Chinglish Signs Photographed By NYT & Der Spiegel Journalists

Fragrant and hot marxism.

Fragrant and hot marxism.

On, Mop, and ChinaRen:

Stupefying English signs in China photographed by the Western media

Along with China’s continuous economic development, our country’s internationalization is quickly increasing. To meet and adapt to these new changes, many places have begun to use signs in both Chinese and English. However, given that our country’s ordinary people’s English language level needs to be improved, hilarious and stupefying English signs can easily be seen all around. Just how stupefying are these stupefying translations? Let’s take a look at the photographs “New York Times” and “Der Spiegel” journalists have taken on the streets of China.

Chinglish Signs in China, bad Chinese to English translations.

Badly translated Chinese menu.

Smart Noshery Makes You Slobber.

Strange shop sign in China.

A dangerous dry cleaners.

Chinglish, bad spacing.

Mobilephone electrizing.

Chinglish signs in China.

Chinglish sign for an adult toys shop.

More bad spacing.

Chinese airline Chinglish.

Unhappy Hour.

Please don't make confused noise when chanting.

A bicycle parking sign in China.

Chinese warning sign.

Execution in progress!

Slip and fall down carefully.

Keep off the lake.

Do drunken driving.

Fragrant and hot marxism.

Please forgive to be incontinent for interior decoration.

The Jew's Ear Juice.

I am not sure if these photos were really taken by Western media.

Comments from Mop:




A little bad, but not exactly shameful.


What this shows us is that we are uneducated/uncultured. Very frightening.


This shows us: Why have English signs, why not Pinyin signs?


The entire country learns English, yet only a few are actually able to use English. Unless you specialize [in English], it is not used in normal situations.


They’re just for our own people to look at, what do foreigners care?


I have never, don’t, and will never understand [English]. I am not learning and do not plan to learn the language, so I also don’t care if the language is right or wrong.


I hope in the future all foreigners will speak Chinglish!


Lou zhu, you fucking foreign worshipper, so what if they are wrong? Even if they are wrong they are on Chinese soil. Foreigners can like it or not, but I refuse to change, it is my territory so I will do things my way!

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