Chinese Woman Viciously Beaten While Onlookers Stand By

The man is cursing the woman.

The man is dragging the woman by the hair.

From QQ:

Young Woman Viciously Beaten on the Street in Changchun, as Passers-by Watch

The man is dragging the woman by the hair.

“As a man, how can you beat up a woman like this? Truly outrageous!” Recently, near the intersection of Dajing Road and Xisandao Street in Changchun City, a man in black angrily cursed at and even grabbed a woman in white by her hair, repeatedly kicking and hitting her, shouting from time to time: “This is for you not coming home for three months!”

The man is beating the woman.

More and more onlookers gathered, with about 30 city residents stopping to stand by and watch. City resident Mr. Song couldn’t stand it anymore and stepped forward to put a stop to it: “Such a big man like you shouldn’t beat up a woman regardless of the reason. If a couple can stay together, then stay together. If not, you still shouldn’t be beating her!”

The man is beating the woman.

Under the persuasion of Mr. Song, the man in black stopped beating the woman. However, after Mr. Song got back into his car and had not yet driven very far, the woman in white was seen running forward, with the man in black chasing after her, continuing attack her, and both of them quickly disappearing in the crowd.

The man is beating the woman.

Onlooking city residents speculate that the man in black and the woman in white might be a couple. City resident Mr. Zhao said: ”It’s probably a couple having a fight, something difficult for outsiders to get involved in!” Mr. Song was extremely angry: “What if they weren’t a couple? So many people here, yet all all they could do is look on? Why was I the only one who went up to stop him? Besides, even if they were a couple having a fight, this is still domestic violence. That no one stopped it is truly sad!”

The man is cursing the woman.

The man is kicking the woman.

The man is kicking the woman.

The man is kicking the woman.

The man is dragging the woman's hair.

The man viciously beating the woman. From, photographed by Song Tiebiao (Link to

Comments from QQ:

腾讯上海市网友 为何用心是罪名:

Under the precondition that she wasn’t being unfaithful [having an affair, cheating], the man deserves to die!

腾讯网友 如果…:

Even if the woman was wrong and being unfaithful, it’s best if he could persuade her to come back to him. If not, then just break up. Things can always be worked out. A man really shouldn’t be beating up a woman on the street like this! A man who lays his hands on women either has no ability [is good for nothing] or a brute, so ladies be sure to keep your distance from them!

腾讯河南省网友 风起时、花落:

Even as this woman was being beaten she was protecting her dog, so niubi.

腾讯宁波市网友 Doctor:

For public violence like this, there should be provision in the law. First, it can protect citizens. Second, it can prevent domestic violence from happening in public. If there aren’t provisions in the law, then it’d be difficult for passersby to do something to help the person getting beaten, and it [not having such provisions in the law] wouldn’t be in accordance with the social mores of helping the weak.

腾讯网友 风中的承诺:

To this photographer Song Tiebiao: If you had the time to take photos, could you not have gone and pulled him off and persuade him to stop? You’re truly one who just talks but never acts.

腾讯中山市网友 √姠いyou姠佐: (responding to above)

It’s called a news scene. If he intervened, how could he get the first-hand material? Reporters reporting a live scene are all like this. I remember there was a report about a drowning incident. All the reporters were taking photos, and only a female reporter went forward to perform artificial respiration, while the rest of the reporters were all photographing the news.

腾讯辽宁省网友 深秋寒夜独撙:

Women are for men to love, not for men to beat up. The [wrong] things women do are all caused by men. Men, think about it, are you still men?

腾讯哈尔滨市网友 韵儿:

There have been similar cases of robbery and kidnapping, where a man or several men suddenly start viciously beating a woman they don’t know, making other people think that it’s just a dispute between a boyfriend and a girlfriend or between a husband and a wife. Consequently, everyone disregarding it [not getting involved] became the best tool helping the bad guys.

腾讯网友 せ夭せ良:

Whether or not she is his wife is still a question! Next time when everyone sees something like this, if you don’t go put a stop to it, at least call the police! You just might save a person!

腾讯石家庄市网友 蛰伏:

So this is the nation that yells all day about fighting Japan and destroying Japan, just nakedly standing by and watching…?

腾讯河南省网友 守候教育:

Mo Yan goes international, indifference stays in China.

腾讯网友 秋水伊人:

I’ve seen a news report like this before: A man was beating a woman, and some people tried to stop him but the man kept loudly saying how his wife something or another, so the passersby sympathized with the man and stopped trying to stop him, when actually she wasn’t his wife, but a poor woman he had forced into prostitution trying to escape…

腾讯网友 ∑奔¤奔‰:

Some women simply deserve to be beaten.

腾讯阜新市网友 世界首富:

If I saw this man, I’d beat him to death, the beast! If I were at the scene, I’d rush forward immediately and gave that man a vicious beating!

腾讯辽阳市网友 小城雨巷:

When this man can be so wanton and unbridled even in front of a crowd, may I ask what woman would dare go home [with him]? No matter what was the reason is behind this, beating people can’t solve the problems!

腾讯广州市网友 – -l|:

This man is pathetic, only knowing how to bully women. It he were a man, he should find a strong man to beat up.

What do you think? Are reporters obligated to intervene in situations or stick to reporting the situation? Are there some women who deserve beatings?

The man is dragging the woman by the hair.


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