Chinese Youth Take Sexy School Uniform Photos in Changchun

Chinese youth take sexy photos wearing high school uniforms.

From Sina:

Changchun high school students taking sexy school uniform photos incites heated discussion

Recently, in certain internet communities of Changchun city, the sexy high school school uniform photos of a group of handsome and beautiful people have attracted netizens’ attention and heated discussion.

This reporter has discovered that in these photos, the photographed are wearing various high school uniforms of Changchun city, posed in various sexy positions, and even some of the photographed are exposed. Some netizens cannot accept wearing school uniforms and taking these kind of large-scale sexy photos, and made sharp criticisms. However, there are also some netizens who believe these kind of photos are very fresh, not only demonstrating the personalities of the youth, but also showing the creative spirit of the young people. In comparison to those rigid studio portraits, these kinds of photographs are what represent the vitality of the youth.

Comments from Sina:


… When did exposing oneself become art? Fuck! Brother [referring to self] studied art but even I don’t have the gall to recklessly do this. You guys are so niu! Don’t use “art” as a pretense/cover for such dirty things! Don’t spend all day imitating and copying Westerners in this or that art, first develop yourself into a person and then see! Look at the current atmosphere in this country, and you call this art! Vomit!


They simply wore their school uniforms and took some artistic photos, it’s not like they did anything else, what is making you so upset? Based on what you say, China also has naked portraits and art schools also have nude models. Are you going to go punish them/sort them out? :)


Have today’s youth already gone astray, emphasizing their own personality and creativity, but unable to see their own motivations. When will the public good and morality become mainstream values?


There’s nothing wrong with the clothes, it’s just that their poses are exaggeratedly sexy!


All children without proper upbringing/supervision, degenerates.


Students should look like students, and shouldn’t be too exposed/scantily dressed.


Not stealing or robbing, not extorting or committing fraud, not sleeping with people to get ahead or finding sugar daddies, not showing off wealth or comparing fathers. So what fucking business is it of yours, you old farts?


There sure are a lot of sanctimonious and self-righteous people, who themselves are only too anxious to go look.


Slightly too little clothes and people start spouting [criticisms and condemnations], You guys definitely have problems. So are women supposed to all wrapped up during summer, just like Middle Easterners? You guys have mental problems.


Isn’t it just some photographs? Is it worth making yourself out to be so noble and lofty like this? It’s already what day and age now?


School uniforms? Sexy? Society has changed.


Don’t treat nudity as art, especially on the bodies of children! May I ask this photographer, if it were your child, would you let her be photographed?!

What do you think?

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    Sofa after schools out

    • BIGCAD

      “School uniforms? Sexy? Society has changed” Agreed, Chinese School uniforms are a complete boner killer and remove sexuality completely, to the extent they are still like infants when they get to university.

      • so true..the immaturity in this really turns me off.. these girls should fucking grow up already…they’re like 20 years old for christ grow up, get yourself a real job or something cuz your not hot at advice for them is to move in with a family that would actually accept them

  • Hongjian

    This shit is bad and you should feel bad.

    also, sofa.

    • BIGCAD

      Only if you’re sitting on my lap in a sexy school jumpsuit number.

      • Ray

        Congrats on reading the article in 5 minutes!

    • Brett Hunan

      I feel no remorse. Looking at those pics was nice, but actually I don’t see how those outfits could be taken as school uniforms. Also, the models look too old for elementary-high school.

      I’m guessing stripper school? Maybe soft core porn school…..

      Anyways, you should know better than to assume you have sofa here on chinaSMACK… too many have been mislead.

      • hooots

        They have the school uniform track suits. And, they are rockin them. Nicely done.

        • Brett Hunan

          Right on, I missed that….

  • Overhook

    wow, they finally good a few good-looking chinese girls with breasts bigger than AA cup? They must’ve looked at millions before finding them.

  • Overhook

    Chinese people should not talk about morality when Dongguan is among the biggest prostitution hub in the world.

    Prostitution is so rampant in China, it’s not even funny. It’s so ingrained in their culture that Chinese women accept that their husbands go to whores every weekend.

    I must admit, Chinese prostitutes in general are among the best in the world for their service, just under Brazilians.

    • mr. weiner

      Well I’ll bow to your educated experience on that one, having never been to Brazil, personally after seeing “two girls one cup” I’d be a bit hesitant to go lol.
      Sorry if I come off as a bit of a prude ,but I never did the happy ending thing in China. Although like most westerners who would never have thought about going to cat-houses at home I must admit I did do a little of that in SEasia. Sad to say they only girl I saw in China was an Irish girl and I wound up with dysentry after lunching at the Y.

      • SuperHappyCow

        mr. weiner died of dysentery, after lunching at the y.

        Worst story ever.

        • mr. weiner

          ….”What happened then?….Well I guess I just died”. Nope the dysentry didn’t kill me. but the weeks stay in the Yenan hospital damn near did. If the fella in the bed next to me hadn’t seen that my IV drip was empty and started screaming for the nurse and beating his bedpan [empty] on the bedsted I would have gotten an air bubble in my veins which would have wrecked my whole day.

          • SuperHappyCow

            Hahahah, oh my god.

            Lunch at the Y followed by an embolism for dinner.

            Sounds like a great time.

      • dilladonuts

        it’s dining at the y aka DATY.

        And by the way, I personally find the services in China are TOP notch, compared to brazil, thailand, costa rica, mexico, the states, europe.

      • Cyrus Howell

        DON’T DRINK SNAKE BLOOD or you will end up with Hepatitis A.

    • mankouzanghua

      so you also would never talk about morality, we presume?

  • The ones with the stars and stripes look interesting. I think they want to express: I wanna be free like Americans… Or maybe just like our Taiwanese neighbors, who knows.

    • iamsheep

      …or…they’re just saying….i’m a dumb bimbo who likes stars are stripes cause they purrty…..*giggles*

    • Llanero

      I think they want to express: “America, Fuck Yeah!” and I whole heartily agree.

      • hooots

        Ditto. Let’s embrace them. Maybe they need a place for the night?

  • mp

    …these kind of photos are very fresh…demonstrating the personalities of the youth…

    I know whenever I interact with women, I’m always impressed by their personality. Especially when they unbutton their shirts and expose so much of it.

  • SuperHappyCow
  • roger dodger

    i’m more inclined to say they’re models in high school uniform, if they are high school students then that school is definetly offering free plastic surgery to its students, no high school kid has bazookas like those.

    • Alikese



  • Song of the Article

    All of you
    – Don Felder


    it is about 12:30am China time

    I live in China
    but am on the road
    check in about 32 hours.


    • Alan

      Kedafu does it again!

      Nice one man!

  • Ezze

    God bless Dongbei…..

  • actionjksn

    Oh shit, I want to go to China!!!!

  • jiayi

    Chinese shellsuit school uniforms are so epic. A cross between a giant blue condom and cornershop bags. Be sure to stay away from naked flames or you will have that glorious blue burned into your skin forever.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    This is considered sexy?

    • dim mak

      I’ve had it up to here with you and your faggotronics.

      Tell me where you live so I can come mount you.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        I live in Toronto.

        When are you coming?

        • dim mak

          I will crawl into your window one night and ride you until dawn.

          Look forward to it.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            I can’t wait dude!

            All jokes aside, I kinda do need a cock in my bum. I haven’t had a nice pounding in a while.

          • dim mak

            Yeah same here :\
            Only girls find me cute these days
            So lonely ; ;

          • Gay Azn Boi

            I’m lonely as well. I want a bf :(

          • I’ve been away a week, and this is now what trolling is like on chinaSMACK?

            I’m all for a coming together of opinions upon the global scene, just didn’t think that one could both assert one’s opinion as well as allow others to reach around it.

          • mr. weiner

            GAB, I think there is a fellow Australian named “Noodle” , just come out of a divorce and probably desperate for a bit of manly lovin’ . Seems to be very angry at the world at the moment, and constantly threatening to fuck everyone…I think a bit of putting from the rough would be just what the doctor ordered.

  • dim mak

    Turn up the lighting a bit more, you’re not pale enough

    PS: Mustaches aren’t hot, ladies

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Asians love to look pale in photos, don’t they?

  • 山炮 ShanPao

    Oh dear, the world is going to hell and the Chinese people are so perverted. Women are sexually appealing, men like sexually appealing things, the unobtainable is what we want the most, the snapshots of that tease us into sin, shit, even girls like to feel sexy…

    F**k? Whats going on with this world? Anyone would think we’re a bunch of animals hell bent on having sex for our own existence. May god help us all… (written whilst joshing off)

    • Alliance

      whats’s going on? is that gradually, no one is scared of “sins” or going to hell anymore, thats what….
      It’s all about how much money you can make, and how many girls you can have sex with while you’re still alive.

      And no, it’s not strictly a chinese problem. From the high executives on Wall street, to Eurozone politicians, to Chinese fu er dai and white collars … invariably, the entire world is becoming like this.

      rampant greed, cheating everyone else and employing foul, immoral methods to acquire money and power and spending on luxury cars and pretty escorts.

      • dilladonuts


        You must be another mentally abused catholic lol.

        • Alliance

          actually I’m not religious :P

          I was simply making a statement about how society has changed over time, and it’s not all flowers and sunshine, even in this post WWII age of supposed moral enlightenment, globalization and technological advancement.

          • dilladonuts

            Fair enough, but I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that ” rampant greed, cheating everyone else and employing foul, immoral methods to acquire money and power and spending on luxury horses and carriages and pretty escorts ” happened 200-300 years back as well.

            Some people will be on the noble side, while most just want to get by.

      • 山炮 ShanPao

        Alliance – you are exactly the kind of spooner I was referring to.

        “It’s all about how much money you can make, and how many girls you can have sex with while you’re still alive.” – yes that is human nature and that is how we survive. Before money it was something else, but sex has always been there. Funny that isnt it? Actually no its really not. Its common sense…

    • dim mak

      We ARE a bunch of animals hellbent on having sex for our own existence

      Nothing wrong with it. Sex is a beautiful thing. These bitches be underage though.

      • 山炮 ShanPao

        You don’t understand sarcasm do you? That was my point. I was mocking anyone who found these pictures distasteful or shocking.

        • dim mak

          Oh yeah well… SHUT UP

    • staylost

      This is my favorite post ever on ChinaSMACK.

      I read it twice for the laughs.

  • Alliance

    I admire these girls, they are brave to do this, and they are pretty.

    There’s nothing wrong with them.

    • Rawlie

      Well said!

      How do I get to Changchun!?

      • 404namenotfound

        ^ this

  • totoponyo

    Actually the picture is quite good.
    Wonder If I can bring some of these girl to my room.

  • Peasant


  • Lonetrey

    why is it that every time I see an article about the netizens of China complaining about something, I always assume they act like whiny bitchy white suburban soccer moms?

    Like, that phrase just pops into my head, and I’m left thinking “Wow, they’ll never get used to freedom of speech will they.”

    That said, it’s good that there seems to be a number of chinese netizens with a level head.

  • k

    Ether those photos are verrrrrrrrrrrrrry retouched or some of those girls have had alot of plastic surgery done or are very good with makeup…..some of them have freaky faces, so unnatural. Plus toooooooo skinny, they r pushing their breast desperately together for a little cleavage, i bet they have very boney butts. Not my taste, i prefer healthier weighted women who dont have the hip, butt, leg, breast sizes of 10 yr olds. Not into pedo.

    • Alan

      hey r pushing their breast desperately together for a little cleavage, i bet they have very boney butts. Not my taste, i prefer healthier weighted women who dont have the hip, butt, leg, breast sizes of 10 yr olds

      Curves are indeed good K.

      Song in response:

      Sir mix a lot-I like big butts

    • dilladonuts


      ” alot of plastic surgery done or are very good with make up ” You fucking retard, there are plenty of pretty Chinese girl’s without plastic surgery.

      ” they r pushing their breast desperately together for a little cleavage ” – So the fuck what? What girl do you know doesn’t want their tits to look as big as possible in risque photos.

      Do you expect all the world to follow your communist ” ahem ” I mean western views on beauty. Not every bitch is suppose to look like Kim Kardashian, who by the way is a fine piece of ass.

      Are you soo fucking stupid that you can’t understand the basic fundamentals of DNA and genetics? Obviously MOST asian girls arn’t going to fill out a dress like a Brazilian, but they also won’t be a huge fat piece of crap with upper arms the size of a firefighter by the time they are 40 either.

      Get off your high horse, have a think, and on your bike you go.

      • Ray

        Wow that is some serious hating, but I mean come on, put away the plastic surgery and stuff you have to admit that these alot of makeup or Photoshopping. There ain’t even like a freckle or blemish on their faces, how is that humanly possible? Or have you looked at too many modelling magazines and believed those pictures to be unedited or the models did not use any make up?

        Well its true they are “pushing” their breasts together, but I think that is just trying to get a bit more cleavage for a sexy photo shoot.

    • Patrick

      I’d say VERRRY retouched in some cases the head is way to big for the body. Look at the 24th picture the hand seems a bit off too.

      • Just John

        You were looking at her hand?

        If you are single, I hear Gay Azn Boi is in need of a good man.

        • Patrick

          I looked at the whole picture – all of the pictures with girls anyway, I admit I saw one I thought was a girl and it was a guy it hardly qualifies me as gay. Gay Azn Boi can use his own hand, my schedule is booked with the ladies.

    • donscarletti

      Just a matter of taste. This is pretty much what’s available in China, if you like it, great, if you don’t like it, plenty of other places with girls too.

      Nothing unhealthy about their weight though, unhealthiness comes through bad weight control techniques like bulimia, not simply a low body mass. Ideal weight from a medical perspective is pretty lean, not much bigger than these girls. Being slightly overweight is often considered attractive (shows the individual can find food), but does not translate to a better functioning body.

      Also, I lost 30kg since coming to China… if you hang out in a western country too long you get fat too since people around you are eating too much. The girl in Chinese immigration laughed at how fat I looked in my passport photo on Friday when I was on my way to Hong Kong for the weekend and passed the passport to her friend who commented too.

  • [email protected]

    Keep going China.. Jia You! You are becoming more like Japan every day.

    • Just John

      I can only dream.
      Or are you trying to say this is a bad thing?

      • If China becomes more and more like Japan every day, won’t the end result be an entire country that hates itself?

        I wouldn’t regard over a billion Catholics as being very “harmonious”.

        • Just John

          Um, your logic is confusing.
          Japan is mostly Buddist or Shinto, not Catholic.

          They also do not appear to have nearly the level of internal division as seen in China.

          So, if China was like Japan, I cannot see how your comments make sense. Maybe I am missing something?

  • Regina

    I don’t know. I just feel like Chinese people are really vapid and don’t have much passion about anything. They just strike me as being surface like people.

    • mr. weiner

      Well speaking for myself as well I’d say most people who post hear are about as shallow as wading pools……you’re not a virgo by any chance?

    • Joe

      >white people
      >calling Chinese vapid
      ohboy.jpg Don’t you have a football game to be watching?

  • zombieville

    not enough skin.

    • Yes. Be sure to mark that on their report cards.

  • HammerDick

    Chinese students in general are butt fucking ugly and most only have camera phones. My ass the people in these photos are students. Those photos look like they were taken by a professional cameraman, airbrushed and then shopped in a studio. It doesn’t help that they have a giant yellow logo and link with some sort of advertisement on them. Its probably some magazine shoot done by models.

    Chinese people tend to have a habit of making up lies to stir up shit on the internet. They do this shit all the time.

  • star

    after seeing so much bomb news,i have no surprise now

  • hooots

    Nicely done. Sexual appeal is something China should embrace. These people are doing it well. Get rich first right. Work it girls!!!!!!!! Who doesn’t fantasize about gettin with a high schooler?

    • mr. weiner

      Yes.., but most of us have to wait until we have left high school before we can do that.

      • hooots

        No sex in high school? I used to borrow my mom’s van, take the back seats out, pick her up, then lay it down. Oh, I miss high school.

        • Just John

          Hooots, your from Alabama.

          That means she was your cousin…

          • hooots

            Nah, we did the blood test…

  • More girls in sexy uniforms on ChinaSmack Personals :)

  • Chadwick

    Taking sexy photos has nothing to do with prostitution. Most sexy women I know who pose for professional photographer are far from sluts, you have to work hard if you want to date or get in bed with them.

    These women are beautiful. From China, to Japan, to Thailand, and Indonesia, Asian women are the most beautiful in the world…to me even more so than the blue eyed blond haired Swedish…although I would not kick either out of bed ;)

  • Amazed

    So boring is this…..China smack is losing me. I think the girls look cute.

    • Just John

      Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

  • McCurry

    Man what a bunch of jailbaits, but thank god we’re in China, Pedophile’s paradise!

  • Vonskippy


    Since I’m neither in my 90’s or living in the 1800’s these photo’s are barely sexy, let along risque.

    China, still living in the stone ages, some day you might join the 21st century (but I doubt it).

  • coala banana

    “In comparison to those rigid studio portraits, these kinds of photographs are what represent the vitality of the youth.”

    hahaha, chinese BS at its finest.

    1. Well, this ARE rigid studio portraits.

    2. This photos doesn’t represent the vitality of the youth.

    3. This photos represent the “vitality” of models which are make-up to the extreme, photographed by a professional, and then photoshopped, to represent the rumor of a vital chinese youth.

    PS: what china misses the most, is OWN creativity and OWN style. They execute things in such an obvious and dumb way, that i have to shake my head in disbelieve that even other chinese can fall for it. Representing the vitality of chinese youth, Damn, not even this models look VITAL. Some of them look doable and cute, yes, but vital is something else.

    • DRaY

      Besides talking shit on this message board, how to you contribute to world, how are you original in your OWN way? Or are you taking credit for everything people of your race have accomplished? I thought the photo set is quite nice….there is a lot of shit to hate on China for, this is not one….. China does need to become more original and develop their own identity, but this is a really cool photo set… I like it !!!!

  • FYIADragoon

    Pushup bras truly are a mystical thing.

    • As in why they even have underwires for A cups?

      Ladies of China: stop directly competing with foreign sweater meat on a pound to pound ratio. You are all much more worthy than that: drop the push-up bras and go “commando” and you will corner the market on international dairy jugs.

      • hooots

        Absolutely. Let those tiny lovely lumps be liberated! Let’s get rid of some barriers here ladies. Tear down that wall!

        • mr. weiner

          Nipples is the major area where asian girls have white chicks beat hands down. They should hightlight this rather than hide it IMHO. [In My Humble Opinion, not I’m a Ho].
          Additionaly Asian girls don’t “wipe forward” unlike some Irish girls I could mention, so lunch at the Y won’t be followed by a trip to the ER.

  • Violent Panda

    not bad, cute chick….yummy!

  • 平凡人

    What’s wrong? They definitely do not look like students. I have seen pictures like the ones above in magazines sold in China, so what’s the big deal? No one bared.

  • Irvin

    Having seen alot of women and their makeup, I can tell you now that that girl only looks average without her makeup.

    • GJ

      Have you met some Chinese women below 30? Makeup isn’t necessary for most of them!

  • GJ


    • Justin

      Most of these girls are legal in China, so if you can make it past their parents, it’s all you buddy.

  • g-hutong

    like fucking hell these are typical chinese high school students.

    LOL not even the fkn Hitler Youth Aryan High School Class of 1940 looks this good.

    japanese and korean kids look better in high school than typical mainland chinese.

    • Just John

      Hey, it’s to early to throw out the Hitler references.

      You need to save it until there are at least two pages of comments, and use it after a long, drawn out argument.

      Didn’t anyone ever teach you proper internet debate etiquette?

    • Just John

      ” that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.”'s_law

      lol, you lost your own thread…

  • typingfromwork

    Girls in school uniforms? Meh.

    How many Japanese models pose in school uniforms? Lets also not forget how Britney Spears wants you to “hit her” one more time when she wasn’t concentrating on algebra. The cast of Glee also did a full spread for Playboy. In their school uniforms.

    I fail to see why people are being shocked by this- only if these are kids still in high school, which I don’t think they are. Personally I’m pretty apathetic to school uniform sexy shoots. It just doesn’t do anything for me. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

  • BaoBei

    Am I the only one that thought most of these pics looked rather awkward?? Maybe this is why young Chinese girls don’t quite do it for me anymore..

    My vote for most likely to succeed ( bed): Pic 7 and Pic 12. These were the only 2 that actually looked ‘sexy’. Rest of them were just too awkward (why so much over-biting of the lip?) with a few so-so’s.

    IMO, the boys of the class did a much better job: Pics 41, 42 and 14 had a subtle coolness about them. Those dudes, should think about modeling..

    Honorable Mention: Pic 32, for just being plain wacko.

  • andywattbulb

    Please, rely on your brain, not your body. Feel sorry for the ugly girls that didn’t make it pass the audition + school uniforms…realy? I think I’m turning Japanese.

  • Vincent

    I never new Chinese girls could be so sexy !!! (I agree alow more creativity)

  • Peasant

    They look like some creatures just took their virginity.

    Or am I being deluded?

  • Peasant

    Do you think some of them are of those Japanese left-overs since WWII?

  • Foreign Devil

    I visited a big art school in Changchun while on a business trip . I don’t remember the girls looking like that! Just that the place is damn cold in the winter!

    Once my chinese girlfriend took me to her senior highschool.. . and we met her “modeling and etiquette” teacher. . . which was a short pudgy guy chain smoking cigarettes.. .and surrounded by a room of Chiense girls taller than me and totally beautiful .. he enters them into Chinese beauty contests. Maybe these girls are from a similar type class. The school also had a special course for aspiring flight attendants. . .lots of hotness all around!

  • nafety

    so…. what is the logic?

  • Nice photos. What’s the problem?

  • deez

    what the fuck is wrong with the chinese? this is awesome.

  • these girls are just attention whores..everyone wants to be a slut let them..but to be honest it doesnt appeal to me one actually digusts me…i mean look at this chick, shes fucking chinese but portrays herself as a japanese woman or a favourite saying is if you dont have the body dont try to change your look..stay true to yourself and workout or exercise..gain a few pounds for god sakes

  • Cdude Europe

    Nice, sweet and nice.
    Please come and visit my country (Belgium)
    We love Chinese girls :)))

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