Chinese Zoo Visitors Hit Lions with Snowballs for Fun

A snowball is flying toward the lions.

From NetEase:

Zoo Visitors in Hangzhou Violently Hit Panthera Leos with Snowballs for Pleasure

A man is tossing snowballs at the lions.

January 5 afternoon, at the Hangzhou Zoo lion exhibit, as soon as a group of visitors spotted the African Lions, they began to make snowballs. The lions felt something was amiss. The lioness swiftly hid under a wooden plank, and the male lion used a tree trunk as cover, with both eyes fixed on the visitors. “WHOOSH”, a young person threw a snowball at the African lions. The lions immediately dodged it, the snowball missing, but the visitor laughed loudly all the same. Some other visitors and children began to follow suit, throwing snowballs at the lions. One of them used large chunks of snow and threw them down with all of his strength. The lioness was freaked out, made a wide circle around, and hid together with the male lion tightly in a corner. In the end, just as those visitors left “in content”, the male lion gave out a fierce roar, his eyes fixed hard on their backs as they left. Walking around the zoo, people were seen attacking animals with snowballs at the alpaca Barn, monkey, giraffe, small animals, tiger, etc. exhibits. A netizen commented: “If the lions weren’t locked in a cage, would the visitors still dare to attack them?”

The male lion is hit by a snowball.

A man is tossing snowballs at the lions.

The lions are looking at the visitors.

Visitors are laughing.

The lions are looking at the visitors.

Comments from NetEase:

卖香水的瓶子 [网易湖北省襄阳市网友]:

Toss these punks into the cage. Those who are with me, ding… [10,966 upvotes at time of translation]

名字无法显示 [网易上海市网友]:

I suggest making them go in and have a snowball fight with the lions! Grass mud horse, those monkeys!

MUENGLAND [网易广东省深圳市网友]: (responding to above)

Human flesh search this group of SBs

艹供 [网易韩国网友]:

Purebred Shinamen.

我帖子是转发的水表在外面 [网易安徽省合肥市网友]:

Bush: “Through the thousands of years of human history, the most valuable thing is not the dazzling technology, not the various masterpieces of great minds, but achieving the taming of rulers, achieving the dream of locking them in cages. And I am addressing you right now standing in a cage.”

coming42 [网易上海市网友]:

With our countrymen’s characters so low, even if we had democracy, what use would it be? Once people’s characters are high, the appropriate system [of government] will form itself naturally. A democracy without education and cultivation to prop it up is only the tyranny of the many over the few. If those who endorse anti-character theory died out, then there might be hope for China.

网易上海市网友 ip:101.85.*.*: (responding to above)

Officials oppress the people, and the people bully the even punier life-forms. When have Chinese people changed? We’re only lying to ourselves. After the common people have improved their own characters can they seek to change the fact that they’re oppressed, can they gain. This is the only possibility. If those who endorse anti-character theory died out, then there might be hope for China.

孤独侠客的马甲 [网易北京市网友]:

This is not something caused by amount of education, but clearly the lack of morals. The notion of a so-called ancient country of thousands of years of civilization, a country of etiquette and manners, is becoming more and more pale and wan these days.

嘉兴百度推广 [网易浙江省嘉兴市网友]:

Release that lioness!

Comments from QQ:

腾讯网友 顺德印刷:

The lions: TMD, if you have the balls, come in and let’s fight one-on-one!

腾讯泉州市网友 Lx萍:

The faces of the people who attacked the lions really shouldn’t be covered up with a mosaic [done on QQ but not NetEase], they should be revealed for us to see what kind of people they are. Wild lions being locked up in cages is already sad enough, and yet they were attacked by snowballs. In the future, the zoo should establish a new rule, that whoever who hits the animals will be fined. Those who support me, ding! [8,305 upvotes at the time of translation]

腾讯绥化市网友 ╰ 腼腆小青年:

Can’t blame everything on the ZF, sometimes we should turn around and look at the characters of the people of the Heavenly Kingdom.

腾讯芜湖市网友 卡斯特梅的雨:

Chinese people is the nationality with the worst moral characters in the world.

腾讯杭州市网友 ‘ТeNУ ,:

Put the visitors who attacked the lions down there, and let the lions have some fun.

腾讯内蒙古网友 开大奔卖军板:

“Grounded dragons will be teased by fishes, trapped tigers can be defeated by dogs”.

腾讯北海市网友 兲鈊:

In the eyes of the lions, those who attacked them are inhuman, and if lions are beasts, then those people are worse than beasts.

腾讯网友 吉.百利:

Looking at the innocent expressions of those lions, my heart breaks.

腾讯烟台市网友 工作QQ-鹏:

It’s so sad for animals these days~~~ These people don’t even think how how they would feel to be teased should one day they themselves are locked in cages~

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  • Super Bunny

    it’s also another kind of human nature, wanna see dangerous beasts play terrible nature…once it’ safe…

    once i was in zoo, a guy hit a lion with something,that lion got mad, pissing outside the cage and i was so scared by the roar,but just after one minite,a leopard scared me again…they made the dust bin looked so much as a real leopard…
    tiger is the best looking big beast…

    • Guang Xiang


  • trogg

    Notice how the thread title states “Chinese visitors” to a zoo in China as opposed to just “zoo visitors”. What, no CCP involved? This time they’re attacking the Chinese people when they pretend to want democracy so much for them.

    In America it’s assumed the visitors to their zoos are “American” so redundance isn’t necessary. There is an obvious anti Chinese agenda with Chinasmack’s NED owners who are racist as well.

    • vincent

      If you’re going to nitpick on a detail like that you must really be grasping at straws when it comes to branding CS as anti-Chinese.

      • ghost

        hmm…this website is called china “smack” after all.

  • Guest


  • Ruaraidh

    Somewhat relevant.

    • manujoro

      Absolutely! I personally find zoo’s utterly depressing… Even without people throwing things at animals.

    • K

      Zoos, under proper use, are a great way to educate people about the plight of animals and they work really hard to rehabilitate and breed endangered species before sending them off to the wild. Without the money brought in from zoos, it’d be harder to do research and find funding. However, sadly, there are idiots out there that tap on glass windows and scream at animals for fun and there aren’t enough personnel to stop them.

  • Cleo

    “If the lions weren’t locked in a cage, would the visitors still dare to attack them?”

    that is exactly how Chinese people attack and that is why they have resisted doing anything to the Japanese for so long – what would happen if they knew/thought they could openly attack the Japanese especially Hirohito’s bloodline?

    • linette lee

      cleo…you manage to blame everything on the japanese. Even lions. You are too much. lol.

    • lacompacida

      I can see the difference between Japanese and Chinese now. Japan attacked China even when Chinese were not in cages, while Chinese dare not attack Japan when Japanese were not in cages. I can see why the PRC government dare to treat Chinese the way they do. Chinese are in cages.


      Are you still obsessed with Prince Akihito spying on Queen Elizabeth and the Japanese wartime medical experiments and the death of Iris Chang? Akihito has you on his hit list, be careful.

  • Dave

    Mahatma Gandhi : “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man”

    • Gaius Baltar

      Well said, all this talk of hangzhou being the most civilized city in China and the “venice of the east” . What a joke, laughable.

      • Seriously? When I was in Hangzhou, a lot of people insulted me. I have never been insulted in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu etc.

        But in Hangzhou, even though I was only 2 days there, some people at the bussation asked my gf, if she is together with me because I could have a big dick.
        Another time garbage disposal employees said 操你妈 to me without any reason, while we just crossed the street.
        And one guy, which rent bicycle to people, refused to rent his bicycle to a laowai.

        At least when I was there, I had the impression that Hangzhou-People are the worst Chinese I have encountered in China. Even though the stop at a zebra-stripe…

        • Gaius Baltar

          I agree, manners are non existent there

          • Who needs manners when you’ve made it big in Hangzhou? I hear they’re ripping up the sidewalks there because walking is so “pedestrian”.

        • Yes…Hangzhou was full of meatball faced peasant gawkers when I went there. It is right behind Nanjing in places that I’d start with if I was to send in ‘Shock Troops’. btw…hope your GF said

          • HymietownHero

            Did you have a bad time in Nanjing? I spent some time there and really enjoyed it. What was the problem?

        • erguotouplease

          You should told them yes , and i am sorry for yours.

        • K

          Agreed. Beijing is awesome and the people there are much more progressive. Hangzhou is one of those backwards places that claims to be great

          • Gaius Baltar

            It is a shame as the city actually has nice environs:(

        • christoph matha

          hangzhou sucks. Been living there for 2 yr but i have to say that is the worstest city i have been living so far, in my 12 yr in china.

          • odgesaki

            I hope you weren’t teaching English.

        • Thom

          I know a female chinese monkey from Henan, who refused to introduce me to her mother just because I am white.
          In Hefei I can’t catch a taxi when they see I am white.
          Lot of hotels won’t let you in if you are foreigner… etc…

      • Germandude

        Hangzhou is the most overrated city of China. I remember all this advertisement on the TV here: Hangzhou, the most beautiful city in China.

        If that was the case…ugh

        • Gaius Baltar

          I remember those adverts on CCTV all the time. I will say this, it is better than Nanchang, but then I would reckon that even sharing a toilet with the devil in HELL is better than Nanchang!

      • dim mak

        Suzhou is the venice of the east bro

    • starsky

      chinese throw snoballs at lions=big news ,but new Democracy of Myanmar airforce bombs China in China’s own border the damn HK-Western media ignores

      • Barry Bongbong

        SCMP is owned by a pro Beijing guy, and the chief editor is a mainlander. Here is the article about the bombing and China’s reacion:

        Perhaps you have a mental problem and always want to be a victim. Were you raped as a child?

        • Starsky

          thats what i said! HK-western media didnt report it. and yes when I was 8 years old I was raped by a Nigerian muslim man when my family was visiting New York City.Scum exist mostly outside of China. Chinese need to have retaliation policy even against contries that are also enemies of america like Burma. Japan is one thing , but Why China hasn’t nuked Somalia and Burma into radioactive ash is beyond me

          • mr.wiener

            Burma is America’s enemy? I don’t remember them mentioned on the “Axis of Evil”. Why would China want to incinerate Somalia and Burma anyway?
            Hope the stitches come out soon.

          • But if you take the stitches out, Frankenstein’s monster would fall apart.

          • rastamasta

            So you want to nuke the entirety of Burma and Somalia, killing off countless civilians because of the actions of their governments (military junta in Burma’s case)? Thats like me saying you should be killed off because those Chinese hooligans at the zoo were throwing snowballs at the lions. Your argument is idiotic and you are a moron.

      • thak


    • manujoro

      Interesting fact: I saw this written at the entrance of the panda sanctuary in Chengdu. Of course, in China it is just one of these slogans that are hanging everywhere and nobody is paying attention to them, like “safety first” or “civilized society…”

    • DQuixot

      Adolf Hitler : “Killing animals, if it must be done, is the butcher’s business. But to spend a great deal of of money on it in addition….I understand, of course, that there must be professional hunters to shoot sick animals. If only there were still some danger connected with hunting, as in the days when men used spears for killing game. But today, when anybody with a fat belly can shoot the animal down at a distance….Hunting and horse racing are the last remnants of a dead feudal world.”

      • moody

        Wow, not often have a Gandhi quote been followed by one from hitler.
        Think I’ll screencap. that shit as soon as I stop throwing up

        • Ruaraidh

          Gandhi: ‘Ours is one continued struggle against degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the European, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir [Nigger], whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness.’

          ‘Clause 200 makes provision for registration of persons belonging to uncivilized races, resident and employed within the Borough. One can understand the necessity of registration of Kaffirs [Niggers] who will not work, but why should registration be required for indentured Indians who have become free, and for their descendants about whom the general complaint is that they work too much?’

          Gandhi quotes and Hitler quotes; not always as dissimilar as you might think.

          • mr.wiener

            Ahh. I see he was saying “we aren’t those niggers”.
            I’ll never look at Gandhi the same way.

          • Ruaraidh

            I know, it surprised me when I started reading his stuff. The man really wasn’t a fan of Africans.

          • maybe he was beaten as he was small?

          • Schmidt

            yeah, now he sounds like a racist obi wan Kenobi. “These aren’t the niggers you are looking for, move along”

      • Rick in China

        An example of why a man’s horrible actions shouldn’t paint all of his other contributions with the same brush. That’s a good meaningful quote by Hitler. That’s a weird thing to say, since he’s notoriously one of the worst human beings in the world, but it kind of makes me interested in looking up more quotes – an objective thinker would likely find many gems that don’t relate to his hatred for any non-whites.

        • mr.wiener

          Some one told me once you can’t judge what a person is truly capable of by your impressions of them.

          Fer example imagine you are having a nice dinner party. That failed artist vego animal loving non-smoker at the end of the table? …That’s Hitler. The loud mouthed drunk baiting him while he tells everyone about his glory days is Churchill :P
          Your Indian guest Mahatmas apparently would telling your black friend he is better than him…..

      • Schmidt

        at least the hunter kills what he eats, he interacts with his prey, the rest of you meat eaters do not even give them that honor

    • Bert

      Proverbs 12:10

      “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”

  • linette lee

    Wow. They are beautiful. What a cute couple. Why the zoo keepers don’t do anything. The visitors are so mean and crazy.

    • Super Bunny

      no,people go to zoo wanna see those animals jump and move…i would do that too,haha!
      not hit them directly just by their side,to make them move…
      my favorite zoo time is watch animals give us some shows, especially tiny moneys ride bike and with some funny clothes…hahaha!so cute!

      • linette lee

        I know what you mean. People just want the animal to move around. But no, no one should be allowed to throw anything at the animals or inside the cage, Absolutely not. Life is very simple. Treat animals/people the way we want to be treated. You won’t like it if people throw things at you or at your house.

        I think the China gov’t needs to advertise on their TV with a jingle. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

        • Then do not put the animals into a cage in the first place. No human would want to be treated that way either.

          • linette lee

            that’s true. I like the idea of “drive thru” zoo. You drive your car or bus through fields of animals. The animals are separated by fences but they are roaming around outdoor. You stay inside the car and just drive through. That is the best zoo setting for them but you need lots of land to run a zoo like this.

          • Ryo

            They do have that. It’s called a “safari” and they have that here in Guangzhou. I’ll take you if you ever get a chance to come! :)

          • linette lee

            I kept thinking about the name for that zoo but I couldn’t come up with the name. It’s called safari. Safari is nice. Those animals roam around and sometimes the zoo keepers hide their lunch under the rock or by the tree so the animals needs to hunt for their food. I’ve never been to guangzhou, sounds like a really nice safari. cheers.

          • joe-blow

            If you get a chance go to the San Diego Zoo. They have exactly what you’re talking about.

          • linette lee

            Yes, I have been to san diego zoo. It’s beautiful. I’ve been to Bronx zoo. Also safari in six flags great adventure. Sea world and zoo in theme park in florida.

            They are beautiful.

        • Super Bunny

          i know you like to give speech,keep on going!
          i make things simple and direct, by the way, i am not talktive at all…

          • Barry Bongbong

            You sure talk a lot of sh*t for someone who isn’t talkative.

        • mr.wiener

          To be fair the chinese netizins seem to think this oafish behaviour is way over the top. Maybe some good will come of this.

      • lacompacida

        So you enjoy animals under stress, and not their natural state of security and content ? No wonder Chinese government treat their people the way they do. They enjoy seeing Chinese under stress too.

        • Super Bunny

          ok,first i admit you made yourself sounds cool and smart.

          but,your wrong at this point.compared to japanese kill dolphins and whales , north european and canadian kill sea dogs…it’s really nothing.and at least this kind of behaver is easy to understand and nothing big bad…

          if have to find a out a place people who really love animals, must be indian…

          • was this written by Xinhua????

            You’re a tard. I bet China used to have some animals until they were all eaten, stomped, or crushed up into medicine powder. When accused of something Chinese people seem to always talk about other things to deflect actual introspection.

          • Super Bunny

            and we both know what i mentoned is not lie…
            see who is cruel to animals???we eat pigs and cows and chicken,just different people have diffrent preferrence.

          • was this written by Xinhua????

            People kill animals. fact. Usually people eat those animals. fact. Throwing snowballs at caged lions in a hellhole of a chinese zoo just isn’t cool no matter how you look at it.

          • TakeAPill

            Well then, next time you eat pigs and cows and chicken, try saying prayers of thanks for that sacrifice. It will make you a kinder and better person, I promise. :)

          • Germandude

            Chinese skin dogs while they are alive because they think the meat tastes better that way. So, what were you saying again?

          • the other guy

            Just Chinese or are there other dog-meat-lovers included like perhaps Koreans? Either way, I find it repulsive!

          • Brett

            His point was that Chinese also do crazy shit that shouldn’t be done to animals, not that every culture that eats dog is bad…. Idiot.

          • WoRPt

            I’m from Canada. We eat beaver! :)

          • Elijah

            Mmmmmmmm Canadian beavers are the best…

            PS. Beavertails down on the Byward Market are to die for.

          • Germandude

            Thanks Brett. You got my meaning right. The last word of your post however wasn’t necessary. Maybe the other guy really didn’t understand it. Sometimes you need to read a post twice when it’s not written in your native language, in order to get the real meaning. I am talking from own experiences in this matter ;-)

          • Rusty

            It’s funny to see how you miss the point of almost every comment you answer to and focus on making yourself look good. I guess this is all the point of commenting right?

          • TakeAPill

            I really hope you are not chinese because you are REALLY stereotyping chinese people. When one race choses to do the wrong thing, like killing dolphins, by all means do not make it okay, as in your argument for another person or race to do the same or even worse. Your lack of compassion and worse devil may care attitude towards animals saddens me. Please for the sake of your soul, let a little kindness into your heart for these animals or all animals for that matter. Have some respect.

          • El Puma R.

            eattot you are everything that’s wrong about nowadays society. I will put you in a cage and bring people over to see you, see if you would feel like jumping and moving. And if you don’t, we’ll pee on the snow and make snowballs to throw at your face. lol

            We don’t make ourselves sound cool or smart, we are cooler and smarter than you. Now please note I didn’t use any curse word against you, but I will be waiting for all the cursing back from you.

      • Then maybe you should open Youku or Youtube and see how these monkeys are trained to do such shit just to entertain the crowd. In comparison to what the monkeys have to endure then, this article would seems “weak”..

        • Gay Azn Boi

          Oh cry me a river. Zoos need to put on shows to attract crowds. And it’s the same with humans training in the circus or Olympics or whatever.

          • yesway

            Not so.

            Many people like to watch animals just do their thing and act as natural as possible (even if that means they sleep all day).

            Maybe you never met people like that in your environment, but that must be because most people around you were of little worth.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            I can see where you’re going with this. I really hope you’re not another homophobe like some on cS.

          • Germandude

            There you go again. Latest in 6 hours, you start again with your melodrama: “You just disagree with me cause I am gay”.


          • yesway

            Nope. It’s your callousness I take issue with, not who you like to sleep with.

          • moody

            In the Circus and the Olympics, ppl actually choose that line of work.
            and therefor agree to follow strict and intense trainings.
            Who asked the monkeys if they wanted to entertain your sorry ass.
            (no pun intended)

          • Yeah. Just that the humans do it out of their free will and can stop whenever they want. And I do not believe the people in the Olympics get hit by their trainers, if they fuck up. And if they would, they could just hit back.

        • Super Bunny

          come on!
          do you know how cruel the wild outside real animals’ life is!as the book life of pi wrote, in fact, after some time animals do not wanna go back to nature,if you watch enough records about animals, you can not believe their life is no better than human being.death is always following from the moment born,.
          train them for some show is so bad?compared to fight and starve?tease them a bit is really that bad?
          as long as not abuse them, it’s ok.

          • it is for the reason that they have lost the necessary skill to survive in the wild, it takes time to reintegrate them, and they certainly do not want to be kept in the cage to perform tricks for people like you and GAB. The purpose of the zoo, is not as you think it is.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            “…they certainly do not want to be kept in the cage to perform tricks…”

            Uhmm…how do you know that? Have you asked all those animals yourself? I personally don’t think it’s a bad idea to keep animals in zoos away from the wild where they are much more vulnerable. Have you ever heard the quote “You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed”? It’s a famous quote from The Little Prince. Since animals have been taken out of the wild and into captivity, we are ultimately responsible for their well-being. Making them perform tricks and whatnot is very reasonable; not only do they entertain the crowds, but they get some exercise as well as opposed to napping in their cages.

          • Germandude

            “I personally don’t think it’s a bad idea to keep animals in zoos away from the wild where they are much more vulnerable.”

            How about we take you away from your rainbow world, lock you up in a cage, teach you some jumps though a burning wheel and punch you with a stick once in a while when you don’t jump?

            Oh shit, come to think of it, I can imagine you’d actually like that….

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Do you have a habit of instigating fights with people on the internet?

          • Germandude

            No, but I like trolling trolls.

          • In the wild they developed necessary skills to survive through desperation and constant threat to their survival. Yes they may die but that is their habitat and thats how the balance is kept. They are not meant to be kept in a place where they acquire irrelevant skills for when they reintegrate back to their natural habitat. Like humans, animal may also be depress and may commit suicide. A small place with little contact with their own kind, no freedom of movement, the same routine, mistreatment by visitors and more….. Its fun for human to watch them entertain us, yes, but not for them. If I am not mistaken there is one dolphin that was train with tricks that one day just sink to the bottom of the aquarium, refuse to breathe and died. I found this page for you.


          • linette lee

            It’s so true. Many of these wild animals born in the zoo are domesticated and lost their basic skills like hunting. They can’t survive in the wild.

          • Zoos are to house the bundles of cash known as pandas who have lost the ability to live and procreate for themselves. And to show people the animals that they’re not allowed to eat.

          • it evolved to that, too. Back from the future?

          • I can tell you that you don’t need roads where you’re going.

            You need boats.

          • Super Bunny

            why you always try to make yourself looks like a ghost?

          • =)

          • Guang Xiang


          • Super Bunny


          • YahLey

            What a goddam surprise. Super Bunny is just a troll pretending to be a dumb Chinese girl.

          • vincent

            Reintroducing them into the wild without proper survival skills is akin to killing them outright, but the point is that this is a zoo not a circus they aren’t there to do tricks.

          • Super Bunny

            and you always show yourself by this cheap cam made photo!!!

          • vincent

            Ouch that really hurt, this coming from someone using a stuffed bunny as a display pic, if you have nothing useful to add refrain from making it personal. At least that’s really me in the photo, more than I can say for you.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Dude just ignore her she’s a bitch.

          • Well, you’re gay and we can’t ignore you.

          • vincent

            That’s exactly what I’m going to do :)

          • manujoro

            Cruel or not, it is called “natural habitat” for a reason. This is how nature works and animals are happy, believe me. After they’ve lost their animal insticts, even if they “want” to go back, they wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild. What did they teach you in school??!! It’s really unbelievable how ignorant and misinformed you are…

          • Germandude

            So the question for me then is: Are you willing to become my pet?

          • linette lee

            she will make a cute bunny sitting on your lap.

          • mr.wiener

            If you locked Super Bunny in a cage and pelted her with snow balls she’d definitelly get out and rip your throat out.

          • Germandude

            I wouldn’t throw snowballs then, just LV bags and iPhones. To make sure she stays in the cage.

      • A J

        You are an ass hole. Animals are not your toys

        • Super Bunny


          • Germandude

            I see you learned a new word today. Go on.

          • moody

            are you guys seriously trying to appeal to her common sense or have a reasoned argumentation with her ???

            that post was pure eattotness

            nothing new under the sun

          • Germandude

            Appealing to the non-existing. You had a typo in your post.
            Actually I hope she will continue posting, it’s often giving me a laugh.

          • moody

            She mostly give me acid reflux ;-p

          • I don’t get it. Are you guys dating or something?

          • al in china

            Europeans, and Canadians do kill seals for fur coats. The population of Canada hates it. These men do not want to change jobs however. The public of Canada and Europe won’t buy the fur coats they make from the seals. The furs go to Russia & China because people don’t mind wearing fur coats in these two countries.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Can’t believe I would actually agree with Super Bunny on this one. If I go to a zoo, they need to provide me with some sort of entertainment that would justify the admission price. In other words, I want to see EXCITEMENT. There’s nothing worse than seeing animals lying on the ground or in their cages taking a nap. No one wants to see that. If throwing a few snowballs (gently) at the lions or whatever animals to make them move, I see nothing wrong with it.

        • willie miller

          Totally agree, those lazy animals are a disgrace. I would say the excitement the animal provides should be based on how much it costs to keep the animal (as this would influence the admission price). Therefore I would suggest animals that don’t cost much to keep in zoos like rabbits could just do some simple things like learn to play percussion instruments or some basic tap dancing. High cost animals (the bastards who inflate the admission prices) should do more exciting performances like break dancing or pole dancing. Who wouldn’t pay to see a lion break dance?

        • yesway

          Don’t go to the zoo. Go and train as a cage fighter, it will give you a lot more excitement.

        • Ryo

          The purpose of a zoo is to see the animals in their limited “natural” habitat. If you want to see them “dance,” go to the circus.

        • You’d love the “nature preserves” in which patrons can feed captured lions on the outside of the bus live chickens to eat through something that looks like a mail slot.

          On another subject: I don’t even think you’re gay anymore. You are way too trollish to be anything but some straight white guy. Who lives in Ottawa. And doesn’t even know any French.

          • mr.wiener

            Gay people can be rednecks too apparently.

          • Equal inopportunity for all.

          • mr.wiener

            Is that the sound of banjos I hear..?

          • Playing “I Will Survive”

          • Gay Azn Boi

            A gay redneck? I’d pay to see that.

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Except I’m none of the above haha. And tbh, I really don’t give a shit who you think I am or whether I’m gay or straight. It makes no difference to me.

          • I forgot: they have these “nature preserves” where you can shoot your own animal — a kind-of-the premise for the French-Canadian “night zoo”, but you don’t swing that way…

            Regarding the “sht” to which you don’t give: save your charity for somebody else. I still say that you’re the worse kind of gay: the fake gay. You’ll be flirting with some boy toy with an exposed mid-riff and and laughing at his jokes coyly all night and he’ll be devastated — DEVASTATED — when he finds out that you’re just using him for his fag hag.

            I bet I could bring up “veiny members” and “five o’clock shadow scratches” and “latex milkshakes” and you’d be all, “Wuh?” as you refresh the page for the Chive for the fourth time this minute.

            Keep your indifference. I have “shts” of my own to have.

          • yesway

            People who have to make a comment just to tell people they don’t give a shit, usually care the most.

          • Elijah

            Hey! Ottawa is a beautiful city.

            Just stay outta the Byward market after sundown cause that’s when the crackheads come out…

          • Mister E is back.

            I once heard that Ottawa is the threesome capital of Canada. Please confirm or deny.

          • Elijah

            I’m not one to kiss and tell, I’m all about the mystery.

            However, I’ve heard that Toronto is the ‘furry’ capital of Canada. Perhaps GAB can confirm or deny.

            Good to see an old fashioned wave of terror back on these boards.

          • That doesn’t sting so much since Toronto is the real de facto capitial of Canada; if it doesn’t have the highest per capita furry pop in Canada, it’s Wall Street isn’t working hard enough.

            I wasn’t clear about the threesome thing. My informant advised me that Ottawa has all of the ripe conditions to provide for threesome-budding enthusiasts to make the leap. Or whatever.

            What is it? The French/English duality? The Rideau canal? The focused concentration of impotent political power?

        • mr.wiener

          Hmmm. Eattot’s excuse for this one is she is free range chinese. As a Canadian I’d think you’d not be likely to air that particular gem in public.

      • yesway

        You are worthless and you know it.

        • Super Bunny

          another hypocrite….

          • Barry Bongbong

            Yeah, everyone is a hypocrite except for you. How could a Chinese person ever be a hypocrite!? Everyone knows they are the superior race and hold the moral high ground on all issues. It simply isn’t possible for Chinese to do anything wrong at all, ever.

      • don mario

        you people have no respect for anything. how about it i throw some things at you? or get you to wear some funny clothes to humiliate you for my own amusement, how will you feel about that?

        • Super Bunny

          guess you should not eat any animal for all your rest life.
          then i would say you deserve some respect for respect animals…
          or you only respect your d…k!

          • don mario

            you can respect the animal and eat it to. its part of life to be able to survive, is this a new concept to your pea brain? its obvious these people are just sick of being opressed, they cant stand up to their goverment so they take it out on caged animal. very sick.

          • linette lee

            bunny, is not that. Animal raised in the food farm are meant to be eaten. They should be raised in a controlled environment not torture and they should died a quick death. Everything needs to be inspected.

            Animals in the zoo are not there to play tricks. They are there for humans to enjoy their beauty and learn more about the animal species, behavior and their habitats. People should not throw things and harass these animals. We are there to observe them.

            Circus is cruelty to animals. They must stop it.

          • Barack Obama

            Yes we eat animals but it doesn’t make this any better. It’s two different things happening, you try to do the best you can. It doesn’t make any sense to just say “fuck it, I’m not going to save these people from starving to death because there are other people dying from AIDS in other places.”

      • Rusty

        You are a moron. I would like to punch the air around your ugly face and see how you move.

        • Super Bunny

          you should take them home, and feed them as your daddy and mom.
          i am sure, you would. god bless you!
          i am sure your uglier,beast made.

  • Kate

    Treating animals cruelly is the nature of some. Once I was walking in a park in Seoul and some children were bullying and harassing a sick young duck while their parents ignored them. It made me so mad I started yelling at them english to stop, not knowing what I saying but seeing I was angry left and I gave the duck some food. Then as I was leaving, a 20ish yr old diva (you know mini skirt, full layers of makeup, chanel sunglasses, heels, and of course her toy designer mutt) let her rat down to attack the duckling while she laughed. I gave up, the duck was going to be tormented till it died. I told her she should be ashamed for her character but that was lost in a “mwa?”…..I don’t understand the pleasure people get from being cruel to animals but I suspect it must be some level of psychopathy.

    • vincent

      It angers me to no end seeing people be cruel to animals and other people as well, but with the way that society is progressing it seems that the level of apathy is growing as everyone becomes more materialistic. I don’t know if you’ve read of the story of violinist Joshua Bell playing in a subway, over a thousand people walked past without taking so much as a minute to appreciate the beauty of his music, it’s just an example of how society has changed.
      Noone gives a a rat’s behind about being nice to others or in this case to animals anymore, as to the woman you are talking about in your comment, she sounds similar to the women in that rabbit/kitten/puppy crushing articles that have been on CS and other news outlets.

      • Kate

        There are those cruel people but there are decent people too. It seems like there are more cruel ones then decent but maybe because they make the news more. I always joked (but with truth) that if I were hit by a car crossing a street in Seoul no one would stop long enough to call an ambulence. I once saw a young woman completely face dive into the concrete on a sidewalk (because she was vain enough to be wearing 6 inch stilettos in snow and ice) in Seoul and not one person stopped and helped or asked if she was ok with the exception of my expat friend who had crossed the street ahead of me, the only one to care that this young woman was hurt was a white girl from the usa. The other koreans certainly didn’t. It was one thing that bothered me a lot about living in a big city was the abject indifference and coldness from strangers. Where I am from the lady would of had a crowd trying to help her up, people hold doors open, wave at you while driving, and ask how your day is if you pass them but in big cities, I firmly believe someone could die on the street and it’d be several hours before anyone bothers to call an ambulence.

        • vincent

          I agree with your views, I guess the only way to circumvent this tide of indifference is to ingrain into the next generation positive values and pray that they stick.

      • linette lee

        I saw those news too about girls crushing rabbit with heels. It’s crazy. Why the china police are not cracking down this organization? They believe they are a group or organization that do adult entertainment and the videos are for their clients outside china. So big money.
        This is madness animal abuse. They need to arrest the people in this organization.

        • maybeabanana

          A little late but sickos need money too. Have you seen the cat and dog food prep article?

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Hmm. Regarding Joshua Bell, the (biased) experiment was conducted in a subway station where most people were rushing to get somewhere. I’m sure many would stop and listen had he played in Time Square or something.

        • Kate

          I read about the experiment too and I think you’re right. He was playing during rush hour when people had places to get to in a hurry. I mean I love beautiful music as much as the next person, but I also love having a job and money which is dependent on me getting somewhere on time which is what most people were thinking about as they passed him. Beautiful music isnt a priority during that time of day.

          • vincent

            That may be true but that would require that all the people who walked by Joshua to be people going to work for the outcome of the experiment, I believe there would be some diversity in that crowd, perhaps mums with their kids, or people just going to meet other people.
            The outcome is similar to that incident you mentioned with the woman who fell down while your friend went to help her, noone bothered or cared. I wonder though that if instead of a violinist they put two guys exchanging blows, I think a lot more people would have stopped to watch hahaha

          • If Josh had a tin can put in front of him, this would have rendered him completely invisible.

      • dim mak

        Oh please, most people these days have no idea who Joshua Bell is

        • vincent

          Well they could always Google it and find out right?

    • yesway

      But luckily there are people like you, who are decent, and who don’t need to torment something weaker to feel better. Cowards.

    • El Puma R.

      I understand it… they know they are weak.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Putting lions from the hot African plains into a snowing and cold climate in itself is torture.

    • Ruaraidh

      Idiot, lions were previously widespread as far north as Britain and Siberia. They were wiped out by humans, not the cold.

      • YourSupremeCommander

        Fuck breath, what does “previously” mean?

        • Ruaraidh

          Read the second sentence. They survived well enough in northern latitudes during the last glacial period. The fact that they only died out after the end of the Younger Dryas should be telling.

          • Alexander

            The Romans did a great job and hunting lions to extinction in Europe……

          • lacompacida

            There were lions in China too, but they were all gone, like many other species in China.

          • Super Bunny

            no lions in china, we took lions in from east asian, as persia and afghan…your wrong at this point.
            even acient people not easy to see panda…stop bullshit.

          • OMG

            Let’s not forget the American Bison. Killed off to prevent the native First nations their food supply. True Genocide not snowballs!

      • dfrog

        ruaraidh you are the biggest of idiots.

        “Britain and Siberia” Do you have any evidence of that?
        The coldest countries Lions are confirmed to have lived were those from southeastern Europe where it doesn’t snow except in the mountains.

        Besides, there are also monkeys who can survive in the snow, but they adapted to that habitat throughout thousands if not millions of years.

        But I guess it is expected that someone like you does not understand evolution, go back to your cave.

        • Alexander

          It was also in Northern Spain, Hungary, Macedonia and even parts of Ukraine, it gets pretty cold in those places, but most likely the lions would have sought shelter in a cave during the freezing winter months.

          • moody

            You are all too fast at calling yourself idiots and are in fact missing the point, those particular lions are most probably from Africa.
            Nobody care if a smaller or larger , more hairy , thicker bones …. sort of lion lived in cold regions in the past.
            Those lions are probably not fit or more simply suffer from the weather conditions they are forced to live in, because after all, evolution made them fit to live in their natural habitat -AFRI fucking CA

          • Ruaraidh

            I’ve to a wildlife park in central Scotland which had a thriving pride of lions. Some animals are just adaptable to different temperatures, take humans for example.

          • moody

            humans I think not
            Clothes made us adaptable to different weather.
            and allowed to colonize colder places on earth.
            That to me is an invention, not evolution
            Or maybe you grew a fur :-)

          • Ruaraidh
          • WoRPt

            That’s a great pickup line

          • dfrog

            Do you wear clothes at home? If so why.

          • Ruaraidh

            Yes, for modesty and nothing else.

            Now would you mind telling me what you mean by: ‘I guess it is expected that someone like you does not understand evolution.’

          • moody

            Not sure under which latitude you set up camp mate.

            But it must be warm pretty much all year long there.

            I envy you

          • Kate

            I hate wearing clothes and often don’t unless I go in public.

          • dfrog

            for starters humans adapted physically, for example Europeans developed tolerance to lactose and lost skin and eye pigment.
            Second humans adapted their environment to fit them, such as clothes or contruction techniques to allow them to live in the cold like igloos and the control of fire may have also helped a little wouldn’t you agree?
            Too bad lions are not that smart.

          • dfrog

            that was exactly my point.

            Even the humans physically adapted to the weather of each region they expanded to, lactose tolerance or the colour of the skin and eyes are good examples of such.

            Also lions only existed in as northern as southern Europe (ok make it even up to Ukraine although i didn’t find any info that validates that) but definitely not Siberia, they are probably confusing with other felines.

        • Brett

          I thought it was common knowledge… A quick google search would do you right.

          • dfrog

            show me the links

        • mr.wiener

          Fossil evidence, cave paintings other boring mundane stuff like that all show that there were lions in Siberia , Britain and other areas with cold climates until the bronze age at least.
          You have a tendency to go in half cocked sir.

          • dfrog

            Sure then show me the links. Also don’t forget the second part of my argument. Or perhaps you think that you could send a panda bear to live in the arctic and he would do just as fine as polar bear.

          • mr.wiener



            There you are sir. The second part of your argument has merit and no doubt these south African lions are rather wishing they were out of the cold. However animals can adapt in a surprising fast ammount of time if the climatic diferences are not too extreme.

          • dfrog

            Ok since you still insist and I’m in the mood to waste time with petty arguments, lets take a close look into your links.

            Lets recall the statement to which I replied:
            “Idiot, lions were previously widespread as far north as Britain and Siberia.”

            And the respective reply:
            “The coldest countries Lions are confirmed to have lived were those from southeastern Europe where it doesn’t snow except in the mountains.”

            And now your “evidence” of the contrary:

            “the European Lion; these big cats inhabited a broad swath of Europe, ranging from the Iberian peninsula to as far east as Greece and the Caucasus.”

            So unless your disagreement resides on whether the Caucasus has any relation to southern Europe in terms of distance or whether, all I can say is thanks for reinforcing my argument,


            Those cave paintings refer to an extinct animal known as “cave lion”. Concerning both behavioral and anatomical aspects, those “cave lions” differ significantly from modern lions. In fact, so different, that it is not even consensual whether they are a member of the lion species or just another evolutionary cousin such as tigers.
            By the way, those caves you mentioned as well as remaining fossils were found in southern Europe or nearby regions with similar weather.

            “The Asiatic lion formerly occurred in Persia, Mesopotamia, Baluchistan, and in northern India where they once ranged to the state of Bihar”

            Now all these regions (and I personally verified it) are characterized by subtropical weather and are not not an inch further north of southern Europe’s latitude. So once again thanks for reinforcing my argument.


            Well well.. seems your argumentation was actually based on cutting edge ancient feline research, so I’m guessing you must be a die hard ancient feline enthusiast. ;)

            Irony aside, Ok this link appears to substantiate part of your argument, but bear in mind that these refer to recent findings from university researchers which now believe those ancient big felines were more related to lions than to tigers or other pantera.
            If you search, you will see that there is no evidence of this having already been widely accepted as fact by the scientific community.

            In fact those ancient big cats are anatomically so different from modern lions that whether they are classified within the Lion species is almost irrelevant for our argument, wouldn’t you agree?
            In fact this is probably why the Wikipedia page on European “cave lions” has its species classification still flagged as a disputed fact.

            Now concerning the Arctic panda, as you probably realised, I was trying to make a point that just because something like a Siberian tiger evolved and adapted to different colder environment it doesn’t mean that their close evolutionary relatives like the Malayan tiger can easily survive in the same environment.

            Finally here is a link of my own which I’m sure you tried to ignore as best as you could:

            Well turns out it wasn’t this exercise wasn’t an entire waste of time and I actually learned something in the process.

          • mr.wiener

            Nice to see we both learnt something then,
            Whilst you were typing this I was out trying to destroy people on the rugby field so we both had a rewarding Sat. arvo.
            I will edit this post tomorrow with more interesting lion stuff :)

        • Ruaraidh

          I’m intrigued as to what you mean by, ‘I guess it is expected that someone like you does not understand evolution.’

    • the other guy

      Don’t ever come to the Northeast then, all the Zoos here host lions and other hot weather animals on open-air cages all years round. Perhaps the saddest thing was seeing a poor African lion on Harbin in a -30 degree weather.

      Take my word for it and avoid any type of Zoo in China. They are just depressing.. :(

      • mr.wiener

        Unless you really enjoy seeing magnificent animals looking horribly depressed sitting in urine soaked concrete cells pacing back and forth and going slowly crazy.

  • linette lee

    Zoo keepers are slacking off. They need to be fired. It’s their job to take care and watch over their animals they are assigned to. Where are they? You can’t have hundreds of visitors violently hitting the lions with snowball daily. Are they nut? Poor lions.

    • lacompacida

      The zoo keepers were not slacking off. They were demonstrating.

      • Solidarity for Southern Weekly is really growing.

  • vincent

    That pig faced moron in red should be suspended over the lion pen like a pinata, he will learn to respect animals fairly quickly.

    • Thor

      How I’d like to watch this. I ‘d laugh so hard.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    LOL, 1st pix, they have Chinese eyes.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Haha that’s the first thing I noticed!

  • Alexander

    Did you think they were going to be nice to the lions? Just imagine what they’d do to the monkeys….. Animal rights in China is like talking Maoism to a bunch of Americans….. you’d have a better chance of teaching monkeys to wash their hands after they pee before either group accepts such concepts…. One day the animals will learn to fight back, its only a matter of time before one of the baboons throws its own shit at people….

    • lacompacida

      Or what they do to each other “human beings”.

    • Justin

      How’s the air up there in your ivory tower? It must be sweet like the smell of your own farts. Question: Are you a vegetarian? If not, then you’re a hypocrite. I’m not saying I’m a vegetarian either, but if we are all OK with the concept that you can cram chickens into tiny cages, jack them up on caffeine and force feed them all day so that we can feed ourselves, then I don’t think any of us have the moral authority to shit on Chinese people and say they’re less than human for chucking snowballs at some lions. In the grand scheme of things, it’s essentially the same thing. We look at animals as our property to do with as we see fit. I’m not defending their actions either. But why do you have to turn this into some kind of referendum about the civility of all Chinese people when nearly all the Chinese people who commented expressed the same disgust as you. What is wrong with you and the rest of you Chinasmack jerks? Are you all really that insecure that you have to build yourself up by talking shit about an entire nation as if they were a homogenous group of savages. Seriously, grow the fuck up, open your mind and stop being such a xenophobe.

      • BigCAD

        Napalm B was deployed for a reason on 我们中国人. You may not see them as one homogenous group but they certainly see themselves as that.

        • Alexander

          Justin just has his panties in a wad, so he thought that ranting like a little girl was going to relieve his stress. He doesn’t even know who were are and all of a sudden he assumes we aren’t Chinese and we’re just some arrogant foreigners…… now that’s judgemental in itself. And then he calls people who are just joking around “Chinasmack jerks” but yet he uses the website, now who’s the hypocrite.

          • Justin

            I wasn’t implying that all people who come on to Chinasmack are jerks. Just jerks like you, jerk. “Chinasmack jerks” is a little off. I guess I should be more specific and say Chinasmack trolls, to refer to those who hang out around here spouting a bunch of racist tripe.

      • Alexander

        WTF? I guess you never heard of a joke? You’re the one who is being a ass, you quickly judge people and fire back at them before you really understand them or their type of humor….. it seems you’re the one being judgemental… Go do some exercise and lighten-up, this is just a discussion board, its not real life, its the internet, so calm down. This is a website called China Smack, the article was about a zoo in China, this isn’t American Smack or Canadian Smack, so that’s why we don’t have the luxury of seeing articles and making fun of their dumbassery…Speaking of that, people make fun of each other all the time, its called joking, we have tv shows, comedians, and other ways of mocking people and expressing humor, we even make fun of our Presidents….. So why can’t we do the same in China? Stop being a prick and let us enjoy the funny side of life….

        • moody

          Justin , defender of the orphan and the oppressed.
          You must be so boring in real life

          • Alexander

            He thinks this website is China-Harmonious….its ChinaSMACK for a reason…..

  • b

    bunch of stupid cunts

  • Gaius Baltar

    Things were right in colonial times in Hong Kong, they need opium to pacify them, and a damned good flogging if they will not tow the line otherwise. It seems floggings need to be resumed in China, until morale improves!

    • Barry Bongbong

      How Jacky Chan of you.

      • Gaius Baltar

        Singapore has deigned to keep flogging, when we foolishly stopped it in the UK. The liberals may get in a knot, but giving people a good thwack lets them know right from wrong. Anyway, China executes people, I really don’t see how they can find corporal punishment barbaric. Chances of being pickpocketed/robbed in China? Close to 100%. In Singapore/Gulf states almost zero percent.

  • lacompacida

    The best demonstration of the best of Chinese culture of those with most opportunity to learn their culture.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Ouch. That’s gotta hurt.

  • A j

    This country doesnot deserve a zoo. These poor animals should be relocated

  • “Chinese people is the nationality with the worst moral characters in the world.”

    LOL this man have never visited Argentina for sure.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    So you people think throwing snowballs at lions is worse than slaughtering cows and pigs and chickens and whatnot at slaughters houses for human consumption?

    Don’t be a hypocrite and think before you flap your lips.

    • Zhegezhege

      While there is undoubtedly some logic to that comment, the difference is that while eating meat, people don’t generally delight in the suffering of the animal that became that meat. Delighting in the suffering of animals is exactly what these horrible SBs are doing.

    • yesway

      What a redundant argument. Another wrong does not make a right. Nobody here said it was worse than that. Both things are bad.

  • srtzu

    phaggot race of peace

  • Southern Weekly

    You know why I hate this?

    Because in a few days this story will pop up in newspapers and websites back home as *yet another example* of crazy shit coming out of the retarded Middle Kingdom, and my friends back home (who have no clue about China other than the scant reports they get from the media) will *yet again* shake their heads and wonder why I am still here.

    I am starting to wonder myself…

    • Barry Bongbong

      No, you see, your friends back home if they are anything like my friends think China is a fantastic place because corporate interests would rather we believe that. Perhaps you have a case of confirmation bias.

  • LaowaiGuy

    Last year I visited Shanghai zoo and the Chimpanzee enclosure was surrounded by people lobbing bottles of water at this one adult chimp. Everyone had this retarded-like glee as they laughed and aimed for the chimp. It was fascinating and repulsive at the same time. – The ape however, managed to hit one of the Chinese guys with a bottle. But it only encouraged more people to throw stuff.

    • moody

      not sure if they still have those, but i visited the shanghai zoo maybe 5/6 years ago.

      They had those tiny cages (real fucking tiny, like 40cm high, 60 by 40) with , dogs in it -the most basic species that you already could see in the streets of shanghai-.

      Ears painted green and orange, cages stinking and filled with piss and shit (clear to see that it has not been clean for SEVERAL days (which probably meant that they left them there at the end of the day).

      No space to move around, dog sitting in his own feces ….

  • A Lu

    A bunch of monkeys throwing snow balls at lions.

  • willie miller

    These photos show one group of animals who are locked up, one group who are free. Yet it is the ones who are locked up who have more dignity.


    I’m sure the majority of chinese don’t do these kinds of things but the thing is no one who disapproves will speak up. I bet they just watch the abuse too cowardly to say anything. Monkey see monkey do. Another reason China will never get respect on the world stage. Chinese think money buys respect, and it does to a certain extent, but what gains more respect is the ability to stand up for what you believe is right even if no one else does. What a bunch of childish idiots.


    Just thought of this but I’ve never seen lions in snow before. Wouldn’t the lions be freezing their tails off. I mean aren’t they originally from Africa. I wonder if there’s a heater in the back for the lions to warm up? Well this is China so probably not.

  • 平凡人

    Mess with a bull, you get the horns. In this case, mess with a lion, you get the jaw. Their actions show it all; they only bully when they have the upper hand. Is this a typical behaviour here?

    • Alex

      It is

  • Stew

    I remember in Nanjing zoo the zoo keepers had tied sticks to the bars to the leopard cage. Visitors could then use the sticks to poke the animals…

  • BigCAD

    Hangzhou zoo is an appalling mess much like the one in Shanghai. However Hangzhou safari park is much more palatable and especially enjoyable if you have your own car:

    Taipei Zoo is also well worth the 15 rmb entry price, though I was dissapointed they hadn’t trained their pandas to play the erhu.

    I’d admit i’ve never been to a typical zoo in China much for the same reason in five years I never been to Beijing, I know what I’m letting myself in for and I don’t need to tick that box.

  • wafflestomp

    The Hangzhounese people are arrogant and the lowest quality human beings I’ve ever met.

  • Anonymous

    *alien guy meme*


  • Zoo is not Circus. Once a proud animal lower down to this, they must bear great shame. Perhaps a Chinese takeout over a live music will sooth their ailing soul. Yes,yes… it would.

  • was this written by Xinhua????

    My personal Hell….in the next life becoming any type of living creature in China

  • After hearing about the San Francisco tiger incident I don’t think I’d be teasing large felines. In times of anger and panic animals can pull of some crazy feats. You can bet who gets their throats slashed first when it gets out.

    • mr.wiener

      Good story. The article is hear for anyone willing to read it:
      Point is you will find arseholes who delight in tormenting captive or helpless animals in any culture. I’m partial to a guy’s suggesting of making them a performance art piece and dumping those dipshits over the fence naked with roasted chickens tied to their arms.
      I think lions would give nasty hickeys. :)

      • moody

        several months ago a kid -in a Chinese zoo, don’t recall the province- got his finger bitten off clean by a monkey.

        The monkey cage was surrounded by a fence -supposed to keep proper spacing between the visitors and the cage itself-.
        The kid -8yo or something- found a space in the fence and of course went in to try and catch the monkey sliding his arms inside the cage.

        So of course the parents sued the zoo for their kid’s missing finger.
        The parents had two kids so they argued that they could not watch both kids at the same time so that it was the zoo’s responsibility to keep kids safe whatever they try to do to the animal.

        People seem to simply defflect their responsability of all things.
        Human is the worst animal after all and is the only who deserve to be caged in.

  • Helmethair

    It’s pretty obvious who are the savage beasts in the pictures, and its not the lions.

    • Germandude

      I like how you said “obvious who are the savage beasts”, following by who it is not, just to make sure…

      • That redundancy was pretty obvious to everyone, thanks for needlessly pointing it out.

        • Germandude

          You are very welcome. Glad I could help.

  • Caption for the third lion picture: ” Throw another fucking snowball asshole. We’ll maul your ASS” lool

  • Helmethair

    dogs. keep the keys to the world out of their hands or we are all finished.

  • Gallopavo

    This is why the rise of China is so scary!

  • Jeffli

    Ive visited zoos in many countries but in China I see this animal cruelty in Guangzhou, shanghai, and beijing! If the excuse is ” China is poor” then dont have zoos!.
    Went to see where the pitiful pandas (China’s national treasure? ) live in chendu, all paid for by fortune 500 companies!

  • Nic

    There is a chinese proverb ; 虎落平阳被犬欺。 I think its a perfect illustration in real life of this chinese proverb. LOL

  • jimmyjoo

    It’s always a fat kid leading the assault.

  • central scrutinizer

    5000 years of history – 100 years of civilization….

  • radbab

    nothing new here. in hong kong’s ocean park mainlanders use flash photography on the fish in the aquariums all the time, even though there’s no lack of ‘no flash photography’ signs. if you point at the signs they just laugh at you or get insolent.

  • K

    The animals I saw at a small zoo I visited in China were in deplorable states – small cramped spaces with little to nothing besides a sparse concrete floor. The bear they had was so hungry, it stood on its hind legs and caught pieces of apples some pitying visitor tossed towards it.

    Then again my dad went to China for a month and when he came back to the US, he went to the zoo and fed the meerkats cotton candy and the oragutans chips despite our entire family scolding him. So that taught me 1) my dad has no sense of morals and is an f’ed up human being 2) China places no value on the welfare of animals

  • We are in 2013…time to shut down every single zoo on Planet Earth.

    • …. and doom every single species on Earth to extinction. I know what you’re driving at, but not a good idea.

  • Barry Bongbong

    Nothing to see here, just one group of animals playing with another group. Let’s face it, this would be a LOT more disturbing if it were a group of Americans, think about why that is.

  • If the lions weren’t locked – they would have some good Chinese takeout.

  • Gaetano Gagliano

    You can all complain about how people are treating these lions.
    The fact is, they’re in a ZOO!
    We locked these beautiful animals up and gave them no freedom.

    Now we have the balls to bash humans who throw a bit of snow at them!?

    …Be pissed at all of ourselves for allowing zoo’s to exist to begin with!

    • Yes, now that we have put the lions in a zoo, there’s no reason not to abuse them.

  • WoRPt

    Congrats, China, you’ve done it again. These stories don’t even shock me anymore.

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