Chongqing Government Official Sacked After Sex Video Exposed

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

From QQ:

Lei Zhengfu’s Sex Video Filmed 5 Years Ago, Sacked From Post 63 Hours After Exposed

[The following is a translated transcript of a report by CCTV news program 1+1.]

November 20th, screenshots of what was suspected a sex video involving Chongqing Beibei district Party Secretary/Chief Lei Zhengfu were posted on Sina Weibo [China’s popular microblogging service similar to Twitter]. On the 21st, the relevant government departments stated that they have taken note of this matter and have begun verifying it. On the 22nd, the relevant government departments confirmed that the relevant video was not a PS [digitally altered], and are continuing to verify the identities of the persons involved. At 11am n the 23rd, the Chongqing Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission confirmed that the man in the indecent video was indeed Lei Zhengfu himself, and announced removing him from his Party Chief post, as well as initiating an investigation. One netizen remarked that within 63 hours, a departmental-level government official has been taken down by weibo, with public opinion in an uproar.

November 20th, an article titled “Chongqing Beibei district Party Chief Lei Zhengfu’s Sex Video” went viral online, with many screen captures of the video attached. The man and woman in the images were completely naked, the man’s face clear and distinct. The article claimed: These are screenshots from a video of Chongqing Beibei district Party Chief Lei Zhengfu having sex with his long-term 18-year-old mistress in a hotel.

One of the people who exposed the scandal was Ji Xuguang, whose verified Sina Weibo account indicates he is a veteran journalist. From November 20th to today, he has posted a total of 30 microblog posts concerning this scandal. He denounced claiming: On the first and third day of the new 2007 lunar year, [Lei Zhengfu] was at a Chongqing hotel, engaging in promiscuity with his 18-year-old mistress. Through the spread of these articles, images, and video, [Lei Zhengfu] has become famous on the internet, with the media and reporters all trying to contact the persons involved.

November 21st, a media journalist interviewed Lei Zhengfu himself over the telephone, and his response was to say “those are fake, don’t believe them.” On the very same day, the official microblog account of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Information Office published a post indicating that it has already taken note of the matter and is currently investigating it. On the 23rd, the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Information Office published a microblog post saying it has been investigated and verified by the Chongqing Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission. The male in the indecent video that has recently been circulating on the internet is Beibei district Party Chief Lei Zhengfu. The Chongqing Municipal Committee has decided to relieve comrade Lei Zhengfu of his Beibei district Party Chief position and has formally opened a case investigating him.

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu in 2007 sex tape with mistress.

Comments from QQ:

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腾讯琼海市网友 清风往事:

Things like this need to be exposed more. Dammit, I work hard every day, can barely get enough to eat, don’t even dare have a girlfriend, and can only show a bit of filial respect to my parents. But these pests, with power in their hands and money in their pockets, they do whatever they want, enjoying anything they please.

腾讯网友 麟语:

This shows us just where our [government] supervision [of itself] has gone. Supervision by netizens is still more reliable.

腾讯重庆市网友 风、轻若鸿:

Why did something that happened five years ago only today get exposed and the person involved investigated? One major reason is: Lack of trust in society? Why is there a lack? The reason is fundamentally tied to a lot of things that are reported ultimately resulting in nothing definite being done, and many of those doing the reporting suffering reprisals and persecution ultimately being silenced or even disappeared. With this society, with this way of things, you don’t even have to say it and everyone already knows it. It’s like a pustule on your body, beginning to fester, hurting a bit, but inside, it doesn’t get your attention, only becoming extremely painful when it begins to fester/pop, and only then do you notice and discover it, only then do you think it important and go take medicine or get surgery, to cut off the sore.

腾讯网友 丽:

If it were like Mao Zedong’s time, where embezzling just 1000 yuan got one the firing squad, I’d like to see who would still think of engaging in corruption.

腾讯黑龙江省网友 境随心轉:

China’s anti-corruption is all about looking at that person’s power, background [connections], the exposure/extent of the scandal, who is involved/affected… with suppression and retaliation as the main [responses]. Real-name reporting is everywhere, even online, but the results are always inconclusive.

腾讯网友 Aqua→♂:

The country’s anti-government storm [campaign] is about to begin! Those who are corrupt can start trembling!

腾讯大连市网友 地球之旅:

Applause for internet anti-corruption [efforts]! Well done! Our great country, under the guidance of a new generation of leaders, rushes towards a bright future, determined to combat corruption to the end! If the people with power and position cannot use the power in their hands to improve the welfare of the people, they must become the sinners of history, and must get their just desserts!

腾讯濮阳市网友 xj:

Only now do I know why netizens don’t trust local governments and officials, sigh!

腾讯网友 网事如风:

In recent years, all of the major corruption cases were exposed by online anti-corruption efforts [by ordinary netizens]… I suggest the central government establish an independent internet commission against corruption, and whoever exposes a case of corruption that is then proven gets 30% of the total amount involved in the corruption as a reward. This will increase anti-corruption efforts, or just cut out the wages of those working in the Anti-Corruption Bureau who do nothing to earn them anyway, using those wages to reward those people online who actually contribute to fighting corruption.


If [the government] really wants to fight corruption, first: Ensure the safety of the person who exposes it. Second: If confirmed, a large reward should be given.

腾讯嘉兴市网友 康龙:

A phenomenon of China’s anti-corruption situation: The more anti-corruption efforts there are, the more severe corruption becomes!!

Photo of Chinese government official Lei Zhengfu.

From Sina:

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Female in Chongqing Government Official’s Sex Video Suspected of Being Hired by Local Construction Company

Person Who Exposed Video Says it was Recorded by Local Boss

According to information exposed on internet posts, when Lei Zhengfu held the post of Dianjiang county Party Secretary, he gave large numbers of the county’s engineering construction project contracts to his younger brother Lei Zhengkui’s company.

According to the person who first exposed this scandal, Zhe Ruifeng, a local construction company’s boss resented Lei Zhengfu giving the engineering construction projects only to his younger brother Lei Zhengkui and wanted establish a relationship with Lei Zhengfu in order to get the engineering construction projects. Thus, he employed and trained the girl in the video, and arranged for the girl under the false name of Zhou Xiaoxue to become Lei’s lover. Then on the first and third day of the 2007 Lunar New Year, he recorded the sex video.

Zhu Reifeng says the girl in the sex video is from Zhaojia Town of Kai County in Chongqing city, and was 18 years old at the time.

Comments from Sina:


Alcohol is poison that permeates your intestines, sex is a sword that scrapes your bones.


Heh, this is a real life version of 007.


So according to this, Old Lei was really wronged, right???


This government official must be investigated, but this kind of company boss that uses unscrupulous methods to entrap government officials should also be given the punishment he deserves.

手机用户 [湖北武汉]

Anti-corruption these days truly can only depend on mistresses and xiao san. What does this show? It shows that the establishment of discipline inspection commissions as an anti-corruption mechanism is simply just for show.


I just want to know how the government will handle this. Today it is a focal point, is getting attention, but tomorrow? How many people will still remember?


Just how many of China’s local government officials are clean?


Modern female spy [“honeypot“]


One [Lei Zhengfu] falls, millions of other [corrupt officials] stand up. What I’m afraid of is this.


Things like Lei’s are many and the only reason it was exposed was because he wouldn’t compromise/work with with an unscrupulous businessman, and instead reported it, resulting in the unscrupulous businessman being penalized. Now the unscrupulous businessman has finally waited until the right moment, with people supporting him, so he wants to get revenge. If we let the unscrupulous businessman’s plot of secretly filming [Lei Zhengfu] succeed, there will be even more government officials doing what unscrupulous businessmen want, and it will be an even greater problem.


No longer strange, this is the face of Chinese government officials today!

Chongqing Beibei District Party Secretary Lei Zhengfu being interviewed.

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  • Zappa Frank

    what a handsome man!! :D

  • vincent

    Even though this article is being covered quite late on CS, It’ll get a wider audience here

  • James

    Apparently in China, you can’t have sex. If you have sex, and people find out, you are fired from your job. Well done.

    • vincent

      Didn’t the same thing happen to Bill Clinton?

      • thmswhnr

        Yeah, I was about to say, sex is illegal in the US, too.

        • linette lee

          Is not sex is illegal. Clinton had sex with monica while at work at work place. Funded by usa taxpayers. The usa taxpayers didn’t hire him to have sex during work hours at workplace.

          They can have sex at their own private time using their own salary. Not on gov’t time and gov’t money.

          • katie k

            All I’m saying is I’ll take a president who stays at work late and multi-tasks over one who takes a lot of personal time. If you know what I mean.

            Motherfucka got shit done.

    • Same case as Eliot Spitzer. He also apparently got into trouble for “having sex.”

      • katie k

        I think Spitzer got in trouble for being super creepy. That was it, right? Because he was super creepy.


    • linette lee

      They may be saying he is using gov’t money to hire prostitutes.

    • vincent

      I believe that he got fired because it also came to light that he used his position to get contracts for a construction company that belonged to his younger brother that in essence is corruption, the woman in the video was also part of a ‘bribe package’ he got from another construction company.
      Well done is right, he was a corrupt and horny pig, the right call was most definitely made in this case, research the article first before posting a remark James.

  • the ace of books

    Gosh, those screenshots. Anyone here seen Dogma? “There’s nothing funnier than the ridiculous faces you people make mid-coitus.

    • vincent

      Oh yeah, that was Alan Rickman’s line right? lol

      • the ace of books

        Alan Rickman: the Voice of God.

  • Archie

    I wish I was the girl who got to make a sex tape with that God of a human being!

  • linette lee

    Wow..he is hideous! She better get paid a lot of money. XD

  • Erdos

    I feel sorry for the girl’s father. Seems that in the modern world, it’s impossible to bring a girl up to be moral these days. Modern girls just care about sex and promiscuity. No shame to them. They don’t care about the shame they bring on their father.

    Girls should stay virgin until marriage.

    • linette lee

      These girls don’t care about sex. They want money. It’s called prostitution. For them sex = money.

      • Erdos

        They still disgrace themselves.

        If you had a daughter, wouldn’t you raise her to not be loose or want to prostitute herself?

    • Gay Azn Boi

      “Girls should stay virgin until marriage.” Like that’s gonna happen with most girls…

      Dude, don’t be a prude. According to you, sex = immoral?! Seriously? I think you need to YOLO sometime and have a little fun.

      • Erdos

        You’re a huge flaming troll bro. I mean, you’re a walking stereotype.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          No. I just think you should get on with the times.

        • the ace of books

          Ad hominem doesn’t make him incorrect. And heck, with your “girls should be virgins, guys should be sexperienced” thing, you’ve got pretty stereotypical views yourself.

          So I think the difference between you and Gay Azn Boi is this: you like fallacies, and he likes phalluses. :D

          • Gay Azn Boi

            Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • katie k

        No, women who have sex are immoral. *rolls eyes, jack off motion, what a tool, right?*

    • the ace of books

      Sorry for the father? Hell, cut out the middleman and feel sorry for the 18-year-old who had that guy in her. Ugh. I don’t give a damn how much she was paid, she was eight-fucking-teen.

      And I just wanna check: d’you really think it’s more important what ‘shame’ the father secondhand gets as opposed to what hte girl goes through? Really, man? really?

      Also, I’m now going to lol @ “girls should stay virgin until marriage”. lol to many multiples. I’m guessing you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t test-drive a car before he buys it? It’s understandable, that salesman is just so awfully persuasive.

      (PS: re: the above paragraph: if you note that guys don’t have to stay virgin before marriage, then I’m going for my sock with sand in it.)

      • Erdos

        I don’t think guys should have to stay virgins until marriage.

        Women prefer experienced men and find virgins detestable, it’s a sad state of affairs, but that’s the way they think. Whereas we guys think a girl who is ‘experienced’ is a bit disgusting in some ways.

        • the ace of books

          ………………………… (hefts cosh)

          So basically, according to you, both sexes are catch-22’d about their virginities, and in the end, everyone’s fucked.

          Son, I don’t know about you, but I don’t give two shits how many times my partner’s been around the block; the amount of experience she/he has or hasn’t had doesn’t make him/her disgusting or detestable. Naw, what does that is personality, and if someone’s personality is disgusting or detestable, they’re not going to be my partner in the first place.

          (But seriously? tell me again how an experienced girl is disgusting? or do you just think sex is inherently disgusting?)

          (oh and ditto about v-card guys. You’re going to have to explain that one to me, too. Unless it’s the same stercus tauri about how sex magically Makes A Boy Into A Man, in which case lol, the end.)

          • i agree with you opinion. If you don’t mind i would like to know if you would consider a serious relationship with a girl who has been with…100 men? I’m not been cheeky or anything, i’m just curious about this and i would like to have some comments.
            I actually know a few girls in Shanghai who had relationships with that many guys. One in particular is a perfectly nice girl, a bit emotionally nuts (in my opinion).
            On the other hand, i’ve had many relationships with Chinese girls and to be honest, girls without much “guy experience” tend to scare me in the way that they can be easily convinced in putting their pants down.
            The problem i’m trying to get an answer for is the following: How much experience does a woman need to be smart enough not to fall for any guy(implying you can trust her/and she’s not going to fuck another guy the minute she’s unhappy. I know what i’m talking about) and when is it too much experience? (If of course we consider that there is a limit)
            Sorry if my English is a bit shit, i come from a country famous for being shit at English

          • katie k

            Number of partners is really irrelevant in this. For some weird reason, when a lot of guys think about women, they think about them in much simpler terms than they think about other men. For them, women aren’t fully, completely human. It’s not a conscious thing, I know you probably don’t think this is what’s going on, but at its core it’s what this is about.

            Think about it. How many women does a man have to sleep with to be smart enough not to fall for any woman (implying you can trust him/and he’s not going to fuck another woman the minute he’s unhappy. I know what I’m talking about) and when is it too much experience? Obviously the answer is: the number is irrelevant. Some men cheat, some men will fuck anything with a vagina, and some men will be loyal and honest with their partners. Right? Because men are human beings. Well, women are too.

            (I gave you the long answer because it seems you’re asking in good faith and not being a total misogynist asshole. Erdos, on the other hand, can suck a bag of dicks.)

          • haha! Thanks for the answer. I do understand why you are pointing out the macho mentality (you mentionned guys seeing woman as not totally human) and also putting the problem the other way around (how many women does a guy need). I wasn’t actually asking this question just to hear that woman are the same as men…i do get that.

            My question was much more simple than that, How much experience does a chinese girl need to be able to not be tricked or seduced easily? I’m not going to pretend i’m a decent guy (though i tend not to look down on women) but i’ve had so many experiences with chinese women, and i’ve see so much shit through it (girls cheating on the bf because had an argument, women shagging a laowai because not happy, mistresses off duty ) i mean i do understand that the key to the problem is keeping your woman happy and i’m answering myself here :p but i’ve seen this stuff so many fuckin times that it really got me thinking if it was a “reasonable” decision to establish a LT relationship with a chinese girl.

            I wouldn’t feel very confortable thinking that my gf is getting shagged in the toilets in a bar (like it happens all the time in shanghai) if one evening she is upset for some reason and of course being chinese she’s not very good at saying no to the guy bringing her in there…get what i mean? Sorry if my previous message wasn’t very clear.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          That’s quite a double standard don’t you think?

          • Erdos

            Yes, but women shouldnt be so dirty

          • Gay Azn Boi

            And men aren’t? lol

          • Erdos

            Men deeply care about women on an almost metaphysical level. We want to protect them and take care of them, but they just keep on disappointing us, like a bad child, over and over again.

          • Perhaps that’s because you see woman as Pokemons who you have to feed and train and give money to so that she will stay with you. Since you’re kind of a nerd let me give you some advice, don’t be rude to women, but also don’t be naively nice to them! You can’t just hope that if your “a nice guy” some girl is going to respect you and love you…Sometimes you have to show that you’re a man and i’m not talking about beating someone up, i’m talking about have some ideas and opinions and not being too ashamed of yourself.

            Don’t fucking buy an Iphone 5 to your girlfriend ! That’s not how you’re going to get her respect! Buy her a flower or something~~~ :p

          • Kate

            I bet the women love you ♥♥♥ -_-

          • Erdos

            Not really. Women only love good looks and wealth. I have neither.

          • Kate

            Well at least you know that ^_^♥

          • Erdos

            Neither does your husband, nerd.

          • Kate

            Dork ^_^

          • Mens_ReaL

            I gotta give you credit for that retort. Self-effacing trolling es numba wan.

          • katie k

            And the truth is revealed! Yes, of course, *that’s* why women don’t like you. Not because your opinions are the worst. Ha ha ha.

      • frankly…i’m sure some 18 year old girls are perfectly okay getting shagged by a toad against an LV bag….just check out all the dance students getting picked up by their suggar daddy after school…those girls are often under 18! And i knew a girl in a dance school in Beijing, she confirmed that it wasn’t a myth

        • Alex

          You can see that at the Beijing Film Academy too.

          Girls leave school on friday going into BMWs, Rolls Royce and other kinds of awesome cars. Then they come back on monday and resume their “normal” life

          • I didn’t know about this going on at the Beijing Film Academy as well but i sure bloody believe you!

          • Stu

            It goes on at most (if not all) universities with a large female cohort. But the Film Academy probably gets only the richest and most well-connected guys showing up, because… well, it’s a film academy.

    • Girls should stay virgins until marriage? Let me share an opinion, and this is not at all for the sake of disagreeing:

      Girl who are “late” in having sex are also late in understanding how to interact with men and control their desirs (i guess) , i met quite a few girls who were virgins until well into their 20s and once they got “a taste of it” they became total sluts(and not because of me!).

      Haven’t you noticed that it’s the societies which represses female desirs which produces the horniest girls? South America (catholic education) South Korea (also catholic education)

      What i’m saying is you can’t just say girls should stay virgins until marriage!
      Now if you say that girls shouldn’t be exposed to too many perverts at a young age, then i that is a fair argument!

  • Gay Azn Boi

    Click the following for uncensored photos. Thanks to Vincent for the link :p

    • Gay Azn Boi


    • vincent

      Awwww thanks for the shout-out :)

    • Holy mother of god!! I can imagine so well this woman just seeing a big $ symbol instead of the guy’s face (just like in the american cartoons) haha

    • katie k

      Omg look at his tiny little penis being gripped by two fingers! Poor guy. I feel bad for everybody in this story–him, her, us…

      • Germandude

        You must’ve meant to say: Us, her…………him

      • gumiho

        Old Joke;
        Woman: Who you gonna make happy with that little thing?
        Man: Me.

  • linette lee

    And he is using the money of the people. All these china officials are all descendants of peasants from Mao’s time. The lowest most uneducated class of people. This is what China has done to their country. Putting the lowest class of people in charge.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    He looks like Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (for those who have seen the Disney version).

    • Gerhana

      he also looks like ranchu goldfish

    • vincent

      I think the blobfish looks quite similar, their facial expressions are a perfect match!

      • Gerhana

        blobfish looks like a sad human. Even with a bow tie on his head, he looks sad. Pretty. But sad.

        It must have contemplated its meaning of existence. Is the sole purpose of blobfish existence is to be compared with a funny looking politician? to be mock and laughed at? what was its sin to be made in such a way. Does happiness only exist to those who are good looking? sadness…. such sadness… Destiny is indeed a cruel woman. Look at this blobfish, and tell me if you can still laugh at it.

        • vincent

          Blobfish is not happy, Blobfish needs a smoke.

          • linette lee


          • Gerhana

            hahaha, creativity overload today huh? :)

          • vincent

            hahaha you bet!

      • linette lee…you guys are killing me.. :)

      • Super Bunny

        your so funny!

      • vincent

        @linettelee:disqus @super_bunny:disqus Glad you girls could have a good laugh :)

      • erguotouplease

        how can any girl even bear the thought of kissing and having sex with that face at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • linette lee

          More like how can any girl kiss or have sex with that “thing”. That slimy glooey disgusting thing. yuk,,

      • trouse

        How sad for a blob fish compared to that beast.

    • PixelPulse

      Im sure Quasimoda would be offended to compare that guy to him, Jabba the Hunt is much more better and appropriate.

    • Cheong

      Nay, It is Jabba the Hutt & Princess Leia from Star War

    • trouse

      don’t offend quasimodo on this.

  • Righteous American

    This is what men do. Especially politicians. You’re a fool to think otherwise. And look at this ugly bastard, of course he has to pay for sex. And you’re gonna hold that against him?

    • Jennster

      Unlike western society that calls these ppl losers. in china there’s no stigma against the notion and the ugly bastards are proud of it lol

  • pengyou

    First, aren’t girls legal at 18? I don’t see the problem of a government official fornicating with whomever he wants, after all vast majority of Chinese males do cheat on their wives.

    Second, it’s quite obvious that he had been set-up, you can tell from the screenshots that the camera was embedded in the bed’s head.

    • Kate

      This story was out a week ago. The girl is a 17 yr old spy. Someone paid her to film him and her having sex so they could ruin him politically.Her parents must be so proud of her, you know her saving china from corrupt toady looking officials with a cell phone cam and her vag.

      • mr.wiener

        The real crime was filming this man having sex…….The horror…..the horror.

        • Kate

          No the real crime is us having to see his finishing face on camera….or that we had to see his face at all.

      • a true patriot!

  • He lasted a whole 12 seconds in the sex before cumming.
    That should have been a world record.

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Dude needs a medal.

    • 12 seconds? Being a mistress in China is a good job…12sec of sex, then you get porche or a house or something.

  • Madesu

    The girl who was having sex with him is really incredible..she must have been feeling nauseous all the time.
    Poor girl :(

    • nooo of course not! She was seeing a big $ sign instead of his face all along

  • Slob

    He looks like a turtle with a bloated head that can’t fit inside the shell.

  • Gerhana

    oh how superficial are we all to critisise his look. Were missing the bigger issue. Missionary. Only missionary. Good god man, this is quite a doolally.

    That aside, the girl was train to be a spy, and that was her first job (in more ways than one, I guess), probably the worst one too.

    • linette lee

      Spy? You are giving her too much credit. Spies are professionally trained by gov’t. They don’t do prostitution. This girl is just some cheap prostitute getting paid for sex and extra for getting his photos. Setting him up for trouble.

      • Gerhana

        shes not professionally train but she was train with just enough skill for this job. Its a job well done too.

        • Kate

          Well it doesn’t exactly take loads of espionage expertise to turn on cell cam and spread legs…..

          • Gerhana

            Yes, but it takes an espionage expertise to plant the cam just right to capture his face clearly with a low resolution bad camera phone, while avoiding suspicion and maintaining the guy at the same place. She also manage to hide her face. What if the guy is in the mood to do it in the shower? The point is that she control and lead the guy without him knowing it.

            do you know this line:

            The destined victim rushes on his fate
            Pleased, his imagined victory pursues

            This is women’s subtle power, the web they weave are admirable. The predators unknown that they are the prey. No doubt you have your ways too once upon a time…

          • Kate


          • Gerhana


          • Taoran

            I think you’re giving the girl too much credit. We don’t know how many times she tried to capture his face on video and failed. This may just be the best result out of many.

          • Gerhana

            I may romanticise her a little. You may be right. She may just be a prostitute with a cam


            she may be a poor woman with an ailing parent. One day while begging near the town, a devilish gentleman noticed her beauty and her want of money. After careful observation of her pitiful dirty state, but strangely endowed with graceful movements, he decided to turn her into his pawn. He promised her with soothing words and wealth. He instilled into her mind and her heart the injustice of the world. How the rich get richer and the poor, poorer. This is not all that he imparted to her, his rage and disgust towards corruption, and admiration, praise and total love to those who sacrifice everything to save this country that slowly descend into selfish madness. This country that gave birth to her is now in need of help. He needs her help. He liken her to the heroine of the past that sacrifice everything to bring virtue back to this land. She is the one who will save this land. Moved to tears, this pathetic and foolish woman accepted his offer.

            He trained her in the way of men. At night, she would sneak out for a short respite with her childhood love. A man who has nothing to offer her but his heart. They would sit near a river. watching the reflection of the moon on the water. Holding hands. It was one of those moment where two broken soul become complete and understand each other intimately despite their silence. She strive to keep her purity for the time when they may bind their fate into a happier live together. With simple pleasure of food to eat, a house, a child and health. The dream of this foolish woman and this unfortunate man.

            Another night came. She did not leave the house that night, or any other night to follow. The devilish gentleman forbade her, they argued, she screamed, she hit, she cried. She knows he was right. Her purity is for this country, not for her own selfish reason. She must rise above the petty corrupt needs that plague the people of this land. She must, she is their saviour. That was the night when she was infused with determination and honor.

            The day arrived. The target in sight. This walking talking corruption, she will disposed of. In the hotel room, she strip, she dance, she touch, she smile. She kills of all her emotion long time ago. A passionless beautiful doll. That day her most precious gift was taken from her. She sacrifice herself like those heroine of old. She return with her prize. There was no joy to be found in her.

            That night she return with exhaustion, her mind, blank. No longer with any purpose in life, she grabbed a knife and slit her wrist. She lie on her chair and feel the warm blood leaving her, until she can no longer feel. That same night, and every other night ever since she was infused with determination and honor, near the river where the moon reflection are at its best, the unfortunate man waited for his foolish woman.

            So bitter… so sweet…

            pardon my grammar

          • Taoran

            Woah… you sure have a vivid imagination :-D

          • Gerhana

            thanks =)

          • DavidisDawei

            Hey Fire.

            If that is your writing? If yes, you have a very creative side, but why do the Chinese love misery?

            Whenever I read a short story in China, someone is always dying, crying or suffering. Why not have the girl run away and live happily ever after; haha is that too simple and not real?

          • Gerhana

            Hi David,

            you read it, thanks, yes I notice this too. Some quite successful novel by Chinese, and some other author have suffering in them. Passion is pain. One Chinese author in particular appears in my mind, Anchee Min, have you read any novel of her? Katherine is a title of her novel that explore the suffering of a Chinese woman and an American woman in China. It has a lot of pain and violent emotion. People love that stuff, because they dont really feel much emotion everyday, and we all have a little masochistic side.

            I know you know this, thanks for the compliment, if you enjoy it, then im glad I wrote it.

          • DavidisDawei

            Hey Fire

            Yes – Thanks – I enjoyed it.

            I envy folks who are able to write creatively.

            I can write an excellent technical paper, but not sure I could write an interesting novel or short story.

            I remember picking up a friend’s book of Chinese short stories and reading the first one. It was about robbery, betrayal, murder, suicide, pain, suffering, etc.

            So I said to myself, “Ok, let me try another story”

            This one started out OK, then it went into some sort of suffering and inevitable feeling of hopelessness and destruction.

            What the heck – NEXT – onto story #3 – you guessed it, some story about despair, misery and heartache.

            I asked her why all of these stories were so dark and she told me (and I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember her exact words ), “The Chinese love misery”

            I threw the book against the wall, went over and turned on some music, we danced and sang all night then I picked her up, carried her to the bed and made sure she knew what a real happy ending was. HaHa – see I’m not a writer; I could resist using ‘happy ending’ – maybe you could come up with a better way to phrase it (True story by the way)


          • Gerhana

            haha interesting, thank you for sharing this personal information of you.

            I am not surprise with this true story. This must mean that you are the type of guy that focus more on the brighter side of life. Which also have its appeal, too much suffering can be tiresome, and some long for a happy ending. Asian particularly love their suffering, sometimes they get bored of it. If you manage to bring the fun in, it will often double their pleasure. They are taught from young to be modest and to never stick out. So those that express themselves, and lived most of their life in asian countries with asian cultures, are quite rare. You do express yourself, in a fun way, so thats also attractive to them. Its rare in comparison to their usual suffering . Haha pardon my generalisation. Anything that takes them away from the ordinary life and routine. You certainly did that to the woman. Still together?

          • DavidisDawei

            HaHa – Now her&me – our story could be a “B” movie or maybe a soap opera.

            One of My favorite phrases of all time is off the tag from a Salada Tea Bag: “Life is What Happens While we are Making Other plans”

            Of course the spanish have it right when they say, “Que Sera, Sera” (What will be, will be)

            Fire – It is too easy to let misery win the day. Life can be difficult, so we need to make the effort to take whatever joy we can (since there is no guarantee we will be here tomorrow) –

            Some day we will be dead, but NOT TODAY – HaHa

            But to answer your question – She is in China and I am in the USA (for now)

          • Gerhana

            Yes, well said David. I am sure there is a good story behind you and that mysterious woman. A pleasure to correspond with you. Feel free to message me whenever you are in the mood. It will be my pleasure.

          • DavidisDawei

            OK – Thanks Fire –
            Where are you located?
            Your English is excellent; I can only hope my Mandarin is a fraction of your proficiency.

          • Gerhana

            Thanks, at the moment I am in Malaysia. I am a little proud of my English too because its not my first language but I am able to express it quite all right, and nothing wrong to be proud of this accomplishment, no? Take care David,
            I have to continue writing my thesis.

          • DavidisDawei

            Yes –
            You Have Every reason to be Extremely Proud of yourself; Effort converted into accomplishment
            – Gong Xi Ni

            Jia You!

          • DavidisDawei

            – time passes no matter what we do; we can choose to accomplish something in that time or not.

            I’ll leave you with the following – This Poem was given to me by one of my best friends after I joined the United States Marine Corps.
            – I still refer to this for inspiration.

            A Bag Of Tools (By: R. L. Sharpe)

            Isn’t it strange That princes and kings,
            And clowns that caper In sawdust rings,
            And common people Like you and me
            Are builders for eternity?

            Each is given a bag of tools,
            A shapeless mass, A book of rules;
            And each must make – Ere life is flown –
            A stumbling block Or a steppingstone.

          • Gerhana

            ah… the message of this poem is true, I appreciate this, I will keep this in my mind. A thoughtful gift =)

          • linette lee

            You watch too much drama girlfriend. lol..

          • Gerhana

            Forget watching drama…. we will live in one
            I will hurt you!
            make you scream!
            make you cry!
            then I will console you,
            with sweet little promise,
            and share warmth ,
            till we can no longer feel any pleasure,
            I want a drama with you, Linette Lee….

          • we gotta get the shooter

            Gerhana if you get your drama on with Linette, I have a camera of my own

          • Gerhana

            youre in.

          • Germandude

            Are chances high that in the Pilot movie, white t-shirts on a rainy day are included? An eye-catcher so to speak.

          • Gerhana

            I suppose someone have to run around in the background, with a white t-shirt, on a rainy day, while Linette and I get our drama on, at the airbase. A drama isnt complete without it. But first, have you prior experience with white t-shirt on a rainy day? because we dont really provide training. What about pants what kind of pants?

          • Germandude

            Gerhana, are you offering me a minor role? I am a bad actor I have to say.

          • Gerhana

            i am just pulling your leg Germandude

          • Germandude

            What does “pulling leg” mean? Like teasing?

            If so, believe it or not, I understood that ;-)

          • Gerhana

            Who says German dont have a sense of humour? They are far from the truth!

          • Germandude

            I don’t know. However, you should be careful with offering strangers a minor role containing white t-shirts on a rainy day. Who knows, maybe I loke like him:


            Promise: I don’t look like him at all. hehe

            But back to topic: What does the salary look like for a minor role? Maybe we can agree on a deal.

          • Gerhana

            hahaha you are all right Germandude, reminds me of this list of German moodswing


          • Germandude

            Ok, I give you one:

            A man is attending a speech of Angela Merkel, while he arrived late into the speech. He asks the guy next to him:
            “How long is Merkel talking already?”
            “For about half an hour already”
            “About what?’
            “She doesn’t tell…”

          • Gerhana

            huh? what do you mean?!

          • Germandude

            Well, Merkel, like most politicians is famous for talking a lot without saying anything. You know, bla bla bla, this, bla bla bla, that….

          • Gerhana

            oh, I was anticipating that you would get into the detail and be nervous then I would say “just pulling your legs hahaha XD” I guess If I say that now it will just sound weird….

          • Germandude

            Na, I get it now. However, you have still not answered my question: Are you offering me a minor role?

          • Gerhana

            Whatever role you want, friend. Once a wise man said, People are either charming or tedious. You, for certain, are not tedious.

          • Germandude

            Ok, I want the role of the guy that is holding the hose spraying the water to imitate the rain of the rainy day on the white t-shirts. Needless to say that I am only available if the actors are female.

          • Gerhana

            youre in

          • Germandude

            Oh yeah. I feel like that child in the pic (attached)

          • mr.wiener

            7. Einstürzendeneubautenwiedermalreinhörenangst
            (the inexplicable urge to listen to mediocre rock bands)!!!!!!

            I like Einsturzende neubauten! and Blixa Bargeld rules.

          • Germandude

            Rammstein rulez!

          • Gerhana

            yes, German answer to Marilyn Manson, unique music. Blutengel too, but maybe not your taste… How about Nick Cave? he rules too. What a voice right mate?

  • Reila90

    OMG he looks like a frog! LOL!

    • Now now! that’s not nice! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! :p

  • Cleo

    honest to God, let there be a photographic euphemism for this guy – I always see his fish head all over the internet and try to ignore his news but this is a repost and frankly, I never survive the visual long enough to read the accompanying text.

  • gumiho

    All of you-just wait until you’re that age-you’ll still want to have sex, no matter what you look like then. Can you really blame a guy like that for falling for the fake seduction by a (presumably) good-looking 18 year old?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    What an ugly mother fucker.

  • Somebody have a link to the video ?

  • Jesus! With a ugly mug like that…you need money and power indeed! xD

  • vincent

    This guy is so ugly if he made AV movies they’d censor his face instead of his wang.

    • I’m sure if would be very successfull in Jap porno…these guys loves watching a fat, old disgusting looking toad shag a nice pure innocent looking little girl :p

    • Germandude

      I am sure he makes up for it through his inner beauties…

      • vincent

        He has so much inner beauty that it’s spilling out hence the toad neck haha :)

    • NortheasternGal

      You not very bright to use the last name Wang as a synonym for dick, in a chinese – english forum.

      In case you don’t know its quite insulting to chinese people.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Dude chill out.

      • mr.wiener

        Introduce yourself by stomping on people’s toes do you? …Not very bright.

        • NortheasternGal

          And you are concern about me stepping on other people’s toes? I won’t step on theirs if they don’t step on mine. I thought the mockery on this website ended, clearly that is not true….

          • vincent

            Unless your name is Wang I have not stepped on your toes, so stop playing the victim.

          • NortheasternGal

            I don’t buy your innocence or your supposed naiveness, but if you come to a chinese-english forum and pretend that you don’t know 1/5 Chinese has the last name Wang, that is plain crap. And if you haven’t yet figured out what my surname is, than I can only blame your niche of a mind.

          • vincent

            My innocence was never for sale, and you may not realize it but you too have insulted numerous individuals named Dick should I chalk this up to a lapse in your judgement because I assumed you had everything figured out. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones :)

          • NortheasternGal

            Thus you admit that you are guilty for you did not hold any innocence to begin with. And if you are familiar with names, the Chinese name Wang does not have any contractions or deviations that make it synonymous to a male genital. Where as the colloquial name for Richard is Dick and no grown adult would consider having a shorter name that is used with intentional mockery nevermind use it as a vulgar slang . In short, your choice of words were insulting simply by the fact that you knew it was not a colloquial term but rather a vulgar slang. And as the 1/5 Chinese who has that last name it is quite insulting.

            How nice of you to change the words.

          • Gerhana

            it wasnt his intention to insult Chinese, if you notice, there are a few Chinese commenter here, they do not feel that it is such a big deal. Give him a break. It was not from malicious intention. He is a cool guy once you get to know him.

          • vincent

            Thanks for the vote of confidence @disqus_4Jah1yg9eh:disqus I’m glad you have a good opinion of me :D

          • BigCAD

            Hey my name is Richard Head Wang and I come from LongDong, maybe you have met my younger brother small didi, he maybe short but always rises to the challenge.

          • Seriously, who is upvoting that bitch? Any name can be used for a dick. Check it:
            I’ve got a BigCAD for ya…….IN MY PANTS!
            I gotta Vincent for ya………..IN MY PANTS!(Feel that sting, Vincent?)
            mr. wiener is here………..IN MY PANTS!
            I’ve gotta NortheasternGal for ya……IN MY PANTS! (ok, doesn’t really go, but the “IN MY PANTS” thing works at least 95% of the time)

          • mr.wiener

            The BS is strong with this one.

            I don’t know how to tell you this without being condescending, but since your first post you have been nothing less than a bitchy pedant , I won’t bother with manners.

            Sweetie, since most of us aren’t liberal arts majors try to stroke your ego by going along with your overdeveloped sense of political correctness so we can get in your pants……..I , and no doubt Vincent, could not give a pair of Dingo kidneys about what you think a dick should be called.

            Maybe in the overseas Chinese communities it is necessary for some 2nd gen asian kids to make a lot of noise about western culture trampling all over them and treating them as second class citizens, but in what most of us call “the real world” there are much greater injustices to right and sins to strive than calling a dick a wang. In the case of the gentleman this story is about I think it is a great deal of fuss about not much at all.
            Could anyone other than the insufferable Ms. Wang please enlighten me as to whether Chinese people are actually insulted by the use of the word “wang” for a dick?

          • vincent

            Hear, hear! Well said Mr. Wiener but I think the crazy is strong with this one as well.

          • Rick in China

            This is great – an angry girl whose name is “Miss Wang” arguing with wiener about penis references – “I’m Miss Wang” would sound like “I miss wang”, maybe she went lesbian and regrets it.

          • hess


            It has nothing to do with the Chinese name what so ever, fucktarded buttmunch

          • vincent

            Ok I’m going to ignore you now, take care :)

          • A guy

            You have this assumption that using the word wang has a negative connotation about Chinese people somehow. Here is all the reasons that assumption is wrong.

            1. The reason for using the word dick, and Johnson is as follows. They are used because they are all too common and over time came to be used to say “any old guy” to the point that you’d see a guy walking down the street and say “hey there goes some dick” (people don’t say that anymore but they use to, as in the saying “any tom dick or harry”) then people associated the name with the genitalia for this reason. The same goes for Johnson which is a last name that is probably the most common English last name ever. So even if wang = Wang it is not done with malicious intent.

            2. Though it would make sense to say wang because of it’s prevalence as a last name, wang is acctually a shortening of the term whangdoodle which is an old term for a gadget. Wang comes from this term and was invented in English before contact with the Chinese people was common enough to even lead to the last name being used for this. I know that in Pinyin the name Wang is spelled the same as the slag term wang but they are indeed different words. (wang = wæng | Wang = Wa:ng)

            3. Furthermore when people say wang to refer to a penis they don’t take note of the race of the person it’s attached to, I would just as easily call my Schlong a wang as a dick or a johnson.

            4. The term dick can be used as a pejorative and wang cannot.

            Why are you butthurt?

            I see 3 possible answers.

            1. You don’t understand the connotation/etymology of the term wang.

            2. You just want to be upset about something, and try to find racism where there isn’t any.

            3. You really aren’t upset and just want a chance to talk about Dongs for a while longer. (Don’t get too excited about that one the etymology for that one is the sound a bell makes because of the phallic shape of the battant.)

            4. You are a weenie. (hehehe)

            I’m suddenly hungry for German food.

          • Mens_ReaL

            To quote one of my favorite sages of all time: “Would you like to wash Wang or watch Wang wash Wang?”

            I hope our double entendres will not be stifled by angry people….

            ALSO, why would you change it phallus? My father’s given name is Phallus and I am deeply offended.

          • Kate

            Not for sale?? Damn, I thought you had pretty mouth too ^_^♥

          • vincent

            Ohhh myyy Kate you are a naughty one ;-)

          • Nick

            My last name is Wang. I don’t give any shits.

          • mr.wiener

            If Vincent has hurt the feelings of the Chinese people by his use of the word “wang” I apologize most humbly on his behalf. What he meant to say was “moisture seeking missile.”
            Tut tut Vincent, what could you have been thinking?

          • vincent

            Thank you for speaking on my behalf Mr. Wiener I was a tad bit inebriated last night which would explain my unforgivable lapse in judgement, I fear this faux pas will haunt me for the rest of my life.

          • grovesman

            Wow…NEG…I can’t say I understand your anger over this. I can only surmise that maybe you were weaned a bit too early?

      • vincent

        So if I use the word Dick which is in fact a name as well, wouldn’t I be insulting individuals with said name? If I use the word cock wouldn’t our avian friends cry fowl? If I used the word Johnson wouldn’t he take offense as well? You really chose an obscure point to nitpick on, and it only goes to show that you have two things one is a chip on your shoulder and two a lack of humor, you must have a lot of imaginary friends.

        • NortheasternGal

          In short, what you are saying is “I know I am in a Chinese-English forum, and I know 1/5 chinese has the surname Wang and I most definitely know that the vulgar urban slang is wang is short for penis but as long as I don’t have a last name of Wang or I am of Chinese ethnicity I don’t give a damn.” Since you’re so insensitive than I highly doubt you mine me stepping on your toes; you don’t feel it, so why are you offended?

          • bprichard

            Get a grip. The English family name Johnson is also slang for dick.

          • Alphy

            Simmer down now. lol can’t believe you guys are arguing on the word. Wang also is just the translated from cantonese, in pinying which most Chinese (mandarin speaker) actually uses Huang instead. Plus there are tons of words with the same sound in Chinese. No Chinese would take offense like that, as there are no direct association.

          • Rick in China

            I’m amused that you’re so offended on behalf of all the wangs of the world.

          • mr.wiener

            Maybe if she changed the “g” to a “k” ?

          • donscarletti

            Only 1/13 of Chinese are called Wang (王 or 汪), not 1/5.

            I know at least one person who’s generally known as “JJ”. I don’t hear any righteous anger over the Chinese misusing of that term.

            I sometimes go by the pseudonym 龙王, I think it is riotously amusing personally and nobody seems to take offence because nobody understands it.

          • What about all of the Dongs of the world? What about their plight?

        • Gay Azn Boi

          Lol nice! And I love how you changed wang to phallus haha.

          • vincent

            Awwww thanks, it seems the only person who didn’t notice was @NortheasternGal:disqus since I changed it right after her asinine comment, then again she may have been blinded by her burning hate for me hahaha

  • How can any woman be willing enough to tap that.. puke

    • linette lee

      $$$$$$$$..That’s how.

      • Alphy

        Ya still. That’s equivalent to paying someone to jump into a garbage dump. Ok no, way worse, jumping off a bridge, wait still no, maybe a toilet hole like the one in Slum Dog Millionaire.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Gay AZN Boy, would you?

    • Gay Azn Boi


      • YourSupremeCommander

        you didnt get, lol, never mind.

        • Gay Azn Boi

          You mean would I have sex with this breathtakingly handsome man? You bet.

          • A guy

            You know his O-face is strangely much more handsome than his other photos.

          • vincent

            That’s because those screen grabs were taken from a 5 year old video, and I believe the ID picture and the interview picture are more recent, guess he must put on some extra weight since then, the consequence of his corrupt but lucrative practices.

          • a guy

            no I think it’s how he squinches his face up so it doesn’t look too bottom heavy. He was his most handsome just before the blort.

  • Roihu

    On the one side, I really freaking hate this guy for taking advantage of his power.

    On the other hand, I feel for the guy for that power being ALL he has.

    Then I really don’t give a **** because this guy could be using his time/money for the improvement of China.

  • Hadoren

    You know, at first I was shocked by this scandal and thought that he ought to be fired.

    But then I thought about Bill Clinton, who did a fine job as president despite his cheating.

    As long as he does a good job, I really couldn’t care less who this guy is screwing. Now, if this video is evidence of corruption then I’d say he ought to be let go. But if all that’s happening is that he’s having sex, and if he’s an effective official who follows the law and contributes valuable things to his city – then I say that he should be retained, despite this embarrassing video.

  • Jesus, he should have been shacked for ugly. Sex with him should be considered torture.

  • Mens_ReaL

    What a P. I. M. P. I wish for the day that I can look like that and still score hot young ass.

  • PixelPulse

    I didnt know it was physically possible for a person’s jawline to blow up that widely with the neck not have the same proportions. Man, being in power in China must be great to look like that and still shag a 18 year old.

  • Christina

    ew. glad he was caught, not glad chinasmack included the pictures

  • elizabeth

    Just another one of those officials exposed for their vices. It could mean the powers that be are sending signals that they are serious in cleaning up the administration, although these seem like insignificant frontliners who are foolish enough to indulge, be caught and made to serve as ‘poster boys’.

  • Bo Xilai Will Be Back

    Damn, one of my cronies got caught, I told him a million times to ask the Public Security officers scan the room for bugs and hidden cameras. Damn fool, never listen…I told him women would be his downfall, he spends way too much of the yearly garbage collection budget and building funds from the public works coffers on hookers and food…no worries once I make a come back on the politburo I will reinstate him.

  • MrT

    I feel sorry for the stupid cnt, being butt ugly and all (is he from Honk Bong? because he got piggy eyes).
    Lesson learned, check for cameras when your in a position of power so you don’t get taking it up the rear at a later date.
    Oh and don’t be adding it to you expenses, that’s how all them dickheads in the UK got caught…

  • donnachadh

    Sex between consenting adults ‘scandal’? China needs to get its priorities in order, Seriously!

  • frogpolitician

    that is one ugly man. they could have shown the girl inside to save us from barfing in our mouths

  • Alexander

    me wruv you wery lwong time…..

  • Mop

    Holy shit, he’s ugly.

  • Alphy

    So I’ve read this story on various places before I saw it on here, and it seems that this whole thing wouldn’t have expose if this guy wasn’t so greedy. The video that is released was used as a blackmail tool, because the contractor couldn’t afford to bribe this guy anymore as he and his family became so rich over the years. They train and hired girls to entrap the guy so that the contractors could get the deals over their competitors. And as deal breaks down, eventually these video surface at the hands of journalist.

    Now, what I don’t get is why everyone on the Chinese sites are all screaming corruption and canning of these scums, but not much else. There seems to be no push for systematic changes. It’s like the old days where dynasties of peasant wait for the appearance a Bao Zheng (包青天), to save the day.

    I don’t know why China don’t take absolute power corrupts absolutely to heart and start doing some serious reforming. There are so many departments that have sweeping power over too many things. Many act as legislative branch to set up rules, then enact them as executive, and even judge violators base on their own terms as judicial branch. If money and approval don’t just come from one person and one branch, things like this won’t happen as often. Don’t people understand that you can’t trust human to not be greedy?

  • That girl should have very strong stomach (if she didn’t throw up)

  • MrT

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    comments, Disqus recommends the following browsers:



    Explorer 9


    • MrT

      No IE 10, sucks

      • hess

        who the hell uses IE?

  • wvavin

    Lets see whether the new president is keeping his words to clean up the government or the ruling party.

  • hehehehh

    shit hes ugly as hell, the girl must have took a long shower after this, her vajayjay might never be the same.. disgusting.

  • 平凡人

    This official should be sacked, but what is more scary is the way his enemy plan and execute this whole issue. Moral of the story; don’t be tempted and never trust Chinese business man.

  • Justin

    Can you blame the guy? Look at that ugly mug. His best hope at ever getting laid is to use what little authority he has to leverage himself into some hot, young ass.

  • Jack

    Once again, Chinese corruption. A culture that accepts and even encourages disgusting behavior like this example is not a culture that anyone should respect. My points are backed up with examples like this every day in China. Disgusting, greasy Chinese dudes doing unspeakable things with whore Chinese girls who have no soul. So much for thousands of years of progress. right?

  • Zebadee

    Come in Ray ….

    Venkman … DId you see it?

    Here’s right here, Ray …. He’s looking at me ….

    He’s an ugly little spud isn’t he …

    I think he can hear you Ray ….

  • From the looks of it… I don’t think this guy, with all his power, money, and so on… has any idea what to do with a woman in bed.

  • Paneraman

    his face is distorted

  • Paneraman

    by the way, he probably finished in 30 seconds…

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