Chongqing Woman Dragged To Death By Porsche For Car Key

Chongqing City from above. Source:

From Sohu:

In the afternoon of the 25th [September], at 4:45pm, a woman driver driving past the main entrance of a 恒大华府 [hengdahuafu?] had a minor accident with a BMW. Witnesses said that the BMW driver immediately called a Porsche SUV, and a quarrel raised between the three of them. Trying to get back her car key from the Porsche driver, the woman was crushed to death after been dragged by the Porsche 20 metres.

According to the eyewitnesses, on that day around 4:45pm a red BMW and a Santana had a minor accident at the main entrance of the 恒大华府 [hengdahuafu?], the left-rear wheel of the BMW was damaged. The BMW driver got out of the car to dispute with the young woman driving the Santana and demanded compensation. The woman refused and demanded the matter to be resolved by the traffic police. The BMW driver took his mobile and called over a black Porsche SUV. “The driver was young, about 20-year-old, and speaks Putonghua [Mandarin]”, a witness reported. The Porsche driver took the key for the Santana from the woman during the dispute and immediately started his own car to leave.

“She pulled at the door of the Porsche and ran along”, a witnessing cleaner said. She saw the young woman firmly grab the door of the slow-driving Porsche not allowing the other party to leave and cried, “Why have you taken my car key?” The other party did not answer but accelerated. After being dragged for 20 metres, the woman was hit by the rear wheel of the Porsche at the head and the chest, dying at the scene. The two drivers ran away. The surrounding bystanders took photos of the scene, noted the number plates of the hit-and-run cars and informed the police.

Insiders said that the name of the deceased is Tian, 28-years-old. At present, the hit-and-run driver has been detained by the Chongqing police. The case is being investigated.

Black Porsche Cayenne SUV.

Comments on Sohu: (over 22,500)

If this kind of person is not executed [or literally: killed], there will be no hope for this society. If such a reckless criminal is not executed, where in this society will there still be justice! If this evil criminal is not executed, where is hope for the people to live on! Execution! Execution! Execution!

The only way out for the relatives of the killed woman is to invite Bin Laden’s followers to China and kill the owner of the BMW. Otherwise, the Chinese judges will receive the money of the BMW driver and neglect/cheat on the matter of ordinary people. If you don’t believe, just wait and see!!!

Chongqing has so quickly become the gathering place of the black society. If there are lots of corrupt officials, there will be lots of bandits and their evil-doing. In the end, the incident will be unresolved. In China, there is not one bit of hope. Law is apparently only made for the poor and ordinary people.

Having money means to be able to act as one pleases. Even capable of buying officials. There is no doubt that the Porsche driver is the offspring of a high functionary, nothing will happen to him! In the end it will be unresolved, the officials will cover it up. Society is not too dark/corrupt! The courts and the police are opened for wealthy people. Where would they get their money otherwise!

This kind of things happen too often! You can read this sort of stuff N times on the Internet. There is no outcome following the crime / Where are the results of the investigation??? None??? Having money allows them to prevent any outcome!!!! That is how arrogant the rich are! There is no law in their eyes! Having money means the laws obey them! You don’t believe??? That is how the society is now!

Shocking! Furious! Why do people hate the rich? Because of this.

Shit, too many of the wealthy in China are despicable. Sooner or later the people will explode. Wait for it.

Regardless how much everyone complains, it’s useless. The important thing is to watch how the government handles it. Could you be so “niu” [cocky, self-assured, arrogant, contemptuous] without any “guanxi” [connections]? In Nantong a traffic policeman jumped a red light, killed one and severely injured another one. The government paid 400,000 and sorted it out. None of the news or media dared to report on it. It there is any Internet expert who wants to report on it, I can provide support. It is in Tongzhou City, on Century Avenue at the Provincial Road No. 325 crossing.

Sorrowful! Speechless… Anyone know the hotline number of the prime minister, please tell me, thank you!!!

The rich in the society are so terrible, they free themselves with money when they break the law, that’s why they are so daring.

Comments on Liba:

Motherfucking, does having money mean once can act with utter disregard for human life? 狂怒

Oh, I want to repeat…
Today’s China is only suitable for…
1. Bureaucrats, who have special privileges
2. Shameless gangsters
…to survive.

That Santana woman was also stupid, did she think she was a stuntwoman, trying to match strength with a car!
If the key is gone, just get a new one… and the money for repairing the BMW would be saved…

This person belongs to group 1.
The only person who can trump him belongs to group 2,
They can both kill each other.

Driving a car and getting into minor accidents is a very common thing. At worst, just get out and give a phone call to the insurance company.
What do the two parties have to quarrel about? Also, not to be harsh, some Chongqing women are very overbearing, can set up people on fire…We were not at the scene, don’t know the exact course of events, but certainly both sides were at each other’s throats, nobody is stepping back…
Because that BMW guy was also foolish, he destroyed his own friend because of a woman…
None of three people are worth it…

Certainly, the deceased who hung onto the car had some responsibility as well.

Trying to reason with rich people, that’s a result of drinking too much Sanlu.

Haven’t you noticed? When this kind of thing happens, it often involves BMW drivers.

Are people’s lives so worthless?
These two are either rich or powerful, there will certainly be no death sentence, they won’t spend much time inside [a jail] before coming out soon, just pave their way out with money!

Waiting for the results [of the investigation], not holding much hope.

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Chinese traffic officer.


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