At the time, she happened to be passing by and saw a woman over 50 years old urgently needing to use the restroom but a female tourist refused to allow her to cut in line. Nevertheless, the woman entered the restroom ahead of the female tourist. Furious, the female tourist called her companions over on her phone, openly saying she wanted to beat up the woman who cut in front of her.

A city resident said that once this middle-aged woman came out of the restroom, bystanders even advised her to hurry and leave, but perhaps because of her old age, she didn’t get very far before she was quickly caught by the female tourist.

Miss Bai saw the female tourist pick up a brick from the ground and rushed forward to stop her, begging her not to do something foolish. To her surprise, the female tourist shook Miss Bai’s hand off, causing the stuff she was carrying to spill onto the ground. By the time she had picked them up, she had heard a scream, and that over 50-year-old woman’s head had been hit with the brick.

Miss Bai says the woman who had been hit had at the time wanted to call her son to come over, but was stopped by nearby residents. Everyone was afraid that if her son came before the police arrived on the scene, the situation would get worse.

“That female tourist was really too vicious,” said Miss Bai. The female tourist was in a group of four to five people, and by the time the police arrived, she too was squatting on the ground, claiming she too had been hit and wanting to go to the hospital to get checked.

This reporter learned from the police that the woman who was hit is 56 years old, works on Gulangyu island, and because she was unwilling to line up, she had a fight with a tourist. Both sides then came to blows, with both suffering injuries, and were both taken to the hospital for treatment. Police say when the injuries are slight or less, they will intervene to mediate; if the injuries are slight or worse, a case will be filed and investigated.

Comments from NetEase:

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诗奴L [网易广东省深圳市宝安区网友]:

Everyone [in that line] was already barely holding it in, and then comes a line-cutter~~~
Responsibility for the incident ultimately falls on the restroom, because the number of toilets obviously wasn’t enough.

网易意大利网友 [不顶下辈子还做中国人]: (responding to above)

Humans have three urgencies, and there can urgency of urgencies! Maybe she had already reached her limit, so her resorting to just cutting ahead can be understood, and the main thing is that people are lacking the ability to be compassionate to each other, that society is fickle and impatient. That female tourist going so far as to call people over and swat her with a brick is completely crazy!

nmz2513027 [网易广东省广州市网友]: (responding to above)

If she really couldn’t hold it any longer, couldn’t she have politely said so instead of disregarding everything and just cutting ahead? I imagine this kind of person would annoy anyone.

深圳土著 [网易广东省珠海市网友]:

Who told you to cut in line?
Deserved it!

坚决捍卫蛋炒饭的饭权 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:

Everyone needs to go, so why do you get to go first? Well-hit!

看不惯肚脐眼长毛的 [网易江苏省苏州市网友]: (responding to above)

Yesterday, I was in line to buy a youtiao at RT Mart, and after waiting in line for half an hour, it was finally my turn. Then a man about 40 years old walks right in front of me and tells the worker to give him two youtiao. The worker thought it was his turn and so started to serve him. I spoke up and said he had cut in line, that I was the one next in line. Upon hearing this, that bastard became furious and indignantly left. When it comes to shameless people like this, you have to make a big deal about it, so they don’t dare to think of cutting in line again next time. Everyone else patiently waited in line, what right do you have to come and cut in? This kind of person is very selfish, without the least bit of civic-mindedness.

师大遗梦 [网易河北省邢台市网友]:

During Chun Yun, while on the train, a man and woman were waiting in line for the toilet. The woman says: Brother, can I go first? The man says: Sister, I’ve been holding it in so long that I can barely keep it pinched in. The woman says: Brother, at least you have something you can pinch, whereas there’s nothing for me to pinch!

pancheng321 [网易江苏省扬州市网友]:

Both sides have laid bare the characteristics of our countrymen.

网易广东省佛山市网友 ip:113.71.*.*

Deserves to be hit [beaten], exploiting her old age!

rzgcm6581 [网易广西桂林市网友]:

People these days. Ever since QVOD was shut down, I’ve been going to Lurouwu. It’s great. I’ve used up all my tissues.

Comments from Phoenix Online:

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Maybe she really couldn’t hold it in any longer, can’t people being a little more forgiving/charitable?


I’m not very approving of hitting her, but cutting in line is even worse!


Queue-jumping is against the rules, but hitting people is a crime.


Swatted with cause! Those who don’t line up should all be treated this way in the future, as order is the duty of everyone to maintain, not something one can ignore when they feel like it.


Why bother?


Although her response was a bit extreme, if even this can’t bring about a sense of propriety [in the woman], then it was for nothing.


Well-hit. Those in agreement, ding this up.


Well-swatted. These days, it is the 50 to 60 year old women who have the worst characters. Anything with a line, they’ll uniformly ignore, and the things without a line, they’ll push and shove worse than everyone else!


This [line-cutting] can be clapped [swatted, hit], and I clap both hands welcoming it!


Well-hit. What we need are people to step forward to punish this kind of people who disregard order.

Comments from KDNet:

Thugs need to be dealt with by thugs. If a gentleman encounters a thug, what can he do?


Deserved it.


With a thug, you can only use thuggish methods. Trying to be civil with a thug is just asking to be insulted [is useless].

By the same measure, when dealing with a monkey, you can only use methods a monkey understands. Otherwise, you’re just abusing a little animal.


This must be supported.


She waited until she came out of the toilet? She shouldn’t got a brick and hit her before she went in and see if she pisses her pants!
Being unreasonable even when cutting in line, could she not have politely asked? If it was really so urgent that she was about to pee in her pants, I bet people would let her go first.


Really, this person who cut in line was indeed wrong. But can people consider things from another perspective for a moment? If she really had to go, could she be allowed to use the toilet first? See things from other people’s eyes. If you had to go and was about to soil yourself, would you have the patience to line up?
Why can’t something so small be forgiven? If this person’s character was lacking, then this woman who hit her with a brick can be called a scoundrel and thug. Being able to do such a ruthless thing can be said to be abnormal.
Our countrymen, always so vicious and ruthless with our compatriots. We say it has been 5000 years, but we are still like a bunch of animals.

城义 (responding to above)

A goody-goody. It is precisely because China has too many goody-goodies like you that there are too many people cutting in line!

ccoldman (also responding to mzmfm)

Fuck. When you do something wrong, shouldn’t you first get everyone’s forgiveness? First beg a favor from those in line. Say you have a urinary incontinence problem. I trust everyone will agree [to letting you go first]. But to just rudely cut ahead thinking others are afraid of you and don’t dare to do anything to you?


First, assaulting people is against the law.

Second, I want to say, “Well done! Girl, you’re the man!”


Regardless of whether it is people or cars lining up, countrymen who try to squeeze and cut in front are not the minority. It’s not a big deal, no one is going to die, but such unethical behavior indeed is loathsome, so I approve of what this kind of handling!
The entrances and gates with armed police in some cities are precisely there to stop this kind of garbage!
In view of the sub-standard characters of the people of the rooster country, I strongly propose that armed police with guns be stationed at lines and entrances, and line-cutters who refuse to listen be shot dead!
When it comes to this kind of trash, one less is one less!

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  • guess she shoulda pissed on the ground

  • Some guy

    OK she shouldn’t have jumped the queue, but maybe she really was desperate.
    But calling your friends to beat up an old women with a brick is just fucking pathetic.

    • Irvin

      What’s so pathetic about that? She had a goal which is to get the old woman beat up, calling her friends to increase the probability of the success. It’s a sound plan.

      • Probotector

        It’s cowardly. Why can’t she bludgeon her with a brick by herself… too heavy to wield?

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      Agreed. Some older people are just stuck in their ways. Taking a brick to their head is a complete over reaction, particularly against an old woman.

  • Al_Sharp

    Kudos to both for being so dead-set on using an actual toilet!

    I’m sure there were plenty of kerbs or bushes which many of their compatriots would have happily availed themselves of in just such an emergency.

    • jin

      Gulangyu is a busy island with a lot of tourist, where can you piss? Especially for a woman? A lot of people, especially men would have happily pissed in a alley if they really have to go, unless you want to piss in your pants.

    • ClausRasmussen

      >> plenty of kerbs or bushes

      Then we would have had the same discussion but under a “Middle age woman pees in the bushes” headline

      • Rick in China

        Or we would have had a “peed her pants” headline. What’s the proper solution in this scenario anyways?

  • Guest

    “The female tourist was in a group of four to five people, and by
    the time the police arrived, she too was squatting on the ground,
    claiming she too had been hit and wanting to go to the hospital to get

    Yea right. That’s exactly something a Chinese person WOULD do, a foreigner would probably never bother much less think of doing such a thing in the first place. They would just leave the scene.

    Also this article is very careful to use “foreigner” and be very non-specific. It makes me suspect said foreigner “group” was overseas Chinese, or perhaps South East Asians. However, the fact that this person was apparently understood by the crowd when talking on the phone makes it seem more like overseas Chinese.

    • Don’t Believe the Hype

      That is exactly what i was thinking.
      I’ve never heard 男游客 or 女游客 when referring to a non-chinese.

    • Guest

      Foreigner to that part of China.

    • Rick in China

      I was thinking about that last point as well – they keep saying “tourist”, yet there is only a photo of the victim even though the assailant was apparently at the scene as well. The whole report seems a little weird – the ‘city resident just passing by’ suddenly gets glued to a line-cutting incident at a public toilet and happens to observe the whole thing..the woman who cut using the washroom for however as long, watching the whole time as the other woman angrily calls on the phone, all that seems so petty it’s hard to believe this ‘passing resident’ would sit and observe all of that for so long, holding whatever goods she later apparently spills. Then she happens to try to intervene..yeh.

      Was the assailant a domestic tourist? Must be..

      • Kai

        Christ almighty, you guys, she was described as a “tourist” as juxtaposition to the woman who was bricked being a local, not as some sly euphemism. The latter works on the island while the former is a visitor. It’s a dichotomy of identiy that makes perfect sense for the context of the setting being Gulangyu.

        Why is it wierd for a person passing by to notice a commotion between two people in line arguing? People gawk at commotion. It happens everywhere. You see two women arguing about something that just about everyone can identify with (needing to go and being pissed [hah] at getting cut in front of), see the woman shamelessly just ignore the woman in line by running into the restroom ahead of her and locking her out, see the one who got cut flip out and begin plotting retribution, and then see them tango when the one who cut finishes pissing or shitting and come out.

        • Rick in China

          “Why is it wierd for a person passing by to notice a commotion between two people in line arguing?”

          Because. When the first woman enters the washroom, she has to piss or shit or whatever. Unless she pisses like a ninja, there has to be what…at least a few minutes where the other lady is outside the washroom doing whatever, on the phone I think it says — so what, the passer by is standing there like a dumb fuck, carrying some items, and staring at the woman on the phone outside the toilet? For a few MINUTES? Yes, that’s weird.

          • KenjiAd

            Weird indeed.

            Instead of going to the bathroom she had been waiting for, this woman chose to fight with the queue jumper.

          • Kai

            Which just means her anger overrode her need to use the restroom. It’s kinda like being so interested in a movie that you can manage to hold in your piss.

          • Kai

            The local asked the tourist that she be allowed to cut in front of her, to go first. The tourist said no. They argued, attracting the attention of the Ms. Bai. When the person that was in the restroom came out, the local grabbed the restroom anyway, leaving the tourist who was next in line outside.

            Ms. Bai then watches the tourist flip out over the local being so shameless as to just grab the restroom anyway despite her refusal to let her cut. What’s left unspoken is probably that she was pounding on the door cursing at the local who is inside doing her business. Pissed off, the tourist calls her friends for backup, loudly complaining about what happened and what she plans to do about it. Ms. Bai witnesses all this.

            She’s like, oh shit, shit is gonna go down…and I have front row seats. AW YEAH!

            The local finishes pissing or shitting and comes out. Those around who heard the tourist plotting to beat her up advise her to scram lest shit actually go down. BUT BEFORE SHE CAN GET AWAY, the tourist catches her and shit goes down.

            Ms. Bai sees the tourist grab a brick, escalating this beyond probably a lot of slapping, scratching, and perhaps hair-pulling into assault with a deadly weapon. Being the nice person she is, she tries to intervene and restrain the tourist, but fails, and SMACK, the local is bricked in the head/face.

            At this point, the local wants to call her son for backup, but bystanders like Ms. Bai watching this intervene and stop her, because they don’t want it to escalate even further. It’s one thing to have two women going at it, it’s another when the possibility of man on woman violence comes into play.

            There is nothing weird about this sequence of events or Ms. Bai’s role in it. It happens all the time, every day, everywhere. People notice a commotion and if it is titilating enough, they stand around to watch.

            It’d be weird IF the local spent like 30 minutes taking her sweet time squeezing some turds out while reading a newspaper, but the presumption is that she was at the point where the floodgates opened the minute she went in, which means she’s not going to be in the restroom for very long. The other half is how publicly pissed off the tourist was. If she’s flipping out in public, why would it be weird for it to attract people’s attention, enough for them to see all of this unfold? It probably didn’t last more than 5-10 minutes overall and was filled with Michael Bay spectacle.

          • Rick in China

            To digress (away from the elaboration and embellishments to explain why it would be such a wonderful sight to behold) to the point of “Why is it wierd” – because it sounds all so very petty and common… to me, it’s weird. The peanut gallery does like to gather and gawk, but I still don’t find that less weird.

          • Kai

            I interpreted your inflection as not understanding how all of this unfolded, such as why Ms. Bai would stick around to witness what she did. People gathering around a commotion is so par for the course (everywhere but especially in China) that I couldn’t figure out why you would find it hard to believe. But I understand you better now. You’re not saying its hard to believe people would do what Ms. Bai did, you’re just saying, in a round-about way, that it’s not what you would’ve done in the same situation. Fair enough.

    • ClausRasmussen

      “Tourist” is usually synonymous with “Chinese tourist” in China. If it was a foreigner they would explicitly have used “foreigner” to describe her.

    • Yes!

      LOL. No overseas or Southeast Asian Chinese will react that way. Not too long ago, a mainland Chinese woman was also in the news when she cut a line in Chinatown in Singapore. She was confronted and beaten up by her fellow mainland Chinese women who were also in the line. Only mainland Chinese would do this. Probably already fuming from having to stand in line in the first place, seeing another of their kind cut in front only drove them to lose it.

      • Rick in China

        What _would_ happen, though, is they’d be blocked from getting infront in line in the first place. Not with a brick, but by creating a wall and stopping the bitch from pushing her way in, forcing her to become the assailant rather than becoming one themselves.

  • JayJay

    Pissing contest?

    • Taojessy

      pun INTENDED

  • IsurvivedChina

    a bit of an over reaction…

    • Gordon Gogodancer

      which is common in China

    • 山炮 ShanPao

      I’ve not seen this posted in like an hour… wait… it was you.

      • IsurvivedChina

        It’s a bit like the reaction of these people – all too common isn’t it! Stay Classy Dude!

    • donscarletti

      China has two modes:
      No reaction
      Over reaction

      • Rick in China

        Did I just read your comment on ‘Unity, on /. ?

        • donscarletti

          Well, it got modded to +5, so someone did at least.

      • David

        Well put.

  • Amused

    So… Someone finally did what we’ve all dreamed of?

    • arterius2

      I woulda smacked her so hard she wouldn’t ever think about cutting in line ever ever again.

    • Guang Xiang

      shower thoughts turned real

  • biggj

    Cause and effect. Cut in line for the bathroom= brink to the head. Perfectly logical.

    • a race of evil cowards

      whats a brink? is that like hey whats up mang?

      • biggj

        No it’s more like ” I fucked up and never checked my spelling” kind of thing.

  • FYIADragoon

    Don’t think a brick was the right thing to do. They should have done damage to maybe one of her belongings at most. Being a regular user of the subway though, it is incredibly annoying how the 50-60 year olds cut in line, when they’re likely to be given a seat out of obligation anyways.

  • arterius2

    every backwards society needs martyrs like her for it to move forward. Pee’d onto the floor? Brick to the head! Shit on the sidewalk? Brick to the head! Falling down to extort money? Brick to the head! You get my drift.

    • Spoiler Alert

      Paddlin’ the school canoe? You better believe that’s a paddlin’.

      • Alex Dương

        Never gets old.

        • MonkeyMouth

          get your beard out of that pencil sharpener!

  • SongYii

    “Did you see that shit on the news…? Yeah, I told you I was going to Xiamen, remember? I was at this restroom and this bitch cut in line, so I smashed her goddamn face with a brick.”

  • lacompacida

    And I thought only foreigners don’t like others cutting in line. Why doesn’t this woman just be patient, considerate, and receptive to others instead of hitting with a brick ?

  • guest

    “To have such vulgar behavior in a civilized society…”

  • Ryo Saeba

    Honestly, she could of just used the men’s room.

  • don mario

    someone’s watched home alone 2 a few times too many..

  • Xio Gen

    I’ve heard Koreans are even worse about queueing. Apparently lining up for something is a foreign concept. Europeans also will freely cut in line for things and nobody cares. They think it’s quaint that Americans are so egalitarian that even if you’re late for something or you really have to pee you have to wait in line for your turn. I guess I’m grateful that I live in a country where doing something like this is unconscionable.

    • Alex Dương

      I’ve never lived in Korea or any of the European countries, but I find that hard to believe.

      • Xio Gen

        Well by Europe I mean the continent. Brits pretty much invented queueing.

        • Alex Dương

          Huh. Guess I gotta go visit some of the continental countries then.

        • If I May

          What are you talking about, Xio Gen? I’ve been to most European countries and cutting in line is very rare. I’ve never even witnessed it even though I’ve spent months there on more than one occasion. Europeans as a whole are way more civil than Americans (I’m American, btw), and Americans as a whole are way more civil than mainland Chinese.

          As for Korea, I don’t know, but I doubt that that happens over there very much at all. I’ll find out some day.

          • SongYii

            I’ve been to Korea a few times. People are extraordinarily polite. I visited more than one convenience store where the clerk bowed to me after I bought a bottle of water or gum or whatever.

          • Mihel

            I don’t agree that Europeans are more civil than Americans (assuming Americans=from U.S.A.) because the level of civility varies greatly from region to region within one nation, let alone 50+ countries with vastly different economic, historical and social backgrounds.
            Though I agree cutting in line is a relatively rare occurrence in euroland.

          • Xio Gen


            According to this, cutting in line in France is common.

          • Zappa Frank

            Have you ever been there or in Europe?

          • Xio Gen

            Yes I have, actually.

          • Zappa Frank

            how long and where? have you ever seen people cutting lines? like in china?
            because I’ve been there for 30 years and your sentences “Europeans also will freely cut in line for things and nobody cares” is something I’ve never seen..

        • Zappa Frank

          I’m European and I can assure that nobody cut the line without be blamed.. of course, usually we don’t hit people with a brick

          • mr.wiener

            What’s red and bad for your teeth?
            ….A brick.

          • Don’t you mean “queue”? ;)

  • jon9521

    This seems to be a problem in Chinese society. I presume they are taught the concept of a line at school and by their parents? I have seen Chinese tourists cut ahead of lines even when they are abroad. I cant say though i sanction a brick on the head though.

    • SongYii

      only works if it happens consistently

  • Alan Dale Brown

    It’s not any more civilized here. Some San Francisco 49er fans had a nasty fight in restroom over someone who cut in line: Okay, the lady should not have cut in line – but hitting her with a brick? Really?

    • SongYii

      Really? You’re evidence that Americans are equally uncivilized is the behavior of drunk football fans with face tattoos? :-D

      • Alan Dale Brown

        Well, most Americans are not gang-bangers with face tattoos, and most Chinese don’t carry bricks to whack queue-jumpers. But, alas, they exist both places …

        • SongYii

          did you ever see that video of a couple having sex in a bathroom stall at yankee stadium? there were people standing on toilets in the other stalls watching and.taking video, and the couple didnt notice at all until security came. no pun intended. look it up! :-D

  • SMACK my bitch up ! :D

  • that guy

    typical Chinese 文明

  • JayJay

    I was in Petra, Jordan last year as a tourist. I was queuing to get a can of coke as it was very hot. I was at the end of the line, but I waited until it was my turn, I didn’t mind. Then a 20 something blonde girl came and stood next to me at the counter and I think the staff didn’t realise I was next, so served her instead. I was livid!!! As it was very hot and I had been waiting my turn! But I kept my cool, and let them serve her first. But I asked here where she was from, she said ‘Italy’. I then asked ‘do they not queue in Italy?’ She realised I was pissed, and said sorry. See no bricks involved.

    • Boris

      That wouldn’t work in China.

      – ‘Do they not queue in China?’
      – ‘What’s a queue?’

  • xiaode

    At least they were heading for the toilettes and not just pissing / shitting on the street… i can already see some progress… hahahahaha….

  • MonkeyMouth

    maybe a brick was too excessive? reminds me of the time at the airport. we had to submit our boarding passes, then get on one of those buses…some guy cut in front of me, and i stuck my leg out and tripped him. he goyt up in a huff, but i gave him the ol’ psycho eyes, and he walked back to the end of the ‘bubble/line’ that was ‘formed’. i chuckle every time i think about it….it may have made chinasmack..haha…my only disapointment was that it didnt….. ‘) ‘)

  • Rick in China

    Have you seen queue jumpers at big supermarkets like Auchan Carrefour or Ito? Or just at little local ones? When I think about it – we have an Auchan across the street we normally go to, I can say that I have not seen one person try to jump queue *ever* at that supermarket, ever.

    However, I’m not defending the general queue jumping peasant at certain places.. while my wife was in the hospital for the birth of our baby I went down to a queue to pay a bill. Some fucking groddy looking straight up lanky midget tried to bump his way up through the line of about 4 people. I kinda bumped him gave the stink eye and made a grunt, the lady infront of me – who he was also then trying to budge infront, immediately turned to the side and gave him an earful. The fucker tried to meander into the line-up directly beside us for another counter.

    I think there is a strong resentment against queue jumpers, but there is a minority of shameless pricks who simply don’t care – and their thick fucking skin lets them try, repeatedly, and fully accept when they get yelled at – just try again directly after without any loss of face or whatever.

  • NicolasBourbaki

    Notice that some commenters are still willing to defend the despicable behavior of the line cutter by the excuse that there wasn’t enough bathrooms. There is always an excuse with many Chinese people to defend their barbarian behavior. The fact is that Chinese people cut in line all the time even when they have no emergency. It’s just the way they were raised. Uncivilized behavior is rampant even when there aren’t any serious emergencies.

  • chandlerpatrick

    We’re not stupid for waiting in line.
    You’re not smart for cutting in front.

    You’re an asshole.


  • Probotector

    Reaping what she sowed.

  • He Who Be Free

    She got what she deserved. I was on a domestic flight, using the toilet, and their was an angry banging on the door., just after I’d gone in to have a pee.

    I finished up, interested to see who was banging on the door. It was some brown-toothed, mouth breathing locust midget, looking all irate. He was not queueing for the toilet when I went in.

    I had a few choice words lined up for him, but instead dropped my shoulder and bumped him, The little gimp flew a couple rows back, picked himself up, and grumbled under his breath.

    Same thing leaving Cambodia back to China – mouthbreathing locust tried to cut in front of me. Told him straight up “bu yao cha dui” – ho got all angry and wanted to have a go at me. What a larf!

  • Alva

    She should have asked for it. Is not ok to beat her but lets be honest, every time I am in a public toilet and there is a line cutter whatever I say she does not care at all.
    Even if I am pregnant and literally peeing my pants.
    Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to make people listen to you is not moral.
    If that line cutter learns her lesson then everything is fine, no more troubles. But probably she will do it again and use it as an opportunity to ask for money because she knows that will upset someone.

  • Boris

    The Ajuma’s do cut in line, especially for busses, when their elbow come out.

    I’ve read that back in 2002 when the World Cup was going to be hosted there, the government went about getting people to queue up properly.

  • aasdfasdf

    Some women, by the time they reach their 50s, have really weak bladders….mostly because they’ve had enough children to ruin/stretch and weaken the muscles that help them hold in pee. When old people need to go, they just can’t hold it in as well as younger people.

  • mike921


  • sobs

    Even if she wanted to teach that woman a lesson, hitting her with a brick is really kinda overboard, she could have died.

  • BillBo

    These are the kinds of things all of us want to do but don’t have the balls to do it, or have enough fear of consequences not to do it.

  • angry laowai


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