Chongqing Man Returns Home To Find It Demolished

The destroyed roof.
The destroyed roof.
The destroyed roof.

From NetEase:

Away for a week, shocked to find home demolished upon return

My friend lives in Maoershiyijia Village in Jiangbei District of Chongqing. He hadn’t been home but since today was a holiday, he had planned to rest for a couple of days at home. When he got home he got a great shock! His front door had been pried open, the furniture, bed, cupboards, etc. had all disappeared; with chairs, cabinets lying outside the front door. If it were just being robbed, then you can only accept that you were unlucky. But what was ridiculous was that the entire building had been ruined, the roof had been lifted off, several square metres of holes easily visible, and the neighboring building also demolished. It leaves one completely dumbstruck, and is so cruel/tragic as to be unbearable. After reporting the incident, the civil police arrived at the scene quickly, took my friend to the local police station to fill in some damaged property forms and then told him to go back. My god, I want to know what kind of thief or robber would be so arrogant? That in the process of stealing things, even the roof ripped off…

Maoershi District is currently being demolished. My friend, because of work reasons, is normally very busy, and doesn’t go home that often. With what happened today, the neighbours all voluntarily came to tell my friend that for the past few days the people carrying out the demolition had been living here, even cooking and bathing, that  it was the demolition crew that had demolished my friends house, with the neighbours all thinking that my friend had been to the relocation office, gone through the procedures and reached an agreement, never imagining it would be like this. Everyone expressed their indignation. What needs to be made clear here is that my friend never reached any demolition agreement or went through any procedures with the relocation office. In other words, this house is my friend’s private property and no other person or work unit/organization has any right to dispose of it. They [everyone, especially the government] all say demolitions are done according to the law, so what law was the demolition unit following? What ever happens my friend hopes that those responsible are able to come forth and offer an explanation. It doesn’t look like a thief if you say it was a thief, but if you say it was a forced demolition then there wasn’t anyone who notified me either, nor did I receive any procedures from any law enforcement departments, so it is definitely incomprehensible.

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The destroyed roof.
The destroyed roof.
Pried open door.
Pried open door.

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Don’t know when the country will be run according to the law.


Chinese style forced demolitions are getting more and more niu.


When will the lives of the rabble [ordinary common people who are not respected by the people in power] be considered?


A good topic for a crosstalk!


Chongqing will always be Chongqing. Government official Bo Xilai is in power here, and still this happens. It seems bad people are all bad no matter where they are from is a well-known truth that cannot be denied/disregarded.


The party is everything, what the party says goes, the rabble off to one side. Endure it and eventually everything will be river crab.


Haha, now [you] clearly understand, China is not yet a society with rule of law.


What the party says goes.


Its good you weren’t at home otherwise you would have definitely got a beating.

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  • Maybe thieves came in and stole everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink (and the roof)

  • BlackSugarDaddy

    I’m the king over here . Bow to me !

    • Song of the article,

      For Whom the Bells toll

  • snicker

    It would be awesome if he could collect on home insurance AND government payola.

    Do people have home insurance in China?

    But where insurance doesn’t cover acts of God in the west, I guess they wouldn’t cover acts of Party in China…bummer.

    • WZ

      hahahaha, that’s fucking gold right there!!! “acts of Party in China”, haahha, awesome quote!

    • SLX

      People who live in shit holes like that just have enough $$$ to feed themselves…. I doubt he’d buy any insurance for it.

  • Rick in China

    RE: “It doesn’t look like a thief if you say it was a thief, but if you say it was a forced demolition then there wasn’t anyone who notified me either, nor did I receive any procedures from any law enforcement departments, so it is definitely incomprehensible.”

    Is this a mistranslation, or does it imply the writer is the guy who had his house demolished pretending to be his ‘friend’?

    Anyways, common occurrence in China, nothing newsworthy here. It’s another example of how people are “all for” China & the government until something happens directly to them, and they realize there is no individual rights/freedom. It’s easy to pride progress and ignore the stomping out of many individuals when the individual is not you or known to you.

  • Koreansentry

    In China, government can destroy their citizen’s home without any warnings. I wonder what would have happened to all these homes near three gorges dams.

  • red setter

    China’s worst enemy is itself.

    • Suicidal tendency

      Actually I’ve heard there’s a Chinese saying about your “worst” ennemy:
      “Foreign people can rob you, torture you, enslave you, kill you, do the same to your family, including children.
      But remember that’s the people who will always behave the worst toward Chinese people are other Chinese people”.

      Can any local confirm that?

  • If the gentleman in question is a “migrant” worker, then I am not surprised – especially if he has no immediate family that can be contacted.

  • C Mao

    Pretty shameless what ever the circumstances are. Whether the guy is a migrant worker or not is besides the point. China will probably head for a crash in the property market in the coming year or so. The message will be self evident.

  • korean_guy

    suck it up ChongKing man, this is your government acting out it’s description. Just go build another Tofu house somewhere else.

  • NoRacistSmack

    Can’t tell much from only an Internet post. The story could be biased and some information could be hidden by the original poster. However, it looks like a nail house to me based on the house’s condition and surrounding in the second picture.

  • Ahha! This is another proof of unusual UFO activity in ChongQing!

  • manusan

    Harmonious society in nationalism country is so attractible.

  • big fig leaf me alone

    There are so many vacant apartments in CQ, that an old, hole-in-the-wall like this was probably thought abandoned. Story says the guy rarely lived there. Low-end apartments like this are a dime-a-dozen around CQ. It is a bit sad for this guy, but many of these old mold hotels got to go. He can get another, better one after some simple negotiation with the local authorities. Yeah, it’s inconvenient, not much else.

  • John Q

    Christ, the place was a disease ridden shit hole. These kind of people need to be displaced for the good of the majority. Plus these broken houses are a danger to be left standing.
    They should bill the owner for the cost of tearing it down, and arrest the sob for complaining about it.
    Buck up people!