Chinese Woman Floods American Hotel, Chinese Reactions

Chinese Woman Floods American Hotel, Chinese Reactions

A few months ago a Chinese woman washed her clothes while staying in a hotel in America. She searched for a place and finally decided on hanging them on a smoke detector. However, she accidentally triggered the hotel sprinklers, filling the room entirely with water. She ended up having to pay 10,000 dollars in compensation. Netizens say “Each and every country dislikes Chinese tourists. Will not climbing on things kill you? Will not screaming kill you? Will not speaking Chinese while embarrassing yourself kill you?”

Source: Netease

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  • Say it ain’t soaked…

  • redlobster

    Do you think she knew what it was?

    • Edward Kay

      Of course, small shower head. Wasn’t an accident, it was a rain dance to appease the Western Dragon Emperor.

  • Bman

    Nothing to see here, move along now.

  • vonskippy

    How do you hang anything on a smoke detector? How does hanging something on a smoke detector set it off? This whole story is fishy.

    • bujiebuke

      There’s a heat sensitive glass bulb on the sprinkler head, if it breaks due to heat then water will start spraying from the system. The glass is pretty sensitive, so hanging your cloths and then removing it can cause the it to break.

      I don’t know why people would hang something on a sprinkler, but my best guess is that in China, the detectors might have a thicker glass that’s more resistant to force.

      • vonskippy

        Yes, there’s a glass bulb on the FIRE SPRINKLER, but the article says SMOKE DETECTOR (and even links to a money grubber page selling smoke detectors). So again, I ask how hanging wet clothes on a SMOKE DETECTOR can trip a sprinkler system?

        Or is the story a complete hoax and CS is now resorting to making up crap just to have paid links for product placements?

        Hmmmmmmmm, makes you wonder eh?

        • bujiebuke

          wow, my brain must have replaced smoke detector with fires sprinkler when I saw that picture. I have no idea.

  • Super Bunny!

    when i stay in hotle, it’s also a very annoying thing when need to wash clothes.
    i wish hotle at least offer a clothes dryer.

    • David

      Most hotels in the world will offer to wash and dry your clothes for a small price. I know just about every place in America does.

      • Super Bunny!

        in china, they do not. i mean normal average hotel.
        also i was so scared when i know that a 5 star hotle they charge 1 yuan for one min internet, 100 yuan for one day.
        god damn it! i thought nowadays wifi is everywhere, let alone 5 star hotel, charge around 700 for one night, but no intelnet. fk it!

        • David

          Most hotels I stay in in China are 4 or 5 stars but often in China it does not mean the same as in the rest of the world. When I pay 300 yuan for a cheap hotel no internet is understandable, but when I pay 1500 yuan a night they should have internet. I always check and I can not speak Chinese. You should always call them and check. IF you get there and your room is not getting the wifi from their one bad router, tell them you want to be moved to a room that does get it. Complain.

        • CCCP

          If you wanna be a tuhao and stay in such a hotel you shouldn’t complain about them milking you for even more cash, cuz most people who stay there probably wouldn’t care about such “minor” expenses. I’ve never had any problems with free internet in budget hotels like Jinjiang zhi xing, Hanting, Suba, etc. Hell, even hostels that cost 30 yuan a bed usually have pretty decent wifi free of charge.

          Then again, who the hell would pay 100 yuan for a day of internet in the hotel, when you can get a local mobile internet card for a fraction of the cost and use it both in the hotel and outside.

  • CCCP

    I remember travelling around Europe with a couple of homies about 3 years ago, and when we were staying in this hostel in Spain, it was about time to wash our clothes. The hostel had a washing machine and a drying one, but it cost like 3 Euros to use each, so I asked the manager if we could only use the washing machine and then hang the clothes around the room to dry naturally, she responded with a horrified expression and “oh no… please!”, so we decided to go along with the drying so as not to distress her (in the end it wasn’t that expensive anyway, since we put all our clothes together and it cost like 2€ per person for all the washing and drying).

    • Foreign Devil

      I hope that wasn’t the most exciting story you have from your Euro trip.

      • CCCP

        Certainly not, but it’s the only one that relates to the topic at hand.