Chinese Woman Suffers Mental Breakdown after Forced Abortion

Gong Qifeng, diagnosed with schizophrenia and at least suffering from a mental breakdown following the forced abortion of her 7-month old baby.

Gong Qifeng, diagnosed with schizophrenia and at least suffering from a mental breakdown following the forced abortion of her 7-month old baby.

From QQ:

Hunan Pregnant Woman Suffers Mental Breakdown After 7-Month-Old Pregnancy Forcibly Aborted

2011 November 1, at 5pm, Gong Qifeng, who was already over 7-months pregnant, was given an injection to induce labor at the Hunan Province Lianyuan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After 30 hours of staggering pain, she and her husband Wu Yongyuan met their now dead child, which was put into a white plastic bag by the nurses. According to Wu Yongyuan’s recollection, one month after the induced birth, his wife began to have strange behavior such as biting people and being afraid of going out. 2013 June 14, Gong Qifeng was determined to be suffering hallucinations. Zhaoyang City Brain Hospital meanwhile diagnosed Gong Qifeng with schizophrenia. For over a year now, Wu Yongyuan has been petitioning [higher government authorities]. He told the reporters of this article that his wife’s mental condition was caused by the forced childbirth, and hoped that the local government could give him an explanation [restitution]. 2013 July, he received a reply from the Lianyuan City Petition Office: It couldn’t be proved that the mental disorder had anything to do with the labor induction. Picture [above] is of Gong Qifeng who is no longer mentally normal.

Wu Yongyuan is pointing at the hill where Wu Jiazhen is buried.

Wu Yongyuan and wife are residents of Lianyuan City Anping Town, the couple running a small business in downtown Lianyuan City, living in a rented apartment at Lianyuan City Gongnong Road No.35 Building No.3. Before the second child was even born, Wu Yongyuan had already thought up a name for him: Wu Jiazhen. However, the forced abortion ended this plan. Picture is of Wu Yongyuan pointing at the hill where Wu Jiazhen is buried.

The hospital bed of Lianyuan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which Gong Qifeng stayed.

According to Wu Yongyuan, on 2011 November 1, after finding that his wife missing, he immediately ran downstairs, and saw his wife being dragged into a gray van by some people. The “Medical Diagnosis Certificate of Lianyuan City Family Planning Service Station” shows that on the day of 2011 November 1, Gong Qifeng showed up at the Lianyuan City Family Planning Service Station. On that day, Lianyuan City Anping Town Family Planning Service Station employee Zhou Haibo, Liu Xiangyong, and Wu Tanqing were also at Lianyuan City Family Planning Service Station. Picture is of Gong Qifeng’s hospital bed at Lianyuan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The rental house in Lianyuan City where is suspected to be the place from where Gong Qifeng was taken.

On that day, Gong Qifeng had a check up at the family planning service station. The examination result show: ”Intrauterine pregnancy over 7 months, fetus alive”. According to the diagnosis certificate, the service station suggested Gong Qifeng to have the operation at another hospital, along with a hand-written signature of “Cadre Wu Tanqing confirms”. Wu Yongyuan went to the family planning service station with haste, and was informed that his wife had already been sent to the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for labor induction. Wu rushed to the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. But he was too late. His wife had already been injected. Picture is of the rented house in Lianyuan City, where Gong Qifeng was allegedly abducted.

The operation agreement that Lianyuan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued for the labor induction on Gong Qifeng.

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As for why [the hospital] would perform a forced abortion on a woman over 7-months pregnant, President Hu of Lianyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine says: ”In past years, things may not have been done in ways that weren’t really in accordance with the rules/regulations, including going to people’s homes [doing things by force], but this kind of thing now essentially no longer exists.” Picture is of the agreement to have Lianyuan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine induce labor for Gong Qifeng.

Lianyuan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Lianyuan City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯合肥市网友 天娇:

Our country should pay reparations for this, the people involved should be dismissed. There is no difference between this and murder.

腾讯深圳市网友 神马都是浮云:

7 months old, is already a complete human being within the belly, he could even live if was born. Is it not counted as murder since he was still in the belly? A mother witnessing other people killing her own son, her mental state must be traumatized. What proof do you have to say that it was not a mental disorder caused by the forced labor induction? A bunch of inhuamne bastards. Who give you the right to murder? The baby could’ve been a living human being.

腾讯网友 草原上空的云:

If not forcibly aborted, should we just let them give birth? If everyone does this, what would the country be like??? Having more children than allowed, don’t tell me they bear no responsibility themselves?? The family planning office wasn’t in the wrong! Currently, what China lacks is precisely such serious people! Though they are cursed, they are respectable!!

腾讯石河子市网友 。印記: (responding to above)

How about we have your 7-month-old child be forcibly aborted as well?! [Please] Talk like a human!

腾讯深圳市网友 平平淡淡: (responding to 草原上空的云)

I won’t curse the family planning office, I curse the first floor [commenter 草原上空的云]: Beast!!!

腾讯重庆市网友 直呼其名: (responding to 草原上空的云)

The first floor is a SB, you should read the Law of Family Planning before you speak, see if there’s anything allowing forced abortions in the law and then speak!
First of all: The law enforcers were enforcing the law in an illegal manner. Then, the hospital did this inhumane operation without her family members’ signature. Do you think it was right?
The most fundamental reason is our country [government] is using family planning to make money, don’t you fucking understand?!
If our country’s goal was not about making money, they could totally have family planning written into the constitution.
If the constitution stipulates that people can’t have a second child, it would be like the constitution making murder illegal, where no matter if someone is rich or not and as long as they’re not crazy, everyone wouldn’t dare do such a thing!
But the current condition just so happens to be that the family planning law is a basic law, where as long as one has the money to pay for the fine, one can even have 20 children without a problem. Don’t tell me this still doesn’t make it obvious what the problem is?

腾讯网友 安安:

If I was her husband, I’d grab a kitchen knife and kill those TMD beasts in the family planning office.

腾讯湘潭市网友 坐井观天:

I think she deserved it. Our country’s population is already too huge, and her family situation is not impressive, why would she force herself to have a second child? It’s irresponsible to society, also irresponsible to her child, all for her own selfishness. This kind of behavior of having more babies than allowed simply needs to be forcibly put an end to! Well done. The truly irresponsible ones are this couple. They clearly knew the law is clear on this, clearly knew the society repeatedly promotes fewer and healthier births, and still they challenged [the law] with hopes of getting lucky. Deserved it!

腾讯网友 諰唸ㄋ誰↖: (responding to above)

You can fucking go die.

腾讯网友 ~等那没可能的: (responding to above)

If I was in the family planning office, I’d take everyone who was pregnant in 坐井观天’s family and forcibly abort them, and make his family line die off without descendents!

腾讯咸阳市网友 刹娜之间: (responding to 坐井观天)

Why didn’t your dad ejaculate you onto the wall?

腾讯菏泽市网友  努力,向上,: (responding to 坐井观天)

You work in that hospital, right? Or you must be in league with that hospital.

腾讯网友  ╰Summer╰←: (responding to 坐井观天)

7 month [fetus] is also a life. The fetus in the belly is protected by the law when it is 6 months old.

腾讯湛江市网友 小幺鸡•••: (responding to above)

I reckon if he only has one child in the future, and that child dies, would he regret that he didn’t have a second child? Would he blame the country for only allowing [one family to have] one child? And regret that he ever said such terrible things?

腾讯网友 手机已停机:

The child was already 7 months old, and still they dragged her away to induce labor, just where is the humanity…

腾讯网友 武夷゛﹏锥栗:

Fuck~ Is there still any bit of humanity left? A thing only a beast would do… Would you be able to bear other people doing this to your wife?

腾讯网友 Pig lost hap:

Does this count as a double murder? Bring the murderers to justice, give the victims an explanation/rectification!

腾讯网友 明天安好:

So inhuman. If I was the victim I’d take revenge on society with what they did to me.

Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.

  • Cauffiel

    I wonder if her abortion was performed on a SOFA!

    • Cauffiel

      But seriously, this is awful.

  • Alex


  • donscarletti

    The state’s body, the state’s choice.

  • biggj

    BREAKING NEWS!! After the 3 officials heard about this womans situation, they decided to help. A new drug called “Harmony4U2B-OK” was designed to project realistic images of officials into the users mind.Once the drug is full effect the officials begin to talk the user down with a series of meaningful and soothing lectures to help bring the user back to reality. The drug has had 95% success rate of brings sanity back to the patient with minimal side effects. Some side effects include: head ache, nausea, rectal bleeding and a few others.

    Note: This is an artist rendering of what the user may be experiencing.

    • radbab

      love your photoshop work with the other stories, but this is just too fucked up.

    • Cauffiel

      This is probably your best work, but I read the name of the drug as “Harmony for you fucking idiot, ok?”

  • biggj

    What would another option be other than forced abortion for people who break that law? Just curious. I don’t know much about the law myself, I know I see people with more than 1 kid. So how does that work? Just need to pay or what?

    • donscarletti

      Forced abortion is not actually a legal penalty for having more than one child, or even actually legal. The punishment is an administrative thing, government workers who break that law can be demoted, children cannot be registered for certain government programs and have to pay extra, etc. For people who work for private companies and and do not need those government programs, it is essentially not penalised.

      The problem is, most people these days are kind of immune to the provisions. Most still stick with their official allotment of one or two (if both parents are only children, rural or minority households) because this policy is actually quite popular, but those who disagree with the policy tend to violate it with impunity.

      So, this forced abortion thing is more of a “fuck you” from the local authorities than a legal process.

      • biggj

        Ok, so what would happen if a woman hid her pregnancy and had a second child. What would happen to parents and kid. If the kid is already born?

        • ogami_ito

          I disagree with donscarletti above… it’s a very unpopular policy. To answer your question, it really depends on where one lives and how much money one has. Most penalties can be made to disappear if the parents pay a lot of money (how much depends on location). In some places, kids are not allowed to attend public school without paying large fees.

          The law is really bad for China and has caused more problems than it has solved. Another stupid thing that Chinese people don’t find the courage to change.

          • donscarletti

            I’d agree that it’s a very unpopular policy amongst bleeding heart westerners. Amongst mainland Chinese the perception is remarkably different though. Overpopulation is almost exclusively seen as the greater evil.

            I would be heasitent to rely on someone with a Japanese web handle in analysing the voice of the ordinary people on the streets of China.

          • biggj

            I don’t know man. I don’t think the one child policy is that popular. I think people just live with it rather than support it. The idea of having one child to Chinese especially a girl is not too cool. Nobody wants to be told how many kids they can have.

          • Overpopulation is definitely the greatest problem the world faces. As far as support though, I don’t really think I’ve heard of many Chinese that truly really like it. So even though I firmly hold overpopulation as being the biggest threat to the environment and thus humanity itself, I still can’t really support the Chinese methods of enforcing the One Child Policy.

            However, things would go more smoothly if they had some other form of retirement other than the son taking care of the parents and grandparents. What do they call it now? The “4-2-1” problem? I think the existence of this problem is what keeps the vast majority of non-filthy rich Chinese not being a fan of the One Child Policy.

          • I sometimes think, that this overpopulation is not an easily solvable problem. Every one is too busy being selfish, having kids so that they can feel better about being lonely in the future, or having someone who look like them and following tradition. Being overrun by biological functions is one of the demise of human imo. Have you seen the TLC show of the family with a dozen kids, and the show builds them brand new house because they can’t really afford to provide a “good” house themselves? That kind of shit promotes all sort of notions of do whatever you like and there won’t be consequences.

            May be in the past, where there are’t so much population growth that the Christian bible can say sow your seeds and flourish. Nowadays, a lot of people having kids are having it for the wrong reason especially when they can’t finance it themselves.

            China having a poorly regulated society as it is, cannot possibly expect a one child policy to work well and be abide by most of the time.

          • Agus Dwikarna

            Stronger education and career opportunities for women. When this happens, the birth rate slows down and the population actually decreases. Examples: Japan, Singapore, and German.

          • Germandude

            Education. Education. Education.Education and giving kids information about general things in biology classes at school such as: how to get pregnant. How to prevent getting pregnant. What is AIDS? What other diseases can unsafe sex spread? etc. etc.

            Besides that, maybe some more education on why overpopulation sucks.

            Just as always in China: Just give some straight info and advices so that the receiver of the message actually gets the message and hasn’t got to guesstimate what is right and what is wrong.

          • ogami_ito

            That’s what you got? “Bleeding heart Westerner?” You discount me because a Japanese web handle? That’s how you win arguments…by making ad hominem attacks?

            Among urban Chinese I have talked to in the last 10 years in China, there is a feeling that the One Child policy is, like many Chinese social policies, unfair in it’s application and ineffective in pursuit of it’s purpose. Overpopulation may be considered a bad thing in China. The policy does not solve this though. There is little evidence that the policy resulted in fewer births (compared to other factors like:better education, rising standards of living, welfare, etc). Meanwhile, One Child is responsible for massive… potentially crippling and definitely destabilizing problems of gender imbalance, and the worker / retiree ratio conundrum.

            Note that Chinese people are smart enough to have an opinion about over-population as well as a separate opinion about One Child. The former is a bad problem created by social forces. The latter is a bad problem created by a stupid ineffectual government policy.

          • YungBruce

            “Overpopulation is almost exclusively seen as the greater evil.”

            No… This is recent news but China is ending the one child policy due to the artificially induced labor shortages of said policy.

          • Pepsi

            the law itself has solve more problems than you think, if china did not limit the number of children the population growth will be exponential. making the country unable to sustain itself with resources. this is exactly where indian is heading towards.

        • WoRPt

          Wasn’t there a story about this less than a year ago? Something about a government official killing a child after getting into a fight with the father about paying the fee for breaking the one child policy. Let me see if I can find it…wasn’t in ChinaSmack, I don’t think, but I found it…

    • WoRPt

      I’m just brainstorming here, but what about adoption? Probably wouldn’t work, though.

      As for having more than one child, there are so many exceptions to the rule. In Shanghai, if you’re an only child and your spouse is an only child, you can have two children. From my understanding, if you’re a farmer, you can make a couple tries at having a boy, meaning you could have a girl first, then have another child in an effort to have a boy. I’ve also heard that the minorities are allowed to have more than one child. The law (like the majority of laws in China) is kinda sketchy and not that well known by the average person.

      • biggj

        Adoption?? if that was the case, in 9 times time there would 500,000,000 kids up for adoption. lol

        The simple way to put the law is : Have money, have kids. Have no money, be thankful for the one you have.

        • WoRPt

          Okay, I said adoption was probably a bad idea. But your way…. isn’t that the way it currently is? If you have more than one kid you have to pay for it? The question is, how do you enforce this?

    • Beelzebub

      Love the new avatar btw, very you!

      • More like… very whom he would stick his *beep in.

  • narsfweasels


  • Atlas

    I like how they talk about this Chinese “constitution”, like any piece of legislation would have any real power to protect the Chinese people. Also, I find it interesting when they ask “What gives XYZ the right to …” : In a Master-slave relationship, the master can do what he wants of his property.

  • Scream_Writer

    Happy Friday, everyone!

    • Scream_Writer

      P.S. This is one of the saddest, scariest, most pathetic stories ever.

      • radbab

        no shit. makes you feel quite sick. If that’s the Chinese Dream the purtey has in mind? feh…

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    Commie sons of guns are going to extinct the Chinese people for sure

    • biggj

      Even if they killed one chinamen a second….it would take over 40 years.

  • Zappa Frank

    the birth control is something that cannot be balmed in toto, but for sure these methods are unhumans, show the lack of empaty and humans feelings in china’s society..

  • Marcus Black

    There is something called condom and contraception. You people have too much unprotected sex. Take fucking responsibility for once or else you will have overpopulation(You probably have already) which could cause all sorts of problems.

    • alex

      i dont think China is fucking overpopulation, it is just that the chinese government are damn focus on building up the east coast rather than central area. If China were really committed to solve overpopulation, very easy, implement death penalty to all corrupted chinese leader, corporate leader that bribe, chengguan officer that murder and all triads. If like that, i am very sure more than 1/10 of the population will gone. And new wed chinese to give birth more than 1 son.

      • Marcus Black

        I don’t get how that has anything to do with people having too much unprotected sex.

        • Archie

          Was thinking the same thing.

          In terms of responding to your original comment, the government knows they have a population problem and have known for several decades: hence the one child policy, you see.

      • Overpopulation generally has less to do with living space and more to do with sustainable food production and resources.

    • maja

      some people here have a strange attitude towards condom, like the whole meaning of sex is the transmission of semen and not pleasure,intimacy, etc.


    • maja

      as for other methods, there should be am information campaign explaining that eating a pill before is MUCH less harmful then eating a pill after…

      still, whatever.

  • chan

    if we were to say China is populated ? then I dont think so. China should should at dissolve the policy after 1 generation, now it going into second generation. to reduce the Chinese population, very easy, gv death sentence to all corrupt leader and business leader that betray thenetizin which amount more than 100m to 200m ppl.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    President Hu of Lianyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine says: ”In past years, things may not have been done in ways that weren’t really in accordance with the rules/regulations, including going to people’s homes [doing things by force], but this kind of thing now essentially no longer exists.”

    ^This guy admits that this sort of thing was still openly done back in 2011, not even two years ago?!

    • Archie

      Commendable for a Chinese in an official position to admit fault! It’s rare.

  • Mtan

    Fucking asians

  • ogami_ito

    When are Chinese people going to have the courage and self-awareness to change this shit?

    • takasar1

      as soon as they stop getting richer i think.

    • Monkeekong

      when are you going to pay for your war crimes?

      • biggj

        Their only regret was they never killed all of the chinese. It’s war anyway….it’s fair game. You should have done the same to them.

        • vincent_t

          right, why don’t you say exactly the same sentence in front of a bunch of Chinese, or right in front of any Jewish community council, Mr. BigggggJ. When the soldier start killing unarmed civilian based on ethnicity, it is not war, it is ethnic cleansing and anti-humanism.

          • biggj

            But it’s war when you kill people over religion, land, resources, spite? I never knew there was a right way and wrong way to kill your enemy. It might not be the most noble thing to do…but the Chinese could have done the same to them. Fair is fair. No one would have thought any less of them. Once you start killing another people for wherever reason….all bets are off. Do whatever you want. Sure there a treaties now that say you can’t do certain things….but rules get blurred in war. it’s hard to think rules and all that in a situation of war. Hate will blind you.

          • vincent_t

            War is never a noble thing, at this stage yes we can’t avoid it totally, but our civilization has evolved enough to put a guide and reference to minimize the inhuman “slaughter/cleansing/hate that blinds the mind” in a war, and that guide is called war crime a.k.a international humanitarian law. Let me keep it to the simplest, killing an armed soldier that may kill you, that is war, but killing an unarmed civilian that does not post any thread that is a war crime. Yes, rules get blurred in war, but humanitarian as simple as this, should not.

          • biggj

            For sure, I’m not agree with the “do anything you want” technique .Today sure, it’s hard to get away with war crimes. Even though they still do. Back in early 1900 it was just nuts. Actually I was reading somewhere awhile ago back in ww2 there wasn’t any law against aerial bombings of civilians. So you could bomb a city right to the ground with civilians and it was not a crime. Also you could say the civilians were guerrillas and kill them even if they were unarmed. All kinds of crazy shit right. I know if I was running a country and they got fuck up like china did by japan…I would try to do anything and everything to them I could. I’d skull fuck them death. You know what i mean? Like do unto others as they do unto you kind of thing. Even if the odds are against you.

        • Woodbine Willie

          The Israelis did just that during the 6 day war, and when Egypt and Jordan decided to be “nicer” they signed peace treaties with them, and gave egypt the hellish sinai desert back, although I do like the red sea coast, very chilled out place and great snorkelling.

        • Monkeekong

          yeah i know, they will never atone for their crimes. but don’t worry we will have our revenge, we will never forget.

    • YungBruce

      Damn right! The Chinese people just need to muster up the courage to the injustices imposed upon them by Chinese people!

      Please learn to distinguish people in ways other than just racial phenotype.

  • mr.wiener

    I was wondering. There was an article in CS a while ago about some fat rich bastard who was having his 8th kid. He was able to do this because he had paid a fine for all the extra kids he’d had.
    Would someone like this couple have had that option, even after the fact?
    That said, I’m sorry for how this has turned out, but this couple had to have realized that they were running this risk having a second child [assuming that they were. The article didn’t if they had already had a child or not].

    • Mihel

      I don’t understand why everyone is giving for granted they already had a child before this episode?

      • mr.wiener

        If they hadn’t already had a child than this would an entirely different and more serious set of offences commited by the local govt.

        • Mihel

          Well having a second child is not illegal, they just have to pay a tax as far as I know. We also don’t know if the parents are both only children, in which case having multiple babies is permitted.

          Nonetheless, there’s no way an unauthorised abortion could be less reprehensible, even if they had seventeen children.

    • I know a few city dwelling non-minorities that have multiple kids. I know one Guangzhou family that has one kid who’s already given them a two grandkids with another on the way. I asked how her family gets away with it, and she just said “my family doesn’t really care about the government”. But, then again, her dad owns a factory and I think is involved in the local government, and had enough money to send his daughter off to study abroad…so I think actually this probably explains it.

    • Can’t remember my username

      “Would someone like this couple have had that option,”

      By looking at their living conditions and probable lack of guanxi, I’d say no.

      However, if the couple in question were cashed up and hooked up; most definitely yes.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    There are plenty of people with 2 kids (babies to twenties) in China, rural or in the cities.

  • Tom Nease

    There is also a problem of too many (bad) drivers. Why not take them out with this kind of force. Nobody seems to car about that…..oh wait….they are the rich people.

  • Pikachuu~

    Man .. that sounds so depressing, poor them ..

  • bee c

    As inhumane and immoral as this is, all I can say is “杀鸡儆猴”. It is as it is. The family should’ve known the consequences. Population is a problem (too many old people) although Xi plans to allow 2 kids pretty soon.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      Kill the chicken respect the monkey. Right?

      • vincent_t

        no, kill the chicken to scare the monkey…

    • Archie

      If there’s too many old people, surely having more young people makes sense to fix the imbalance?

  • biggj

    First dance is free, but if you want to keep dancing make sure you have the money to pay the piper. In Canada, the piper actually pays you to dance.

  • chang

    I am not suprised there fore I give my middle finger to chinese government and constiturion.
    Fuck you red star.

  • thenewbohemian

    She seems to have kept her appetite at least.

  • Claude

    When are the Chinese going to organize and stop getting pushed around? The Egyptians did it – Twice!

    Time for a Peony revolution or a Chrysanthemum uprising or Lotus coup or Autumn rebellion or… I don’t care, just do something!

    • takasar1

      at this point they’re trading ‘liberty’ for food on the table. when their pockets stop getting deeper then there will be hell to pay if the ccm doesnt bow to their commands. it will make syria look like a ‘local’ conflict by comparison

      • Claude

        I know, I’m just having a tantrum. This story disgusts me.

        I hope the members of CCP have their overseas accounts in order because when the shit hits the fan their homes will be ransacked, cars turned over, lit on fire and if they aren’t out of the country – chased all through the night with torches and pitch forks.

        Personally, I’m go take a shit on Mao’s tomb.

        • Claude

          Ugh! Whats up with my last sentence?

          This where I make a formal solemn promise to take a dump on the Great Mao Zedong’s tomb.

          That is, after the collapse of the CCP.

          Who’s with me? Who has the ball… er… the bowels to do this with me?

          • mr.wiener

            I’ll pass you some tissues when you are done, but the scatification of the great helmsman should be done for the Chinese , by the Chinese otherwise it would be seen as a western act of neo-impirialism.

          • Claude

            Really? I can’t find a Chinese who will say anything bad about Mao even behind closed doors and if the hordes of tourist on tours to the monuments are an indicator, the collective brain washing looks pretty successful.

            These people will have me believe that the great helmsman created the earth, the sun and the moon. On the seventh day he created electricity and the light bulb.

          • WoRPt

            Oddly enough, the one place I found in China that wasn’t very “pro-Mao” was ChongQing. Odd, because of all the “pro-Mao” stuff Bo Xilai was doing there before he got busted. It was very common, when I was there, to run into an older people who would tell me about the hardships they had when the country was in famine.

            As for your revolution, well, personally I think it’s going to be a while. The older generation recognizes that, although plagued with problems, China is a hell of a lot better than it was when they were young, and they’ve taught their children that as well. Although, Shenzhen has been in quite a state for the past few years.

          • YungBruce

            Makes sense. Everyone knows Chinese are completely candid with foreigners about their political opinions.

            Definitely the brainwashing.

          • Cauffiel

            What’s the point? Mao used to float down the Yantze River surrounded by human excrement… never brushed his teeth… and never washed his dick because he thought it would wash away his manhood.

            I would give his tomb a good hard scrubbing, and douse it in disinfectant. That’ll teach him!

          • Can’t remember my username

            ” never washed his dick because he thought it would wash away his manhood.”

            According to Mao’s personal physician, Dr. Li Zhisui in his memoirs stated the need for penile cleanliness was raised with the great helmsman and Mao replied by saying he washed his dick in the bodies of his women.

            Just thought I’d throw that out there.

          • Claude

            Mao was a pig and a pedophile. There’s proof that he slept with a 14 year old named Ms Chen . When he had sex, supposedly he didn’t like to ejaculate. Some hocus pocus so he could preserve his strength.

            There’s some discussion in the CCP of cremating his body. Good riddance! There’s so much preservative in it they’ll have to put a hazmat decal on his urn.

            Always dude. Helps preserve my sexual energy.

          • Beelzebub

            Ridiculous nonsense based on taoism.

          • YungBruce

            Kama-Sutra mentions this as well.

          • Beelzebub

            Again from a primitive belief system,it explains why these apes are so into their computer games, masturbation is nothing new nor a crime,

          • YungBruce

            What the fuck are you talking about.

            Mao practiced orgasm control based on teachings from around 2 millennia ago. Therefore, Chinese are apes AND love computer games.


          • Beelzebub

            they like playing computer games, when really they should be playing girls, can’t really tug one out in a dorm room can you now?

          • YungBruce

            Yeah that just sounds like all people to me. Also where do you get off on saying Chinese people aren’t getting girls? Aren’t Chinese males the wealthy alcoholic domestically abusive playboys who don’t have the capacity to experience true romantic love? Or are they the submissive beta-males jerking off in their dorm rooms.

            It’s so hard to keep more than one idea in my head at once.

          • Beelzebub

            You are confusing things, and using gambits. Not sure which side you are on, so will not respond further, you are phishing.

          • YungBruce

            Where is the gambit (calculated risk)?
            How am I confusing things?

            What sides are we talking about here? I didn’t realize I had to choose?

            I was using sarcasm but I’ll put it blatantly. You’re a racist and an idiot.

          • Beelzebub

            for all I know you could be a paid shill gambit for chinasmack, or a spy, or someone phishing for personal information. Personally, I suspect you are the former, and possibly also the 2nd.

          • YungBruce

            How often do your beliefs align with reality?

            For all you know. I laughed.

          • Beelzebub

            Why should WE trust YOU?????

          • YungBruce

            Who is WE? Who are the others in this dialogue?

            You’re implying that I’m alone and you have some kind of consolidated group supporting you. If this so far undefined group of people does share your views, does collective ignorance equal knowledge and awareness?

            Ultimately, you skirt around the fact you are a blatant supremacist. I’m sure this ideology of yours has benefited your experience in China?

            In each response you escalate your delusions. There’s so much more going on that I would love to have practice at addressing but things are getting too crazy for me.

            That being noted, let me be the one to heartily eject myself from this trainwreck conversation.

          • Woodbine Willie

            You should know the answers to that question you just posed. I will not trust you even if others are so foolhardy. What is your real name?

          • YungBruce

            If your psychosis is a performance… is it considered a victory when the other person actually believes you’re mentally impaired?

            You got me.

          • Woodbine Willie

            psychosis you say? Well I am PARANOID and TIRED, but those great big hollow EYES are watching YOU! Also I can see THROUGH your MONITOR, mwahhahahahaa

          • YungBruce

            NLP only works if it’s subtle. Appreciate the dialogue.


          • Woodbine Willie

            As I sit here, drinking JAPANESE ice cold beer, I am sharpening a knife and focusing NEGATIVE energy towards YOU! YOUUUUU!!!!!!

          • mr.wiener

            Whilst not believing in all that mumbo-Jumbo about “one drop of semen is worth a thousand [hundred?] drops of blood”, learning to control your lower diaphram is a worthwhile exercise for vitality and prolonging the sexual experience [and damned good fun if you have a partner who wants to help you experiment]

          • Beelzebub


            Beelzebub might come back in two weeks as a deeply conservative and moral christian. Mr Kellogg had it right, these chinese boys need to skip the jian bing and bao zi, corn flakes will keep you healthy, all good fun, guffaw guffaw

        • Monkeekong

          umad bro?

        • Agus Dwikarna

          I hope someday someone will take down that giant fatty photo on Tienanmen square. Or perhaps put some much needed graffiti on it.

        • Agus Dwikarna

          He was a monster that brought more dead and atrocities to his own countrymen than the British, the Eight-Nation Alliance and the Imperial Japanese combined. He destroyed his old comrades, while whipping the entire country into an orgy of madness and destruction.

          • Beelzebub

            and destroyed the traditional culture, turning neighbour against neighbour….

          • biggj

            And everyone loves him….crazy. I don’t understand it…I guess I have to be chinese to understand it.

          • Beelzebub

            I suppose there are some older russians/georgians who perhaps love Stalin also, I do believe Putin had some art work dedicated to stalin unveiled on the moscow metro a year or so back.

          • Beelzebub
    • slob

      They’re not going to do anything any time soon without outside assistance. You can’t organize raids/groups here as there are always people watching and ground floor ‘spies’ who are paid to blow the whistle on any potential protests and demonstrations. Nobody wants to be the first one to step up simply out of fear of losing not just everything they have but their entire family as well.
      In a country with capital punishment, Chengguans, officials who can do whatever the fuck they like, local govts. illegally seizing land, hospitals forcing people to kill their children, riot police that are called in for minor harmless protests by high school students, greed, corruption everywhere, selfishness at all levels, and a system that tells you that if you disagree with all of this then you’re not Chinese and nothing but a foreign gui zi, what can the people possibly do? The only solution I can see is if a foreign influence comes in to change it and maybe gather the support of the local people. But we all know what they think of foreigners here…
      So, in a nutshell, they either stand up as a group on a gigantic scale or they will simply be squashed like bugs. And who seriously has the time and energy to organize something like that when they’re too busy working like dogs just to survive each day? The only thing they can do is leave and bring their pollutive culture into other countries. It’s a huge conundrum and I feel sorry for those born here that aren’t granted the benefits we have in western countries.

      • Sleepless in Beijing

        lol, so you think the only solution is some sort of a White Savior?

        let me guess, you are a cracker.

        go fuck yourself.

        • mr.wiener

          Did he say that?
          If you have any [practical] suggestions I’d be most grateful to hear them…unless of course you just find it easier to tell other people to have auto-intercourse.
          If he is the cracker you must be the nut.

      • YungBruce

        Chinese immigrants have brought their pollutive culture into other countries.

        Aren’t Asian Americans the model minority? What flippity floppity crap is this

      • YungBruce

        Reading this again I realize how fucking twisted this type of thinking is.

        Smugness fueled by pity veiled in understanding.

    • Charles

      In China, the great communist nation that it is, you can’t even organize a labor union… good luck with trying to organize for any meaningful political change.

      • Agus Dwikarna

        Workers of the world, un… oh, hey, wait a minute…

    • Justin

      Why don’t you do it? Why don’t you go out and start organizing the masses, Che Guevara? Fucking limp-dick armchair revolutionary. Of course you won’t because you’re invested in the status quo just as much as anyone else. If the people rise up and topple the Chinese government, who you gonna teach English to?

      You think it’s that easy to cast off the shackles of oppression when the average person spends most of of his or her time, energy and resources just trying to survive? You don’t think people in China organize already? Try like half a million “disturbances” recorded annually by the CASS. Yeah they don’t get reported by the media because of blackouts but Chinese people “rise up” all the time. Dalian, Wukan, etc. Why don’t you read every now and again and you might learn something. Quit acting like you give a fuck about the Chinese people or their liberty, when it’s just away to prop your own self up in relativity because you obviously wouldn’t stand for it were you in their position.

      • Claude

        Stop it! Talk about self righteous indignation, the irony is thick. If you read the thread you would read that “I’m just having a tantrum”.

        Who wouldn’t vent after reading a woman in her 7 months of pregnancy has a child cut and sucked out of her body.

        I’m not in China now but have no delusions about a foreigners role in that culture, we’re just guests.

        • YungBruce

          Ah yes. The Ole “I was just joking / I was emotional” fallback.

    • T. Bickle

      The problem is not just with the leadership on a country wide level or local level and these types of issues. The problem is that most citizens in China support this sort of behavior and bullying as well. If the problem was just with the government and all the people opposed it then the problem would resolve in time. But most people do not really care about what happens to others, or support such mistreatment themselves and bevel that ultimately the govt knows what is best for them and everybody else.

      • YungBruce

        “If the problem was just with the government and all the people opposed it then the problem would resolve in time.”

        For some reason you feel like time’s up for China apparently.

        More “Chinese are inherently such and such” and they will never change crap. Please regard the past 20 years.

        • Woodbine Willie

          Economic change, not in any other way.

          • YungBruce

            How do you not feel shame for being so god damn stupid?

          • Woodbine Willie

            Shame is like guilt, it is for kids, or those with feelings. Are you asian or not?


    Bill Burr – Mediocre People / Overpopulation

    • Cauffiel

      I just realized this is the conman from Breaking Bad.

  • death_by_ivory

    In that late stage abortion must be a horrible mental and physical ordeal.But if you know it is against a law,why to get pregnant?(If you already have a child,that is)
    I think if the One Child Policy would be changed to Stop At Two it would make much more sense.Forced abortion shouldnt be considered under any circumstances.

    • biggj

      i agree with what you are saying. I know if forced abortion were not in place and I wanted another kid, I would just do it. Fuck them. Even if I had to pay a fine or whatever. They are not going to put you in jail or take your kid away from you. That is why they need it. Without forced abortions, people would not follow the law.

  • biggj

    If they going to let people with money have kids make the law easier to understand and take out the gray areas of it. How I would do it would be like this.

    If you make between 0 and 80,000 household income a year you can have 1 kid.
    if you make 80,000 to 500,000 household you can have 2 kids.
    if you make 500,000 to 5,000,000 you can have 3
    If you make anymore than 5,000,000 you can have max of 5 kids.
    If it’s going to be a money thing anyway, at least make it clear what you can do.

    Personally I would just do a lottery to make it fair for everyone. Every family registered with a data base and each year a set number of family gets randomly picked.

    But instead of forced abortions how they are now. If a woman gets pregnant with her second child, don’t abort it. Let the child be born and once it’s born the government take the child to a secret military base and gets turned into super soldiers like Kurt Russel in that movie “Soldier”. Only logical thing to do. hahaha

    • Claude

      We all know China is an aging nation. Obviously the older folks become burdensome on the healthcare system and pension schemes. The ratio of working to retirement age is 5.5 to 1 The one child policy is already catching up to them so maybe it’s time to stop. Stop pouring money into apartments they don’t need and into education for the poor. Easier said than done I know but forced abortions are barbaric and counter productive.

      For the rest of the world this aging demographic is a good thing. It could stop the “threat” of China or the “Asian century” as it’s called. Nothing slows an economy down like a labor shortage..

    • WoRPt

      Name a law in China that is “clear”

      • Charles

        Even if a law is “clear” as some are, no doubt – the implementation is about as nebulous and clouded as humanly possible.

        • WoRPt

          You got me there.

    • Charles

      China such a completely idiotic society that openly admitting the fact that people with money are the only people with any rights is not acceptable, even though we all know it’s true.

  • terriblemovie

    Meanwhile, wealthy sociopaths with government connections can buy fertility drugs and have 3 or more kids. Or they can travel to a foreign country and have as many kids as they want. Then return to China.

    • biggj

      Why would they return to china?

  • Charles

    In a land where the most basic elements of scientific thinking have yet to be widely accepted, where a child (or 7 month old fetus – for the mindless baby killers out there) can be murdered in this way without any consideration for it’s value as a human being, where the poor are utterly powerless while the rich arbitrarily abuse them… I just have one question – what aren’t more people going crazy?

    In China, is it possible to get anything resembling a decent assessment of this woman’s mental condition? What evidence do they have that this situation created the problem? Seems that there is little hope of any justice being done here.

  • David

    This is why mainland China is still classified as a third world country….

  • well done

    this site is becoming like fox news in the States or the dailymail in the UK. the comments here are ridiculous. Good journalism!

  • Tova Rischi

    Not that this barbarism is excused; not that I’m saying anything regarding what ought to be done or what ought not be done, especially to this specific situation, especially because I wasn’t there, but, is adoption just not, like, a thing in China? How does that figure into the OCP?

  • Edward Goodman

    This my opinion as an American.

    China really does have a population problem.

    But killing a 7 month fetus like that without the mother’s permission was indeed inhumane.

    best course of action would have been to allow the mother make a choice
    between her life of her child’s. Either she or her baby would be
    allowed to survive – she could choose to die so that her baby survives,
    or she can choose to continue living her life but not with a second
    living child.

    That would’ve been the more reasonable course of
    action to resolve this dilemma. Again, this is my opinion as an American
    (ie, advanced person).

  • Eidolon

    The Pew Global Report in 2008 found that 76% of Chinese supported the one child policy. Pew is not, from what I understand, an appendus of the Chinese government and its polling methods are accepted internationally.

    This just goes out to show that those waiting for a Chinese Spring on the basis of an oppressive government out of touch with its people are going to be waiting for a while.
    Mind you, I don’t support coercive birth control policies. But it’s a bad idea to think that what won’t fly in the West, won’t also fly in China.