Chinese Woman Secretly Filmed Picking Her Nose On Bus

Chinese netizens have recently been amused (and disgusted) by this video that that has been spread on many China BBS forums. In the video, a woman on a public bus picks her nose with great passion. See what other shocking things she does:

Comments from Mop:


I truly really want to curse at her…
This woman is too valiant…
Seeing her like that, I really want to slap her…just being honest, don’t yell at me – –


I thought she was going to eat them, her mouth was really suggestive. <font color=#DC143C>【雷人社】公交车上超级雷人的一幕[爆视频]</font>


Fuck, dumbfounded…to the person who was filming, have you never picked your nose before? If your mom was secretly filmed picking her nose and spread everywhere, would you be happy?


Pick…rub…knead…wipe…all without a hitch~ I admire! Nose picking queen! <font color=#DC143C>【雷人社】公交车上超级雷人的一幕[爆视频]</font>


Truly really disgusting and LZ, you were able to keep on filming?


I remember hearing a joke a long time ago:
Student asks: Teacher, why do women feel so great while having sex?
Teacher: This…is like picking your nose…the one that feels great is your nose.
Student: If it feels great, then why do women resist when they are being QJ?
Teacher: If someone else’s finger came to help pick your nose, would you feel great?
Student: Then why can a woman not have sex when her period comes?
Teacher: When you have a bloody nose, would you pick your nose?


Dammit, I do not want to eat anymore…


Why does she keep opening her mouth over and over?


I actually was able to watch it completely??? In the future, better be careful riding the bus~~


Fuck, I just ate.
Lou zhu, you should give people who have just eaten or are eating a clear warning about coming in.


That child in front had his mouth wide open, speechless.



…when watching the video, I happened to be eating…disgusting. I threw up my food!!!


Written by Fauna

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