Chinese Zoo Visitors Hit Lions with Snowballs for Fun

The lions are looking at the visitors.

A snowball is flying toward the lions.

From NetEase:

Zoo Visitors in Hangzhou Violently Hit Panthera Leos with Snowballs for Pleasure

A man is tossing snowballs at the lions.

January 5 afternoon, at the Hangzhou Zoo lion exhibit, as soon as a group of visitors spotted the African Lions, they began to make snowballs. The lions felt something was amiss. The lioness swiftly hid under a wooden plank, and the male lion used a tree trunk as cover, with both eyes fixed on the visitors. “WHOOSH”, a young person threw a snowball at the African lions. The lions immediately dodged it, the snowball missing, but the visitor laughed loudly all the same. Some other visitors and children began to follow suit, throwing snowballs at the lions. One of them used large chunks of snow and threw them down with all of his strength. The lioness was freaked out, made a wide circle around, and hid together with the male lion tightly in a corner. In the end, just as those visitors left “in content”, the male lion gave out a fierce roar, his eyes fixed hard on their backs as they left. Walking around the zoo, people were seen attacking animals with snowballs at the alpaca Barn, monkey, giraffe, small animals, tiger, etc. exhibits. A netizen commented: “If the lions weren’t locked in a cage, would the visitors still dare to attack them?”

The male lion is hit by a snowball.

A man is tossing snowballs at the lions.

The lions are looking at the visitors.

Visitors are laughing.

The lions are looking at the visitors.

Comments from NetEase:

卖香水的瓶子 [网易湖北省襄阳市网友]:

Toss these punks into the cage. Those who are with me, ding… [10,966 upvotes at time of translation]

名字无法显示 [网易上海市网友]:

I suggest making them go in and have a snowball fight with the lions! Grass mud horse, those monkeys!

MUENGLAND [网易广东省深圳市网友]: (responding to above)

Human flesh search this group of SBs

艹供 [网易韩国网友]:

Purebred Shinamen.

我帖子是转发的水表在外面 [网易安徽省合肥市网友]:

Bush: “Through the thousands of years of human history, the most valuable thing is not the dazzling technology, not the various masterpieces of great minds, but achieving the taming of rulers, achieving the dream of locking them in cages. And I am addressing you right now standing in a cage.”

coming42 [网易上海市网友]:

With our countrymen’s characters so low, even if we had democracy, what use would it be? Once people’s characters are high, the appropriate system [of government] will form itself naturally. A democracy without education and cultivation to prop it up is only the tyranny of the many over the few. If those who endorse anti-character theory died out, then there might be hope for China.

网易上海市网友 ip:101.85.*.*: (responding to above)

Officials oppress the people, and the people bully the even punier life-forms. When have Chinese people changed? We’re only lying to ourselves. After the common people have improved their own characters can they seek to change the fact that they’re oppressed, can they gain. This is the only possibility. If those who endorse anti-character theory died out, then there might be hope for China.

孤独侠客的马甲 [网易北京市网友]:

This is not something caused by amount of education, but clearly the lack of morals. The notion of a so-called ancient country of thousands of years of civilization, a country of etiquette and manners, is becoming more and more pale and wan these days.

嘉兴百度推广 [网易浙江省嘉兴市网友]:

Release that lioness!

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 顺德印刷:

The lions: TMD, if you have the balls, come in and let’s fight one-on-one!

腾讯泉州市网友 Lx萍:

The faces of the people who attacked the lions really shouldn’t be covered up with a mosaic [done on QQ but not NetEase], they should be revealed for us to see what kind of people they are. Wild lions being locked up in cages is already sad enough, and yet they were attacked by snowballs. In the future, the zoo should establish a new rule, that whoever who hits the animals will be fined. Those who support me, ding! [8,305 upvotes at the time of translation]

腾讯绥化市网友 ╰ 腼腆小青年:

Can’t blame everything on the ZF, sometimes we should turn around and look at the characters of the people of the Heavenly Kingdom.

腾讯芜湖市网友 卡斯特梅的雨:

Chinese people is the nationality with the worst moral characters in the world.

腾讯杭州市网友 ‘ТeNУ ,:

Put the visitors who attacked the lions down there, and let the lions have some fun.

腾讯内蒙古网友 开大奔卖军板:

“Grounded dragons will be teased by fishes, trapped tigers can be defeated by dogs”.

腾讯北海市网友 兲鈊:

In the eyes of the lions, those who attacked them are inhuman, and if lions are beasts, then those people are worse than beasts.

腾讯网友 吉.百利:

Looking at the innocent expressions of those lions, my heart breaks.

腾讯烟台市网友 工作QQ-鹏:

It’s so sad for animals these days~~~ These people don’t even think how how they would feel to be teased should one day they themselves are locked in cages~


Written by Peter Barefoot

Peter is a born and raised Chengdunese who enjoys drinking with all his friends.


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