Chinese Youth Take Sexy School Uniform Photos in Changchun

Chinese youth take sexy photos wearing high school uniforms.

From Sina:

Changchun high school students taking sexy school uniform photos incites heated discussion

Recently, in certain internet communities of Changchun city, the sexy high school school uniform photos of a group of handsome and beautiful people have attracted netizens’ attention and heated discussion.

This reporter has discovered that in these photos, the photographed are wearing various high school uniforms of Changchun city, posed in various sexy positions, and even some of the photographed are exposed. Some netizens cannot accept wearing school uniforms and taking these kind of large-scale sexy photos, and made sharp criticisms. However, there are also some netizens who believe these kind of photos are very fresh, not only demonstrating the personalities of the youth, but also showing the creative spirit of the young people. In comparison to those rigid studio portraits, these kinds of photographs are what represent the vitality of the youth.

Comments from Sina:


… When did exposing oneself become art? Fuck! Brother [referring to self] studied art but even I don’t have the gall to recklessly do this. You guys are so niu! Don’t use “art” as a pretense/cover for such dirty things! Don’t spend all day imitating and copying Westerners in this or that art, first develop yourself into a person and then see! Look at the current atmosphere in this country, and you call this art! Vomit!


They simply wore their school uniforms and took some artistic photos, it’s not like they did anything else, what is making you so upset? Based on what you say, China also has naked portraits and art schools also have nude models. Are you going to go punish them/sort them out? :)


Have today’s youth already gone astray, emphasizing their own personality and creativity, but unable to see their own motivations. When will the public good and morality become mainstream values?


There’s nothing wrong with the clothes, it’s just that their poses are exaggeratedly sexy!


All children without proper upbringing/supervision, degenerates.


Students should look like students, and shouldn’t be too exposed/scantily dressed.


Not stealing or robbing, not extorting or committing fraud, not sleeping with people to get ahead or finding sugar daddies, not showing off wealth or comparing fathers. So what fucking business is it of yours, you old farts?


There sure are a lot of sanctimonious and self-righteous people, who themselves are only too anxious to go look.


Slightly too little clothes and people start spouting [criticisms and condemnations], You guys definitely have problems. So are women supposed to all wrapped up during summer, just like Middle Easterners? You guys have mental problems.


Isn’t it just some photographs? Is it worth making yourself out to be so noble and lofty like this? It’s already what day and age now?


School uniforms? Sexy? Society has changed.


Don’t treat nudity as art, especially on the bodies of children! May I ask this photographer, if it were your child, would you let her be photographed?!

What do you think?

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