Chinese Woman Kicks Guard in Groin, Police Turn a Blind Eye

The surveillance footage.

The surveillance footage.

From Phoenix Online:

Audi Woman Prevented from Parking Viciously Kicks Guard in Crotch, Police Car Driving By Turns A Blind Eye

On the morning of September 6, after an Audi car with license plate number “A·59***” entered the Gansu Province People’s Hospital, it attempted to park in the dedicated emergency entrance/lane [for ambulances], but this was stopped by the hospital security guard. Afterwards, the security guard kindly found a parking spot for the Audi, but the car’s female driver not only didn’t appreciate it, she instead called two men to the scene to beat up the guard. During this time, the woman continuously kicked at the guard’s lower body, causing injuries to the guard’s genitals, who is currently receiving medical treatment in the hospital.

Middle-aged woman loses temper, fiercely kicks guard in his genitals

At about 10am in the morning that day, when reporters of this article arrived at the hospital, the perpetrating woman had already left the scene. The guard who was beaten was still moaning on the ground, while behind him was the Audi car with license plate number “A·59***” driven by the female attacker. When talking about the scene that had just happened, a witness said: ”Talk about going too far!” This witness told the reporters of this article that, at about 9:40am, while passing by the emergency entrance of Gansu Province People’s Hospital, he saw a middle-aged woman was attacking a security guard, during which the security guard only continuously pushed the woman away with his two hands for the sake of his own safety, to prevent the woman from kicking him. At that moment, two men run out from nearby, whereby the two and the woman surrounded the guard in the middle as the woman fiercely slammed her knee into the guard’s crotch, with the guard falling to the ground.

From the hospital’s surveillance footage, reporters of this article saw that after the guard dropped to the ground, the woman didn’t stop but rather rushed forward and again fiercely kicked the guard in his genitals with the high heeled shoes she was wearing. The guard curled up on the ground and rolled around in unbearable pain. At that moment, two other hospital security guards rushed to the scene to stop the fight but the female assailant kicked the guard on the ground one more time while the [just arrived] guards weren’t looking. The surveillance video shows that throughout the entire incident, the woman kneed the guard in the genitals twice, kicked him in the genitals and legs in her high-heeled shoes 3 times each. During this time, the other two men continuously prevented the other two guards from stopping the fight.

Police car turned and left, could they not have seen it?

From the surveillance footage, reporters of this article noticed that while the woman was beating up the guard, a police car marked with “公安” [Chinese for “public security”, often synonymous with “police”] approached the scene, paused briefly then, drove around the female attacker, and then drove off.

According to hospital security guard Mr. Zhang, when the police car passed by, because this woman was in the process of beating the security guard, some onlookers standing in the middle of the road had blocked the way, preventing the police car from passing through. Seeing that a police car had come by, one of the guards yelled: ”Police, someone’s attacking another person!” But to everyone’s surprise, not only did the police car not stop and stop the woman’s violence, it instead drove off leaving the hospital after the crowd had cleared a way. Due to the angle of the hospital’s surveillance camera, reporters of this article couldn’t see the police car’s license plate number from the surveillance video. But many witness expressed an inability to accept the police car encountering this kind of thing and then pretending to have not seen anything.


Afterward, through the license plate number of the car the woman was driving, reporters of this article found out that this Audi is a privately-owned car, the owner is surnamed Wei, and lives in Chengguan District Nanhetan. According to hospital diagnosis, the genitals of the beaten guard are still bruised and as for whether there will be lasting damage remains to be seen after further observation and treatment. At present, police have already gotten involved in investigating the matter.

Comments from Phoenix Online:

凤凰网河南省商丘市网友 凤凰网友:

The bitch thinks she has some dirty money and can rely on power to bully others, her husband must be a corrupt official. This must be thoroughly investigated. What makes this so terrible is in the police turning a blind eye to it.

凤凰网河南省郑州市网友 凤凰网友:

This woman is too arrogant, and the police that passed by must be punished. Talk about dereliction of duty.

凤凰网吉林省白山市网友 长白居士3:

The perpetrator should be punished according to the law; the police officers who neglected their duty should be expelled from both the Party and their jobs!

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

The woman beating the man, intentionally kicking the man in the groin, a woman like this must have mental problems. Otherwise, it’s because her own man’s junk is unable to satisfy her, and this was some sublimated way of satisfying herself… a bit sick/perverse.

凤凰网江西省上饶市网友 jbc8201:

The police here failed to do their duty and were derelict in their duty, so should be punished.

凤凰网中国网友 手机用户:

First find this violent woman, then find the police officers who passed by and didn’t do anything about it.

凤凰网中国网友 手机用户:

The time has indeed come to rectify/straighten out the police.

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

This is precisely the current situation of China, the social positions of of the rich and powerful versus the poor and powerless. Nowadays, everyone should carry a knife on themselves. At worst, it’ll be one life for another. If something is going to happen, then make sure it is to the death. If not, it’ll be you yourself who gets screwed.

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

This kind of woman should be left to Li X and his little fellas.

凤凰网北京市网友 手机用户:

So which high official’s mistress is she? [That she would be] so niu.

Comments from Sohu:

老外行先生 [搜狐北京市网友]:

If the guard’s genitals are damaged by the kicking, the Audi woman must be held responsible for fixing them, and after fixing them, she must test to see if they function normally. 大笑

陈晨88888 [搜狐天津市网友]:

Cunt, you’ve once again sold out your husband. Don’t investigate who this woman is, investigate who this woman’s husband is.

gyzlsd888 [搜狐吉林省吉林市网友]:

I propose that this woman be investigated. [For her to be] this savage, she must have a background [connections]!

哥哥的回忆 [搜狐广东省深圳市网友]:

If I were him, I’d kill this woman even if it meant losing my job as a security guard. It’s only an Audi, what’s so impressive about that? Today’s society requires responding to violence with violence, where killing one is breaking even and killing two is earning one in return.

梦想 [搜狐浙江省杭州市网友]:

Well done, middle-aged Audi woman, many security guards simply deserve to be kicked! They always think being a security guard means they bully others when actually they’re merely watchdogs for their bosses!

世界最高峰,地球的肺 [搜狐江苏省南京市网友]: (responding to above)

You stupid cunt, are you the product of the woman having coitus with a dog? You look like a human but act like a dog?

不说白不说了也白说 [搜狐黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]:

Why was the police car at the hospital? Working a case or seeing a doctor? Obviously, it’s was personal use of a government vehicle. Now you know why the Three Public Consumptions is 2 trillion yuan, right?!

微博雪山飞狐的微博的微博 [搜狐山西省临汾市网友]:

Either the one who beds her is niubi or the one who beds her mother is niubi.

止于至善553436 [搜狐河北省张家口市网友]:

Sue her in court, for the crime of intentional injury. The police officers who turned a blind eye to it was in dereliction of duty, and can be sued as secondary defendants. The [police car’s] license plate number can be found out by obtaining the surveillance footage from various intersections.

悲欢自饮52981023 [搜狐上海市网友]:

Investigate this woman’s background [connections], and who knows, maybe a mass of unexpected things will be discovered. If [she is related to] evil forces in society [criminal elements], then the public security bureau will deal with it in accordance with the law. If [she is with] the evil forces of government officials, then it must be ferreted out.

From Sina Video:

Audi Woman Viciously Kicking Security Guard in Crotch Ignored by Police: Not Afraid of Anyone

September 6, the incident of Gansu province People’s Hospital security guard Mr. Chen being violently beaten by a woman whom he had stopped from parking her car in the emergency lane/entrance has attracted widespread attention from all walks of society following this paper’s report with various major websites one after another reprinting this paper’s report. Many netizens are condemning the woman’s savage act while simultaneously being furious at the people in the police car who at the time witnessed the savagery but turned a blind eye to it.

On the afternoon of the 7th, this reporter learned that one day later, the woman unbelievably found the property management company that Mr. Chen belong to and claimed that she would sue the property management company and that they should “be careful”.

The above video has been viewed nearly 1m times (at time of translation) on Sina Video since it was uploaded earlier this afternoon.


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