Chinese Woman Hit by Truck Begs Driver Not to Run Her Over

The woman is begging the driver not to run her over.

The scene of the accident.

From iFeng:

Woman Hit in Henan Begs Driver Not to Run Her Over

On the afternoon of June 30, at about 1:30pm, a traffic accident happened in Henan Xingyang City. The woman who was hit by the truck was stuck under the wheel, yelling in pain, and begged “don’t run me over”.

The driver is checking the injured woman.

During the time of the accident, netizen Nie Zhiyi was driving by. He saw a [woman riding a] motor scooter changing the lane from an alley to the road. With a loud noise, a big red cement tanker with license plate number “豫A-G2798” crashed into the motor scooter. The motor scooter was pushed forward by the huge impact, clashing against the road, sparks flying. This picture is of the driver checking out the injured woman when seeing Nie was taking photos.

The driver and the injured woman.

He could see clearly that it was a middle-aged woman wearing a red blouse who got hit, stuck in the space under the wheel, with blood all over her face, and still alive. Not until then did Nie discover that the injured was a woman, with blood all over her face.

The driver and the injured woman.

The truck driver realized that something was not right, plus someone was taking photos, so he stopped the truck immediately and came out to see what went wrong. According to Nie, when the driver stood up during the process, the woman was clearly freaked out, kept yelling she was in pain and begging “don’t run me over”. This picture is of the driver standing back up, with the injured woman fearfully pleading.

The driver is checking the injured woman.

When the driver bent over again, Nie called the police.

120 is taking the injured woman away.

120 [emergency medical service] taking the injured woman away. From the look of it, she was badly injured.

Comments from iFeng:

凤凰网新浪微博网友 淘宝代理商w:

Seeing this, my heart is a little sad. Our nation hasn’t fallen to this level yet, right?

凤凰网辽宁省丹东市网友 huoyuyang:

Next time when you’re running someone over, be precise, aim for government officials, and you’ll become a hero!

凤凰网新浪微博网友 无力大仙:

This line could be included “Touching China” [a CCTV program that introduces the people and stories that have touched/moved the hearts of the general public over the year].

凤凰网新浪微博网友 acheng0668:

What kind of social norm would cause someone to ask the perpetrating driver to spare his/her life after being hit?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 老周周木火:

Hearing this gives me goosebumps all over. Is there still humanity left in this society?

凤凰网新浪微博网友 oO小小明:

A society with a crisis of trust is so sad. Anyone could be the next victim, no one can escape…

凤凰网新浪微博网友 细数青山望蓬莱:

An entreaty that makes people’s hearts tremble.

凤凰网安徽省合肥市网友 xx863:

“Don’t run me over”. A sentence that screams out the shamelessness and cruelty of this country.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 还是谢谢好:

Now this woman will not treat the road as if it were her own home ever again.

凤凰网新浪微博网友 湮灭的光子:

Should the people who revise the laws reflect upon this sentence [of the woman, “please don’t run me over”]?

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 难得糊涂:

No one can guarantee that he/she or his/her relatives won’t have any accidents. Can a cement tanker driver foresee that he’s not going to get into any trouble? In today’s society, there are many things that make people angry, and things unfair. But when you yourself or the public is in danger, such as when there is a flood, an earthquake, when our compatriots overseas are in trouble, etc., our army, the people, and the government never sit by. It’s not horrible when something bad happens, it’s what happens afterwards that matters. Never give up, leave no one behind. It’ll be enough already if everyone controls himself/herself. While we are condemning some bad phenomenons, we should also think about the solutions. Remember: you and me, we are all positive energy!

腾讯网友 254942381:

Shang bu qi. Look at this accident, a non-motor vehicle riding on the motor vehicle lane. A big car has big inertia. When the driver sees you, it takes a long distance to stop the truck. Cherish your life, don’t break traffic rules. Meanwhile, I also sympathize with you.

腾讯大同市网友 L雪O天V使E:

It costs [the driver] a lot more if she’s not dead! It’s easy to deal with if she’s dead! This is China!!!

腾讯网友 394245470: (responding to above)

TMD, are you still human? Even worse than a dog.

腾讯网友 孤□心□泪T_T:  (responding to above)

SB… he was telling the truth… If she’s not dead, the driver will pay a lot for medical expenses… if she’s dead, he only has to pay a sum of money once… Nowadays, all drivers of the Heavenly Kingdom have this kind of thinking.

Comments from NetEase:

没有碎玉的日子 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

The fear. Without this painful pleading, this driver really could have gone back into his vehicle and drove over her crushing her.

向习总致敬 [网易广东省云浮市网友]:

In today’s society, it really is necessary to have a third eye [or pair of eyes].

牛福一生 关注 关注他的微博 牛福一生 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

The Heavenly Kingdom’s people live happily!

花开o 关注 关注他的微博 花开o [网易四川省达州市网友]:

Of the over 200 countries and territories in the entire world, there are 20 that require spending one’s own money for medical care, 4 where the internet is censored, 3 with household registration systems [hukou], and 2 where political classes have been made part of the educational curriculum. There is 1 where education has become industrialized, 1 with family planning, 1 country where foreign parents determine its fate… and there is only one country where all of the above exist…

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