Chongqing TV Airs First Commercial in a Year, Netizens React

Chongqing TV (CTV) aired its first television commercial yesterday shortly after the fall from grace for the former Chongqing Party Secretary Bo Xilai, who during his tenure banned commercials from airing on CTV and instead promoted “Red Songs” to educate people. Netizens’ reactions were mixed with some supporting the former secretary for the development of Chongqing and others believing that his policies harkens back to the era of Mao.

Comments on Youku:


The radical left is mobilizing, why you don’t think about why Chongqing developed so fast, it was from Central Government’s incentives and investment. Do you honestly believe it is from the work of a certain person. Striking black [corruption & gangs] is a good thing but the motive and method must be questioned. If the Chongqing people still believe that a god from heaven will bring about peace and stability then the efforts since the Xinhai Revolution would be wasted. If you indeed believe in the personality cult then the Manchu Dynasty would be a good choice. Wake up everyone.


Whether Bo Xilai is good or not, that is up to the people to decide, not the officials.


Finally can watch commercials on Chongqing TV, and don’t have to sing red songs every day, I’m so happy.


No matter what other people say, I will always support Mayor Bo Xilai at least in those years when he was the mayor of Dalian, the city was clean and beautiful! My heart has only one mayor and that is Bo Xilai! I sincerely hope he comes back to retire in Dalian! If Chongqing does not want you Dalian does! Every Dalian resident welcomes you home!


Chongqing TV not broadcasting commercials was to have an unadulterated channel for the growing audience. Regarding the interests of commercials, Chongqing still have many other channels, such as the entertainment channel, traffic channel, education channel, etc., all of which have commercials.


TV station with commercials is a perfectly normal business practice, if you do not broadcast commercials you are clearly in opposition to the market economy.


TV station in Bo’s eyes is an educational textbook, Chongqing TV never broadcast regular TV dramas or variety shows instead only “red” themed material…makes one wonder if we are taking a step back…


Television employees are happy now, prostitutes are happy now, gangsters are happy now…


I personally feel the media should be free, what they do and what they broadcast should not be interfered by the government. As long as it is not illegal, ratings are more important.


Bo Xilai is a good secretary of the people! History and practice will be a testament to his political accomplishments!


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Joe is a documentary producer and journalist based in Shanghai


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