Chinese Woman Gives Birth In Toilet While Doctor Sleeps

Chinese woman gives birth in toilet while doctor sleeps.

From Youku:

The following video is currently the most viewed video of the day on popular Chinese video sharing website Youku. It has accumulated over 1.2 million views and 2000 comments spanning 68 pages since it was uploaded less than 24 hours ago.

On-duty doctor sleeps while woman in labor forced to deliver on toilet

According to the Chinese news report above, this occurred at Nancheng People’s Hospital in Dongguan of Guangdong province in China where a woman had gone to have labor induced. The journalist rushed to hospital find the woman involved, “A Lan”, but discovered that she had already left the hospital. Another patient said she left two days before. When the journalist later found her, “A Lan” said it was the hospital who had her leave.

“He said that someone will tell you to go pay the bill. After paying the bill, he then told me to go to the 6th floor where I was then given 800 kuai.”

Several days before, A Lan’s came to the hospital accompanied by friends and family to induce labor.

I think what I was doing [inducing labor] can be considered surgery. When I was already in a lot of pain, he should’ve helped me to the delivery room, and if the baby came out there then there’s nothing for me to say. I was completely out of strength, and he let me have the baby in the bathroom, and he didn’t even come when the baby came out.”

What happened was that on September 13th, A Lan received two injections to induce labor but did not feel the pain of contractions until the morning of the 15th two days later. At that time, her friends and family went to find the doctor but could not find him after several tries.

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It was especially painful at that time, so I told the ayi [hired help] to call the nurse. I said I couldn’t take it anymore.

A Lan recalls that because it was so painful, she herself kept pushing wanting to give birth herself. In her pushing, he water broke and she bled. Around 6am, she felt like going to the toilet and had her friends and family help her to the restroom.

Not a single person came, and we even asked for him. He simply stood there saying it wouldn’t be that quick. At the time, I was in unbearable pain, I said I might as well just die.

Other patients in her room also attest to no doctors showing up at the time, and a nurse said the doctor was sleeping, that A Lan’s circumstances were normal and to have her hold on/bear with it a little longer. Before A Lan went to the restroom, the other patients had already seen that she had bled a lot. The nurse had the ayi change the sheets.

Comments from Youku:


No wonder there are doctors who get stabbed 17 times. After watching this video, everyone will understand the attackers.


The 800 kuai can’t be taken! Take it and you’ll look like you’ve agreed to a settlement. You should refuse to accept it and then sue the hospital where no matter what happens you’ll probably at least get several tens of thousands. This very narrowly could’ve been the loss of two lives. 愤怒


…The teachers, doctors, whatever these days…I’m speechless…


Medical ethics has already been lost for many years.


800 [RMB] to settle it, simply no morals.


It’s corrupt everywhere… So these kind pf people are supposed to be our angels in white [doctors]? The “red envelope” probably wasn’t sufficient.


This world, the result of not giving [the doctor] a “favor fee” [bribe] is the doctor’s indifference. Fuck this absolutely evil world, shouldn’t doctors have a conscience!!!


This child will grow up and ask his mother, “Mommy, where did I come from?” The mom will reply: “Child, you came from the toilet!”


Doctor stabbings will continue to occur.


In today’s society, no one can be trusted. One must rely on themselves.


A Lan’s skin is so good!

What do you think? Have you experienced labor or delivery before? Do you think the doctor and hospital’s behavior in this situation is right or wrong?

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Chinese woman gives birth in toilet while doctor sleeps.

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  • I had my baby on the sofa.

  • 平凡人

    Doctors today in China have no ethics, what happened to Doctors code of ethics? Is this the result of overly concern with economy developement?

    • Yes. The ol’ 大夫 were all about the Hippocratic Oath as they adminstered prescriptions for bear gall bladder and tiger penis.

    • Reaver

      Overworked, underpaid, understaffed and with a crap shoot when it comes to education. Really I think it is a result of being an asshole.

      • Is that what they teach at medical school nowadays? I didn’t think you had to work hard to be one of those.


  • jiayi

    ‘I did a shit on your mum
    I did a shit on your mum
    I did a shit on your mum


    Source: greatest punk song ever written.

  • Wily Wanker

    That’s happened here in the USA minus being at the hospital.
    A fat lady was on a toilet seat and out came the baby. She didn’t even know she was pregnant. I think it was on TLC.

    • nn

      I think I watched that one

      • Brett Hunan

        I think its a series- “I didn’t know I was pregnant”

        Even some slimmer girls were on the show

  • Tengu

    Like medicine everywhere else, sketchy at best.

    I live in Boston, some of the best hospitals in the world, great doctors, great surgeons, best talent from all over he world, but unfortunately now the corporate business plan has been pushed onto medical care.

    Romneycare – Obama’s template.

    Cost you $36 for a Tylenol in the hospital.

    Doctors malpractice is through the roof for a reason, many people have gone in to have a left leg amputated only to have the right one done. If you’ve had surgery recently, you’re going in the ER with a lot of Magic Marker on you….

    This seems inexcusable, where is the concern, the follow up and the patient care this woman was made to pay for when she was forced to leave the hospital. She doesn’t seemed to have received any of the above.

    • Brett Hunan

      I got marked up because the doctor told me he trusted some surgeons as far as he “could throw them”. Really nice going into surgery with confidence in your surgeon.

  • Excellent questions in the end of the article!!

    1) Have you experienced labor or delivery before?


    2) Do you think the doctor and hospital’s behavior in this situation is right or wrong?

    Errr… I don’t know. What is the right answer?

    • Nyancat

      exactly what i was going to say! Do I think the doctor’s and hospital’s behavior in this situation is right or wrong? That’s pretty obvious and to the first question that would be no… In any case it’s no surprise that China is ranked pretty low by the WHO regarding healthcare. What I possibly hate the most about hospitals here always seem to suggest that kids get Glucose or other such drips to the head. Anybody here with children have any idea whether this has any adverse effects?

      • anon

        Are you two being sarcastic?

        As someone who hasn’t gone through the birthing process, I’m told by a lot of women who have that being ignored until just before birth is somewhat commonplace. The report suggests the doctor ignored her because he wanted to sleep, but it may very well be that the doctor simply didn’t expect her to give birth so quickly. Not defending the general inferiority of Chinese healthcare but there’s probably another side to this story. Although, I don’t think doctors ignore women in labor who are bleeding all over their bed.

        • Brett Hunan

          Usually nurses are around… no?

        • Nyancat

          No I’m not being sarcastic, my wife gave birth to our son almost 2 years ago and we were very lucky to have chosen a good hospital, the nurses came often to check on my wife.
          I know it sounds ludicrous that a doctor would fall asleep on the job but I’ve read news about this sort of nonsense going on.
          My wife told me about a video she saw that was on the ‘related videos’ list for this article, from what she told me an individual’s wife was being treated by some doctors and it should have only taken a short while to complete the treatment, but he was kept waiting for 3 hours.
          Feeling frustrated he forced his way into the area where his wife was being kept only to find out that she was dead and the doctors had ‘flown the coop’.
          I don’t make sarcastic comments about healthcare as it affects us all, if you ever do go through the birthing process, do your due diligence to find the right place for you, a woman in labor should never be ignored, that’s just my two cents anyway.

  • Song of the Article

    Give me shelter
    -Rolling Stones

    • 平凡人

      How about “Doctor Doctor” – Thompson Twins

    • hanyucha

      “I Need a Doctor” — Eminem & Dr. Dre

    • hanyucha

      Child Of The Moon – The Rolling Stones

      • King Tubby

        Moonage Day Dreams – David Bowie

        • GodsHammer

          Dr Feelgood- Motley Crue

          Dr Killpatients- Heltah Skeltah

  • King Tubby

    Think that is funny. Well, read this about health care in the PRC.

    And don’t be lazy Smackers: read the links also and then I will give you the MC exam.

    • Tengu

      Rex Tubster, Nice blog, good read. Kudos!

  • nn

    My friend and I just discussed about US health care during the dinner with our experience. It seems every country has health care problems. China has many good doctors, but the same time the medical ethics should be improved.

    • Nyancat

      Every country does have healthcare problems but those countries don’t have the spending power China has to overcome those shortcomings. The problem is that while China does have many good doctors, the bad doctors should be liable for their actions and should be named and shamed. Doctors have a great responsibility, they hold a patient’s life in their hands while they treat them so I would hope that they take that seriously. I can’t speak for others but I do worry when my son gets sick, I recently went to 2 different hospitals when he was sick last time, 2 prescribed medicines and ‘drips’ while not disclosing what was actually wrong with him, finally I got sick of this shit and took him to a hospital which is not in close proximity to where we live but they specialize in pregnancies and have good pediatricians, they gave the correct diagnosis and prescribed the right medicines for him.
      I don’t think its a question of whether doctors are actually good or bad, its just as you said a problem of ethics that should be taken more seriously and tackled appropriately.

  • What a boring video. Just two minutes of staring into a woman’s chest and yet no cleavage.

    Also: mainland, you have a technology discrepancy – Apple Television is waaaay ahead of you. An aircraft carrier won’t do.

    • hooots

      agreed terry. That is one nice neck. almost as nice as Lou Zilin. Let’s all take a moment of silence to morn ZiZi not winning. However, I think her translator fucked it up for her. Lou Zilin is quite the specimen. If eattot turns out to be her, I will set myself on fire in front of Donald Trump’s favorite home, with a heart full of love.

      • Tengu

        if eattot turns out to be her…I’ll light you on fire myself….

        • hooots

          Of course I mean it metaphorically. If eattot turned out to be that chick then I’m taking my first flight to Shanghai to shower her with love, praise, and dirrrty dirrrty sex.

          • Tengu

            If I remember, Terroir was giving you a run for your money in the race to eattot land.

            He’s a sneaky one, watch out or you’ll be lit up like a Buddhist Monk demonstrating against war (that’s going to piss someone off!)

            Bring your “Stars and Bars”, they’ll think you’re Australian!

            I’ll be in Beijing, It’s a easy flight if you want me to hold her down!

          • Yes. Said “sneak-susceptibility” is rampant, I’ll light you up like a Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial.

            Miss Universe China is indeed a specimen – of ambition. I shudder to think of what rich white guy she’ll eventually unlock her legs from which her “sky-high” expectations will fall and crack like a Faberge egg held between her roof-top knees.

        • hooots

          if I do rendezvous (probable), I’ll holler.

  • dim mak

    Homebirth is best birth
    Prove me wrong.

    • Tengu

      “A home birth in developed countries is an attended or an unattended childbirth in a non-clinical setting, typically using natural childbirth methods, that takes place in a residence rather than in a hospital or a birth centre, and usually attended by a midwife or lay attendant with expertise in managing home births.”

      Operative word, “developed countries”, deny your healthcare system is sub-standard.

      Prove me wrong.

    • Wily Wanker

      I’m inclined to agree with you for one reason at least, dim mak. The possibility of baby switching.

    • Chef Rocco
  • hooots

    This is the way all trolls are born. One taste of toilet water and they just can’t stop spittin nasty shit.

  • MrT

    The music to this is better and more action.

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  • Cleo

    Well, at least she didn’t then place the baby in a plastic bag to die and rot like the Japanese foreign student in Canada who gave birth on the toilet and left the baby in a bag in her room for her homestay host to find. She was recently acquitted of what she did. GOOGLE!

  • Ted

    This comments on site are the worst. Teenage pimple ranchers attempting to be cute with their lame sofa jokes and other infantile remarks. Maybe funny on whatever planet you are from. For God’s sake go practice your English someplace else.

    • Just John

      Would you like a little cheese with your w(h)ine?
      You are free to not read the comments if they offend your delicate sensibilities.
      Need someone to point you to the nearest exit?

    • “The comments on this site are the worst.” – was missing “this”
      “Teenage pimple ranchers attempting to be cute with their lame sofa jokes and other infantile remarks are not funny.” – sentence was missing a verb, sentence fragment
      “Maybe it is funny on whatever planet you are from.” – was missing a verb, sentence fragment
      “For God’s sake, go practice your English someplace else.” – was missing a comma

  • shade

    Doctor should go to jail

  • xiaohouzi

    Oh the love of Chinese hospitals, where not only smoking is allowed but doctors might even light up too. Not to mention people screaming, fighting and burning paper in the lobbies or children pissing in the middle of the floor for someone to slip and fall in. No wonder so many Chinese would rather stay at home and suffer. The image of China continues to be tarnished by those with an, “it’s not my problem” attitude or mal-education.

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