Chongqing Girl’s Boyfriend Missing, Seeks Ghost Marriage

Girl holds sign seeking marriage with the dead.

Girl holds sign seeking marriage with the dead.

From Mop:

Ghost marriage girl in Chongqing, her true love touching people and seeking help from society — quickly come and help her

The weather today in Chongqing was gloomy, and there was a light drizzle. Went to the Guanyin Bridge pedestrian street to check out some homes for rent. Just as my foot landed, I didn’t think I would see cupware – While walking, I suddenly discovered a group of people gathering not too far away, which definitely meant something was going on. I’m the kind of guy who loves to join the excitement, so naturally, I strode over to join the crowd.

Hoho, after a quick scan there was actually a pretty girl, my heart started to race~ While staring at this pretty girl, she was holding a sign asking for help. Surrounding her were quite a few people who were there for the excitement, so I carefully looked over her request, what I saw shocked me, marriage with the dead [“ghost marriage“]? Really want marriage with the dead? After looking at the contents of two-page letter that was stuck to the sign, I was very moved.

A pretty Chinese girl holding a sign in Chongqing.

A beautiful Chinese girl holding a sign in Chongqing, China.

A pretty girl in Chongqing holding a sign in public asking for help.

When the pretty girl saw me taking pictures of her with my phone, she became embarrassed and switched to a different location to continue standing while holding up her sign. I followed [her] because I wanted to help her, I used to do stuff related to magazines, this should count as media. I thought here she is, all alone, standing on this cold street asking for help, it really is pitiful, I might as well help her put this on the internet to get help from even more friends! This allows the vast numbers of society’s friends to come help, right?

A pretty girl in Chongqing holding a sign sharing her story.

After searching two years for her lost boyfriend, she now seeks a "marriage with the dead".

She posted her tragic story on her sign.

Also, while I was taking pictures, there was a passerby who saw the pretty girl shedding tears, standing in a place where the cold wind was blowing. Being unable to endure such a sight, decided to give the pretty girl 300 RMB and also said, “I’ll give you 300, I will buy you.” So depressing, she [the passerby] thought this was [an instance of] the old tradition of selling one’s body in order to bury one’s husband [i.e. in the case of a poor peasant girl].

Passerbys stopping to read the girl's sign.

Passerbys gather around the pretty girl holding a sign.

A passerby takes a photo.

A girl stands in Chongqing seeking help.

A young man looks at the young girl holding a sign sharing her tragic story and seeking society's help.

A group of passerbys surrounding a girl sharing her touching love story on a home-made sign.

I jotted down her QQ, since it started to rain heavily, it was really cold outside, and I came back directly to wait until the weather cleared up before going to look at [more] homes. I turned on the computer right after getting back, itching to write all this down. I think just my efforts are very tiny, but everyone’s efforts really will be very mighty. I haven’t been on Mop in a long time, but I wanted to make this post today, hope everyone will follow closely and be able to help this girl. Furthermore, invite kind-hearted wedding service companies to help this girl hold a ghost marriage ceremony!

All Moppers, let us use our sincerity to help this girl! Ding this post, and let even more people see this request for help! I thank all of you in advance!

Oh right, let me attach the contents of this pretty girl’s letter:

A Chinese girl's story of finding true love.

My name is Tang Tang, resident of Chongqing City, and three years ago, I met my current boyfriend through work. Perhaps it was destiny from heaven for us to meet, and we unwittingly discovered that we had fallen in love. Cruel reality was unable to squelch two hearts burning with mutual love, and while together, we shared joys and sorrows, endured trials and tribulations. We saw the sunset together, bought food and cooked together. We both decided early on that the other person was the one who we’d spend our whole lives with. Even though my boyfriend is from the northeast, having that northeastern directness and unrestrained roughness, he showed me tender affection in every possible way, cherished me to the utmost, and while living together, basically all the housework was done by him. He rarely shouted at me. At the time, we had just graduated from college and had not yet worked for very long, so we regarded getting married as premature, wanting to spend some time struggling together [establishing one’s careers] before getting married. Therefore, we decided to get married on the third anniversary of when we first met (which is March 29, 2010) to evince our love. Since I knew this was not a fairy tale, from the beginning we were vigilant, this was one of those instances of true love and sincere emotion between two people.

A Chinese girl's story of finding true love and then losing him.

Yet the world always has those unfortunate events, and god saw that we were too happy and became envious. Due to his job, my boyfriend went to Sichuan on business in May 2008. What came next was something that shook China and the world, the May 12 earthquake. Afterward, there was no more contact from him. God really knows how to play joke. To search for him, I traversed mountains and waded waters [sic], and overcame many hardships. Those around me all said he had to have perished in the earthquake. But even up till now, I dare not accept that this is the reality. Because no news is good news, alive but unseen, dead but no remains [sic, i.e. no evidence that he’s dead or alive] . Dear, on that day, did you go on a journey by yourself? Were you in the car that day, or? No one has told me. Therefore, I’ve told myself all along that he’s still alive! Could he be like someone from a TV drama that lost his memory? I cannot lose him, and cannot be without him, we still have to spend the rest of our days together! I still have not forgotten our promise to each other.

A Chinese girl's story of finding true love and then losing him possibly to the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake. Now she wants a ghost marriage.

Afterward, I abandoned my job, took out all my savings, and spent nearly two years time in search of him, grieved time after time, lost hope time after time, all the places I’ve been to have no information about my boyfriend. During this time, my boyfriend’s parents, relatives, friends all urged me to give up and find another person and start a new life, but I gave my entire self and all my heart to him, how could I casually forsake him and find someone else? Do you understand this kind of feeling? Can you experience it?  I’d rather not marry my entire life and not find anyone else.

Soon it will be our scheduled wedding day, but I still have not found my boyfriend, my heart is already dead. However, I want to fulfill our arranged promise, even if he has already died. I want him to see from heaven our marriage, this is our love’s testimony. I want to marry the dead with him.

However, having spent a large portion of my savings these past two years trying to find him, I only have 300 or so left on me. I don’t want my parents to worry about me more once more. I want to find a wedding services company to help me plan a wedding, to fulfill our cherished dream. I know 300 RMB is far from enough, but this is all I have, so would a kind-hearted person please help me! Help me!  I can’t thank you enough!

Tang Tang

QQ: 644401486

Comments from Mop:


This kind of girl…is truly good.


Such a good girl!
Why do you want to be married to a dead ghost…


If this post doesn’t become popular, I will marry you! ~ Tang Tang


I can find a wedding services company.


For a ghost marriage, why is a wedding services company necessary, you can also just do it by yourself.


Helping to ding, helping to ding, I used to think the world has no such thing as true love because brother’s [my own] love has already died,
Now I discover that the world still has true love after all.


Why do I feel like crying after reading this?


All soldiers [single men] get ready, add her QQ, add her QQ till it explodes, call her until her phone explodes.


Still, [you] should start a new life.


Hype/publicity stunt?


This girl isn’t from Mars, is she?


These kind of girls are as rare as pandas, ding.


Dare I ask lou zhu if that looks like a girl’s handwriting?


Buy a cucumber, go home and have a nice dream! From now on, live well! Sooner or later, you will go find him! Don’t need 300 kuai! 1 kuai is enough!


I think using the Wenchuan earthquake for this kind of self-promotion/hype/publicity stunt is going a little too far? It is very obvious that this is a very low-brow self-promotion/publicity stunt.
Hurry up and take it away. Otherwise will meet the wrath from heaven


Real? Fake? These days, no one dares to believe anymore.


Seeing something that stirs up sympathy, you bunch of NB are just zhuang bi saying stuff about giving [her] blessings, wanting to marry her, help her. Really don’t know if your heads have been squashed flat, er bi [2B] trash. Go help her then, shouting here is what fucking use? TMD, you guys are there at the location but can only stand in a circle and watch for a while before leaving. People needing help on the streets are countless, fuck, just seeing you guys being so zhuang bi bugs me.

Till death do us part. chinaSMACK personals.


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