Chongqing Government Official Sacked After Sex Video Exposed

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

From QQ:

Lei Zhengfu’s Sex Video Filmed 5 Years Ago, Sacked From Post 63 Hours After Exposed

[The following is a translated transcript of a report by CCTV news program 1+1.]

November 20th, screenshots of what was suspected a sex video involving Chongqing Beibei district Party Secretary/Chief Lei Zhengfu were posted on Sina Weibo [China’s popular microblogging service similar to Twitter]. On the 21st, the relevant government departments stated that they have taken note of this matter and have begun verifying it. On the 22nd, the relevant government departments confirmed that the relevant video was not a PS [digitally altered], and are continuing to verify the identities of the persons involved. At 11am n the 23rd, the Chongqing Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission confirmed that the man in the indecent video was indeed Lei Zhengfu himself, and announced removing him from his Party Chief post, as well as initiating an investigation. One netizen remarked that within 63 hours, a departmental-level government official has been taken down by weibo, with public opinion in an uproar.

November 20th, an article titled “Chongqing Beibei district Party Chief Lei Zhengfu’s Sex Video” went viral online, with many screen captures of the video attached. The man and woman in the images were completely naked, the man’s face clear and distinct. The article claimed: These are screenshots from a video of Chongqing Beibei district Party Chief Lei Zhengfu having sex with his long-term 18-year-old mistress in a hotel.

One of the people who exposed the scandal was Ji Xuguang, whose verified Sina Weibo account indicates he is a veteran journalist. From November 20th to today, he has posted a total of 30 microblog posts concerning this scandal. He denounced claiming: On the first and third day of the new 2007 lunar year, [Lei Zhengfu] was at a Chongqing hotel, engaging in promiscuity with his 18-year-old mistress. Through the spread of these articles, images, and video, [Lei Zhengfu] has become famous on the internet, with the media and reporters all trying to contact the persons involved.

November 21st, a media journalist interviewed Lei Zhengfu himself over the telephone, and his response was to say “those are fake, don’t believe them.” On the very same day, the official microblog account of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Information Office published a post indicating that it has already taken note of the matter and is currently investigating it. On the 23rd, the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Information Office published a microblog post saying it has been investigated and verified by the Chongqing Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission. The male in the indecent video that has recently been circulating on the internet is Beibei district Party Chief Lei Zhengfu. The Chongqing Municipal Committee has decided to relieve comrade Lei Zhengfu of his Beibei district Party Chief position and has formally opened a case investigating him.

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

Comments from QQ:

腾讯琼海市网友 清风往事:

Things like this need to be exposed more. Dammit, I work hard every day, can barely get enough to eat, don’t even dare have a girlfriend, and can only show a bit of filial respect to my parents. But these pests, with power in their hands and money in their pockets, they do whatever they want, enjoying anything they please.

腾讯网友 麟语:

This shows us just where our [government] supervision [of itself] has gone. Supervision by netizens is still more reliable.

腾讯重庆市网友 风、轻若鸿:

Why did something that happened five years ago only today get exposed and the person involved investigated? One major reason is: Lack of trust in society? Why is there a lack? The reason is fundamentally tied to a lot of things that are reported ultimately resulting in nothing definite being done, and many of those doing the reporting suffering reprisals and persecution ultimately being silenced or even disappeared. With this society, with this way of things, you don’t even have to say it and everyone already knows it. It’s like a pustule on your body, beginning to fester, hurting a bit, but inside, it doesn’t get your attention, only becoming extremely painful when it begins to fester/pop, and only then do you notice and discover it, only then do you think it important and go take medicine or get surgery, to cut off the sore.

腾讯网友 丽:

If it were like Mao Zedong’s time, where embezzling just 1000 yuan got one the firing squad, I’d like to see who would still think of engaging in corruption.

腾讯黑龙江省网友 境随心轉:

China’s anti-corruption is all about looking at that person’s power, background [connections], the exposure/extent of the scandal, who is involved/affected… with suppression and retaliation as the main [responses]. Real-name reporting is everywhere, even online, but the results are always inconclusive.

腾讯网友 Aqua→♂:

The country’s anti-government storm [campaign] is about to begin! Those who are corrupt can start trembling!

腾讯大连市网友 地球之旅:

Applause for internet anti-corruption [efforts]! Well done! Our great country, under the guidance of a new generation of leaders, rushes towards a bright future, determined to combat corruption to the end! If the people with power and position cannot use the power in their hands to improve the welfare of the people, they must become the sinners of history, and must get their just desserts!

腾讯濮阳市网友 xj:

Only now do I know why netizens don’t trust local governments and officials, sigh!

腾讯网友 网事如风:

In recent years, all of the major corruption cases were exposed by online anti-corruption efforts [by ordinary netizens]… I suggest the central government establish an independent internet commission against corruption, and whoever exposes a case of corruption that is then proven gets 30% of the total amount involved in the corruption as a reward. This will increase anti-corruption efforts, or just cut out the wages of those working in the Anti-Corruption Bureau who do nothing to earn them anyway, using those wages to reward those people online who actually contribute to fighting corruption.


If [the government] really wants to fight corruption, first: Ensure the safety of the person who exposes it. Second: If confirmed, a large reward should be given.

腾讯嘉兴市网友 康龙:

A phenomenon of China’s anti-corruption situation: The more anti-corruption efforts there are, the more severe corruption becomes!!

Photo of Chinese government official Lei Zhengfu.

From Sina:

Female in Chongqing Government Official’s Sex Video Suspected of Being Hired by Local Construction Company

Person Who Exposed Video Says it was Recorded by Local Boss

According to information exposed on internet posts, when Lei Zhengfu held the post of Dianjiang county Party Secretary, he gave large numbers of the county’s engineering construction project contracts to his younger brother Lei Zhengkui’s company.

According to the person who first exposed this scandal, Zhe Ruifeng, a local construction company’s boss resented Lei Zhengfu giving the engineering construction projects only to his younger brother Lei Zhengkui and wanted establish a relationship with Lei Zhengfu in order to get the engineering construction projects. Thus, he employed and trained the girl in the video, and arranged for the girl under the false name of Zhou Xiaoxue to become Lei’s lover. Then on the first and third day of the 2007 Lunar New Year, he recorded the sex video.

Zhu Reifeng says the girl in the sex video is from Zhaojia Town of Kai County in Chongqing city, and was 18 years old at the time.

Comments from Sina:


Alcohol is poison that permeates your intestines, sex is a sword that scrapes your bones.


Heh, this is a real life version of 007.


So according to this, Old Lei was really wronged, right???


This government official must be investigated, but this kind of company boss that uses unscrupulous methods to entrap government officials should also be given the punishment he deserves.

手机用户 [湖北武汉]

Anti-corruption these days truly can only depend on mistresses and xiao san. What does this show? It shows that the establishment of discipline inspection commissions as an anti-corruption mechanism is simply just for show.


I just want to know how the government will handle this. Today it is a focal point, is getting attention, but tomorrow? How many people will still remember?


Just how many of China’s local government officials are clean?


Modern female spy [“honeypot“]


One [Lei Zhengfu] falls, millions of other [corrupt officials] stand up. What I’m afraid of is this.


Things like Lei’s are many and the only reason it was exposed was because he wouldn’t compromise/work with with an unscrupulous businessman, and instead reported it, resulting in the unscrupulous businessman being penalized. Now the unscrupulous businessman has finally waited until the right moment, with people supporting him, so he wants to get revenge. If we let the unscrupulous businessman’s plot of secretly filming [Lei Zhengfu] succeed, there will be even more government officials doing what unscrupulous businessmen want, and it will be an even greater problem.


No longer strange, this is the face of Chinese government officials today!

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu being interviewed.


Written by Wayne Chen


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