Chinese Women’s Badminton Pair Disqualified, Netizen Reactions

Badminton Women's Doubles China team Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli.

Badminton Women's Doubles China team Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli.

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On Sina Weibo:

@新浪体育: The 8 badminton athletes (2 Chinese, 2 Indonesians, and 4 Koreans) suspected of passive play [throwing the game] at the London Olympics have been disqualified. On the 31st during the women’s doubles group qualifying matches, the passive play of four pairs of contestants including #1 world ranked Chinese pair Yu Yang/Wang Xiaoli faced criticism and questions from the spectators and the media. The 8 players were accused of “not using one’s best efforts to win a match”.

Press Release about four Badminton pairs being disqualified from the London Olympics.

Video from Sina:

Highlights Clip – Women’s Badminton Doubles Passive Competition, Spectators Booing

During the last match of July 31st’s London Olympics Badminton Women’s Doubles Group A round, world ranked #1 Chinese pair Yu Yang/Wang Xiaoli lost in an 14:21 and 11:21 upset to Korean pairs Jung Kyung Eun/Kim Ha Na. Because of repeated mistakes and service faults from both sides, if the shuttlecock didn’t go out of bounds it went into the net, leading to the booing throughout the Wembley Stadium during the match.

(Video may not load, but is viewable on the Sina website.)

Tournament referee Torsten Berg speaking to players from China and South Korea during their women's doubles badminton match during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Wembley Arena.

Poll on Sina:

A Sina poll of Chinese netizen reactions to the disqualification of the Yu Yang  / Wang Xiaoli Chinese team from the Badminton Women's Doubles competition.


POLL: What do you think of the badminton athletes being disqualified under suspicion of passive play?

Total of 484,504 people/voters [at time of translation]

1. Support, the Olympic spirit should not be tarnished.
2. Object, there was no violation of badminton regulations.
3. Sympathize, the athletes were themselves forced.
4. Understand, otherwise how could they explain it to the spectators.
5. It’s complicated, can’t say.

China's Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang play against South Korea's Jung Kyung-eun and Kim Ha-na during their women's doubles group play stage Group A badminton match during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Wembley Arena July 31, 2012. REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad

Comments on Sina Weibo:


So now the spectators can influence/control the competition? The UK sure is democratic, can we no longer use judges/referees?? What is all this talk [in China] about gold medals being treated as all that matters or whatever… it looks to me that its more like money is being treated as all that matters [by the UK Olympic Committee], afraid that no one will watch the London Olympics, that the matches are not exciting enough, and that then they’ll lose money…


The Chinese delegation is too pathetic/weak, not even daring to appeal this? Look at how even the bangzi have appealed five times.


China this time truly played too passively. There’s a loss of Olympic spirit.


[挖鼻屎]It’s the London competition system/format that is unreasonable.


What’s wrong with exploiting the rules? How does this go against the morality of competitive sports? Moreover, this kind of situation often happens in the group rounds of football, when substitute players are sent out when its a foregone conclusion, there’s no fundamental difference. The rules are a mess, and they still don’t allow competitors to exploit the rules. [弱][弱][弱]


No choice + innocent, the fault is not with them two [Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli], the fault is with Li Yongbo and those people. Without their instruction, would those two have dared to act on their own initiative to lose the game?


If the objective of the Olympics and sports is only about competing by any means possible to win medals, then humanity has been walking upright for several thousands of years for naught… There is one thing that is far more valuable than gold medals and championships, and that’s called being fair and square [legitimate]!


With such an obvious loophole in the competitive system, the spectators can criticize the competition system of the Badminton World Federation, can criticize China’s Badminton Federation, or the national badminton team, but you can’t criticize Yu Yang/Wang Xiaoli. They have put in so much effort, do you think they don’t want to play/compete? How could the world ranked #1 not want to do their best to the cheers of the world? They were only obeying those above them and their so-called “national interests is the most important” plans. They couldn’t oppose it at all, they were the biggest victims.


These committee members only know how to talk and probably can’t even play very well, causing trouble. The athletes have trained bitterly for years and with one word, they are disqualified, just who do you think you are~? Have them dismissed!!!


Appeal. If the Koreans can, we can too. Their prospects shouldn’t be forfeited just like this.


There’s nothing worth being speechless about. It’s just like swimming athletes conserving their energy in their preliminary heats, do we say they’re also violating the Olympic spirit!? Although the play shouldn’t have been been like this, there’s no need to disqualify. If there’s fault, it is with the regulations and those who wrote them. If there is to be punishment, punish them first.


It’s because only by losing can they be matched up against another team and be able to meet the other Chinese pairs in the finals, in order to get both the gold and silver medals. However, this kind of match is indeed very lousy to watch. The throwing of the game was too obvious.


With our country’s strength in badminton, there’s no need to rely on fixing [throwing the game for advantage] to secure the gold medal. Our image/reputation is damaged, the gains don’t make up for the losses, it shouldn’t have happened!


I strongly criticize the host country of this Olympics. Bronze medals that break when dropped, the Olympic flame extinguishing twice, problems with referees, flags being hung above and below each other for ties [instead of side by side], the South Korean flag displayed for the North Korean football team, Wembley Stadium keys lost, the Lithuanian national anthem being cut off in the middle during the Women’s Breaststroke awards ceremony, and the most detestable was accusing China’s Ye Shiwen of cheating in swimming!


Badminton World Federation, you TM have the balls to disqualify all of the competing athletes? This London Olympics is truly disgusting!!


Chinese people have attached too much importance to the gold medal, only pursuing the goal without attaching importance to the process. This kind of mentality goes against the Olympic spirit!


After watching the video, I really do feel the athletes playing like this have done a disservice to the spectators who bought tickets to go watch them. All those people sitting in the stands are not there to watch you guys get the ball [from the ground], everyone is there to watch a true competition…


Haha, this is getting what you deserve, so don’t even bother with an appeal!! [给力][偷笑] Our countrymen’s petty cleverness/tricks has been applied to the Olympics, so embarrassing, so embarrassing!!!!!!!


Why doesn’t the Chinese team go appeal? Whatever happens, we should still explain the reasons and fight it. Wouldn’t simply accepting [the disqualification] be paramount to dumping the chamber pot on the athlete’s heads? This is outrageous. When the athletes win a gold, so many people hold them up, but when something goes wrong, then they become scapegoats.


Looking at the comments here, the lower limits of our countrymen’s morality is too low. Something that other people feel is rather shameful brought here suddenly becomes nothing at all. Talk about wanting medals but not wanting face [dignity, honor].


The main this is the Korean and Indonesian teams who went too far… stupid cunts… and they exposed us… fuck


Us appealing that the competition system is unreasonable is of course no problem; But look at this match. If you were to go appeal and say our athletes did not play passively, did not throw the game, would you even be able to open your mouth?


An Olympic match unbelievably played like this, I support the Badminton World Federation’s decision, the Chinese team or Chinese Badminton Federation should be given a warning. The athletes are just pawns and to lose a once-in-four-years opportunity like this is really a pity.

A CCTV news report about this incident, with footage of the match between the Korean and Indonesian teams also disqualified:

Tournament referee Torsten Berg speaks to players from South Korea and Indonesia during their women's doubles group play stage Group C badminton match during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Wembley Arena.

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  • Cool Matt

    You don’t try, you don’t play.

    • Ced

      You forgot your racket on the sofa

      • Interested

        Whoever made the new rule is the most stupid in the world. This new rule force players to play against their own interest. It is total against human nature. It is like asking for self-incrimination in legal system.

        If self-incrimination is so called `olympic spirit’, then screw it. Winning is true human nature and should be encouraged. Fuck olympics.

        • Canadian_Skies

          New rule? lol

        • Nick in Beijing

          Playing to win? Fine. Playing to win by giving a weak showing to be placed against weaker competition? Pathetic.

          Not surprised that the Chinese team would attempt to fix an outcome somehow. The Korean team being disqualified somehow is more surprising to me, the Indonesian team though I have no feeling about.

    • barack obama

      nope it’s just complete bullshit. how can you force these athletes to entertain the audience when they have already qualified? first of all it’s impossible, secondly it’s just ridiculous!

      • Canadian_Skies

        It undermines the essence of the Olympics. Go read up on exactly how the ancient Olympics were reborn into modern day, and constantly assaulted by pettiness masked as competitive spirit. In my opinion, the Olympics have been too lax in their efforts. When taking a fall (soccer reference) becomes commonplace in the Olympics, well, then the point of it all is lost. I do however appreciate the true colours these situations show about the “competitors”

        • barack obama

          yes but even if they “try” to play that game in a competitive spirit it would have just been fake, half-hearted game. What’s the point? To produce true competition there needs to be something at stake. Even in ancient Olympics there was something at stake. This game was just pointless and it should have been regarded as such. It goes too far to say that these players are violating the Olympic spirit. They probably had a lot of Olympic spirit in them. This match should not have been played period.

          • Canadian_Skies

            You missed the point indeed. A half-hearted game, regardless? Too far to claim violating the Olympic spirit? …. Are you even reading what you write?

          • barack obama

            nope i didn’t miss the point. are you reading what you are writing?

          • Canadian_Skies

            Golly, you’re so clever.

            You said, it would be a half-hearted game regardless but insist it’s still in the competitive spirit. Obviously, the DQ was deserved, and you should be too.

  • Jeff

    The players look so uninterested in playing. Maybe the Koreans were afraid the Chinese were going to invade their side of the net and claim it was on a map 2000 years ago?

    • Rod

      I agree.

      At first I though that this sounded pretty bad on the part of the ref or the olympic committee – whoever decided to disqualify them.

      But the I actually watched the video. They played poorly, it was obvious to me, someone who doesn’t play badminton, that there was something fishy going on.

      That is not Olympic Spirit. And I would be mega pissed if I was watching.

      It was embarrassing to watch them play.

  • shanghaijed

    shuttlecock on the SOFA –

    • tai wai

      Only missed it by ten minutes.

      Or were you intentionally losing the first post to Cool Mat?

  • 平凡人

    They should just go in an play their best, why listen to the damn coach who is hoping for more medals. It is unfortunate for the players, now they have go nothing. They should remain as badminton players, they are really lousy at acting.

  • Jin

    why do they look like men?

    • tai wai

      Taking steroids from the age of two is common practice for The People’s Athletes.

      Remember the USSR’s she-men?

      • Canadian_Skies

        Those are women!???


    I just want to point out that on the very first day of Olympics all the other three team GB cyclists where helping Bradley Wiggins. To me they were also not trying their best to win (remember the Road Race is an individual event) and should be disqualified! The Chinese players simply did not want to play their team mate, while the Korean and Indonesians tried to avoid the Chinese, i.e. a stronger opponent. So which is worse in terms of Olympic spirit? For some reasons, the media just likes talking about China. The new group phase system is more to blame than the players. It’s just utterly stupid. Yet the genius who came up with the stupid idea get away with it.

    • Jin

      what would they gain from losing?

      • JAYJAY

        Getting a medal for their best player. If you want evidence, then in 1948, the GB rowing pair Bert and Dickie deliberately lost to the French to avoid the Danish team and then went on to win gold. They have been proclaimed heros and a recent BBC drama was made on the pair. So don’t you think it is a tat unfair that the Badminton players that to apologise?

        • Alex

          JAYJAY, first, not all olympic sports are considered the same, their rules and tolerances greatly vary because the sports are vastly different.

          Second, you dont seem to understand how cycling is a different issue – its not about intentionally losing some rounds so that you can face an easier opponent in the next. That is the root of the issue.

          Such cycling is a pack sport -rotating the order of the lead cyclist and setting the pace for the pack are fine-tuned skills which pay off over the entire course of the race. It’s not about all trying to cycle as fast as you can the whole way, that’s a rather primitive mentality. It’s entirely different to intentionally under-performing in badminton.

          • JAYJAY

            I’m sorry. I thought the first day Road Race was an “individual” event? Wiggin’s team mates didn’t help him at all then? So if Wiggins had won, everyone from the GB team would get a medal? This is allowed expressly in cycling rules? Don’t you think this is unfair? I suppose Bert and Dickie rowing pair’s deliberately losing to the French to avoid the Danish was justified?

          • Chad

            Here’s a very similar situation in soccer then:


            What’s funny is that this practice is actually VERY common in tournaments where a loss can result in a more favorable match the next round. If the IOC wanted to disallow intentionally losing, they should’ve outlined very clearly what the consequences would be. But they didn’t.

          • CN


            But they were not trying to lose. They still had to defend against the other team as best they could. It would be completely different if they were trying to lose.

          • Chad

            @CN: They still broke the Olympic oath often being quoted as the reason for expelling these players: not trying their best.

        • red scarf

          They also allowed the use of drugs in early Olympics as well, does that mean that today Olympic athletes should be allowed to use drugs. 1948 is in an era well before 2012, rules have evolve since then, and yes they were heros back then, but its a different game when ALL teams in a event or match want to lose. Maybe someone can dig up a reference to some bizarre case an archery match 14th century England and claim that it has bearing on sportsmanship today.

          To prove that its unfair you have to prove that under BWF rules in an Olympic setting what they did was right.

          • JAYJAY

            They are still heroes now. BBC made a drama recently about Bert and Dickie which is to promote the 2012 games. So I guess we still acknowledge what they did was OK. They are still portrayed as heroes. It is unfair for reasons that it is OK for other sports, in my opinion, and for medals won before like Bert and Dickie shouldn’t we disavow them rather than promoting it? And to quote Chris Rock, “Don’t Blame the Players, Blame the Game!” The rules clearly have loopholes. Don’t you think next time around, players will just put on a good show and intentionally lose anyway?

          • red scarf

            Personally I think the knock-out rounds in any event should not be decided until all selective rounds have been played so they do not know who is going to play who. And then it should be done by random draws.

          • red scarf

            “Bert and Dickie” seems some kind of pseudo argument, most people would of never had heard of them today if it wasn’t for the BBC, do you think that a propaganda piece by any country would make there so-called heros out as villains. Maybe at a later date. But I at the moment I just see them as a piece of history well before my time.

      • Pong Lenis

        In the 1974 Worldcup later champion West Germany lost against East Germany in their group match. Which put them only on #2 in their group rankings. Enough to go forward. But they were put in group B, and not in Group A, were Brazil was. However, BR was beaten by NL in and NL went to the finals.

    • Rutim

      That’s cycling – the whole team works for the leader. Have you ever watched any serious tour or a race???

      • JAYJAY

        I am just pointing out the fact that while this is allowed in Cycling, it is not OK for other sports. “To me” as I said above, that this cheating, as only one gold medal is awarded. If this is a team sport then all players should be awarded medals. Also in the words of the Korean coach, “they started it”. Bert and Dickie GB rowing pair did the same in the last London Olympics. So what is the problem?

        • Chad
          • elizabeth

            Could be that different authorities or committees decide for different games. FIFA for soccer, another federation for cycling, badminton, etc.

            …which goes to highlight a flaw in the organization of the Olympic Games.

            Some Olympic officials should now have lots to work on to justify their GBP20,000 bottle of Hennessy and limousines.

          • Chad

            Nope, it was the IOC that decided they didn’t need to be investigated. Same for the Brit cyclist.

        • Rutim

          In cycling many contestants knows their limit so the whole team works for one man, the leader of the group. It’s not cheating. Even though that’s an individual sport, there are teams :)

        • red scarf

          Elizabeth is right, difference sports have difference governing bodies and difference ways of handing things. Its much like if in one class a kids throws something, say a pen at a classmate across the room, he may get detention to write lines, “I must not throw pens across the classroom” while in another class with an another teacher he may simply be told off.

          If you read the press release at the top it states that the BWF threw them out not the IOC.

    • nereis

      That is entirely correct.

      Players and teams have tanked matches to get more favourable draws ever since the round robin formats have been used.

      You cannot approve it for one sport and deny it for another.

      • donscarletti

        Take punching someone in the face for example.

        A legitimate tactic in boxing.

        A three match suspension in rugby.

        A lifetime ban and front page article in snooker.

        • Chad

          Not even a fair comparison. Losing intentionally is losing intentionally in whichever sport with a round robin system. Calling it cheating and bad sportsmanship in one sport should apply to all of them. Of course they have different organizations governing them but the general public’s view on them should be the same,

    • CN

      Holy shit, talk about apples and oranges. First they weren’t trying to help Wiggins they were helping Mark Cavendish. And this is totally within the rules. There’s not even a distinct advantage for GB since everyone slipstreams off each other. They were just the ones that wanted to set the pace of the peloton.

      • JAYJAY

        That’s whay I’m talking about! Why is it OK for cycling and not for other sports? If it is a team event and it sounds it is, then be it Cavendish or Wiggins, all members should get medals if one wins. Don’t you think?

    • side

      I think you mean Mark Cavendish and the road race – Alex is absolutely right in the way that the cycling road race is run – it’s more of a team sport with an individual (who is the fastest sprinter in the team) taking the plaudits if he wins. In the event, Cavendish didn’t even win a medal mainly because other teams (principally the Australians) conspired to prevent Cavendish winning as he was otherwise basically as certain to win as the Chinese are to win platform diving and table tennis. Bradley Wiggins won the time trial without any help at all – 40 seconds faster than the silver medallist.

  • Well, hey, at least there were no accusations of doping, right? At least there’s that, no?

    • Jin

      I’m sure imperialist western media will throw that at them soon enough.

      • Haha I knew you couldn’t resist. You mean your own media, fellow Westerner?

        • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

          Sick him Whiskers.

          On a different note, can you please stop scratching my stools? Sure they are wreaking havoc to my little bean bags every time they touch but no matter how much I polish the wood, I can’t get it off.

          • Well, if you would get me a proper scratching post I would. Otherwise my claws will grow too long and sharp for my own paws. Don’t you care?

          • Calling bullshit.

            I saw your catnip stash, friggin crack-kitty you.

          • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

            Yet another pussy complaining they aren’t getting enough shaft.

      • jin

        youre too obvious…. youre trying too hard to be chinese but you fail at it.

        • mr. wiener

          It’s a born again thing.

        • Yeah, a lot of Asiatic Westerners go through this sort of identity conflict, but Jin is just suffering a rather extreme case of it.

        • Jin

          bin..that makes no sense why would i try to be Chinese or any other race for that matter?

          • mr. wiener

            The desperation is strong with this one.

        • Jin

 you pack fudge by any chance?

          • Here he is begging for a gay playmate again.

          • mr. wiener

            hrrrrr…..wheeeze. I find your lack of faith…..disappointing …….hrrrr…….wheeze.

        • donscarletti

          I can never remember which one’s which.

          • Little j is a real Chinese (right?) and big J is the one with the smallest penis/most damaged anus.

          • Dr SUN

            lol ! whiskers sees the truth

  • Judge Jehovah

    How interesting? While the majority of comment left in Australian Age news sites supports the players; The Chinese themselves starts to have crack at the players, especially their own compatriot.

    So these days, competitors are not allowed to have their own strategic moves, but to play with only brute force to enjoy the crowd to generate better revenue.

    Even The Art of War by Sun Zi have 36 plans, not just CHARGE.

    • JAYJAY

      Try the British Daily Mail. Most comments on there are negative.

      • Chad

        Business Insider and The Globe and Mail are defending them. CBC is not. Different crowds, different opinions!

      • BigCAD

        Everyone know the dailymail isn’t a real newspaper, it’s a chip wrapper at best…but disturbingly contains the same subject matter as a Chinese rag i.e. house prices, immigrants and WW2.

    • Chom

      “Even The Art of War by Sun Zi have 36 plans, not just CHARGE.”

      Yes, and I guess the aim of all those plans is the same: to win. Does it have a plan how to lose a battle?

      • Rutim

        Don’t blame the players – it’s the sick system that allowed them to exploit it… What they did wrong? Used fake shattlecock???

      • Mao Ze Shenme Dong Dong

        It does actually.

        There is some gay Chinese Liu bang era story where there are 3 battles to fight. They have an army that is shit, medium and awesome and the other team also has the same.

        So to win the War they paired the battled as such:

        – Shit vs Best – Secured a loss but tiring the best army to the level of the medium.

        – Medium Vs Shit -> Secured a win with many left over

        – Best vs Medium -> Secured a win with many left over

        Then they combined two existing armies and poo’ed down the neck of the best army the opposition had to offer and won. Winning the war and not the battle.

        Makes bad TV though.

    • elizabeth

      So which is it? Art of badminton or art of manipulation?

  • kodi

    I think they could have been more subtle in their attempt to lose, but in the overall scheme of things I think they were trying to win “A Gold” so whats the big deal? I think the rules are to blame and whoever made them is a dumb ass thinking that people would not try doing this. Its common for people in this type of competition to try to get a better seed in the latter rounds. They should have kept the rules as they were in the past.

  • tai wai

    What’s wrong with exploiting the rules? How does this go against the morality of competitive sports?

    Chinese morality, folks.

    “What’s wrong with cheating? Cheating is fair play!”

    • nereis

      They’re using the rules.

      That they exposed the fact that the round robin format does not align players’ interests with spectactors’ interests in all cases of the world is not their fault.

      The problem is with the governing body that couldn’t foresee this happening and ignored all the warnings beforehand.

      • Harland

        The rules say that competitors must play to win. They shouldn’t have to say that, but they put that in specifically to avoid situations like this. I don’t know what they were doing out on that court, but it wasn’t playing badminton. The whole point of a badminton tournament is to play badminton.

        • jin

          the point of badminton olympic/world tournaments is to WIN.
          thats what all the players want. but ofcourse the risk of getting disqualified is also there, so if they want to try and exploit this, and get caught, they have nothing to say.

          • The Enlightened One

            No it’s not JUST to WIN. This is the flaw in morality in your country.

            The point of the original Olympics was entertain the masses, and for the Olympians to bring honor to their hometowns. These “badminton” players failed in both cases. What happened to the passion? What happened to holding your head high win, lose or draw? Can they say they played their best?

            No… they tried to cheat the system and got caught. Lame… even if they won the gold they are LAME in my book!

          • Duh

            Oh please. Would you put in the same amount of effort at work if you are not getting paid? Is it the employee or the employer who is being “lame” there?

          • barack obama

            the point of the olympics is not to entertain the masses. they are not circus bears playing for your enjoyment.

          • jin

            when they enter this competition, they want to win, and they tried to do that by exploit (which was wrong).
            olympic honor??? what happens these days is they compete to win and NOT entertain the masses, if they want to do that, they can just wear a clown suit and “entertain” the masses

          • The Enlightened One

            @Duh – Totally different and irrelevant. If I was passionate about the work and it was my dream! Of course, I would work hard and hope for a good payout. You are looking at it from a negative stand-point and I assume you hate your job.

            @Barack – I said the original Olympics. And even still if there was not a crowd there probably wouldn’t be any Olympics. Playing your best is entertaining… if you are considered one of the best in the world.

            Stop being stupid.

          • simon

            hey the enlightened one, what you have dished out is basically loser talk, it’s what people say when they know they can’t win. Hate to break your fairy tale bubble, but people compete in olympics to win and for pride and glory, not for world peace.

    • jin

      1 guy = chinese mentality?
      you know that this exploit is done before by others right?

      • The Enlightened One

        Stop deflecting… I hate it when Chinese always do this.

        THIS article is includes Chinese players. They are the lamers of the day.

        Get over it.

        • Chad

          Aren’t you the douche that paraded his body measurements on this website? Should I assume all white guys are morons who think anyone cares about their weight on their internet?

          • The Enlightened One

            Yeah, cause that’s relevant.

            I mentioned it once in relation to how even though one could crush a moron like you without any debate, one shouldn’t simply because one can.

            Although, in your case… I would make an exception.

            BTW… Why is it your remember that? Are you secretly in love with white guys?

          • Chad

            No, because it was the most amusing and nauseating comment I’ve read in a while on this site and that says a lot.

        • jin

          deflecting??? its called commenting on a unjust post.
          so when i read a post this article where this white guy does some stupid shit, does that mean all white guys are stupid? no it doesnt.

    • linette

      More K drama again? Is this olympic or K drama?

      Can’t people just play the game and stop focusing on cheating and winning medals. May the best team win should be the Olympic spirit. Not whining, complaining to the judges, crying making drama. Calculating in your head what to do to get more points in order to get more medals, instead of just play and show off your true talent in that sport. Takes the fun out of the game.

      • The Enlightened One


        They trained for many years… some of them, their entire lives!

        To play like this? Come on! I mean seriously, you trained your entire life in a sport (that hopefully you have passion for) to play like this and expect people/judges to not get angry or disqualify you?

        I would disqualify myself.

        • JAYJAY

          Haha, don’t blame the people, blame the game.

    • JAYJAY

      The problem with exploiting the rules comes from the notion of “rule of law”, where as long as we abide by it, it is considered “OK”. Ask the Kampard family who owns IKEA how much tax they paid over the years, you will see that this amount is near zero and appearently it is all legal. Where does morality go from there? It is not just the Chinese, it is the rules that need to be changed.

      • barack obama

        They are not “exploiting the rules.” They were playing by the rules perfectly within it’s boundaries. they have already qualified. this match shouldn’t have been played, period.

  • B

    I think it was the way , it was so obvious what they were doing the whole crowd boo’ed them. Nice Olympic spirit and great entertainment for the audience , to do once best too loose is quite lame, to not even try to hide it makes you disqualified.

    However It is not the players to blame, although it was pathetic to watch. But rather it is the organisation and the descision not to play decisive games at the same time that created this opportunity.
    Our media and experts all blame the people who organise the event. Western media that is.

    • Jahar

      Western media is blaming the organizers? That’s great. This is one of those situations that will be overlooked when people point out that western media is biased against China.

      • Concerned

        Not all the media is saying it’s the organizer’s fault, some blame China as always.

        Also, pretty much everyone now attending the badminton events are rooting for China’s opponents.

        What I don’t get is how 3 different nationalities got caught and somehow only China is getting bashed for match fixing. Everyone is pointing at the Chinese team for starting it and for the past match manipulations.

        Unlike the Korean coach for saying China started it, I think it’s fair to assume both Korean and Chinese teams had the intention of purposely losing. If the Korean team lost, they would avoid a Chinese team in the next round and only 1 Chinese team would be remaining in the Finals. China, same reason except I think they wanted to save the best for last so to speak, that way they would get both a Gold and Silver medals.

        Only problem is both teams clumsy tried to lose, if only one team played to lose and one to win. We would all be calling it an upset.

        • kaka

          “Also, pretty much everyone now attending the badminton events are rooting for China’s opponents.”

          That’s not true though is it…

          Have you been watching the badminton in London? If you had, you would have seen the Chinese mixed doubles collect Gold and Silver. You would have seen the whole multi-national crowd cheer as they collected their medals, and the crowd stand in silence as the Chinese flag was raised and the national anthem played. I did not notice similar respect shown at either the Asian Games or in Beijing – both of which I attended…

          All of that in-spite of 2 Chinese players basically giving the crowd the two-fingers only days before by making no effort to even hide the fact that they were throwing a match…

          The format was wrong. It was wrong because they should have known the Chinese team would potentially throw a match – statistics show that they do it in around 20% of badminton matches in international tournaments – with 20 out of 99 all Chinese matches either not being completed or being walkovers – to use a colloquial phrase “they have form” in match fixing…

          I might have some sympathy with some of your points (the Hoy gold for example) – if you would simply accept that whatever the format the rules are quite simple and all 8 players broke them (and just as CCTV now highlighting every questionable piece of bad-sportsmanship as some justification, other athletes doing questionable things does not null and void the behaviour of the badminton players or is it a justification for it):

          – not using one’s best efforts to win a match
          – conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport

          They are clear rules outlined in the Olympic rule book of badminton. That’s what they were charged with. They clearly had broken them. They were disqualified. The format doesn’t come in to it… If you don’t like the rules, don’t enter…

  • Dr SUN

    I think when you have children going to “state sponsored camps” with coaches standing on their six year old legs and “doping” them from a early age, then arguing on dialogue (cctv news) that although China is the #2 economy in the world, public access to sport is very poor, so “state camps” are the way.

    Now does this look like a copy of the old CCCP ( Soviet Union) model or what !!

    Maybe China should spend some money on public access to good sport facilities.

  • Jeffli

    Oh yeah hot gals gettin sweaty!

    • mr. wiener

      Jeffi either you need glasses or we are going to have to talk about your definition of “feminine”.

    • Harland

      Where was the hot one? Certainly not on the Chinese side. Every athlete I’ve seen in the Olympics has been butt-ugly. Do they have a rule that bars attractive females from joining the team?

      • Allison Stokke, US Pole Vault girl.

        • Dr SUN

          I think he was talking about the Chinese fe/shemale athletes

        • donscarletti

          I remember getting quite excited about Australian pole vaulter Tatiana Grigorieva. Something to do with a body that must be both strong and light and the ability for a spectator to say to his neighbour “she could vault my pole any day mate!” like he was the first to think of it.

      • elizabeth

        Diver Wu Minxia can be a beauty with the help of some makeup. The real natural beauty, Guo Jingjing, no longer dives though.

        • linette

          Well athletes in general do have better genes than regular people. They are genetically better body type. Many are naturally better looking.

          I thought gymnast Dai Feifei and tennis player Kournikova are very good looking. They have good genes.

          • Nothing spectacular, but notice the difference in noses between the real photos and the studio photos with several of these examples.

          • Or well, specifically the synchronized swimming sisters.

          • They are indeed stunning in the looks department, and any man who has the privilege of waking up next to either at daybreak, must surely be very happy and feeling they are lucky; for such women will also be loving, faithful, and choosy over “the one” they want for life. My GF may not be quite as smooth and symmetrical as Dai Feifei, but I love her…I am pragmatic…

          • donscarletti

            It’s interesting that the article says: “In the eyes of westerners, they might not be the hottest ladies”.

            That being said. If I woke up flanked by the Jiang sisters, I would be somewhere between happy and ecstatic.

          • mr. wiener

            If I woke up flanked by the badminton players it would be “dingo principle” time [coyote ugly].

          • Dingo Principle…I thought you were going to say that you’d just eat the accidental baby that resulted.

            I do think that you wouldn’t have to worry too much, though, as I’m sure these two ladies(?) would be too busy with each other to notice you slipping into the shower to wash the shame off and sprinting across the bedroom to dive head-first through a double-paned, 4th floor window to escape.

          • If I woke up flanked by two Sukhoi Su-27 Flankers, I’d panic because I just woke up either in a Russian hangar or probably 20,000 feet in the air.

      • diverdude1

        go on youtube and check out that Australian hurdle runner !!! yumm, yumm, yummilicious !!

      • They all need loving, and a face is just one component of a woman. When a man kisses a woman, the woman’s face is a little out of focus anyhow. Others may see my GF as a 7.5 to 8.5 out of 10, but I can assure you than when our faces and genitals are connected in a “mesh”, she is (as always) 10/10 to me. Worth considering…

  • The Enlightened One

    Wow… so that’s how Olympic players in badminton play eh?

    Seriously, you don’t deserve the gold unless you play like a champ all the way. Even if you win it in this method… doesn’t it bother them?

    It’s not just about winning a gold medal it’s about how you conduct yourself as a champion… this is a SEVERE loss of face.

    • Zappa Frank

      agree. it’s a loss of face to play in that way. On the other side the chinese team apologized on CCTV, while Korean team still is still begging judges to change decision..

  • Gontraf

    I wouldn’t put all the blame on the players… The organisers should have foreseen these strategies and ensured that none of the players would know who their opponents were going to be in the knockout rounds. The present system created a big incentive to loose on purpose and so they bear some of the responsability.

    The coaches probably instructed the players to loose as well.

    I thought disqualification was quite harsh under the circumstances.

    • Chad

      Exactly. This happens at any round robin tournament in badminton for those who actually play the sport. I think the rule and punishment should’ve been outlined very clearly to them before expelling them. As far as I know, the referee only gave them a warning by trying to tell them to play but he didn’t say they would be expelled.

    • The Enlightened One

      While the organizers possibly shouldn’t have created that sort of a system…

      It is up to the players and coaches to conduct themselves well. They are representing their nation, the spirit of competition and their hard work.

      I don’t really think the officials should have to tell them to play harder or even play at all. It’s the OLYMPICS not some high school game. To those of us that have some morals, playing like this for your country, your family and yourself is even more horrible than being disqualified.

      • linette

        I think the stronger team was just reacting to the behavior of the weaker team. How sad. How many time you watch olympic competition and see less talented athletes got the medal over the better more talented athletes. They knew how to use “sneaky strategy” to win the game eventhough they are less talented.

        • Jin

          makes perfect sense..this would explain your life philosophy “sneaky”

          • mr. wiener

            lets not call the kettle black shall we mr. pot?

          • Jin

            black pot? you shouldn’t call nappy hair Nanny Hiccups names

          • It’s just really obvious, antagonistic, racist trolling now. Nanny hasn’t even commented in a day or so.

          • Jin

            antagonistic? far from it i love pubic hair growing on the head that’s why i love nappy black hair so much.

          • mr. wiener

            I just realized something scary [with the aid of some good scotch] Whiskers and I are the only people who respond to your posts on a regular basis. Does this mean we are your “friends”, “frienemies”!?!
            You poor sad bastard.

          • Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking?
            ::makeover montage where we transform Jin from being a barnacle-laden submerged buoy of a person to the absolutely astonishing princess he always felt he was on, on the inside::

          • mr. wiener

            Some one get on the phone to the fab five. It’s queer eye for the ABC guy time!!

          • I hate to admit that I laughed at my own joke, but I couldn’t stop laughing over calling Jin a barnacle-laden submerged buoy.

          • mr. wiener

            I’m not going to scrape those off his keel.
            I’m laughing at my own jokes too. A 5th of scotch will do that

    • markus

      Gontraf quote
      “I wouldn’t put all the blame on the players… The organisers should have foreseen these strategies“

      True but at the same time the players were told during the match to stop playing badly to lose, they were told if they dont stop they will be disqualified, they didnt stop so they need to be disqualified.

      if you tell a naughty child not to touch the cake or he will get a smack and he touches the cake how can you not give him a smack? the warning was quite clear

      • Chad

        Where does it say the referee told them they would be disqualified? I’ve never read that anywhere. He warned them to play better.

        • Zappa Frank

          they received the black advise or something ( sorry i don’t remeber the correct word), not just an unofficial advisa then..

        • Anon

          He did tell them. I saw a video in which he said very clearly (and repeatedly) said that “both teams can be disqualified” if they didn’t play.

          • Chad

            Really? Then those teams are really dumb then.

      • Gontraf

        I am not saying the players shouldn’t be held accountable, just that the punishment was quite harsh. What saddens me is that the organisers, as far as I am aware, have not admitted to having played a part in this disaster.

        To just have the players and their coaches issue and apology and admit to misbehaviour would have been enough in my opinion. It’s not like there hasn’t been medals surrounded by controversy in the past.

        Now they are allowing eliminated teams to move on to the knockout rounds and the whole event has gone to the dogs. By the way they cannot possibly know that these players wouldn’t have done the same thing if placed in the same situation :/

  • Dr SUN

    Jin is that you in the photos, with the spiky hair cut ?

    • Jin

      Nope i believe its your wife..taking a break from her day job laying under you..i hope you pay her well she sure deserve every RMB she gets.

  • Jin

    Why is badminton even worthy Olympic sport? who even watch it except butch lesbians?

    • mr. wiener

      *sigh* You just set yourself up for these retorts don’t you? I swear you must be masocistic. Someone else please do the mother joke, I just don’t find it a challenge anymore.

  • markus

    i dont think its london’s fault, so they shouldnt blame london or the UK

    though other sports do this sort of thing they dont make it so obvious
    these matches were horrid to watch.

    either way China doesnt need to worry they will still win.
    but they should have played to win every match no matter who they are playing
    LIN DAN wouldnt back down even if he plays a chinese player.

    the coach was wrong and they need to say sorry to China and the players..

    but the biggest issue is during the game they were warned that if they didnt stop this bullsh!t of not playing they will be disqualified, they were told but they carried on so in a way it is the girls fault too.

    • side

      In fairness to the Chinese, they have apologised and, correctly (unlike those sneaky bangzi) didn’t appeal the disqualification. One of the players has now retired from the sport.

      After the shame, disgrace and humiliation of attempting to throw the match, the Chinese side has come out of this not so bad in its contrition. Good for them on this occasion, I say.

      In the cycling, the Chinese sprint pairing got disqualified for an illegal change over like the Brits did from the semi-final. Shame as the two best teams never to match up. Personally, I think Pendleton and co would’ve smoked ’em but we will never know now….

      • markus

        i agree, after i left this comment i read that the chinese coatch said sorry.
        the players feel they got too much of a punichment and we unhappy which of course anyone would be.

        i must also say that Korea as a country said it was very bad and has lost face for korea, however the players and the coach are trying to blame China! thats stupid.. they said China started it… i dont care who started it if you both did it you are both guilty.

        if a child were to steel from a shop and you did the same things it doesnt matter who did it 1st… if korea didnt do it as well maybe they would be safe and only china would have been disqualified. the korean team is being very childish. Not only that, one match China wasnt even playing as 4 Koreans were disqulified, who started that one?…

        its a shame about the cycling for both the Brits and the Chinese. but those are the rules so they must be followed even if it was a mistake.
        however the germans were not very friendly by laughing! that isnt good sportsmanship!

  • diverdude1

    Badminton is an Olympic sport? hehe ,,, that’s cute :-)

    I personally am pretty darn good at tiddly-winks…

  • wafflestomp

    That video was painful to watch, and I don’t even like BADminton. So far the games have given a good insight into the Chinese Olympic Juggernaut and how it operates.

    • wafflestomp

      Total of 484,504 people/voters [at time of translation]

      1. Support, the Olympic spirit should not be tarnished.47.1%228,155
      2. Object, there was no violation of badminton regulations.26.9%130,547
      3. Sympathize, the athletes were themselves forced.13.2%64,029
      4. Understand, otherwise how could they explain it to the spectators.7.0%33,922
      5. It’s complicated, can’t say. 5.7%27,833

      So 45.8% of people polled are complete and total retards. Surprising low number for China!

      • Zappa Frank

        45.8% of what? where does it come from this %?

        • The Enlightened One

          He added the 2,3 and last choices which are basically con against the ruling and determined this…

  • Slob

    What’s wrong with it? It’s completely within the rules system.

    I let my wife beat me on the xbox all the time to get a guaranteed blowjob.

    Hate the game, not the player.

    • Slob

      But on a proper note, what about the spectators who are paying to see a great couple of games of badminton among the world’s best players only to be thoroughly disappointed? Is it not those spectators who put them there in the first place? Should they not have some respect for their fans?

      Argh, as the infamous Chinese saying goes “Every coin has two sides”. Hearing that still makes me want to vomit on the person.

  • Me

    Why were they disqualified for throwing the match. They shouldn’t have been let on the court to play in the first place. They should have been disqualified because they are obviously two men playing in a woman’s competition.

    Am I really the only one who is seeing this? The Chinese have definitely discovered a new kind of sexual transfiguration method that lets men enter competitions as women undetected.

    • Zappa Frank

      good good funny.. now back in your cave troll

  • Mengkong

    What have I learned from this thread…

    1. Chinese netziens are surprisingly objective minded. Not as many knee-jerk, jingoistic responses as I’ve come to expect.

    2. Jin and Jayjay are, unfortunately, not as objective. Is there an ignore function on this site? Reading their drivel is quite a turnoff…

    3. Richard North’s wife us a millf, with amazing lips, especially when Richard dives inside her opened flower. Are all of his posts like this?

    • mr. wiener

      1.Yes, most welcome to read.
      2. 10% of the people in the world are arseholes. You will meet most of them before you die.
      3.Apparently she is.Unfortunately they are, yes.

    • As this thread is about the Olympics I will surprise you and say that the clay pigeon shooting and men’s canoeing have been quite spectacular today as I have spectated on TV. In terms of my long-term SG Chinese GF (three years plus going strong) we have no plans to marry…sorry to disappoint. THUS (a big THUS) I hereby prove my posts can be quite charming…all the best and thanks…Richard

      • Let me guess. “Clay pigeon” is slang for the cervix, “shooting” is obviously “ejaculatory juices”, and “canoeing” is some sort of bizarre tantric position in which the female sits on top and flails her arms out to the side in circles like they’re paddles? Goddamnit, Richard, I knew it. Not even the five Olympic (cock)rings are sacred.

        • Chuckles… Nah, Brits got Gold in both the said asexual events. As you’ve probably worked out I’m a BUILTS (Ballsed-Up In London, Try Singapore) so Team GB interests me. Brits getting very close to the French in medal haul. Next you guys will be accusing me of snorting coke laced with testosterone…the reality is that Tantrically our sexual energy is saved for Saturday and Sunday. Cheers…

      • mr. wiener

        Can I call you Dr. Dick from now on? Good night Dr. Dick I’m going to give my better half her 1 minute of ecstasy.

        • You can call me Professor Phallus for all I care… But yeah Dr Dick is spot-on. However I will reiterate that I’m quite boring really… Entirely faithful, not some kinda “Chinabounder of 2012”. Any crazy stuff I know is based on observations since 1989 of interracial sense and nonsense across the region, and what happens when wives are exported West. I still can’t believe sometimes that I’m so disciplined…7+ “proposals” from former CN-VN-SG GFs later…

  • My favorite part was where the Yu Yang one claimed they were both injured before the match, and that they suffer so much pain when they have to compete with the injuries. It’s hilarious because it’s badminton.

    • mr. wiener

      A bad case of shuttlecock.

      • She referred to it as “a body full of injuries”. I tried picturing her trying to serve with he femur protruding from her thigh.

        • mr. wiener

          The horror!…the horror!

  • Alex L

    China is pretty much feared in the table tennis and badminton (as well as other) events, so no need for game fixing etc. I am sure they would have accomplished the same endgame by playing up to their ability. They should bring back good ol’ fashioned elimination.

  • barack obama

    this is complete bullshit. how can you force these athletes to entertain the audience when they have already qualified? first of all it’s impossible, secondly it’s just ridiculous!

    • Eh, the goal is to see who is the better athlete. Not to see who can weasel their way into an easier competition.

      • Duh

        The goal is to win the gold, and the silver. The tactics is to have two Chinese teams meet in the final, instead of semi-final.

  • Eddie

    What the hell are all these Chinese people getting angry about? Appeal the decision? This was clearly a violation of the Olympic tradition of sportsmanship. This stupid “do anything to win” mentality might fly at some national Chinese competition, but not on the international Olympic stage where kids all around the world are watching. Out of all the countries disqualified, the Chinese delegation did the classiest thing possible. They admitted their faults and denounced this kind of behavior-as they should. It shames me that this sort of behavior is being defended by netizens.

  • B

    JAY JAY , how dare you bring in Mr Kamprad , bless his heart, he’s a genius who started out his buissness in his garage. Who else are able to make you buy expensive stuff only to return home and spend hours trying to build it together , pure genius.

    He didnt cheat they follow the rules in all 44 country they are active , its just taxplanning;) .
    I love his meatballs!!! ((hmmm..)))

  • Jeremy

    Ridiculous. Badminton players are used to play like this in some International competition. So, I’m not suprised that some players go on to play like this during the Olympics games. The people to blame are not the players but the federation. If they have solved the problem before, it won’t be like this now.
    How shameless are the International Badminton federation..

  • Nanny Hiccups

    what is that ad showing a blone on one side and a man on the other for? a movie?

    • markus
    • Something that’s interracial, international, interesting, and being marketed via the internet. The trailer is suggesting a great movie; the ABC guy is humorous and charismatic; the casting overall seems great… Go check it out…

  • eattot

    why they are angry?and why they must win?
    i do not care for this kinda things much, maybe i just do not care of spno ort much.
    who jumps highest,runs fastest…i really have no interest.

  • Bo Xilai For Emperor

    Are they even women? They look like dudes with men boobs

    • Zappa Frank

      if they look like men what should we say about Venus and Serena Williams? not just men, but strong men..

      • swat


        • Zappa Frank

          and then? is it a justification? i wonder why sharapova is so beautiful ..

  • Web of Lies

    They need to fix the system so there is an incentive to win. Still lame though how they were hitting it in the net every service even with all the “boos.”

  • Concerned

    Indian team now accusing Japanese team of playing to lose too:

    I think this would have been the result of Korea vs China match, if only one team played to lose and one to win. It would have just been called an upset.

  • kaka

    Depends largely on one’s viewpoint on competing at the Olympics, whether one thinks it is different to competing in a professional prize-money tournament etc, and the roles and responsibilities of those taking part.

    Athletes want to win medals for their country and themselves – a medal, especially a gold, is considered by most athletes as the pinnacle of a career.

    A country gains admiration and respect, or if you like “face” or “mianzi” through it’s athletes performances at the Olympics – this is in no small part why China wants to win as many gold medals as it can (as with every country).

    Many people around the world watch in awe at the Chinese athletes talents in certain sports. This is good for China. When athletes are seen to act against the basic sportsmanship principles of modern sport, whether this is actually the case or not… a country does not gain admiration and respect, and nor does the athlete(s) involved.

    The actions of the badminton players was therefore against the whole aim of the Chinese Olympic team and China as a country. The athletes and the team had been tarnished by the charade – and no increase in mainzi would have been gained had they gone on to win a medal.

    The Olympics is different to other events or championships… and regarding this whole episode one might reflect on the opening speech by the IOC president, rather than searching for excuses in the format, or storming off in a huff and quitting the sport you profess to love because things didn’t go your way – like a spoilt child at a school sports-day…

    “”I congratulate all of the athletes who have earned a place at these Games.

    And to the athletes, I offer this thought: Your talent, your dedication and commitment brought you here. Now you have a chance to become true Olympians. That honor is determined not by whether you win, but by how you compete. Character counts far more than medals.

    … Respect you opponents. Remember that you are all role models. If you do that, you will inspire a generation.

    These Games bring many hopes. Hope for harmony and peace between the 204 National Olympic Committees. Hope to see the young generations inspired by the values of sport. Hope that these Games continue to promote sustainble development.

    Dear Athletes, make us dream.””

    … but then again… i can now dream that my child will compete at badminton at the Olympics – they too can’t hit the shuttle over the net, they also deny any responsibility for their actions whenever they are caught out, and they also often storm off whenever they don’t get their own way…

  • Alan

    the purposes of the players are too obvious to ignore, the principles of Olympics are to improve anthropic physical quality, follow the spirit of sportsmanship and aspect athletes from each countries, what they have done had violated the rules of Olympic, we can not attribute their behaviors to the problem of the Game’s regulations. there is no rule in the world is perfect and complete, even the Law, the gap of any rules should be supported by human ethics.

  • side

    hear hear, poopoo

  • side

    …but what relevance does this post have to your very Singaporean girlfriend. Suggest fauna delete this for redundancy?

    • Dude… You’re polluting the thread by your very comments… If you look carefully all I’ve ever done is respond to my good Aussie friend Mr. Wiener… Plus Singapore is a pseudo-China so if people ask me questions and Oriental culture needs a reference, my SG GF is often VERY relevant, as I am Caucasoid. Now get back to the Olympics which is VERY relevant to this thread… Ciao – genuinely wish you well…have a nice day…

      • side

        Fair enough and I wish you also a nice day (and well) (by the way, I’m not really a “dude” although my daughter sometimes calls me one, rather irritatingly, I might add). However, given the interracial nature of the film, I thought a few personal experiences may have helped readers to understand your point better. Further, we should perhaps take this thread to the correct place which is the Shanghai Calling thing,

  • Concerned


    “Sir Chris Hoy was privately angry after claiming his fifth career gold medal when his teammate Philip Hindes admitted crashing deliberately in the qualification round of the men’s team sprint.

    Hoy’s elation was tempered by the incident. British Cycling’s knight prides himself on his adherence to the spirit of fair play, and he was subdued in his post-race press conference. It was not the manner in which he wanted to win an Olympic title.

    Hoy, Hindes and Jason Kenny won the three-man, three-lap team sprint in a world record 42.600sec, beating France in a repeat of the final four years ago in Beijing.

    Hindes picked himself up off the track after a poor start in qualifying, and the 19-year-old German-born rider, who joined British Cycling’s academy in October 2010, said his crash was a deliberate ploy.

    He said: ‘We were saying if we have a bad start we need to crash to get a restart. I just crashed, I did it on purpose to get a restart, just to have the fastest ride. I did it. So it was all planned’ ”

    In fairness, their gold medals should be stripped and then disqualified for manipulating the rules to benefit themselves.

    • kaka

      Not that I’m assuming you are Chinese “Concerned”, but if you are – could you explain to me why Chinese people seem to peruse the Daily Mail online – and treat it as it is representative of all thought and opinion within “the west”, and get angry when there is any hint of an article that is not 100% pro communist party or pro China? It’s the Daily Mail!

      It’s like me going on to the China Daily and getting angry with the economic column journalist or even the entire Chinese nation because it says inflation is 6%, and i can’t factor in to my budget cost of living increases, because inflation is no where as low as 6%… or reading the Black Panther Gazette and getting pissed-off that they had an anti-white man article in it…

      If you’re not Chinese, they obviously – don’t give it a second thought… anyway – I’m off to read Polly Toynbee’s latest Guardian piece, so that I can be angry about her latest middle-class champagne socialist flight in to Cloud-Cuckoo-Land…

      • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s goodwill greeting to David Cameron on the eve of the Olympics was that this will be (quote): “Good for your economy given your 0.7% quarterly decline in growth.” Even this guy reads the Daily Mail! Hello? Aston Martin, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Morgan and Range Rover…? More car manufacturing output in Britain than at any time ever – and many are luxury marques…People from China, you are welcomed as customers. Thank-you.

      • 黄河晴天

        Spot on and very amusing! Couldn’t have written it better myself

  • side

    Not sure why you call them hypocrites. I don’t remember the British cycling team criticising the 4 badminton teams for trying not to win.

    • Concerned

      The media and some people did criticized the badminton players, while they turn a blind eye to one of their own.

  • red scarf

    Does anyone have a link to the on-line poll that is in the article.

  • side

    Yes, but this is the way the cycling sport works. No idea why. Same as for the Tour de France. Winners rely on the team for assistance but the glory goes to the guy over the line first or who finishes the Tour with the lowest points. There may be a separate team award too. However, I don’t think your point is relevant to the discussion. As mentioned, this is just the way this particular event works and everyone, especially those taking part, accepts it.

    • Concerned

      “Deliberately” crashing your bike to force a restart just because you had a bad start and want to get the fastest time to get gold is the same as what the badminton players did. They both manipulated the system to better their odds of getting gold. True, there are no rules about situations like that in the cycling event, but it’s unethical and unsportsmanlike.

      Only difference I see between the two is one got caught red handed and the other didn’t. Both situation to me are unsportsmanlike.

  • Wei_Hello_Are_You_There?

    The format is only a problem when you have countries like China who have few sporting morals. Just like in business (which is all sport is for China, I hope this will change because there are some fantastic, dedicated athletes), any trick or loophole to get ahead will be employed and further illegal practices called on to win. But this is NOT winning. China needs to relax, stop trying to force itself on everyone and everything and it will be an internationally celebrated country. China is an incredible place, but forcing people and forcing hollow results will always backfire.

    • Zappa Frank

      at least chinese team apoligized.. korean with 2 teams didn’t and still babling about anti-korean prejudice

      • kaka

        The Chinese team released a perfunctory statement, similar to every statement released when a Chinese organization is caught doing something questionable – even though the action had official backing:

        “The actions of Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli (or enter the name of any company or official) on the court (or enter any context) have violated Olympic principles (enter any law, code, or ethic) and the spirit of fair athletic competition. The Chinese Sports Delegation (enter any company or organisation) feels saddened,” it said.

        “We resolutely oppose and severely criticize such actions (now we have been caught). The Chinese Olympic Committee has always been against anyone or any team that violates sports spirit and ethics in any form (except between 1960 and 2000, when we ran a full-on soviet style doping regime).”

        The delegation is investigating the Chinese players’ conduct (by asking wish member of the management team is dispensable and able to take full responsibility in return for a family member being given a comparative position in 4 years time), it said, “and will make appropriate rulings based on the result.”

        In the meantime, all participating teams have been urged to carry forward the Olympic spirit and preserve the Chinese delegation’s honor (by not getting caught implementing official team policies designed to maximise medal return), it said.

        Yu Yang is certainly not accepting any responsibility, in fact the opposite- the following doesn’t sound like someone who understands or accepts why they were disqualified:

        “This is the first time the Olympics introduced the round-robin stages. Do you understand athletes’ injuries? Four tough years with all those injuries, and you just disqualified us. You ruthlessly shattered our dreams. That’s it – not complicated but unforgivable.”

        “This is my last game. Goodbye BWF. Goodbye my beloved badminton.”

        So basically, we fully accept the ruling, but it was everybody’s fault except ours, and we don’t really think we did anything wrong, and it is probably just some evil “ruthless” conspiracy to belittle China… good apology…

        Contrast that with Pendleton in the cycling, after her disqualification…

        No athlete or team likes being disqualified, but rules are rules – general Olympic rules, and rules for individual sports… the rules the Chinese pair broke are quite clear:

        – not using one’s best efforts to win a match
        – conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport

        Seems cut and dry to me…

        • linette

          The 4 koreans, 2 chinese, and 2 indo athletes were all disqualified. If they do play again I hope they play fairly. No more trying to cheat. No need to make anymore excuses or try to make drama to appeal with judges. Just accept reality and move on. Next game please.

  • Dave

    Interesting how only Asian teams tried to play in such poor spirit. Also interesting that so many Chinese Netizen comments think there’s nothing wrong with the Chinese did!

    Which only proves what I’ve always believed – the difference in Chinese and Western cultures is enormous. Western culture is superior in its morals, integrity, and spirit of fairness – as opposed to the Chinese “win at all costs” way of doing things.

    • Concerned

      Is this what you’re referring to:

      Deliberately crashing your bike to force a restart because you had a bad start and want to get the fastest time to get gold.

      • Amongst cyclists this is simply a myth – and hardly known – as crashing can cause injury (can Badminton?). The Daily Mail of the United Kingdom is one of the most purchased but negative newspapers in the whole of the Occident, and is purchased / forced-upon every British and Irish Citizen once they reach the age of 70. Have the French cried foul? No.

        • Concerned

          French response:

          Florian Rousseau said: “There was no cheating. The British team was much stronger than the French team and I congratulate them on their success.

          “However, I do think the rules need to be more precise so we don’t find ourselves in an identical situation at another Olympic Games.

          “The fact that he (Hindes) did it on purpose is not very good for the image of cycling. We must reflect on how we can adapt the rules so that does not happen again in future.”

          Yeah, it’s not cheating, just very unsportsmanlike just like the badminton players. Though, only difference is badminton players made it too obvious and “people were not deprived of a contest.”

          • Concerned


            meant to say = were deprived of a contest.

          • Dave

            Concerned: fair call – though it seems like an isolated incident in the sense that the team members or his countrymen do not try to justify his actions.

  • Pete of Perth

    Turning out the lights must improve her score to 10

  • Wayne

    To be the best you have to beat the best.

    • Wei_Hello_Are_You_There?

      The story of Niger rower Hamadou Issaka is what makes the Olympics so fantastic. He finished firmly in last place, 2 minutes behind the winner but the pride and passion won the respect and hearts of all. This is something the majority of China fails to understand (there are many that do and these people are the future of a great nation). This guy would be considered a disgrace in China and left in the streets like numerous athletes have. The Olympic are about representing your nation by doing your very best. Performance, sportsmanship, kindness. Basically what sport is supposed to be about before money, greed and big business got involved. The IOC is about as corrupt as they come and bleat on about the “spirit of the Olympics” but they too are guilty of going against this for the lure of riches, power and control.

  • Concerned

    What the players did is wrong.

    But I can’t shake the feeling that the order to tank the match came from the coaches and higher ups. I feel like the players are the victims in all of this.
    The Chinese badminton head coach has a history of telling his players to tank matches, he even did it in the 2004 Olympics.

    Only this time, they got caught and now the athletes are taking the fall.
    The very organization that ordered them to lose have turned their back on them and threw them under the bus.

    For the people saying they could have said no and not tank the match.
    You wouldn’t be saying that if playing badminton was your lifeline and the man in charge can end your career in an instant.

  • moop

    this isnt going to come off very well, but i am being totally sincere and serious. why do a lot of the chinese female athletes look so much more masculine than their other asian counterparts? steriods in women lead to developing jawlines like men. i spent time in korea this week on business and watched a lot of korean teams and noticed their athletes are much more feminine.

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  • Xiongmao

    I’m from another country where badminton is a widely played sport, and the thing is: The Chinese have been doing this for fucking decades, both in badminton and table tennis, and they’ve been looked down upon for it from day one. I can’t even begin to explain how much badminton and ping pong federations around the world are rejoicing and applauding this decision. The Chinese team has no one to blame but themselves and their corrupt national badminton association.

    At the very f-ing LEAST, the Chinese olympic delegation decided not to appeal the ban which serves their credit.