Chongqing Woman to Commit Suicide Over Hacked QQ Account

Tencent QQ mascot penguins.

Tencent QQ mascot penguins.

From NetEase:

30-Year-Old Woman Wants to Commit Suicide After QQ Account Hacked: Her Profile Photo Being Changed Was Unbearable

June 13th early morning, a 30-something woman entered a barbeque restaurant in Tongguanyi town of Jiylongpo district [of Chongqing], where she drank alcohol as she cried, and wrote a suicide note. As she left, she handed the suicide note to the owner and then ran off. The owner braved heavy rains chasing her for nearly two kilometers before calling the police. With the help of police, the woman was ultimately stopped and talked out of jumping into the river.

Woman, after drinking, writes suicide letter and leaves

“That night, she staggered into the restaurant.” Yesterday, Miss Hao of the barbeque restaurant told this reporter that she, her boyfriend, and her mother were in the restaurant that day. A little after 1am, a 30-something woman entered the restaurant, “the woman’s good friend Ms. Zhou is a frequent diner of the restaurant.”

Miss Hao says she got the feeling the woman had already been drinking before arriving, and after arriving, the woman ordered four skewers of meat, and after asking for four bottles of beer, she began drinking. After drinking one bottle, the woman asked to borrow a pen and piece of paper to write something.

After downing two bottles of beer, she began crying.” Miss Hao says the woman simultaneously cried, drank, and wrote, saying things like she had wronged her husband, wronged her mother, and that she was going to kill herself. Such talk scared Miss Hao, and her mother immediately forward to dissuade the woman.

In less than half an hour, after the woman had drank four bottles of beer, she ordered one more bottle of beer, which she also finished very quickly.

After paying her bill, the woman handed what she wrote and a bank card to Miss Hao’s mother, asking her to help her by giving it to Miss Zhou and then quickly left. The rain outside the restaurant was getting worse, and when Miss Hao looked closely, she realized it was a suicide note!

Restaurant owner follows her for two kilometers in the rain to stop her

“At the time, I was afraid of something bad happening, so my boyfriend and I chased her out into the rain.” Miss Hao says they finally caught up to the woman after several hundred meters, but the woman would not listen to their pleas, persisting on walking forward and shouting about wanting to throw herself into the river. After following her for nearly two kilometers and upon seeing they were almost at the Yangtze River, Miss Hao and her boyfriend rushed to reach out and restrain her.

By chance, there was a worker’s shelter [temporary housing usually for construction workers] nearby, and Miss Hao and her boyfriend dragged the woman to the shelter to escape the rain, as well as call the police for help.

After arriving at the shelter, the workers there were also woken up, and together helped in dissuading the woman [from committing suicide]. Soon, police from the Tongguanyi police station arrived on the scene and brought them back to the police station.

“Heartbroken because QQ account was hacked”

In the police investigation, it was discovered that the woman is surnamed Lin, and police then got in touch with her family.

“When we asked why she wanted to throw herself into the river to commit suicide, it left us even more flabberghasted and uncertain whether to laugh or cry,” the police expressed. Ms. Lin told everyone that her QQ [an online instant messaging service] account had been hacked [stolen, hijacked, compromised] by a schoolmate, and afterward, the schoolmate even changed her profile photo into that of cats and dogs. It is because she was unable to bear this that she had behaved as she did [drinking and wanting to commit suicide].

June 13 afternoon, Ms. Lin’s husband visited Miss Hao’s family to thank them for saving Ms. Lin’s life.

Comments from NetEase:

p82w [懂球大师]:

Looks like mental retardation doesn’t discriminate by age.

开始总会结束 [网易浙江省温州市乐清市网友]:

What is retardation? This is classic retardation.

riyuda [网易黑龙江省哈尔滨市网友]:

4 skewers…5 bottles of beer… just how large were those skewers?

网易北京市网友 ip:111.206.*.*:

I think it would’ve been better if she died. Keeping her alive would be a danger to others, this retard.

飞奔的小小蜗牛 [网易安徽省马鞍山市网友]:

To save a person’s life is better than building a seven-tiered pagoda for the dead. Saving the retarded also counts.

西野闲风 [网易山东省济南市网友]: 2014-06-15 21:23:41 发表

How did this kind of woman grow up?!

夏川真白 [澳大利亚球迷]:


枫哥哥 [网易广东省湛江市网友]:

Wanting to die because of this? Haha.

撸海无涯回头是岸 [懂球帝]:

There’s a lot of information, so let me try analyzing it a bit.

Clues: 1. Female, over 30 years old, married. 2. QQ account hacked by schoolmate. 3. Says she was sad and wanted to commit suicide because her profile photo was changed to animals.

Inferences/speculations: 1. If the woman isn’t retarded, then according to normal logic, it is not logical to commit suicide because one’s profile photo was changed, so the woman is lying, but why is the woman lying? There’s a secret and she’s afraid of it being discovered! What kind of secret being discovered would make people want to commit suicide? Probably extraordinarily private things, such as sex photos or a sex diary.

2. The QQ account was made by the woman’s ex-boyfriend and the QQ account was hacked by the woman’s ex-boyfriend who was also her schoolmate. This man guessed the woman’s password or he had filled in the password information when giving her the QQ account in the past. After the woman’s QQ account was hacked, she knew it was her ex-boyfriend looking her up. Maybe her life with her current husband isn’t happy, and she couldn’t bear thinking of her past romance, was depressed, and so…

3. The QQ account was hacked by the woman’s husband. The woman had an extramarital affair, her husband suspected and wanted to find evidence on her QQ account, and turns out he really did find evidence on the QQ account. In his anger, he changed the password and relevant password information, and changed the profile photo or left hints in the information for the woman. After the woman discovered this, she was extremely ashamed, and so…

网易浙江省金华市手机网友 ip:125.117.*.*:

QQ account profile photo being changed? Is that worth [committing suicide over]? It’s not like it was a Weixin profile photo.


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